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enjoying my chiti

Hi guys this my first story.this a realincident happen in my
life.first i introduce my self name vetri age 15 height5.1 i am fair
boy.going into the how i fucked my chiti annadhi she is fair
and beautiful body.married and having two children two boys.i am
15year boy who loves reading iss and watching porn videos who knows
everything about chiti house is nearer to me.oneday i saw my
chiti serving food to my chitappa that time her saree fall down i saw
her awesome boobs.that onwards i think about my chiti and masburate.i
waited for my time to take him to my month later i got a
chance my chitappa is going parents also go functions.her
children go their grandmashouse.i and chiti in the house.she was in
saree.i was in was a rainy season.she said she had going to
get in bedroom i asked the reason.she said that she is having my mind blinked.can i help you chiti?what she asked?i will
massage you that she asked.she is in the bedroom.i got a
icecubs and goes to the room.i take 1ice cube and applied behind her that time i touched her boobs .she thinks it was fallen.after
some rain outside when there was a thunder storm i drop
the ice cubes under the boobs.chiti was moaned time
comed i pressed the boobs hard.she asked what are you doing?i kissed
on his mouth at first she didnt respond later she responded.we kissed
french kisses for almost 30min.after i removed her saree hugged and
rolled around the bed for10min.then i removed her petticoat and tarred
her jocket and throws to the floor.i kissed her neck and belly.she is
enjoying.that encorajed she is now with bra and a jotty then remove
his bra and jotty.and suck boobs and she had a great pussy full of
hair.finger i my one suck boob with other hand .then took my penis it
was chiti said it was larger than my chittapa.first blowjob
and suckmy cock.she said fuck me i get my penins inside her hole and
fucked for more than one hou she is moaning
comeeeeeeeee onnnnnnnnn .then i get a cum and let inside her hole and
fuck for 30min.then i her ass in doggy poistionfor20min.then i again
fucked fucked for 20min.we are dead tired we sleep together.morning we
get sex and we both chiti get pregnt after two weeks it
was by me.10 she get cute babygirl.i am happy i got a wife a
one knows that we still enjoying our sex.byeeee comment ur post on see next time