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Exposing Myself – A Short Confession

This is something that happened when I was a teenager. My brother was in a few years younger to me. Normally my mother used to pack lunch for both of us and give it to me so that we could eat together during the lunch break. The new lunch room was being constructed, so most of the students used to have lunch at the assembly hall or in the class rooms or on the playground. Since my brother had a games session after lunch break we decided to go to the playground for lunch. We sat under a tree, there were a few other friends of mine out there, we all had lunch together. The bell rang, the break was over, so i packed up everything and started back for my class. My brother stayed back on the grounds for the games class. I went to the class room, sat at my desk, flattened my skirt over my legs and took out some books for class.

The class started, after about half an hour i wanted to pee but there was a class test after this one, so i thought I’ll just hold till the end of it. One class finished and the other started. It was now more than an hour that i was trying to hold myself, all throughout the class test, i was shifting my position on my desk to try and control myself. The test got over and i handed over the paper to the teacher and was going to step out when the teacher stopped me and said no one leaves till all have finished. I went and sat at my desk again. I needed to go but there was no way!. The test finished and all handed over the papers and the teacher left, i got up and walked fast towards the toilet. When i reached it i found that it had been locked for the construction work, i felt so helpless, so i decided to try and go up one floor to the toilet there. I walked towards the stairs. I reached the stairs and started to walk up, i went in the direction of the toilet but fond it was only for boys. So i turned to go to the other side.

I didn’t find a girls toilet there! I was just returning back when i found my brother in his class room. He had come back early from games for some homework he didn’t do last night. I thought since he was my little brother it was ok to ask him for directions, so i went to him and asked where the girls toilet is. He said that the floor didn’t have a girl’s toilet, it was in the other wing. I didn’t know where the other wing was so i just asked him to show me the way. He closed his books and came with me. He walks me to the other wing and showed me the way, and he just stopped a little before the girls toilet. I was walking slowly because it was already unbearable by now. I reached where he was standing and just as i crossed him i couldn’t hold it any longer and let out a spurt of pee just for a second.

I stopped to take control, i bent down a bit and my hand was on my waste and a few drops feel out from under mu skirt. Knowing what had happened my brother just opened the store room nearby and pulled me in. I could not hold it any longer, and started to pee from under my skirt in front of my brother. I parted my legs a bit and the piss just ran down my legs and filled up my shoes and wet my socks. Seeing that i lifted my skirt up and kneeled down. I could feel my pee filling up my short black tights as it fell on the floor between my legs wetting my knee. I just let it all out right there in front of my little brother. After i finished, i just stayed in that position looking at the floor in between my legs with the skirt still lifted up and in my hands. My brother suddenly broke the silence and asked… “didi, lagta hai aapko bahut zor se susu ayee thi, aapne to apni panty mein hi susu kar di…”. Feeling very embarrassed i just put my skirt down, stood up looked if anyone was out there and just walked into the toilet, i cleaned myself up, the skirt was not wet. After that i left.

However, I had noticed my brother finding it quite a turn on to look at. I could see his penis getting hard and a budge in hi shorts… I just smiled to myself and went back to the class room.