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Educating Chhamiya – The Virgin Maid – II

We got up cleaned each other. As I was wiping her blood-streaked chootshe asked, “Kahin mere baccha to nahin hoga”. I told her that I have had’nasbandi’ (vasectomy) done and there is nothing to fear. She relaxedvisibly and kissed me tenderly. Then I ate my lunch and lay down to rest and Chhamiya went about doing herdaily chores. When my wife returned I overheard her asking Chhamiya if she had given Sahebwhat he wanted (to eat, she had meant).

Chhamiya replied with in a naughtytone, “Ji, jo Babuji chahate the wohi maine unhain diya (Yes, whateverBabuji wanted I gave it to him)”. Dear Readers, and I thought she did not look too intelligent. Few days later my wife rejoined her duties. Everyday, we at least fucked once and sometimes twice and even thrice. Inoticed that if for some reason we were unable fuck one day then the nextday Chhamiya would flit in and out of my room puttering around doingmeaningless things trying to draw my attention to her. And as soon as Iasked her to come to me she would grin and happily walk to the bed take offher salwar and pull up her kameez above her tits and lie down on the bedfor her daily dose of my cum. Though she loved to fuck she never used obscene words like lund, choot,chodo and chudai etc. during our fuck sessions. I tried to persuade herto use them but she kept repeating, “Mujhe sharam aati hai (I feelembarrassed). Dear Readers I don’t know how you feel about this but I really like itwhen a girl uses these type of words during sex or even otherwise. Itincreases my enjoyment. I had to think of a way to break down her modestyin this respect also. Before I could do anything her periods set in. Chhamiya – lesson two The day after Chhamiya’s periods ended she came into my room and againstarted her antics to attract my attention. I talked to her, listened toher chatter but did not invite her to come to me. She went awaydisappointed. This went on for three more days. Once she even went to theextent of breaking a plate in my room, inviting the wrath of my wife, toattract my attention but I continued to ignore her. She was desperate for a fuck and so was I, but this was according to theplan I had formulated to break down her modesty. On the ninth day she came to my studio and stood around. I asked her,”Kya baat hai? (What is the matter?) She said, “Maine aapse kuch kehenahai (I want to talk to you)”. I left my work and went to the bedroom andsat down on the bed and asked, “Kya kehena hai? (What do you want tosay?)”.She said, “Babuji mujhse koi galati ho gai hai? (Babuji have I made amistake?)” “Nahin, kyon? (No, why?). “Aap mujhse naraaz lagte hain? (You seem tobe angry with me?)” “Nahin tau, tu esa kyon keh rahi hai? (No, why are you saying this?)””Main aap ko main ab achchi nahin lagati? (You don’t like me anymore?)” “Nahin, tu mujhe bahut achchi lagati hai (No, I like you very much)”. “Phir aapne itne dino se mujhe bulaya kyon nahin? (Then why did you notcall me for so many days?)” she said with tears in her eyes.”Tujhe bulaya nahin, kaye ke liye? (Did not call you, for what?). “Aap jante hain (You know)”. “Main janta hota to tujhse kyon punchta? (If I knew, then why would Iask you?)” I queried. She stood there silently looking at her feet, scratching the floor withher big toe. “Kuch kaheti kyon nahin? (Why don’t you say something?)”. “Sharam aati hai (I feel shy)”.”Teri choot main kujhli ho rahi hai? (Is your cunt itching?)”. Shenodded. I saw her discomfort and felt pity on her and decided to help her out ofher predicament. I thought she was so desperate that if she did not getsome good solid fucking today, she will go looking for a cock in herneighborhood. This I did not want. Another reason was that I had come tolike her very much and I also did not want to lose a good young cunt.”Tu aaj chudwana chahati hai? (You want to be fucked today?) I asked.She nodded. “Muh se bol (Speak out)”. She kept quiet. “Agar tu boleginahin to main tujhe nahin chodunga! (If you don’t speak up I will not fuckyou)” I threatened. “Kya boloon? (What shall I say?)”. “Bol, Babuji please aaj aap mujhe chodiye (Say, Babuji please fuck metoday)”. Hesitatingly, she said softly, “Babuji aaj aap mujhe pleasechodiye)”. I was overjoyed and pulled her to me and kissed her. She was also veryhappy and kissed me all over my face. I sat her next to me asked her torepeat after me, “Babuji aap apna lund meri choot main dal kar mujhe jorjor se chodo, pleeaase.” She repeated what I had said and promised to usethe words lund, choot, chudai and their like in future. I asked her to getundressed. She had her clothes off in a trice and moved towards the bed. I stopped her and asked her to undress me and sit on her haunches facingme on the carpet. I sat down on the bed with my lund hard and pointingstraight at her face. I told her, “Ab mera lund apne muh main le aur ussemithi goli ki tereh chooss (Now take my cock in your mouth and suck it likea lemon drop)”. She looked at me and kept quiet. I repeated, “Chooss(Suck)”. She said, “Mujhe ganda lagta hai (I feel dirty)”. I reminded herthat there is nothing dirty in love. She still hesitated. “Main teri choot phir kabhi nahin chatoonga (Iwill never lick your cunt again)” I threatened. She did not want to forgothe pleasures of my tongue and immediately took my cock and gave it a fewtentative licks. “Apne muh main lekar choos (Take it in your mouth andsuck)” I said. She hesitated but took my cock in her mouth and started tosuck it. At first she was artless but soon she got the hang of it. I putmy foot between her legs and pressed my big toe against her clit. Now shestarted sucking my lund with gusto moving and pressing her ass against mybig toe. It was nine days since I had ejaculated and it was not long before I wasready to shoot my load. With one hand I kept her head pressed on my cockand with the other pinched her nose and said, Chhamiya mera nikalne wala hai.Usse tune poora satakna hai samjhi (Chhamiya I am about to shoot my load. Youhave to swallow it understood)” and spurted my seed into her mouth. Shetried to free her head but I held fast and per force she was compelled toswallow it. She also came and her juice dripped on to the carpet. “Kaisalaga? (How did you like it?). ” Theek hee tha “(It was okay)” shereplied. She looked at my cock which had gone soft and looked up to me and saidin a small voice with tears in her eyes, “Aap ka lund to mulayam ho gaya abyeh mujhe kaise chodega? (Your cock has become soft. How will it fuck menow?” I explained to her that each time the cock shoots its load it becomessoft but there was nothing to worry, take it in your hands manipulate itand suck on it. Soon I was hard again. She clapped her hands with glee and danced around singing, “Aapka lundphir sakht ho gaya ab aap mujhe chodiye (Your cock has become hard againnow fuck me)” I lay down on the bed, “Aaj tu mujhe chod (Today you fuckme)”. “Main? Kaise? (Me? How?) She questioned. I pulled her on me andinserted my cock in her fuck hole from below and said, “Aise (Like this)”. As soon as my cock slipped into her cunt she came with a long deep sighand commenced the in and out movement. I took some juice from her cuntwith my finger and applied it on her gaand (ass hole) and carefullyinserted one finger and then two in it. She kept fucking me and I keptfinger fucking her ass hole. It hurt her at first then she startedenjoying it. As this was my second cum in a short period it took twenty minutes or soof hard grind before I shot my cum into her fuck sheath. In the meanwhileshe had come at least three times. Many days went by, our love games continued. One morning I called her and asked her draw my bath. I normally took abucket bath and finding it difficult to sit on a low stool I used a 2’X 2’X 2’stool. When the bath was ready I told Chhamiya, “aaj hum saath nahenge(Come we will bathe together)”. She readily agreed and undressed quickly.I sat her down on my lap and soaped her body paying special attention toher choot and tits. She was in ecstasy. Asking her to continue rubbing her cunt I shifted my attention to hergaand. I soaped it from the outside and then inserting one then twofingers in her ass hole and soaped it from the inside. I applied soap onmy raging hard on and made it slippery, in order to avoid unnecessary painto her, I had thought of this procedure. I positioned my lund on her ass hole and started to shove it in hergaand. “Kya kar rahen hai aap? (What are you doing?)” She asked. “Aajmain teri gaand maroonga (I will fuck you in the ass today)”. “Bahut dardhogi kya? (Will it pain a lot?) She wanted to know. “Thori dard hogi phirtujhe bahut mazaa aayega (It will hurt a little then you will enjoy it)”.Slowly I entered her ass hole. “UUUII dard ho rahi hai (UUUII it ishurting)” she groaned. I then moved her up and down on my cock whilepinching and rubbing her clit. She enjoyed her first butt fuck. In the days to follow we continued our games. She got used to buttfucking and soon started relishing it. After this day we fucked all overthe house in all the rooms, on every piece of furniture. We even fucked acouple of times on the roof. Her education was now complete.