dirty details of an indian housewife’s sexual performance at work

free man:hi darling
free man:so how was te date
sweet n dirty:I just posted it
sweet n dirty:Read it!
sweet n dirty:Thinking it was you I chatted with another guy
sweet n dirty:Gosh
free man:ohhhh
sweet n dirty:Anyways it is ok!
sweet n dirty:I guess
sweet n dirty:LOL
free man:free man is jay
free man:memorise it baby
free man:lemme check
sweet n dirty:Nope it was another yahoo id
sweet n dirty:)
sweet n dirty:hmmm
free man:hmm gone through it
sweet n dirty:So ?
free man:its a casual chat
free man:as far as i guess
sweet n dirty:Yeah I know
sweet n dirty:Just normal
sweet n dirty:Nothing so far
free man:but u were present there all teh time so could have got info by his body language

sweet n dirty:I just spiced it up a bit by havingdropped a hint!
sweet n dirty:)
sweet n dirty:Maybe someone can jack off on that )
free man:hahahhahaha
free man:for me its like reality show
free man:sweet n dirty seducing a guy
free man:hahahha a
free man:n congratulation for ur half centuary
sweet n dirty:Nope nothing from my side Yaar
sweet n dirty:What did u see that made u make this statement?
sweet n dirty:Goo thanks
free man:u have done nothing like that
free man:but i know u r in a need of dick
sweet n dirty:Not if u co-operate )
free man:after all it has been a month now almost u got a nice rough fuck
free man:hahahhaha
sweet n dirty:Yeah it was the day those pics I sent across were taken
sweet n dirty:Probably had one more after that. Don’t know! )
sweet n dirty:20 days!
free man:u dont count ur love making with ur hubby
sweet n dirty:Then its almost a month
sweet n dirty:Went through such a thing when the boss of the last guy was down here
sweet n dirty:It was serious biz
sweet n dirty:Then he came and how he made me cum ! )
sweet n dirty:With a 5 inch dick )
free man:the boss of last guy
free man:u fucked both the junior n his boss ??
sweet n dirty:No boss of last guy did nothing
sweet n dirty: dunno if this guy will go back and update the boss!
sweet n dirty:)
free man:its confusing em
free man:r u talking about me
sweet n dirty:No the last guy who screwed me. His boss was down here before him. The boss did nothing but the guy screwed me off
free man:okay
free man:thats why u r louphing
sweet n dirty:yep
free man:the boss couldnt do anything
free man:might be jerked him off thinking u
sweet n dirty:Maybe this guy will update his boss and his boss will come running down. )
free man:u cant stop anybody from that
free man:hahahhahaha
sweet n dirty:No we were just dicussing the projects
sweet n dirty:The guy’s boss n me
sweet n dirty:It was as normal as with Mark as of now
free man:hmmm
free man:lady
sweet n dirty:Hmm. Tpday;s call is with both boss and his subordinate who screwed me!
free man:hmmmm
sweet n dirty:Nice fun it will be
sweet n dirty:Only 3 of us
sweet n dirty:To dicsuss progress ! )
free man:hahhahahaha
sweet n dirty:What progress ! )
free man:may be the sub ordinate will hav e hard on looking at u
free man:again
sweet n dirty:The subordinate progressed to the full while the boss was left behind
free man:hhahahhhaa
free man:these are indian guys
sweet n dirty:Maybe the boss will ask for my ass now :O
free man:boss n subordinate
free man:o my god
free man:anal n u
sweet n dirty:Nope both are arabs
free man:dont go hand to hand
sweet n dirty:One wheatish and the other is a dark one
sweet n dirty:)
sweet n dirty:The boss is a negro arab!
free man:yeah i know
free man:i can understand
sweet n dirtyunno how all 3 colors exist
sweet n dirty:Guess there was a mad rush to get screwed among arab women who were thirsty )
sweet n dirty:Ok wait for 2 minutes. I got to pee
free man:ok
sweet n dirty:Ah! Back after a release with some relief )
sweet n dirty:The food today had too much salt forcing me to take in more water
sweet n dirty:rut
sweet n dirty:?????????????????????
free man:yeah i m here
free man:juniors has called to solve technical query
sweet n dirty:Busy ?
free man:no free now
sweet n dirty:u mean calculating number of droplets ? )
free man:hahahha
free man:what droplet mam
free man:hahahhaha
sweet n dirty:cum!
free man:o oooooooooo
free man:so u also use this term junior for dick
sweet n dirty:junior!
free man:very funny
sweet n dirty:technical study!
sweet n dirty:oo darling what to do ?
sweet n dirty:Sorry
free man:my greek chat friend use junior for dick n miss for choot
sweet n dirty:Hmmm. Miss the choot!
sweet n dirty:)
sweet n dirty:and junior the dick!
free man:hahhaha
free man:yeah
free man:she uses this code word to talk about sexperiance in public places
free man:did u rub ur pubes after pee
sweet n dirty:Hmmm
sweet n dirty:Nope
sweet n dirty:y
sweet n dirtyarling u made me cum twice with chat
sweet n dirty:That is ur power dear
sweet n dirty:Raw Sex Power I guess
sweet n dirty:While the Aussie had no powder in his gun ! )
free man:hahhahahaha
free man:)
free man:i m literally louphing here
free man:no power in his gun
free man:hahaha
sweet n dirty:Yeah and please see my naked photo
sweet n dirty:Please
free man:why u wanna pee again
free man:send me any new one
sweet n dirty:See the 2nd one I sent
sweet n dirty:yeah
sweet n dirty:Pleaseeeeeeeeeee
sweet n dirty:Oh baby u can be so cruel
free man:send me any new one please darling
free man:hmmmmmmmmmmm
free man:i see ur closed choot
free man:open its lips i wanted to do a deep examination
sweet n dirty:oooooooh yeah
sweet n dirty:pease
sweet n dirty:touch me there
sweet n dirty:oh yeah
free man:how could it take so many dick inside n look so cute
sweet n dirty:please
sweet n dirty:put ur finger in
free man:like a innocent virgin choot
sweet n dirty:Oh god pleasse
sweet n dirty:Feel the inside
sweet n dirty:yeah
free man:yeah i inser mt middle finger there
sweet n dirty:oh it is so niceeeeeeeeeee
sweet n dirty:ummmmmmm
sweet n dirty:yes darling it is so nice
sweet n dirty:oh lovely
free man:n goes second n third to accompany them
sweet n dirty:yeah
sweet n dirty:inside
sweet n dirty:deep
sweet n dirty:go deeper
free man:n move in n out keeping the palm facinc up
sweet n dirty:fuck me with your fingers
sweet n dirty:yeah
free man:i m doing it vigorously
sweet n dirty:please
free man:its making futch futch sound
sweet n dirty:oh god this is so nice
sweet n dirty:yeah baby thats the way
sweet n dirty:yeah u do it so well
sweet n dirty:so gentle
sweet n dirty:oh darling my pussy is on fire
free man:moved in the fourth left finger
sweet n dirty:oh yeah darling please
sweet n dirty:yeah
sweet n dirty:Ouch
free man:n taking in teh palm inside as well
sweet n dirty:it hurts
free man:hitting ur womb
free man:n move the palm
sweet n dirty:Aaaah
free man:round n round
sweet n dirty:oh god
free man:with a jerky motion
sweet n dirty:yeah
sweet n dirty:oh gawd
sweet n dirty:oh u r unbelievable
sweet n dirty:oh yeah u r a darling
sweet n dirty:yeah
sweet n dirty:fuck me darling
sweet n dirty:fuck me baby
free man:took teh hand out n spit there
sweet n dirty:yeah
free man:n take teh spit in along with palm
sweet n dirty:I need u to fuck me today
sweet n dirty:yeah.
sweet n dirty:yeah
sweet n dirty:yeah baby
sweet n dirty:yeah
sweet n dirty:I want u to enter me
sweet n dirty:oh feel my nakedness darling
sweet n dirty:yeah my boobs
sweet n dirty:yeah
free man:yeah
sweet n dirty:oh yeah
free man:fondling ur boobs
sweet n dirty:ooooooo yeah
free man:from another hand
free man:removed ur blouse n bra n made u nude
sweet n dirty:my nipples were never so hard darling
sweet n dirty:Yeah fuck me
free man:unzip n take out teh junior
sweet n dirty:Yeah
sweet n dirty:Oooooh
sweet n dirty:yeah
free man:do u see
free man:the shaft roaring to enter ur cave
free man:n have a explosion there
free man:i lower my butt
free man:n place it to teh vagina opening
sweet n dirty:Aaaargghhhhhhhhhh
sweet n dirty:I take it gently in my hands
sweet n dirty:and lovingly push it inside my pussy
free man:here it goes
free man:here goes teh cap of dick
free man:JAY DICK GOING IN IN sweet n dirty PUSSY
free man:n move in gently
free man:slowly slowly
sweet n dirty:uuuuuuum
sweet n dirty:nice
sweet n dirty:ummmmmmm oh so nice
sweet n dirty:yeah darling
sweet n dirty:yeah fuck me
sweet n dirty:yeah fuck me fast
sweet n dirty:faster darling yeah
sweet n dirty:I can feel it inside me
sweet n dirty:yeah deeper
sweet n dirty:yeah push
sweet n dirty:push
free man:move my butt in circle making move the shaft in ur pussy n wash ur vagina walla
sweet n dirty:push
sweet n dirty:oh yeah
sweet n dirty:nice
free man:n pick up pace now
sweet n dirty:yeah that is the way
free man:fucking u like a dog
sweet n dirty:yeah darling fuck me fuck me hard
free man:deeper n deeper
free man:hetting ut butt with mine
sweet n dirty:yeah darling oh yeah rip apart my pussy’
free man:balls kissing ur pussy
sweet n dirty:yeah feel my balls
sweet n dirty:yeah
sweet n dirty:fondle them please
free man:yeahhhhhhhhhh
sweet n dirty:yeah
free man:i bite them with teeth
sweet n dirty:yeah oh yeah
sweet n dirty:faster faster please
free man:thrusting u in with each bite
sweet n dirty:yeah I am cumming darling
sweet n dirty:yeah cumming
sweet n dirty:yeah fast
free man:aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
sweet n dirty:oh fuck me hard
sweet n dirty:yeah fuck me fuck me oh darling you fuck so well yeah
free man:fucking u like dof
free man:aaahhhhhhhhh
sweet n dirty:ummmmm.
free man:faster n faster
free man:deeper
sweet n dirty:ummmmm. ummmmm. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
free man:hey even i gonna cum
free man:feel my sperm in ur pussy
free man:lucky one will pregnant u
sweet n dirty:My legs are around u having already cummed
sweet n dirty:yeah darling that was nice. So sweet of u
free man:i m still jerking in u
sweet n dirty:Nope darling I will take a pill tonight to kill all ur sperms
sweet n dirty:
free man:droppingteh last few drops of sperm
free man:n fondling ur boobies
sweet n dirty:Oh put em in my mouth baby
sweet n dirty:gimme ur dick baby
sweet n dirty:Oh yeah it is so nice
sweet n dirty:lemme swallow it for u darling yeag
free man:sure take it n clean it properly like a pro
sweet n dirty:so nice’
sweet n dirty:yeah baby
free mandid u cum really?? sweet n dirty )
sweet n dirty:gee thanks darling
sweet n dirty:yeah
sweet n dirty:yes darling I did
sweet n dirty:thanks
sweet n dirty:else I would not have asked
sweet n dirty:Oh darling u were so nice
sweet n dirty:Actually I was rubbing my clit and typing with one. Sorry could not send a photo
sweet n dirty:Next time I will be ready and send one for u to see
sweet n dirty:My naked ness. Me in the nude darling
free man:hmmm
free man:u r welcome n i would love to see u naked
free man:how did u finger fucked today
free man:u r in sareee
sweet n dirty:As though u haven’t seen me before u naughty boy
sweet n dirty:yeah
sweet n dirty:Oh didn;t I tell u?
free man:u told me in general
sweet n dirty:then
free man:but i wanted to know about today the way u cum just before
sweet n dirty:I pushed the panty down to my knees and through the saree fold finger fucked myself
free man:n how did u overcome pettycot barrier
sweet n dirty:Just put the hand inside and pull down the panty so simple
sweet n dirty:Hey my slit is positioned always below the slit in the pettycoat opening
sweet n dirty:slit
sweet n dirty:I make sure it is wide enough
sweet n dirty:Although today since it was a cotton saree it was a bit thicker
sweet n dirty:that is why I took more time to reach an orgasm than the other day
free man:hmmmmm
free man:n ur panty still at ur knees
sweet n dirty:ummmmmmmaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh :-*
sweet n dirty:yeah
sweet n dirty:still at my knees
sweet n dirty:Guess I will remove them and put them in my handbag
sweet n dirty:difficult to push them up now )
free man:hahahhaha
sweet n dirty:Thanks darling u were wonderful
free man:click a pick of that panty also n send me
sweet n dirty:it was so nice today
free man:do it when u get to home today n send me tommorow darlling
sweet n dirty:Nope
sweet n dirty:No panty shots
free man:pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
sweet n dirty:Nope
free man:sweet n dirty
sweet n dirty:I sent a saree shot once and I am a lil scared
sweet n dirty:ok darling done
free man:thanks
free man:shall i check my mail
sweet n dirty:s
free man:wait
free man:then
free man:may be ur pic will send me to toilet
free man:n will use up some of toilet paper cleaning my dick
free man:hahahhaa
sweet n dirty:Hmm a crumpled panty ? )
sweet n dirty:got it?
free man:checking
free man:lemme log in
sweet n dirty:u already logged in and cummed i thought! )
free man:hahhahaha
free man:not so fast mam
free man:it takes some time
sweet n dirty:I put it on the door mat in the loo and took a snap
free man:ohh great
free man:send me send me
free man:send me
sweet n dirty:Funny thing was I then put in my hand bag and went home. Next day it still was in my handbag in office )
sweet n dirty:That is the one I sent
sweet n dirty:Hey I licked ur cum remember )
free man:hahahaa a
free man:hmmm
free man:but it would make me more horny if i could see todays panty
free man:u r just great
free man:this post will realy rock the exbii
free man:n guys r going to jerk 3 4 times
sweet n dirty:If I send One more panty extremely dangerous since one is already there
sweet n dirty:Nope no way
sweet n dirty:see the email
sweet n dirty:u got a transparent panty of mine as ur trophy for the day
free man:sweet n dirty
sweet n dirty:Now on only u will get my future snaps
sweet n dirty:No body else
sweet n dirty:ok
sweet n dirty:Thats a promise
sweet n dirty:But yes not a shread of cloth
sweet n dirty:or very general ones if I am wearing example say blue jeans
free man:yeahhhhhhhhh
free man:blue jeans is so common hard to pin point it
sweet n dirty:u still need to go to the loo ?
sweet n dirty:Yeah I know that is why general clothes are fine
sweet n dirty:)
sweet n dirty::O:O
sweet n dirty:Like I said I will not trust anyone from now on
sweet n dirty:But only u will receive my next set of snaps
sweet n dirty:first
sweet n dirty:OK dear
free man:thanks dude
sweet n dirty:one by one
free man:thats great
sweet n dirty:dude !
free man:that will make me cum every day
free man:when u sedn it
sweet n dirty:Hmm That should be nude
free man:i say it when very happy
sweet n dirty:Thanks nude sounds better )
sweet n dirty:Ok I will read that as nude
sweet n dirty:)
free man:okay nude
free man:i will wire my mind to type n for d when aying u nude
sweet n dirty:Ok darling catch u tom
free man:see its programmed nude
sweet n dirty:Got to have a quick meeting with team before I go up for coffee
sweet n dirty:ummmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh :-*
sweet n dirty::p
free man:sure
free man:have a nice day ahead
free man:c ya
free man:ummmahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
free man:muaah
free man:muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
sweet n dirty:So many kisses ? My boobs are full ! )
sweet n dirty:bfn
free man:bfn
free man:lol

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