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Encouter with Lecturer

Hello Readers,
I am susheel and iam working as a software engineer in a reputed MNC. Iam 25 years old with 5’8 height. The story which iam going to tell is happened when i was doing my post graduation.Our physics lecturer name was usha. At that time she is 29,wheatish damn sexy and having nice boobs with very good hips. she will always wear saree and no one can’t move away from her without seeing her hips.

But she is very strict in the college and in class too. We were asked to do a mini project and each of us were asked to do the project under a guide and i have to do the project under usha mam . The title was very interesting and emerging one so usha mam showed more interest and i was also interested in doing that project. We have to read a lot of books and usha mam asked me to come to her house daily to read and clarify doubts.

Next day i went to her house. It was saturday .Her hubby was there. He was working as a share market broker.And always busy in making money. They have one daughter of 4 years old. she introduced me to her hubby. He wished me good luck in the project. I left the house that day.

On monday, usha mam asked me to meet me in her cabin and gave some books to read and asked me to come to her house 6 0′ clock sharp. I said ok. I had no other intentions thus far. Since i was topper in the class she had a very good opinion about me. I went to her house exactly at 6 0′ clock and she was very fresh and we started reading books and she took some seminars to me and asked me to prepare hard. I said ok . she gave me fruit juice . Her hubby used to come only by 9 0′ clock daily. Her daughter would slept at 7.30 itself. I will stay in her house upto 8.30 PM.

After a week, one day , i went to her house for the project . It was raining at that time. I was wet completely. she gave me the towel and lungi and t shirt to wear. she started taking class and around 7.30 power went off because of heavy rain. Nothing was visible in the room. Usha mam asked me to hold her daughter and proceeded towards the kithchen to take candles and matchbox. Her hands slipped and suddenly there was a noise of vessel from the kitchen. I made her daughter to sit in the sofa and rushed to kithchen to help her. We collided each other and when she was about to slip I caught her hips and made her stand. I sensed a electric shock when i touched her hip. We again started to search and suddenly our hands were touching and this time we were touching it for 2 mins. After that we got 1 candle and matchbox and went to hall. she light the candle and i was seeing her face and she was seeing my face. we both smiled each other. After that she gave food to her daughter and she slept in the bathroom. Now myself and usha mam are sitting in the hall and the candle is going to burn completely and still there is no sign of rain stopping. Suddenly a telephone call came and it was hubby and told her that he can come after the rain stops and also asked me to stay in the house till he comes. We had our food quickly before the candle went off.

After that ,now we are sitting on the sofa next to each other. The candle went off. I slowly touched her and she caught my hand and rubbed it. we were doing this for 5 mins. I slowly placed my hand in her thighs and she too placed her hand on me. I rubbed it slowly. Then i slowly proceeded towards her hip and touched there. we didn’t talked each other. I caressed her hips for some time. Then she slowly raised my lungi and touched my bare thighs.

I slowly raised my hands towards her boobs and caressed it. she was rubbing my bare thighs. I slowly removed her pallu. I raised her saree and touched her bare thighs. suddenly her child cried and we got seperated quicky and she went to bedroom and consoled her daughter. when she came back from the room i caught her from and planted kisses on her neck. Then she turned towards me . I kissed her on her lips this time. I slowly removed her saree. she opened my t shirt and removed it. Then she undid my lungi . I opened her blouse and removed her bra in a flash. I cupped her boobs with my both hands and squeezed. she inserted her hand inside my underwear and hold the tool. I removed her patticoat .Now we are nude and alas !! we couldn’t see each other treasures.

I made her to lie on the sofa. I went on top of her and sucked her neck and caressing her boobs. I made her to sit on my lap and we hugged each other. Our whole body was pressing each other. Now the rain is completely stopped. she said her hubby may come at anytime ,so let’s continue this on another day. I said , no i need her right now. she asked to control myself and granted a 5 mins kiss on my lips. we dressed up quickly and the power too came. We smiled each other after the power came. I went close to her and asked when can i view the treasure???

she asked me to wait. she gave me a coffee and we shared it. Her hubby came and thanked me for taking care. I left her and wished good night.

Next morning, I met her in the college and wished . she smiled . After the college i went to hostel and dressed neatly with jeans and tshirt and took books and went to her house. Alas!! her hubby was there in the house and usha mam was very busy. I went and sat in the sofa. Usha mam asked me to wait for sometime and went quickly to the kithcen . Her hubby came and told me that he was going to b’lore for official work . Thats why they are busy in packing things. He also asked me to stay tonight in their house . I hesitated first and agreed later.

He left ar 6.30 PM.she was very tired and said that she will come back after taking bath and asked me to be ready for a test in project abstraction. I was stunned as i didn’t prepare for the test. I said it. she angrily asked me what you did yesterday?? I went close to her and kissed on her lips. I said this was i did yesterday. she smiled and went to bathroom. I started reading books. she came back wearing red pink saree with black sleevelesss blouse. Her child came and asked for food. she gave the food and made her to sleep in the bedroom. Then me and usha mam took dinner together. she was lookin sexy in that dress and i didn’t say anything about this to her. she watched Tv and i read books. Around 9.30, she locked the door. she said that she was giung to sleep. I said ok. she never expected this answer from me. I changed to casual dress . And started reading books .

Usha mam got irritated and took the book from my hand and shouted what are u doing here??? I said reading. she caught and planted kisses on lips and told, common da, take me, don’t spare me today. I said, I was just kidding darlee, don’ t worry i won’t let u down today. I went to the bathroom and locked the door. I removed all the dress and wore only towel . I opened the shower and was having nice bath. suddenly usha mam knocked the door. I opened the door. Can i apply soap to your body?? usha mam asked. I said oh yes, But u should also wear only towel. she came with wearing only towel on her body. She took the soap and applied on my body. she applied on hand, body and then proceeded towards my thighs. she asked, how can i apply there when u are wearing towel ?? I said it tis your intelligence to do that??

she romoved the towel and applied soap on my thighs and also to my lund which was very easy to hold at this moment.
Now i took the hand shower and made her body wet. I applied soap to her hand, I removed towel from her body and applied soap to her boobs and also to her whole body. Now we hugged each other. Since our body was soapy we could not get proper grip on the body. This really made both of us real mad and not even a inch seperation between us. she said , darling, I could not stand, please take me to the bed and we will have there. We cleaned our body from soap and took her to the bedroom and made her to lie in the bed. I went on top of her and squeezed her breast . I sucked her neck . she moaned, de please do slowly, we have plenty of time.

I said sorry, dear, i got bit tensed. thats why I did like this. she said, no problem. Now act slowly. I applied some oil on her boobs and rubbed it slowly. she went on top of me and kissed forehead, cheeks and finally came to my lips. she started to bite my lips gently and suked it. she sucked my neck and kissed all my body. she came to near to my ear and exclaimed What a nice penis you are having.!!! I said u will know that power in a short span of time. I sat and also made her to sit on my lap with her face towards me. we hugged tightly. My tool slowly went inside her.she cooperated in a great extent. My tool comletely went inside her. she said, Darling, please stay there as long as you can. I was there for few mins.

Next, i made her to lie on the bed and i went on top of her and went inside her. she moaned. common, take me !!! she shouted. After that terrific fuck, we cleaned ourselves. i wore a lungi and she weared saree and slept on me. Next morning, at 7.30 when i woke up, she was there in the kitchen preparing food . Her child was ready to go to school . she gave me coffee ??? And asked do u want more??? I said yes. After that i went to the hostel and came back to college and attended the classes. she said , her hubby had arrived today. I was depressed .

After that I was just concentrating on my project. usha mam was very helpful . It was last day of the college before it closes for winter holidays. students should not stay in the hostel during that time. Usha mam said that they are going to their hubby’s native village in mysore for holidays. I was depressed. she was also very sad. she also asked me to come and collect some materials from her home to study. I said ok. In the evening, I went to her house and thewy were all prepared to go to station. I got the books from her. she gave me coffee. While I was drinking it, a telephone call came. Her hubby took it. It was from his office. After attending the call he said that he can’t come for village with them he is having a conference for next 3 days. Usha mam told that she was not ready to go alone with the kid. Usha mam told to cancel the trip. But her hubby refused and told he will join them in the village after 3 days. And also that it will not be good to cancel the trip as the festival in the village was a rare one.
He turned towards me and asked what was my plan ???

I told that since I can’t stay in the college , Iam going to stay in the hotel for next 10 days before the college reopens & Iam going to work on my project. He asked me to accompany her wife and kid to the village. He also told that it will be nice for me to travel a village rather that staying in the hotel . he told, hi your guide is with you and u can clarify doubts from her. I saw usha mam, she just smiled. I said sir, what about the ticket for me. He said, you can travel on my ticket and i will talk to officials regarding this. I said ok.

We went to station. Ours was I class A/c coach and separate cabin for us. We went inside. I and her hubby talked to officials there. They agreed. Her hubby thanked me for this timely help. I said its my pleasure. We slept immediately. Next morning we were there in the village. It was a house with 5 rooms both in ground and 1st floor. Many of their relatives were there. I was introduced to everyone. Already in some room some relatives were there.

We were given the rooms in 1 st floor. since usha’s hubby prefer loneliness their family was allotted in the first floor. I was given a room adjacent to usha mam’s room. There was door which was locked separates our room. And other 3 rooms are vacant in the 1st floor. Since many of her relativeas are aged, they preferred to stay in the ground floor. Only servants will come to the 1sr floor for sweeping and other works.

I went inside my room . Usha mam came to my room and told me about the door which was locked from myside. I opened it quiet easily with a pin. And not immediately opened it since her kid was there in her room. I took bath and wore a dhoti and tshirt and came to ground floor. The time was 5.30 PM at that time. Usha mam was gorgeous and was wearing yellow saree. All other relatives were also there. Some kids are playing here and there. Usha mam gave me coffee and told me that i was looking so smart in this dress. i roamed here and there. when I crossed the kitchen usha mam was alone in the kitchen preparing something. I went to kitchen casually and squeezed her hip from behind. she quivered . she asked me to be quiet till 8.30 PM. I asked what was the special ?? she said this village will have frequent power cuts and we can have our foreplay during that time. All of us finished our dinner before that. since it was village , only oil lamps was used. It was very dim and light was hardly there. I and usha moved to a place where no one can see us. Infact, only few are visible through this oil lamp.

The relatives are very busy in talking about them and other things ,though they couldn’t see each other. In a corner sofa, I sat next to usha mam and started foreplay. I squeezed her hips and proceeded towards the boobs. I crushed it gently. I drenched my face in her hips. Then we went to the corner of room which was very dark. I kissed on all parts. we recovered
quicky and went to the hall. The power came. Usha mam got the telephone call that her husband was on the way . she told me that. I told her , today night iam going to have you.

How will you do it ?? today night Iam going to stay with my inlaws room in the ground floor, she said. since her inlaws will not allow her to stay in her room alone with out her husband.

I asked , why not in that room itself??? she said you are so rash while doing ?? How can I withstand with out moaning. I promised her that this time I will be very soft on my duty. she disagreed. Then I asked her to come to my room. she disagreed for that too. I said then there is no other go. I went and slept in my room. The house has two. One in the hall .And another in the usha mam’s room . All the kids really want to see thecartoon channel . They switched on the TV in the hall. It was not working. Usha mam told her inlaws that she will took the kids to her room and stay with them tonight in the upstairs. so that the kids can watch TV. Her inlaws were satisfied since she is not staying alone in the room.

Around 9.30 ,With 7 to 8 kids started to watch TVin usha mam ‘s room. ush mam bolted her room’s door. All slept within 10.30PM. she switched off the TV. She knocked the side door which was separating our room. I was in deep sleep. she knocled it fiecely. I opened in halfsleep. It was my damsel. she came inside my room and bolted it. Then she told how she came here. she also told me that today i should behave gently on her. I said ok. we decided to play all night.

I removed her saree first. I pressed her boobs very hard. she moaned, please do slowly. she took off my shirt and bitted my chest. we were both nude quickly. I went and slept in the bed. she came and slept right to me. I took her right thigh and placed on my prick and pressed. I kept my left leg on her right thigh. Now she was turning towards me. I squeezed her right breast. we were in this position for 5 mins. I made her to sit on my thighs with her legs wide . I caught her hips wildly and sucked. Our lips are fighting fiercely. she said, common da, come inside me …I said why now you are so urgent?? We will go slowly. Now, I completely went inside her. she said, this position is so nice. we ere there for 5 minutes. we were tired . we cleaned ourselves. we put on dress. I slept on her lap. I was doing research on her hips and stomach. she said, this is the last day that we are together since her hubby will be there tomorrow morning.

Next morning, her hubbycame . And for the next 2 days, i couldn’t even speak with usha mam since she was very busy . Sice the village function was going on, lot of people are coming to their home. so we didn’t enough chance. One day, all of us in the house went to a huge ground in the village where the whole village is going to spend the day there. we went saw, there were lot of shops, games are going on, giant wheel, and it was like theme park. Approximately 25,00 people will be there of all ages. they are greeting each other , since it is a festival of relationships. Every one of us spreaded in the crowd since the whole day we are going to spread there. Kids went to play. Aged people sat in one place and talked with otehr persons in the villages. Usha mam’s huby met some of his friend and went with them. Now I, usha mam and two servants were left alone. Usha mam asked those servants to take care of the kids while thay playing. So they too went. Now we two are alone. We chatted for some time. Usha mam purchased a shawl for me and gave as a present. she said, today no one will work in this village and they will enjoy here by playing, dancing and all stuffs.

I asked what was famous in this village??? she said that there is small waterfalls along side it there was a grape garden. when are you going to take me there??? I asked.

she said tomorrow?? why not now ??I asked. she said, we don’t have alternate dress after we take bath. while we talking this, suddenly her hubby came and told us that he is going to waterfalls along with his friennds. we are depressed. He went with his friends. There was an oil massage centre in the exhibition. Usha mam told me she was very eager to have a oil massage. I said, don’t worry dear I will do massage for you. she asked when ??? I said Today night . How??

I said wait and see. Around 9 P.M. everyone retrned home. All are very tired. So every one went to thier room and slept. Usha mam’s had a drink that since he was spending time along with his friends after a long time. He came and slept in his room. All lights are switched off. Usha mam knocked my door about 10 ‘0 clock and told that her hubby had drunk today. I said , this is good for us. I dragged her inside and hugged ferociously and kissed her neck. she said, she was bored of having sex in the room. she wanted a change. we went to the upstairs which was a open one.

Since it was a full moon day, we could see each other. I came to upstairs with a bag on my hand. I spreaded the shall on the floor. We both sat on that. I toolk one oil bottle form the bag. Usha mam told, you are well prepared??
shall we start the things??? she asked.

The whole village has slept. I removed her saree first. I crushed her boobs. I unbuttoned her blouse . I teared her bra. I took her panty off. she took no time to made me nude. Now we are standing. Now i took her left thigh and kept on my right hip. I took her right thigh and and kept on my left hip. Now she was completely sitting on my stamch part. I sucked her boobs and she was holding my hair tightly. she said, let’s do it on the floor. I sit on the floor and made her to sit on my shoulder with her cunt facing towards my mouth. I swallowed the juices.

Now I sat on her shoulder and she took my lund on her mouth and swallowed. we are so horny by this time . so we decided to take some time off. I gave one mirinda bottle to her. she drank it and gave it to me the remaining and asked me to drink. I poured the mirinda on her body and licked. I poured it on her boobs and sucked. she said, you are so cute. she also wanted to enjoy this. she poured it on my body and licked. After that we hugged each other rashly . I made her to sit on my with her legs crossed and dipped my lund inside her. I went completely inside her . she smiled at me and said you are so cute in this.we hugged in this position . Now i took the oil in my hand..

took oil on my hand. At that time clouds strted to cover and very cool breeze was on. I poured oil on her body and spreaded it. I gave special attention to her thighs and boobs. Now she took the oil on her hand , and poured on my body. she spreaded it.

we hugged together. she took my lund on her hand and started massaging, which I was doing massage for her boobs. Then i massaged her whole body. she did massage for my butts. After that, I took her to my room. straightaway, i took her to the bathroom and opened the shower. we had a bath together. we dried ourselves. she went to her room. I wear a tshirt and dhoti and started to sleep. she knocked the door. she was in a saree. she couldn’t sleep in her room since the smell of alcohol is more. she slept next to me. In the early morning , she went to downstairs. Around 7.30 AM i came to ground floor. Usha mam came near to me and gave me a coffee. When I was about to took the cup from her hand, I saw her and amazed. she was wearing a silk saree and looked damn sexy. she was very fresh. I asked the reason for wearing silk saree. Is there any function today ??? she nodded her head and said yes. Iasked what??

she said, One month completion of our relationship. I smiled. I said, sorry mam i don;t have anything to give you as present at this moment. she said, no problem dear , you have already given me enough. Then I asked what is the treat you are going to give me today??? she said that she doesn’t have anything to give rather than herself.

Her hubby came and told usha mam to get ready to go along with him to the farmhouse where he is hosting party to his friends. It seems that it was 15KM away with nice garden and they are going to stay there tonight. We two are depressed. Around 9 Pm, when the house members slept, I decided to go to farm house. When I went there , her hubby was in the garden . He asked me , why you came here???
I said , sir, I have got scholarships for my excellence in studies . Thats why i came here to told this to you and usha mam. He asked me what was the treat??? I took 2 liquor bottles from my bag and showed him. He was very happy and was ready to open it . I said, Sir, If you open it here usha mam will tell you this to your parents. Then he asked what was the way out ??? I said, You go to your friend’s house anf hav this drink and i will take mam to the house. He said, no , no if she goes with out me then they will have doubt about me. It is better she should stay here tonight and i will come in the morning and pick her up, he said like this.

I said ok and was about to leave. He said , wait wait . How she will be alone here tonight though she has slept ??? He requested me to stay there tonight and asked to me to take his room in the grounf floor and told usha mam is sleeping on the 1st floor.

I said ok and agreed to stay there. I was very happy inside. He took his bike and went to his friend’s house. I closed the main door. There was a huge hall in the ground floor and 1 bedroom which was her hubby’s. I went to upstairs. I knocked the door. when she opened it, she was surprised to see me . she asked me how i came there??? I said those things and told that we are alone here tonight. she was happy and immediately hugged me.

I said, Iam very hungry and want to eat something first. she asked me to wait for something and went to kitchen. I took a bath and came to kitchen in the downstairs by wearing only towel . she was cutting fruits. I caught her from back and caressed her hips . she said, you first eat these fruits and eat me next!!! We went to hall. we ate fruits together. I removed her saree and other inner stuffs and made her nude. I slept on her thighs as if it was my pillow. I was very tired. Usha mam noticed this and said, see you take rest today. We can have tomorrow. I said sorry for disappointing her. we slept in the hall itself . After some time, I suddenly woke up and saw the time. It was 2.30 AM. Usha mam was sleeping beside me. I touched her boobs and squeezed .she woke up and said, are u fresh now??? I said yes. So don’t waste the time and start the work, she said. I asked for water. she went to the dining table to take bottle . I followed her .I made her to lie on the table and went on top of her. I took the jam bottle in the table and poured all over her body. she asked , are u hungry??? i said, yes , I got a jam but searching for bun. she said, she is having two buns .And asked me to take it if needed. I asked which one should i eat first bun or jam??? she said it is your wish.

I licked the jam starting from her thighs and thrn to her stomach, hips and finally i reached for bun. I ate her buns and i sucked the jam which was on her lips. Now she came on top of me and poured jam on my whole body including my cunt. she started fro there and moved towrds my thighs, chest and ended up in my lips. We got up and spreaded ou legs. I went between her legs . With my lips on her neck doing the job of sucking, hands doing the job of squeezing her body and hips, my lund was trying to go inside her. she said, please come inside !!! Take me darling !! I went completely inside her. she said , you are so good when you are fresh and agile. we both enjoyed this for some time. After that we took bath. I gave her a blue transparent saree with sleeveless blouse as a gift for the 1 month completion of our relationship. I weared her a blackbra, next sleevless blouse and a saree . she said, you are really an expert in everything. she was looking likea damsel in that dress and most part of her hips are visible. I slept beside her with her silky hand as a pillow and having my hand on her hips. We had a sleep upto 6 AM and we changed our dress and was awaiting for her husband.