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Early Day with the Maid

Raji was the typical next door maid.All of about 20 yrs and with a good tender body expectant eyes and tamilish features she had just begun to bloom.She was rather thin , dark skin , naughty eyes , and had caught nmy fancy a couple of times. She was extremely thin but quite energetic used to wear the typical saree for work at my next door neighbours.

On a number of occassions I had seen her moping floor in a squatting position in front of my neighbours house and had fantasisedmy self banging her thin tight love canaal with my monster.The day was to come soon.

It was early morning and she had finished my neighbours work and left their place.I met her on the stairs as I had just come from a jog and asked her if she could help me finish some household stuff.She said that she would come back in half an hour and asked me how much I would pay.I told her that we could settle but the work was important.

After half an hour she was at my place and I wanted her to mop the floor.immediately she lifted her saree up to her thighs and sat opn the floor to mop with a wet cloth.As she came to my bedroom and as I was staying alone I shamelkessly asked her for a kiss.She was initially taken aback but I held her hand and I was almost getting ready for a bath.She was scared but seemed wanting to experiment.I told her how I adored her black skin , how I secretely used to observe her navel through the saree corner.I held her and kissed her on her lips and started rubbing her back.She was so thin that she completely was in my hug grip trying to wriggle out.I told her about my wish of seeing her naked.She initially resisted but eventually I slowly unrolled her saree. Then I unhooked her blouse and as I had expected there was no bra.There was no need for it ans she didn’t have any asset down there.The slowly I removed her peticoat and her panties.

I undressed my self and it was quite a sight to see Raji standing in front of me all naked.She was thin , dark her hair flowing and trembling.I wanted to just shove my monster in to her thin tight body and bang the life out of her.My cock started growing in size at the thought and in a few moments it was full length 8 inches with the red head protruding out of the skin. Raji seemed to have not seen somethijng like that and I teasingly asked her if she liked it.she said it was too big.I Carried Raji in my arms and made her lie on the bed.I held her against a wall and kissed her now standing nipples.She didn’t havebreats but had extremely large nipples like those adolescent girls.I started to kiss her nipples an tickle it by licking the tip often.then while she was still held against the wall I lifted her up and kissed her belly.She was light and started wriggling when I tickled her navel with my tongue.

Then I threw her on the bed and lie on her .I kissed her lips and she was now reciprocating very well.the sight of a very thin naked girl on the bed was extremely erotic.i told her that I wanted to kiss her every where .she bluished and I parted her legs to have a first glimpse of her pussy.her pussy was saggy ,hardly fleshy , and very thin clit between her legs.she had scanty hair on her pussy.The sight was very erotic and I was wanting to dig my tongue in to her thin clit and to get a whiff of her feminine scent.Her pussy was dark and slowly I parted it with my fingers to seen the inner pink area.i got my nose close to her clit and yes it had an erotic feminine smell.My monster was now really growing in size and wanted to dive in to her thin saggy pot.i slowly licked her now opened clit from the base to the tip and Raji raised her hips in ecstacy .i opened her pussy with my fingers and drove my tongue deeper in to her love canaal.It had a highly erotic smell and tasted a bit salty.i rubbed her hard and she was lying with her eyes closed completely in my clasp.she was now completely wet and that’s the time with out a warning I placed my ready 8 inch cock near her love canaal and gave a slow thrush.I held Raji’s legs like chicken legs in the hair and started pushing my cock in to her love hole.Raji was moaning and at the same time slightly nervous.The tip of my cock was now smeared with her pussy juices and then without any warning I held her legs wide apart and with one single powerful thrust got my entire 8 inch inside her. She screamed AAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! I held her legs far wide and started to bang her with thrusts slowly initially and then a bit faster .
My cock felt her pussy was very tight and I kept on banging her harder and harder finally I felt like I would cum but still I held her legs now still farther and highjer and started thrusts in full force.after two and three thrusts I released my entire load in to her .I could see tears in her eyes and at the same time she acknowledged her feeling the squirts of my juice in her pussy as I came in side her.

I took my cock oput and placed it near her mouth.It was smeared with my cum , her pussy juics and was smelling erotically strong.She closed her eyes and started to suk my cock.As she sucked it started growing again and after some time I held her hair tightly and splashed the entire load once again in to her mouth.she once again wriggled as I splashed in to her but I didn’t leave her hair and she had to swallow my entire cum.Having licked and sucked my cock clean I released her fiercefully pierced in both her holes filling her with cum and helped her to get dressed.I had a heavenly experience humping a really thin body as her pussy clasp mny cock really tight and her juices flowed in pleanty.

After thet she just tookmoney for her moping job and smiled as she got ready to leave.After that for nearly 8months we did it almost every alternate day or anytime of the day on the table on the chair .I could make her ride on my cock and stiill move around the house while I thrust her hole every time.