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When the following events took place I was living in a largish housewith my wife. I am a freelance commercial artist and work mostly from my house. I had a bed-sitter to myself (as I work at all odd hours and all sort of people called on me) with a small studio attached to it. My wife is a schoolteacher. She leaves the house in the morning and gets home only at about 3.30 in the afternoon. Our children are grown up and live separately. We had a maid who did all the household chores including brooming and cleaning.

She had been working for us since six months or so her name was Chhamiya. I had never paid much attention to her. Usually she came in the morning did her work and went home in the evening. Till one day………. Let me tell you something about Chhamiya. She was about 17-18 years of age. 5′ tall, slim with long black hair. She is not fair but bit on thedarkish side. She is also not pretty but is also not ugly either; she has what is called an “everyday” face. She did not look very bright. Her most redeeming features were her tits, ass and naturally her kori choot (virgin cunt). She has lovely tits not too large and also not too small just the right size for her body and a slim tight ass. One day as there was no electricity in the morning I sat in the verandah reading the morning newspapers. While reading when I lowered the paper to turn a page I saw Chhamiya sitting on her haunches and wet wiping the floor. Her back was towards me and I could see her salwar (the lower portion of women’s attire called salwar kameez) pressing tightly against her ass cheeks. I could even make out the divide between them. My mindimmediately went to the valley of pleasure that lay between her legs and got a hard on. I raised the newspaper but kept an eye on her. Slowly she turned and continued to wipe the floor. When she was facing me she put her left hand on the floor and leaned forward to reach a far off area with the cleaning mop. In this posture I could see right inside her kameez (shirt) She was not wearing a bra but only a shift/slip under her kameez. What I saw electrified me. I saw the loveliest pair of tits hangingfrom her body like mangoes. They were not very large but just the rightsize with pointed nipples jiggling and swinging with the rhythm of her movements. My God, this sight made me even harder. I kept watching her and pressing and rubbing my rigid cock. After that morning I made it a daily practice to read the morning papers in the verandah and enjoy the scene of Chhamiya’s ‘tit dance’. I invariably ended up with a huge hard on. I also started harbouring thoughts of getting this delectable piece of virgin flesh into bed and fuck her brains out. One morning when I was openly staring at Chhamiya’s tits she saw my stare and followed it with her eyes and realized what I was staring at. She also saw me pressing and rubbing my lund (cock). Instead of changing her stance she blushed slightly and for a second her lips curled into a thin smile. She continued to wipe the floor with renewed vigor thus making her titsjiggle, jump and swing harder than ever. This reaction of hers seemedintentional and gave me heart that my aim to fuck her would be realized, all I had to do was to wait for the right moment. During this period my wife was on a few days leave. There were manyopportunities but only for a “quickie”. I was not looking for a “bang,bang thank you ma’am affair” with Chhamiya but a long lasting tenderrelationship. For this, it was necessary that I had lots of time to make her real horny and deflower her tenderly so that she enjoys her ‘paheli chudai’ (first fuck) and remembers it all her life. A couple of days later the opportunity came. My wife told me she had to go to town for some work and visit friends and will be back only by late afternoon and Chhamiya will give me my lunch. If I wanted anything else I should ask Chhamiya. I assured her that I would be okay and am sure Chhamiya will give me all that I want. Now knowing that Chhamiya and I will be alone for at least four hours ormore I decided the time has come to relieve Chhamiya of the burden of hercherry. After my wife had left I called Chhamiya and asked her to bring me a glassof water. When she brought the water, I asked, “Chhamiya Tune apni kameez mainkya bhar raha hai? (Chhamiya what have you stuffed in to your kameez?)” Sheblushed and lowered her eyes but kept quiet. I repeated my question shereplied, “Kuch nahin (Nothing)”. I said, “Kuch tau, aaj teri choochiyanbahut bardi lug rahin hain (Something, today your tits are looking verylarge)”. On insisting she said, “Mera badan hee hai (It is only my body)”.”Nahin ho sakta? (No it can’t be?)”I said. She kept silent. During this conversation, her answers came only in whispers. Her eyeswere lowered and she kept shuffling from one foot to the other, but did notmake any move to leave or protest. This was an encouraging sign. I said, “Sachie idhar aa choo kar dehkun (Really, come here let me touchand see)”. “Nahin, nahin (No, No)” she said and crossed her arms acrossher breasts. I pulled her tenderly but firmly towards me. She leanedagainst me and hid her face in my chest. Oh the feeling of her small tautbreast pressed against me gave me an instant hard on. I put my fingerunder her chin and raised her face. I kissed her face, cheeks, ears andher lips tenderly. A man had never kissed her before. I took her lowerlip and then her upper lip in my mouth and slowly sucked on them. I turned her around so that her back was leaning against my chest. Islowly put both my hands on her beautiful tits and pressed them. I tookthe nipples between my thumb and forefinger and rubbed them. She said,”Ahhh ohh, yeh kya kar rahain hain aap? (What are you doing?)”.”Tere mammedaba raha hoon (I am pressing your tits) I replied”. In the mean time Ikept kissing her. I then put my hands one by one under her kameez andgripped her tits. The feel of her boobs was great. My hard on became harder and so didher tits. I pressed her tits and tweaked her nipples. She moaned withpleasure. I said, “Chhamiya tere mamme bahut pyaare hain. Zara dekhun to sahi(Chhamiya your tits are very sweet. Let me see them)”. “Nahin, nahin (No,no)”she whispered but let me lift her kameez above her tits level. I continuedto massage them. I said, “Kameez uttar de (Take off your shirt)”. She protested, “Nahinnahin (No,no)”. “Kyon? (Why?)”and before she could reply I pulled herkameez over her head. We were standing not far from the bed. I slowly ledher to it and laid her down on it. She continued to protest mildly but Ipaid no heed to her protests. She again crossed her arms across her tits.”Haath hata na (Remove your arms)” “Nahin, nahin sharam aati hai (No, no Ifeel embarrassed)”. “Aisa kar tu ankh band kar le tau tujhe pata hee nahinlagega ki main teri chuchiyaon ko dekh raha hoon. Phir tujhe sharam nahinaayegee (Close your eyes then you won’t know that I am looking at yourboobs and you will not feel embarrassed)” I advised. Slowly I pulled her arms away from her breasts. She lay therehalf-naked with her eyes’ shut tightly not knowing what is going to happennext. She looked lovely. She lay panting, her breasts hard, nipples tautand moaning softly. I kept kissing her and handling her tits and she keptmoaning. Her breath was getting shorter. ” Bahut pyaare hain, chakhta hun(They are very sweet let me taste them)”. I kissed her tits and slowlymoved to her nipples and took them in my mouth. A loud moan escaped her.She started to pant heavily. After a minute or so her hands caught my headand pressed them on her nipples guiding it to the places she enjoyed most.She kept muttering, “Oh! Babuji, oh! Babuji”. Suddenly her body becametense and with a loud ‘AAAHHHhh’ she relaxed and lay limp. She hadcreamed. The little virgin had her first orgasm with a man.. My lund was so hard that I wanted to shove it inside her kori choot andfuck her hard and shoot my load into her tight sheath, but better senseprevailed. Long-term pleasure was far better than a moments impulse. So Ikept control of my laurda (cock). I again started to kiss her tits andpressing her mammas (tits). Slowly I moved downwards and when I got to her navel, I sucked on it andstuck my tongue in it and rotated it. Chhamiya nearly went wild. I went backto her tits, her face. For some time I shuttled between her boobs and hernavel. Chhamiya was half-mad with lust. While kissing her I undid her salwarknot which Chhamiya did not seem to notice. She was so steeped withh desire.She was panting like a sprinter after a 100-meter dash. Her breasts wereheaving with the rhythm of her breathing. My hand traced down her rounded contour of her abdomen and into herpubic curls. Stroking the hair with my fingers I found her secret creviceand the swollen bump of her clit. I pressed her clit between my fingers.With a start she caught my hand and whispered, “Oh Babuji wahan nahin chuo(Oh Babuji do not touch me there)”. Ignoring her protest I continued to massage and lightly pinch her knobof pleasure. Soon she felt the pleasant feeling and her grip on my handrelaxed. She started to moan softly. I put my hand under her back andlifting her slightly slid her salwar off her hips .She again protestedloudly, “NAHIN, NAHIN mujhe nanga mat karo (NO, NO do not make me naked)”.”CHUP! leti rah aur maaja le (Quiet! remain lying and enjoy)” I saidsharply and slid her salwar completely off. My little dark virgin lay naked on the snow-white bedspread. Her eyestightly shut with her arm covering them, her mouth slightly open, her hardtits pointing towards the ceiling, her breasts heaving up and down. Herclit hard, erect and just peeping out of her short pubic hair (Apparentlythe growth was quite recent), the lips of her choot were stuck to eachother untouched by man and her thighs pressed tightly together. I pressed and massaged her swollen clit and ran my finger up and downthe furrow of her choot. She was wet with the hot flow of her arousal andthe slit was a slippery slide down in her womanly depths. I put my mouthto her clit and sucked at it. She moaned loudly and her hips moved up anddown and gyrated in a circular motion. Tremors ran through her body andshe moaned softly, unable to resist the pleasure waves mounting higher andhigher. Suddenly Chhamiya clutched my head and pressed it to her clit. Fewseconds later with a loud AAAHHHhhhhh she sighed and lay still and relaxed.She had creamed again. I lifted her legs and pressed her knees to her breasts. I looked at herkori choot hole for the first time. It was very wet, oozing her cum. Itook off my pajama and kurta releasing my raging rock hard lund. It wasall sticky with pre-cum. My poor lund had been completely ignored in theabove proceedings. It was time for him to “get into the middle of things”.I gave it a couple of up and down strokes with my hand and spread Chhamiya’slegs apart and got on top of her. I took my laurda and moved it up anddown in her slit. “Yeh garam garam kya hai? (What is this warm thing?)” she inquiredsoftly. I took her hand and placed it on my hard member, “Yeh mera laurdahai (This is my cock)”. She felt it and whispered softly, “Babuji yeh taubahut bara aur mota hai (Babuji it is very large and thick)”. I placed mylund on her choot hole. “Oh! Iss se kya karoge? (Oh! what are you goingto do with it?)” she asked. “Main isse teri choot main gusserd ke tujhechodunga (I will shove it up your cunt and fuck you)” and pressed it intoher . The head slipped easily into her cum lubricated kori choot. “OOhhh”said she. I moved my lund in and out of her phuddi (cunt) making slow progress. Her choot was very tight. Soon I reached an obstacle the hymen, thesentinel of her virginity. I did not try to break through it but continuedthe to and fro motion. Chhamiya started to feel the pleasure coming over herand started to moan. The time was now ripe to shatter her virginity. I gathered her firmly in my arms, putting my head down I lunged intoher. My lund tore through the hymen and was half engulfed in her tightpassage of bliss. “AAAYYEEEIII, UUUIIIII Ma bahut dard ho rahi hai OOHH!AHHH! Main mar jauingi (AAAYYEEEIII, UUUUUIIIII (Mama it is hurting OOHH!AHHH I will die)” she screamed. Ignoring her screams I commenced to movemy lund in and out of her tight love tunnel till my lund was buried in herto the hilt and our pubic hair inter mingled with each other. I raised my head and looked at her. Poor Chhamiya, she was lying with hermouth and eyes wide open. Tears were flowing down the side of her eyes andshe was groaning with pain. “Bahut dard hui? (Did it hurt a lot?)”Iasked. She nodded. I assured her that the painful part was over and shewill now only feel pleasure and tenderly kissed her tears away. I recommenced my in and out movement. With each stroke as my lundrubbed against the torn edges of her virginity Chhamiya said, “Ohh”, But heroh’s soon turned into ah’s and ah’s into AAHH’s. I pulled my cock back tothe tip of her choot and slowly inserted it back. Sometimes I gave quickshort strokes and sometimes long slow ones. I kept varying the length andthe pace of my strokes. It was not long before her hips started to move inrhythm with the in and out movement of my lund. Suddenly Chhamiya clutched me and pressed me hard to her body. Her hipsmoved in a feverish motion and a wild look came into her eyes. I knew shewas very close to coming and I was also not far away. I began to thrustviciously into her, ramming her so hard that her tits rolled back andforth. She began to gasp, then to moan. She arched her back and thrust herhead back her eyes clinched tightly close. We were both trembling andshuddering, our breaths coming in gasps. With a loud scream she cameimmediately triggering off my orgasm also. Gradually our motions slowedand we continued to make soft “ahhhh” sounds. We both opened our eyes. Our lips drew together and kissed a long tender kiss. Soon my laurdabecame soft and flopped out of it her heavenly fuck tube. She lay there with her legs apart and a mix of our-cum streaked withblood of her shattered virginity, oozed out of her choot. She confessedthat she had never creamed so hard and for so long before. Apparently shehad had the ‘mother of all orgasms’. We lay there kissing and fondling each other for some time and thenfucked twice again.