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Exhibition to cousin

Hi, Im tipu from chennai, I would like to narrate my story which happened about 1 year back when I was 26yr old. The story is about my innocent cousin sister 4 years younger to me. Whom I never had any sexual feelings until then.

One day I was at home in a afternoon. Nobody else was at home. So I decided to enjoy my masturbating. I went to my room and seeing fashion tv I started masturbating. I was almost reaching climax. Suddenly I heard the calling bell. I got irritated for getting disturbed in between. It was my cousin sister She had come to help to clean the house as every evening she used to come and help my house people but today she was going somewhere in the evening. So she came afternoon itself. So I had a very urgent feeling to pee.

I almost ran in to the bathroom cum toilet to pee. Then I decided to finish my masturbation in toilet. So I removed my lungi and underwear and started to masturbate. In the hurry of peeing I had forgot to latch the door which I did not realise even after finishing it. Suddenly the door opened and my cousin sister came in with a pot of water to store it in the bathroom. I was shocked and probably she too. She wouldn’t have guessed what I was doing, probably thought I was going for my nature call. My semi erected pole lost its strength in the shock. She was confused what to do. She couldn’t go back, and it was too late for me to wear my dress. Her eyes was confused. Her mind was trying to see my nakedness but her conscience was pulling it back from there. Anyway she broke silence. She said “sorry, i came to pour this in the drum”. Suddenly all those porn stories I read, ran in my mind where people took advantage of this scene. But still I decided to keep quite. I hesitantly covered my genitals and said its ok, u can carry on. She poured it in the drum and again tried to gaze at my genitals. Now my dick was getting a hard on realising that a girl was seeing me naked. Embarrassed by the situation, I didn’t know what to speak. I asked her “is that over or still some job is left?” she replied she has to fill the drum up. My dick was trying to peep in between my hands. She just walked out. I sat there trying to come out of my shock. Now slowly my shock was becoming a sexual desire.

My mind was making me do things. I called out for her name. she came near the door and answered from outside. But her mind was making her peep inside. When she saw my face, she hid again. I told her “u can continue filling the drum” I was trembling when I told that. She was shocked t hear that. She didn’t reply. I asked her “did you hear” she said “ya. But is that ok for you?” she was too innocent to know what was happening. She had not seen man naked until then. I replied that’s ok. Now I decided to enjoy my exhibitionism. I sat there pretending to shit. She came inside again with the pot and poured it in the drum. Her eyes were trying to see my nakedness. I enjoyed every moment of that. Finally she told that that’s the last one. I stood up with my pole jumping up and down, called her and tried to indulge her in some talk. She turned back now fully tensed to see my dick pounding hard. Her eyes were now fixed there when she was talking to me. things were getting out of my control. I came out of the bathroom along with her without wearing anything. She did not expect that. I could see her getting some weird feeling.

Her mind could not believe what was happening and she in one corner of her mind wanted this to continue. I sat on the sofa completely naked. I asked her to sit with me. she sat at a distance. I now slowly took the topic towards her personal habbits. “Why are you looking tired? Probably you are not feeling well.” She replied “no nothing is wrong with me.” her eyes were wondering at my pole how perpendicular it could stand. I suddenly asked that question which shocked her. “are you having your periods?”. she was shocked and shouted “ how did you know that?”. I said “I know how girls will be when they are having periods. Ok now tell me what are you looking at?” she felt embarrassed. She took her eyes from it. I said “are you seeing a guy like this for the first time?” she said yes. Now she gathered courage to ask me

“why initially it was small when I first came in but now it is so huge?”

I burst to laughter. I said “ ok tell me when you are seeing this and speaking about this how you are feeling?”

she said “I’m actually tensed and sort of scared”

I said “that’s ok but whats happening to your thing where you pee”

she was shocked to hear that. She put her head down in shy. I pestered her and she said she had a nice feeling.

I asked her “are your breasts getting hard” she nodded yes and just did so for everything I said. I asked “is somekind of juice pouring out from where you pee?” “do you feel like putting your hand there and massage it” “that’s how a girl’s sexual feel is and boys have it like how I have.” she wondered at my knowledge about it. She said “but how do you know all these.” I said “ I knew it by reading books” she said “do books teach all these?” “ya do you want to see one?” she kept quiet. I went and pulled out one sex book and took a story about incest and gave it to her. She was shocked “chee. Do they do all these and that to own sisters?” I said that’s nothing bad except that she should not get pregnant. She was more interested to know all sexual details.

She asked me to tell her more. I told “when U read all this, your breast gets erect and your lips down there becomes tight. Isn’t that true?” she agreed but she said “how will breast get erect?”. I took total advantage of the situation and said “now I will show you. Remove your tops.” She was hesitant. I myself removed her T shirt. She let me do it. I tried to remove her skirt. She was wondering why I removed it but did not ask me anything. She was looking beautiful with her black bra and orange panty. Now I unhooked her bra, and removed it. It was looking great with perfect mango shaped fruits and nipple pointing up, will a small pink circle around it. She felt shy. I said ”now see. Is this how ur breasts will be? Has it not got smaller and erect?” she agreed. I hesitantly touched it. My hands were trembling. She held my hands but let my hands there. “see it has become hard.” I gently squeezed it. She watched me do that. My dick was pouring out juice making the floor slimy. She saw that with great curiosity.

Now I dared to remove her panty which she reacted by pushing my hands off. “come on. Don’t feel shy. See how I’m. im not feeling shy in front of you” then I again I pulled her panty down. To my surprise there was a sanitary pad attached to the panty, with fresh blood and fresh juice on it. My heart was beating harder. I saw her beautiful mond with recently shaven hairs on it. It was looking terrific. I made her sit down. I parted her lips, and showed her “See the juice here,” I touched it she jumped. I made her relax, my fingers had a blood stained juice as she was having her periods. I again parted her lips, I could see her erect clit. I said “now see this is your peeing hole, from which piss comes this is your sex hole from which this juice comes and also your periods blood” . I hesitantly touched her clit she jumped out. She was looking beautiful and funny at the same time.

Again I made her relax and said “this is your equivalent to my dick which gives you sexual pleasure” she was enjoying every moment of the incident. I slowly took her hand made her touch my dick. She was trying to pull back her hand which I did not allow. After I made her touch, she got courage, she held it in her hands, wondered every bit of it. She slowly pulled the skin down and exposed my red head. I went to the height of my pleasure. She asked me “whats this?” now I took time to explain her everything about genitals and periods and sexual desire. She asked me how will everybody have sex. I was getting out of control.

I just grabbed her, hugged her and kissed every bit of her. She shouted “what are you doing anna” I shout her mouth with mine and said “just watch how to have sex” Now she too hugged me kissed me. I squeezed her one breast and took one in my mouth sucked it hard. I now gave her the chance to suck my dick. She did it hard. I was in my height of sex. I took out my pole and pushed her on the bed, parted her lips, put my thing in and pumped her hard, she was moaning loud. She was about to reach climax, I took my pole out and came out on her bare mond over her tiny hairs. She climaxed now. We laid like that for some time, cleaned ourselves, took bath together bathed each other. After sometime, I gave her a French kiss, she responded back. She went back home. Every day when I’m alone, this episode repeats.