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Enjoyed sex with Andhra girl

Hi readers, today I am going to tell you about how I had sex with a hot Andhra girl. Her name was Amitha. Let me start the story without wasting more time. The small boutique hotel was kind of out of the way, but I found it eventually. Amitha loved these little “meet me here” games where she led me to a spot where she could seduce me and have her way with me. Not that I was complaining, mind you. Amitha was imaginative, eclectic, and always very sexy. I made way to the room, and used the key Amitha gave me to get in. The sight that met my gaze was just stunning. Beautiful Amitha lay across the king size bed smiling at me. She wore the sexiest lingerie; a beautiful dark red and black chemise set that came down from her full breasts to a little lace skirt, and a tiny black thong. The combination of the dark red and black lingerie, Amitha’s long thick jet black hair, her pouty red lips, and soft alabaster skin actually matched the room. The large bed was white, the headboard was a white on white ornately embroidered design, and the wall behind the bed was the same dark red as the lingerie she wore. I chuckled to myself thinking they actually designed the room for her. That was Amitha though, she took every detail into account; you didn’t spend time with Amitha, you experienced her.

Amitha rose to her knees on the bed as I approached. I wrapped my arms around her, her skin so soft and warm to the touch, and kissed those beautiful lips. I ran my fingers through her hair and cradled her head in my hand, pulling her toward me gently and kissing her more deeply. She smelled sweet, and felt wonderful as I held her. Her hands roamed my chest and around my back, and she settled comfortably into my arms. After a few more moments of tasting her, I had to look at her again. I stepped back and took her in again. Amitha looked beautiful. Her makeup was flawless as always with those full red lips, her bright eyes outlined just so and just hint of rosy color on her cheeks. Her curvy, voluptuous body filled out the lingerie perfectly. Her large breasts barely contained as they strained against the silky material threatening to spill over. The lacy, see-through skirt hugged the swell of her hips, and the tiny black thong disappeared between her plump ass cheeks, the “T” at the top framing those cheeks perfectly. The pierced nipples, the small tattoo on her lower back, as well as the script “True” and “Love” on the back of each creamy thigh offered just enough of a glimpse into Amitha’s naughty, bad-girl side. She smiled and blushed a little as I looked at her lustfully, then she mentioned getting me out of my clothes and moved closer.

I kicked off my shoes as Amitha slipped my jacket off of my shoulders. She loosened and untied the knot on my tie. Slowly she pulled it through my collar, using the opportunity to pull me closer for another kiss. She put my tie aside and started on the buttons of my shirt as I unbuttoned the cuffs. Each button that opened exposed a bit of my neck or chest, which Amitha would welcome with little kisses. She slid my shirt off over my shoulders and ran her hands over my muscular arms as she did. With my shirt now off she nuzzled her face against my chest, with a long steady inhale she drew in my cologne, and kissed her way up to my neck. She knew full well that having my neck kissed was a big weakness for me, and she exploited it to the fullest. All but one part of me was melting to the feeling of her lips and tongue dancing against my neck and ear lobe, and that one part was getting harder. I grabbed Amitha and laid her back on the bed. I stood up and slowly unbuckled my belt as she watched. She could see the bulge straining against my pants, and she grabbed her own breasts as she stared at it. I let my pants fall to the ground, and started sliding my boxer briefs down slowly. My cock sprang up as it cleared my waistband, and Amitha bit her lower lip and squeezed her breasts a little harder.

I climbed onto the bed and stroked her legs from her ankles to her thighs. I loved the feeling of her soft skin. I sat her up and pulled the lingerie up and over her head, then laid her back down. I slid my hands under her ass and pulled her thong down, planting little kisses on her belly and thighs as I did. Finally naked, I kissed up her belly to her beautiful breasts. I kissed all around her nipples, licking and sucking her tit flesh, savoring her. I grabbed a handful of one breast and started playing with her nipple. I licked and sucked, bit down gently and tugged on it with me teeth, grabbing the nipple ring and twirling it around with my tongue. Amitha was squirming under me as I continued my nipple play, so started rubbing my cock against her pussy which was already wet. She moaned softly feeling my hardness against her, and she grew even wetter as her nipples got even harder. When she could take no more she pushed me onto my back and mounted me. She grunted as she sank down on me, pausing for a moment while she enjoyed the feeling of me filling her.

She began to slowly rock her hips back and forth, grinding her pussy against me. The sunlight coming through the window behind Amitha silhouetted her perfectly as she rode me. She felt so good clenching my cock with her pussy, and I started to buck my hips up to thrust into her harder. Amitha was pinching my nipples as she rode me, and we were both getting close. I pulled her close against me and kissed her, holding her tightly while I fucked upward. I could feel my orgasm building, and I grabbed Amitha’s ass with both hands, squeezing those full cheeks and pulling myself deeper into her. Amitha rose up and I could tell she was about to cum. She grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples as I drove my cock up as hard as I could. We both began to moan as we came together, our bodies shaking but remaining joined. She lay down on my chest, both of us breathing heavy, but my cock still inside her. I told her to just keep grinding against me slowly, and she complied. I was sensitive for a few moments, but that feeling faded and I knew I’d be able to continue fucking. Amitha smiled as she realized I was going to stay hard and keep going.

Amitha ground against my cock as it continued to gain strength. We kissed passionately; our tongues jousting playfully. I rolled us over so that I was on top of her. I began long, slow, deep strokes as I felt our combined juices squishing around my cock. I kept thrusting into her slowly, wanting her to feel every ridge and vein of every inch of my cock. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning with every down stroke, so I could tell she was perfectly in tune with my pace. Her cheeks flushed and I could feel the walls of her pussy grabbing at my cock. I pulled all the way out until just the head was inside her and paused. She opened her eyes and looked at me pleadingly, biting her lower lip hard. I sank my cock back inside her and paused again, and she began to quiver and squeezed my cock as she came again in a long drawn out orgasm. I knew it would be some time before I would cum again, and I noticed a hot tub in the bathroom when I came in. I kissed Amitha and told her to relax while I drew us a bath.

After drying off it was back to the bed. Amitha lay face down and I lay on top of her, straddling her legs. I began a slow massage on her shoulders and back, but I could feel my cock growing again as it rested on her rubenesque ass cheeks. I started kissing her shoulders, working my way down her back. My lips and tongue covered every magnificent inch of this goddess. I kissed and licked and sucked down over her ass, down the back of each thigh and calf, and back up to her ass. I settled in and lay between her legs, my face right over that beautiful ass. I grabbed her cheeks in my hands and started licking between them. Amitha moaned and arched her hips up as my tongue hit her pretty pink asshole. My face buried in those beautiful cheeks, there was just something primal about the way she lay face down and gripping the sheets, with me just going to town on her ass.

Amitha hiked herself up on her knees, and without missing a beat I rolled over so I could eat that sweet pussy. I still kept hold of her ass I fucked her with my tongue, my nose rubbing against her clit. I slid my mouth up and sucked on her clit, while I used a finger to find her G spot. We were both making guttural sounds as she ground her pussy into my face. Suddenly Amitha went rigid above me, and in groan that sounded like sweet release I could feel her warm juices running down my chin and onto my neck. She squirted with what was likely her most powerful orgasm of the day. She immediately got off of me and brought her face down to mine, half kissing and half cleaning her cum from my face and neck.

Amitha kept kissing her way down my chest, stopping only to suck and bite on my nipples as she went by. She got to my cock and buried it in her throat. The suddenness of her swallow made me gasp and grunt with pleasure. She was like a woman possessed and she simply devoured my cock. Amitha’s mouth pumped up and down, her hand stroking me at the same time. She pulled her mouth off for a moment and spit my cock, stroking it hard and locking eyes with me. Fuck she looked so goddamn hot driven to such fevered state of lust! She wrapped both hands around my cock and stroked and twisted as her head continued to bob up and down. I was as hard as I had ever been, and I needed to get inside her now! I pulled her off of me and pulled her the edge of the bed on her knees. Standing behind her I pushed her head down to the mattress and rubbed the head of my cock against her dripping wet slit. With a deliciously foul mouth she begged me to fuck her. Who was I to deny a lady? I shoved my cock inside her roughly, grabbing onto her hips for leverage.

Amitha arched her back, throwing her head back in ecstasy. I grabbed a handful of her hair and used it to pull her back against me as I slammed my cock into her hard and fast. She was moaning with abandon now, and I remember wonder for a brief moment if any of the other guest could hear us. I was so hard and felt so good fucking that sweet pussy that the thought passed quickly. I grabbed her shoulders with both hands and started fucking harder. Amitha came hard but I didn’t stop. She came again but this time in a series of small orgasms that just stacked up one after the other. I slid my hands down her arms until I had her by the wrists. This was my favorite position, my signature move if you will. Holding onto arms her face was back on the mattress, and I could really pull her back into me. I felt harder and bigger than I had ever felt and I pounded that pussy for all I was worth.

I lost track of how many times Amitha came, it seemed like one long constant orgasm, and her pussy spasms around my cock were continuous. The sound of our bodies slapping together, the smell of pure sex in the air, the sounds of our moans, all added to the pleasure churning through me like a storm. I told her I was going to cum and Amitha broke out of my grasp and spun around. She swallowed my cock again; the feeling of it hitting the back of her throat and pushing past was just all I could stand. The first shot of my load felt like it started in my toes, and my entire body went stiff as it shot down Amitha’s throat. She pulled my cock out just in time for the second shot to hit her in the chin. She stroked my cock furiously as I coated her huge tits with jet after jet of hot cum! I could feel the intense throb with every rope of cum that exploded out of me. Finally Amitha collapsed back as I stood, panting at the foot of the bed. She playfully ran a finger through the sticky mess I left on her tits, and then licked her finger clean. She smiled at me and sighed deeply.