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Dr. Anjali

Hi, this is Vineet again from Thane. This time, I’d like to share an experience I had with about five years ago in Dombivli. Those days, I was on the lookout for a good doctor. I hadn’t had very good experience with one doctor – the usual stuff – not good diagnosis, not very communicative, etc.

During a conversation with one of my office colleagues, I found that his cousin sister was a specialist, and that I could visit her for any ailment. He promised me that he’d talk to her about me. As luck would have it, the very next week, I fell ill – some kind of a viral bout, and I decided to go visit this friend’s cousin. I called her and took an appointment.

The next day I went to see Dr. Anjali. The first time I walked into her room, and I was struck by her beauty and charm. She was (as I found out later) 34, married to a doctor, but had no children. She had nice hair, neatly cut upto her shoulders. Her smile was nice, and she was fair. Adjacent to her room was the examination room, which consisted of a table, and some space to move around. I introduced myself, and she said she was expecting me. Then she led me into the examination room, where she examined my chest, back, etc.

It was then that I noticed that she was physically very attractive. She’d worn a salwar kameez, and I could notice the shape of her full breasts. Her hips were a little wide, and when she walked back to her room, I saw that her buttocks were pushing against the back of her dress, and moving seductively. She prescribed medicines for me, and off I went. After that day, I visited her often for a sore throat, a regular check up, etc. She kept complaining that I was too slim, and that I needed to put on weight, and I used to just laugh it off. I sensed that Anjali enjoyed my company too. Now, to the evening before the fateful day. There was no one at home that day.

Home alone, I’d rented a blue film and was enjoying the explicit scenes. One of the scenes was rather hot, and in my aroused state, I pulled out my erect penis and rapidly began pumping it. I could feel an odd sensation around my organ, but I was too hot to care. Within a few minutes, I came nicely on my own belly and thighs. I waited for sometime to catch my breath, then got up to wash my sticky semen trickling down my belly to my pubic hair. When I reached the bathroom, I found out the cause for the odd sensation. I’d worn my watch on my wrist, and in the process of pumping my rod, it had rubbed very badly along the length of my penis, and the skin was slightly lacerated in one place. I felt the stinging pain later, and then and there knew that I had to see a doctor.

I called up Anjali’s hospital – she picked up the phone. I told her I needed to see her urgently. Anjali told me that she would be there for another hour, so I could go there anytime. I dressed up and rushed to her hospital in a rickshaw. I knocked on the door. “Come in”, I heard her say. I walked in and she saw me. We both smiled at each other warmly. “Hi!” she said, “don’t tell me you’ve caught a viral flu again!” “Actually, no Anjali”, I told her. “I was. er. actually asleep..what I mean is.” I struggled to tell her what had happened, aware that ears were turning a nice shade of red, “..I came back from the office, and I fell asleep. I think an insect or something bit me down there..” I gestured to my crotch, “..and I inadvertently scratched it badly.I’ve wounded myself.” “Oh.”, her face concerned, she led me into the examination room. “Can you.” she looked at my jeans. “Oh sure”, I replied, as I lay down on the examination table.

I slid my jeans down to my thighs. Next, I raised my shirt upto my chest, and slid my frenchie down. I was looking at Anjali as the undy came down. She was staring at my crotch, and the moment she saw my limp penis, nestling between my scrotum, she drew in her breath sharply. Her hands trembled as they hovered above my genitals. “Can me..where..” she whispered hoarsely. I lifted my penis and showed her the area of the small laceration. By now, Anjali’s breath was quicker, her shapely breasts heaving beneath the kameez. “Turn around”, she commanded huskily. “Let me see if there’s anything behind”. I turned around, and I could feel her eyes piercing my buttocks for almost a minute. “Okay.turn around.” I turned around, and her eyes never left my crotch till the jeans came upto cover them.

She prescribed medicines, and advised me not to wear anything underneath, and said it’d be best if I moved around in a lungi for a day. I followed her advice, and everything was back to normal in two days. But, I couldn’t take my mind off Anjali. I could still see the lust on her face when she saw my exposed crotch. the trembling hands.the huskiness in her voice.I fantasized about her for three nights, masturbating madly. and then, I thought of a plan.. The following weekend, I called up Anjali, and asked for an appointment. She sounded pleased to hear from me, and told me she was free in the morning. I reached her hospital at 10. A couple of patients were waiting in the lobby. I patiently awaited my turn. 20 minutes later, Anjali came out herself, and smiled at me. “Come Vineet”. I walked into her room.

She closed the door and went over to sit on her chair. “Anjali”, I began, “you remember what happened the other day?” She nodded. “Is it still troubling you?” she asked. “No, that’s fine.but you know.Anjali.okay, I’m going to say it straight. I haven’t got an erection since that night.” I could see her face change colour. “Is that unusual?” she asked. I nodded. “Come, let me see.” she said, as she got up and led me into the examination room. She bolted the door from inside, and turned around. I couldn’t help notice how nice she was looking. She had worn a light pink coloured sleeveless salwar kameez. I could see her lovely naked arms and had this urge to lick her smoothly shaven armpits and the curves of her arms. I lay down on the table and pulled own my jeans. This time, I removed them fully. I was looking at Anjali, while she was staring at my frenchie now. I slowly peeled down my frenchie and tossed it on the floor.

I lay back, my T-shirt upto my nipples. Anjali stared at my penis as she’d done the last time. Her hands were above my crotch. I took my penis and raised it, so it touched her palms. She gasped. “Anjali.don’t worry..I keep myself clean.” She nodded, and said huskily,”Try getting it up.” I began stroking my limp penis, and said,”Anjali.I need some stimulation..can I stroke your arms?” She looked at me and then my hand, which was now moving faster.”Yes.” she whispered. With my free hand, I gently stroked her arm, up from her shoulder down to her wrist.and up again.she felt silky.arousing. “Anjali.oh Anjali.” I said, and then took her hand and put it on my rapidly stiffening penis. She gasped, and then, clasped her hand around my cock tightly and began pumping it. I reached out and kissed her tongue licking her naked skin. I ran my other hand down her neck, to the swelling of her breasts.

I squeezed one generous mound gently, and she moaned. So did I. Her hand was moving faster, and her other hand now gently began squeezing my heavy scrotum. She let my penis go all of a sudden, and she stared at it. “Ohhhhh Vineet. that’s so huge…god, it’s beautiful..” I looked down, and saw my glans had swollen, and the precum was trickling down from its tip. The next moment, Anjali bent down and took my erection into her mouth. I groaned. My cock felt it was on was as if all the hot nerves were jangling in my cock. I looked at Anjali.her eyes were closed, she was moaning, her mouth moving up and down my shaft, covering it with her saliva.If I didn’t stop her, I knew I would explode in her mouth anytime. I gently pushed her face away. She looked at me, releasing my erection at the same time, “What happened?” she said, gasping for breath. I moaned, “I don’t want to come in your mouth. I want come inside you.”

She nodded and straightened up. I got up from the examination table, and pulled Anjali to me. I bent down and put my lips on hers. She tasted salty and spicy – my precum. I bent down further and bit her throat. She whimpered and squeezed my rock hard erection. I kissed her lovely naked shoulders, and then raised one arm and licked her beautiful, smooth armpit. “aaahhhh..that’s feels ssss.” she hissed, rubbing my cock faster. I raised her kameez upto her midriff, and she pulled it out straight and threw it on the floor. I stared and gasped.her beautiful milky white belly. and the deep cleavage and the roundness of her milky breasts, covered by a cream coloured bra.

She undid her bra, and I moaned when I saw her big, beautiful breasts..the nipples pointed straight at me.I bent down and licked and bit her breasts like a mad man, I sucked on her nipples, while she moaned, pushing my face harder into her breasts. I freed myself, gasping..her breasts were heaving up and, her hands reached down and undid her kurta. I turned her around and pressed her frame against the table. Then, I licked her neck, her back, down to the elastic of her panties.I pulled down her panties to her ankles, and gasped when I saw her fleshy, milky white buttocks. I put my face against them and licked the beautiful flesh, and I could see the goose pimples on the fleshy mounds. She was moaning loudly now.I licked all the way down to the back of her thighs, her shapely now, the musky aroma of her juices had filled the room.I turned her around and stared at the beautiful black thatch of pubic hair on her mound, and then licked her hair.”Oh Vineet…don’t stop.” she moaned, and pushed my face into her crotch.

I licked the pubic hair, and then, down further..she parted her legs as she leaned against the table, and moaned. I could see her pussy lips now.swollen with arousal. the white cream between them, and her distended clitoris. God, she was beautiful! I licked her lips, on the outside, and then licked between them, drinking her cream. She tasted spicy and salty..and she was calling my name and moaning. I pushed my tongue inside her vagina, and she shivered. She was about to come. and I wanted to come with her. I got up and turned her around. I pressed my solid erection into the softness of her buttocks. She moaned and bent down, her elbows on the table. She thrust her hips back, so I could see her buttocks nicely. I wrapped an arm around her, covering her belly, and with my other hand, guided my penis to the area below her buttocks, and then gave a gentle thrust. The next moment, we both moaned.

My rigid cock entered her vagina smoothly, and the pleasure was unbelievable. Her vaginal walls clamped around my humping cock and threatened to squeeze every drop out of it. I thrust harder, back and forth, while she matched her hip movements with mine. “Anjali..” I groaned, “that feels” “I can feel you up into my throat”, she moaned. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh..” Then she shrieked,”’m coming.” I looked down at her sexy milky white back, her buttocks shivering, and I couldn’t hold back any longer. “aaaa Anjaliiiiiiiii.” I moaned and erupted inside her. She moaned as she felt my semen flood her vagina, and she collapsed on top of the table. I fell on her, my dick still inside her. After a while, we both slid to the floor. I could see her juices and my semen trickilng down her yummy thighs.

So I licked her milky white thighs. She moaned, and she said, “That was nice.” Her panty was still around her ankles, so she pulled it up, covering her nice thatch. She looked down at my limp wet penis and said, “You know, Vineet..the first time I saw your was so erotic.. your penis is dark, while the rest of you is so fair..” I smiled and kissed her. And to this day, whenever I go to Dombivli, I try and meet her up. We still end up having passionate sex.