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Dirty Indian couple that make their fantasy come true with an old widowed gardener

Like most couples, we sometimes fantasize about things that we would
like to happen but probably like most, never actually carry them out for
real. One of our favorites is that she gets to have another man whilst I
am watching discretely, and he doesn’t know I am there. Sometimes it’s a
very young man, sometimes a twenties stud, and more recently she has
started talking about an older man. The latest fantasy involved a man in
his early seventies, and I was a bit surprised to find that she was the
horniest of all with this particular story. The more we talked about it,
the hornier she got, and started suggesting that we might actually carry
it out. I have always enjoyed the idea of seeing her with somebody else,
but never really expected her to want to actually go through with it. I
have been visiting this site for about a year and suggested that we
might advertise for an older guy on here. She said that she would prefer
to meet somebody ‘accidentally’ rather than set it up, but if nothing
came of that, then we would look for somebody on XB. We talked about
different scenarios, people knocking at the door, somebody in the
street, and a couple of other suggestions but each one could potentially
come back to haunt us, or not likely to happen.

One day when I got home from work, she was very excited and told me that
she had got talking to an old guy in the supermarket queue. He was
widowed, and lived on his own about 10 minutes drive away. He had some
pot plants in his hand and she found out that he was a keen gardener and
she suggested that we might be looking for somebody to tidy up our
overgrown plot. He followed her home in his car and had agreed to come
back the next day to make a start. He was glad of the company, and also
of the money he would earn. I suppose the fact that an attractive, curvy
woman in her thirties was asking him back to her house had nothing to do
with it. Anyway he duly turned up early and as it was Saturday, we were
still in bed. She answered the door in just her silk robe, and as I
watched from the landing, I could see that she was not being very
careful in covering herself up. The old guy’s eyes were all over her. I
would guess that he was about 70, but still very fit, and very well
spoken. She showed him through the house and he spent the next couple of
hours working in the garden and making a very good job of it. She
invited him into the kitchen for a break and a cup of tea, and as she
had dressed provocatively, again his eyes were all over her. We all
chatted about the garden, and she steered the conversation around to his
life and that he had lived alone for about 10 years. She was very brazen
asking him if he missed his wife.

He replied that he had had a good life with her but particularly missed
the opportunity to snuggle up to someone in the evening. She suddenly
secretly told me to go, and I said that I had things to do and would
leave them to it. I made a point of leaving the house by the front door
but quietly crept up the stairs. I could hear them talking and she
deliberately steered the conversation around to sex and how that would
be the thing that she would miss the most if she was on her own. She
suggested moving to the lounge, and he washed his hands and followed her
in. I could see form my position that she was sitting facing him, but
could not see him. She had her legs open slightly and as she talked she
carelessly opened them wider so that he was able to see up her skirt. He
would have been able to see her pants and as she always wore tiny
thongs, everything else that was on show. After about 10 minutes she
said that she had to go to the loo and came upstairs. I had to have a
quick feel and put my hand under her skirt. I was shocked to realize
that she nothing on underneath and she was soaking wet and he had been
able to actually see her pussy. She said that she could see a bulge in
his trousers and he had been staring at her. She flushed the loo and
went back downstairs, and again sat opposite him. By now they were
openly discussing sex and she asked him if he missed the intimate side
of his relationship.

He said that he hadn’t had sex for over 15 years and didn’t expect to
again. It would be nice though if he had the chance just to have a
cuddle with somebody. She said that if he liked he could give her a
cuddle and they both stood up and he put his arms around her. They were
side on to me and after a couple of minutes of hugging, his hands slid
down to her bum and caressed it. She did the same and pulled him closer
to her and rubbed her crotch against his. I was shocked, but really
turned on. He asked if it was alright to touch her and she said ok. His
hands went to her boobs and rubbed her nipples through her top. She
moaned quietly to give approval and he started to undo her blouse. Next
thing she removed her top and reached around to unclip her bra. What a
turn on that was. To see my wife stood in front of an old guy just
wearing a short skirt. He leaned forward and took her long nipples into
his mouth and sucked on them. His hand went between her legs and she
opened them slightly to give him access. At the same time she reached
down and undid his trousers and let them fall to his feet. She pulled
down his pants and I could see her catch hold of his very thick cock. It
was about average length but the thickest cock I had ever seen. He also
had very large balls and she cupped them with her other hand as she
slowly pulled his foreskin back to reveal a huge knob end. He was
fingering her quite quickly and she had her first orgasm after about two
minutes. She suddenly undid her skirt and pulled him onto the floor with
him on top of her. Although I couldn’t see what she was doing it was
obvious that she was pulling his cock into her. She sighed as he entered
her and grasped hold of his bum. He started to thrust into her and she
came again after about 30 seconds.

He was really fucking her hard and she said afterwards that she just
came and came one after another until he suddenly groaned and shot his
spunk into her. I could see his body go rigid and it must have lasted
about 20 seconds. She told me later that it was the most spunk that any
man had ever cum in her. He collapsed on top of her and they lay there
for about 5 minutes. As he stood up

I could see her open pussy with cum running out, and there was a large
wet patch on the carpet. He got dressed and said he would finish doing
the garden. She came up the stairs and dragged me into our bedroom,
threw me onto the bed, pulled down my trousers, got on top of me and
slid her pussy onto my cock. It was absolutely soaking and his spunk ran
out over my balls. I actually came within 5 seconds and she cursed me as
she hurriedly finished herself off. He has become a regular visitor to
our house and his weekly gardening is always finished off by him
shagging her. One time I watched from the wardrobe as he spent an hour
satisfying her. One bonus we have had from this experience is that our
garden looks fantastic.