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Encounter with maid Sonal

Hi i am chaitanya(NAME CHANGED) from ANDHRA and a regular reader of keralaerotica. I am 24 yrs old and can satisfy any woman of any age.this is my 1st story.hope u will like it with my maid i write one sex story with her only. I can’t help me out writing from this that she is very sexy and any male will be eager to have sex wit her.she is amazing.

Anyways it happened as for the first time in my life i had sex with sonal in the bathroom. but after that it was been around 25 days she din gave me her choot(vagina) to fuck again due to fear. but i requested her many atlast one day she we have a terrace very big and there we have 4 rooms out of which we don use 2 rooms at all. so as per plan i asked sonal to come in one of that room in the afternoon when my mom will be sleeping downstairs. so in the afternoon when i went in the room in the terrace i was shocked to see sonal out there and she pulled me very quickly and closed the room very soon.and then she opened her saree and petticoat and was only in her green bra and blue panty in which flowers were painted. after this she opened my jeans and shirt and banyan and gave a kiss in my chest and then opened my undies and sucked my 7 inch cock like hell and drank all the juice like water and then she opened her bra . Oooooooooo wowwwwwwwww wat boobs.

After this i sucked her boobs like a child sucks his moms boobs to drink milk. and after that to seduce her i opened her panty from my mouth and licked her pussy and was lickin all the juices coming out of her cunt. and then she started moaning oooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa ammaaaaaaaa very heavily and told me ……..saab thoda apna lund mere andar dalo na(saab plz insert ur cock inside me) hearing this i was charged very much and directly inserted my dick in her vagina and started giving her jerks like a jarking car and we were enjoying every moment of it . atlast i was very tired so i took out my dick out but she was fully charged so she hurrily sucked again my dick and made it ready and made me horny again and let it insert her vagina. this happened for nearly two and half hours but she was feeling my body’s heat very much that she was not letting me go. but i was tired and when i told her to end our sex session she pleaded me only once for a doggy session so i inserted my dick in someone’s ass for the first time and she started moaning heavily aaaaaaaahhhhhhh ooooooohhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhh aur jor se bahut majaa aa raha he.we both enjoyed this pose also very much.

But after all this i said now its over and it was very much for that day and dressed up and sonal also dressed up but i could still see the sex hunger in her eyes and then we had a french kiss session for 10 mins. and after this when i was going to open the door she told me to wait for just two mins and when i waited she told me that saab i promise you that as i am married from the past 4 yrs and also i have enjoyed with many men in my life before but i have never seen your type of manhood inside anyone and sonal said to me i love you and from now onwards she will never allow anyone to use her vagina except me. i felt very nice hearing this and i promised her to have sex with her frequently.

But after this i satisfied many girls and women so i did not enjoyed much with sonal but yeah she is a fixed women for me to have sex when i am in need and when i am desperate for sex i have sex with sonal and also i have never refused sonal whenever she has asked for sex. she generally ask me once in week and we have a long session.