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Erotic accident with my bhabhi

Hi all,
Today only i have joined. This is my first post. Without waisting time let back to bussiness.

When i was 18 my bro gets married. I was in HSC that time. I am 5.8″. Due to regular Gim i have good physic. Initial days after his marraige was day to get friendly with “Kamini bhabhi”. We use to chat a lot. She is working with one of big private company & my bro is inspection officer for india.
our family is joint family & our home is duplex. Ground floor for Mom & Dad. First floor for Me & bro.

Initially i was not having any sexual attraction with bhabhi till that golden day. let me explain figure of my sex godess. She is 5.4′ She has fair complexion, 38D-26-36. Her eyes are brown & appeling. soft skin which by mistaken touches any one will get errected.

One day bhabhi was cutting pottato & it got slip. Nife straigt hit betwen her thumb & pointing fingure. One muscule got cut. After that bro take her to hospital & doctor oprate that portion & put on plaster on that. After 15 days doctor put off the plaster & send her to physiotherapist. That was for 1 month. for initial days bro use to take her to physpst but after week he went on some office tour he asked me to go along with bhabhi. I start going with bhabhi. Till few days back she use to wear punjabi dress but after 7-8 days of physpy treatent she again stat wearing sari. One eveing i got ready to go but she was working in kitchen. I asked her to get ready. She then moved upstatirs to get ready. I was searching for some book to read at doctors place while bhabhies treatement but i was not able to trace. Then i moved upstairs. I was searching that book & i come to know that is on the bed of bhabhi i just enterd in her bed room, bhabhi was wearing blouse. I just got the glipsum of her boobs. For a fraction i started stearing at her, she come to know that i am watching then she turned back. I also cam out of bed room.
After that she came down with pink sari. I got the errection after watching her in that look. On bike that day also she kept her hand on my shoulder. But i was hungry about her today so many time time i prss the breaks immediately so that i can feel her boobs. And so what i manage.That day phytpst told her to press that palm with other hand by keeping enjured hand on table.

That day after dinner i was peeping in books & thinking of bhabhi at my room.
Around 10.30pm i heard bhabhi calling me. I was excited. i went to her bedroom.
she was in white sleevless deep neck nighty which was slightly tranferable. I can cleary see her black bra. As i entered in room one more thing i noticed that bhabhies ghagra was laying on sofa so her black pantie was clearly visible. Then i asked her why she called me. She told me doctor told her to press her palm with other hand, but she was feeling any pressure on her hand. So She asked me ” Can u plz help me to press my hand?” I said ” Sure why not.” I got stand in front of her so that i can see her boobs. i started pressing her hand from fornt. Then bend now i can see perfect glipsum of her boobs. I was errected like any thing. Then got an idea. I told her ” Bhabhi i will push from behind so that extra presure will be there.”
she said Ok. But i asked her to keep your hand on bed. so she kept her hand on bed. i turnd back to her i was watching each & every part of her body. Her nighty was gone insight between the gap of her bumps. My cock was hard like anything. Now i was feeling hot. I stand in such position that my cock should got adjust in gap of her bumps gap. I grab her from back & my both hand was on her hand. My dick was doing its work. I was not fully charged & now i was able to listen bhabhies breathing which was increased. Then i moved i right hand to her breast. Wow it was soft silky like any thing. I start pressing hardly her boobs. Bhabi start moaning.
Then i move my right hand to her neck. My fingures stat moving on neck & then it move through the gap of neck of nighty & it grab her left breast. Bhabhies moaning increase. slowly i moved my lips on her neck & then to chicks. Meanwhile i moved my left hand to her thigh. Start rubbing it. I kissed her hard.
Now she turned around she hug me. i asked her to remove nighty she told me to close the doors. i obeyed her. She then removed her nighty. Uphhh i was glancing her hotest babe on the earth. Immediately i remove my T Shirt & i was only on brief. Now kamini was also on bra & panties. I rush to her i gave hug to her then i again start pressing her boobs. Then i unhook her bra from back. Now i can see so big tits with reddish nipple. I start suking her nipple like anything. Uphha i just keep chewing her nipple. She was doing uMmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. then i start kissing her neval. she got full errected. Then i remove her panty. now she was full naked in front of me.
Now i can see clean shaved pussy. I start licking her pusssy. I was kissing & plyaing with her pussy. then i start pushing my fingures in that. she got full errection she lay down on bed & said carry on, Carry on its ur only darling. Then i put off my underwear i dick was erected around 8″. Kamini saw that she got more horny & took that in her hand. She start licking. Now she was on fire. She was trying to take whole cock in mouth. After a 5 min she told me to fuck her.
I put my penni on her pussy & gave a solid jurk. My penni was now insight her pussy. i was pushing it again & again, till that time she was laying on bed but not i pull her & make sit on my thigh. Now we both kissing each other seductively hard.
I put my toung in her mouth. she was sucking that. I put my both hands on her boobs & start pressing hard.
After 10-15 min she asked me to fuck her form ass hole. I told her to move back.
Now she was in dog position. I kept my dick on as hole but it was very small. i asked her whether bro ever fuck you from back she said no. But Yesterday night i saw cable movie at late i want you to fuck me from back. I asked her for oil. I put on some around that area & i give big jurk. Now it was fully inside. That Pains Bahabhi a lot but that pain also giving her pleasure. After 5-6 min. my cum ejected. Then i again start kissing bhabhi. She said Thanks.

Then i start moving to my room she said plz dont tell anything about our relations.
I said i am not mad to tell any one.

Since then i enjoyed lot of time with bhabhi……………