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Fantasy about my daughter-in-law -1

I was alone in the house with my daughter in law. She went to bath
room but without taking towel. After bath, she asked me to bring
towel. When she opened the door, her entire naked body was visible to
me. She though tried to close the door I pulled back the towel without
handing over. She begged to give the towel. I said I will come inside
and dry your body and head. She first hesitated but agreed then. Then
I went inside. Without drying her I just stirred at her. She asked why
you are looking that way mama. I said I am enjoying how beautiful my
daughter in law is. She again begged give me mama. I refused and said
you have not taken bath properly. I will clean your body. Then you
will shine like a sun.
She screamingly agreed. Then I took off my dresses. She asked why? I
replied they may get wet. After I became nude, she looked my cock and
exclaimed mama tell me the truth. Are you really 63 years? I asked why
you are asking. She said that one does not say so. I asked which one
She said pointing my tool that one. I purposively said I cannot
understand which one? You just show in action. She slowly brought her
hand forward and touched my weapon. After her touch I got an electric
Immediately I pressed her hand along with my dick. She closed her
eyes. I pulled her towards me and said in her ears, see your mama. I
am longing for you all these days. Shall I take you inside me? She
murmured mama hereafter I am yours. Your Priya. Enjoy me mama. Take
whatever you can from my body. I said I want to take each and every
part of your body. You are a sexy angel to me. I will fuck you daily
hereafter. I opened the shower and cuddled her and took bath together.

Since we both were nude, my daughter in law felt a little shy. I
brought her into my arms and whispered in her ears: I love you Priya
darling; and kissed her ears. She closed her face with her hands, but
came still nearer to me pressing her boobs in my chest. I pulled her
body tightly towards me and kissed her forehand which covered her
face. I asked: You show all of your valuable assets to your mama. Then
why are you not showing your face. I was attracted towards you first
by your smile only. Please show me Darling. She then slowly removed
her hands from her face and stirred and smiled at me and rested her
hands on my shoulders. My daughter in law is nude before me hugging
me. I was in heaven. And said to her, Priya your smile takes me to
heaven. She smiled again very lovely and moved her face towards mine.
I understood that she is enjoying my acts and determined to receive
all pleasure from me. With my both hands cuddled her tightly, her
boobs thronged out and on seeing them I was speechlessly stirring at
them. She noticed what are you looking at and said Mama it is all
yours now. It contains milk. Shall I feed you now? I obliged yes yes.
She then pulled my head down towards her boobs and inserted them into
my mouth and moved my head front and back. I was drinking my daughter
in law’s milk and she was screaming in pleasure shhha shha shhha.
While drinking her milk, I lifted her so that her milky boobs are
straight towards my mouth. She said: Mama what is this? I said: I am
holding my baby. She replied No no. You are my baby now.
Saying that, she climbed down from my hands and sat on the bath room
floor with the shower still on. She then dragged me and pulled my head
and placed it on her lap and thrust her boobs into my mouth said: You
are my sweet baby. Drink all the milk from my breasts as you need more
energy. I asked Energy? For what? She smilingly said: You naughty
Mama. You only came inside for a big show with me.
Now you are playing innocent. Till date you secretly enjoyed me in
your mind but now only I know that. All through these days I thought
you are so innocent. But I like your innocence. And your dreams are
coming true now. Take your beautiful and sexy daughter in law. She is
yours from today. Enjoy her with your full vigour and energy. . On
hearing this, my dick grow up to full extent. She noticed that and her
eyes wandered between my dick and my face with a cunning smile in her
lips. I said See him. It is he who is crazier to see you. Just
entertain him also. As if waiting only for my approval, she touched
the tip of my dick with her index finger tip. Both the tips are
fondling themselves lightly. With her finger tip, she drew circles in
my dick’s tip. But still she has not touched the dick with hands. This
went on for more than 5 minutes. I was enjoying her act at the same
time drinking milk from her breasts. Actually I went to heaven’s mode.
My daughter in law was taking me there. I got very hot and nervous and
asked her to stroke my dick. She said no. I was massaging her boobs,
waist, back and thighs with my hands and she was also enjoying but
still she only tipped my penis. I understood that she is trying to
tease me as much as possible. I begged her with pleasure please Priya
jerk my rod. It is waiting to dance with your hands. She refused and
said, I won’t do that so early. I asked why?

When I asked why, she replied: Yes. I want to induce you more. I will
heat you up like a cake in the oven by my acts. Once again I
requested: Priya My Darling Priya I am begging you. Please cuddle my
little boy… She refused again. But still playing with her finger tip
on my dick tip. I am getting on and on. I craved again to her. Priya
please. I am not able to withstand and tolerate. Have it in your hand
please. I physically touched her feet and begged. She then laughed
loudly. I asked why you are laughing. Your begging makes me laughing.
I enjoy that. See my capacity. Within no time, I made you a beggar of
sex with me. Keep on begging my Beggar Mama. . I asked, but you will
not have sex with me? She said no. I will not deny sex for you. But
every time when you come to me for sex, I will not give you that much
easy. I will make you plead for sex, crave for sex and beg for sex.
Seeing you as a beggar of sex makes me also horny. From now onwards
you are my Beggar Boy. You will be under the full control of me as for
as sex is concerned. I know how to control you. I know you are
enjoying my smile and also my sexy neck. Leave alone my other assets.
Only these two are enough to make you surrender before me. I exclaimed
what a powerful girl my daughter in law is. At the age of 22, she took
control of her father in law of 63 within 10 minutes. Yes my daughter
in law is sexually so much powerful and dominating. Yes I can get as
much sex as possible from her.
She continued: Here afterwards, I will not allow you to have sex with
your wife. I wondered she said your wife instead of mother in law. She
understood what was in my mind. She said I know what you are thinking.
I said your wife. Yes. She is my mother in law. I will give respect in
all other aspects. But I will not let her to have any kind of sexual
pleasure from you. Don’t worry. She can get sex from any other man as
she likes. I will also help her to get fucked by other men. But as far
as you are concerned, I will refer her as your wife only. . Then I
asked: What about my son? She replied: Don’t worry again. I will not
let your son. I will give enjoyment to him also. Additionally I will
gift my mother to him. Your mother? I asked. She said: Yes. She is
also starving for sex as my father is a severe heart patient. Then I
agreed: Yes your mother also looks so sexy. She asked; so you are
enjoying my mother also secretly? I said No No but just I am admiring
her sexy figure. She said again: You naughty beggar boy. I will
arrange my mother for you also but not now. I exclaimed: Arrange your
mother for me? But you said you will not allow me to have sex with
your mother in law? She immediately responded saying don’t say
mother in law to me. She is your wife only. I said: Okay okay my wife?
She replied: Yes I will not allow you to go to your wife. You can
sleep with any other lady but only with my prior permission not your
wife. Whenever she comes to you even for a kiss, I will come in
between you both and I will kidnap you showing my smile, neck and if
needed my boobs.
Saying this, she lowered her finger a little and rolling around the
top edge of my dick but still with one finger only that severed my
temptation. Sucking milk from her boobs still, I mourned due to
excitement Priya Priya please don’t kill me Priya. Hold my dick
tightly. Stroke it vehemently Priya. For that my daughter in law said:
Yes that is it. Keep on begging my Beggar Mama. I love your begging.
It gives me more excitement. Beg me more. Not only now. Every time you
come to me for sex, you have to beg more and more. Without begging I
will not allow you even to touch me, she said. Now I have sucked out
all her milk. I took my mouth away and saw her lips which was giving
me a sexy smile. I decided to kiss her lips and move my lips towards
her. Knowing that, she lifted her finger from my dick and closed my
mouth and stood up leaving me lay on the floor and laughed
continuously. I also stood up and tried to use force on her again, she
pushed me away and shouted in a commanding voice: You my sexy beggar
rascal. Are you trying to rape me? If you do so, this may be your last
chance. I will ensure that hereafter you will never have sex with
anybody including your wife. I will tell my husband and also your wife
that you tried to rape me. What do you say? The choice is yours, she
actually threatened.

I was astonished by her words. But her strong and determined warning
cautioned me that she can go to any extreme. So I shred the thought of
using force and laid on floor touching both her feet and pleaded:
Priya please forgive me Priya. From now onwards I will do whatever you
want me to do. Please give me sexual pleasure. I badly need sex from
you. Please Priya Darling.