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Experimenting in College

It was just another foggy North Indian winter day for Gaurav. He killed the engine of his bike and rubbed his gloved hands together for some warmth. Although the visibility was near zero with, but he loved early morning rides, as less traffic offered him an opportunity to explore the limits of his Yamaha RX-100.

Pursuing Physics honours course at the University, he loved the daily routine of arriving early at the University to spend some extra time at the Lab. While others saw the Lab routine as a chore, he loved tinkering with instruments which formed a bridge between common sense and the miracles which exist in the form of electronic devices.

To start the day, he had a strong tea at the science canteen and made his way to the Physics department. There were only a few people present in the department at this hour and he was greeted by a hauling mongrel, whom his fellow students had lovingly named Newton. He quietly made his way to the Apparatus issue room. The half-asleep lab assistant, took his lazy ass of his chair and handed him the keys of the dark room. Gaurav, knowingly smiled to himself as he walked towards the room. Early in his life he saw that there were two kinds of people “Rebels” and “Achievers”. He categorized himself as “Achiever” and when it came to convincing the lab assistant to allow him into the lab early. He used the time tested way of offering him 10 Rs for “Chai Pani” rather than trying to name some University Neta and indulging in useless discussion.

Once, in the room he started peeling off his Polar bear attire, as it would have hindered with his experiment. While taking off his jacket, he was mentally planning to nail the ballastic galvanometer correctly, today. Interestingly, the experiments considered challenging by his classmates were something he sleepwalked through. But, this Son of Bitch had been eluding him for the last week and now it became somewhat of a personal quest.

He switched on the apparatus and tucked the torchlight in his mouth to have both his hands free. He slowly started tweaking the settings and was on the verge of obtaining the enigmatic fringes, when suddenly someone opened the door. Irritated by this interruption and bearing the frustration. He swore out “Kaun sala madarchod, gand mara raha hai, darwaza band kar be, ye dark room hai” and turned around to see which of his idiotic friends have turned up so early. His eyes saw the silhouette of a girl, dressed in heavy jacket and denims, but unmistakably this was the only decent looking girl in his class, Shilpa.

Shilpa, who was trying to peep into the dark, her pupils taking their own time to get adjusted to the low lighting, got a little rattled by the barrage of heavy expletives emanating from the room. She gingerly offered a “Hi” to the still invisible stranger in the room and started speaking, ” I …. I am here to complete my Newton’s Fringes experiment, sorry if I interrupted you”. Gaurav answered this statement by an irritated grunt and continued with the set-up.

Shilpa, was unmistakably, one of the most beautiful girls in the University. Fair, tall and well developed, of course in the right places. She was a girl with class and that made her even more rare in the now semi rustic set-up of University. She would have had hundreds of wannabe suitors ranging from oldie professors, student leaders, classs geek to sweepers and canteen boy, only if, her reputation wouldn’t have preceded her. It happened so, that the only good looking girl in the batch, incidentally was the daughter of Assistant Proctor of the University, who was rumoured to carry a revolver on him, all the time. This was a boon as well as bane for her. If not for her Dad’s intimidating Vermillion tilak and local politico connection, she would have been ravaged many a times with the testosterone raging youngsters, but now even the feeblest of minds understood the consequences of even blinking at her and so in favour of self-preservation, never even established eye contact with her.

Gaurav, also fell in this broad category and never bothered about talking to her although their roll numbers were next to each other.

It is interesting to note that apart from her physical attributes, Shilpa, fell into the typical description of a blonde. She dressed up as if she was not in Lucknow University but in some hep college, was born with two left hands (if there is such an expression) and even 10 days before the exams, she hadn’t been able to finish even 1 experiment and that was precisely the reason for her early morning sojourn.

She fiddled for a full 5 minutes with the electron microscope, all the while talking to herself and half expecting Gaurav to overhear and help her out. But, Gaurav was too busy in his own work to even notice, but this intermittent mumbling was definitely getting on to his nerves.

“Excuse me, can you please have a look at the Electron Microscope, I think something is wrong with it”, she said haltingly to Gaurav.

“Do I look like a lab assistant, go find Raghu ?”, came the curt reply.

The rude tone of the reply surprised her and with hurt pride she stormed out of the room. As soon as Gaurav was thinking aloud, “Good riddance, the high nosed bitch is gone”, she entered the room again and even though she heard him, still fighting back her tears said, ” I am not able to find him, please help me for 5 mins”.

Gaurav, knew he could setup the electron microscope in 2 minutes, so he came to the work bench to help her out. In a jiffy he bent over the apparatus, told her the steps to do it and focussed on the fringes. Excited, by the success of experiment, she bent down to see the fringes and knocked the delicate setup by her fluffy jacket.

“Do you want to enter the microscope, in your North Pole gear ?” came the reprimand

“Sry… I was…. “, with lowered eyes Shilpa took off her winter jacket and put it aside.

Gaurav, took a deep breath, thinking to himself, “Wow…. what a waste of resources”. This was the first time he noticed her so closely, It so happened Shilpa was wearing a thin white T-shirt beneath her jacket and under the focussed UV light, her bra cups were clearly visible. Her light blue denim was accentuating her curves and offering a gorgeous view of her banner space (Naked back between Tshirt and Denims), everytime she bent over to peep into microscope.

It was still 06:45 in the morning and a good 1 hour before anyone started coming into the Physics department. Gaurav’s mind was racing and he quickly reached a decision.

“If you don’t even complete this, you are completely fucked up in exams and get the luxury of repeating the year”, he smirked

“No… no… I would work hard, I never want to be in that situation”, Shilpa replied nervously.

Gaurav, asked her to repeat the steps and she started religiously following the instructions. As expected, she was not able to turn the knob slow enough and Gaurav immedialy, bent down with his hand covering her soft white hand and turning the knob slowly. She started feeling uncomfortable with his sudden contact and started pulling back.

“What you don’t wanna complete it ?”, Gaurav blurted out.

“No… no…? its just… plz let me try again” she replied.

As she bent down again, her own mind started to whirl around, she quickly brushed the thoughts aside and focussed on the experiment.

This time Gaurav, caught hold of her hand and slowly tuned the knob of the apparatus. His other hand slowly landing on the back of Shilpa. She took a deep breath and instinctively straightened her back a little, her conscious mind telling her to stop all this, but the instincts of her Ms Goody2shoes personality guiding her otherwise, she kept on pretending to listen to what Gaurav was saying, but her focus was on the hand which was lightly touching her between the shoulder blades and slowly sliding down.

Emboldened by her cooperative attitude, Gaurav slowly caressed her small of back and made way to the opening between her T-Shirt and Denim.

Sparks flew and Shilpa closed her eyes, swallowed the lump in her throat and instinctively her breasts heaved and her butts jutted out. Gaurav kept up the pretence of tuning the apparatus for precisely another 30 seconds, all the while slowly massaging the soft fair skin just above the crack of her butts, sprinkled rarely with soft golden hairs.

Shilpa, was still bent over the table, but her hands were far removed from the apparatus, her breathing was hard and she was clutching the other end of the table in a vice like grip, not knowing what to do next, but very sure that she was enjoying this feeling to the hilt. She slowly turned her head and looked directly into Gaurav’s eyes with a half pleading, half hungry look.

He responded by taking his other hand off the apparatus and taking it to softly massage her belly. The touch of smooth quivering soft skin felt like heaven in his hands and the gasps of breath that were coming out from Shilpa made it even more pleasurable. Slowly he made his way from the midriff to the partition of her bra and with a quick motion, inserted his right hand to touch the knob on her 32 C size breast.

A bolt of lightening surged through her body and she started squirming in uncertain motions, with feeble attempts of even get away. But, as she was bent over the table with Gaurav pressing his body against hers. So, her attempts did not result in any less contact between them. Rather, these motions resulted in her grinding her hips against his penis. Although, separated by two layers of denim, this made gave him a painful hard on and as a reaction he dry humped her hips in swift motions.

Her crotch was positioned directly against the cold corner of the old iron table, and his act of passion resulted in some real pain to her untouched cunt, resulting in some low decibel shouts. He mistook these shouts as pleasure calls for more action and started ramming her hips even harder. She took the fastest way to stop this ramming and swiftly turned around and touched him between his legs, “Please….. the table… its hurting me…”

Gaurav’s mind came to his senses as he looked into the large oval eyes and lip gloss moistened lips. He immediately took her in his arms and planted a slow, deep kiss on her lips, tasting the strawberry flavour on her lips…