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Fantasy about my daughter-in-law -2

She replied: Yes I am forgiving you but on one condition. Actually I
want to turn you as my sex beggar only. But since you tried to use
force once, from now onwards you will be my slave. You have to oblige
whatever my orders be. .I said, Yes Madam. I become your slave now.
Please order me what I have to oblige. She ordered me: Lick my feet
and clean it with your tongue. She sat on a stool and ordered me to
sit on the floor in front of her. Then she put one of her foot on my
shoulder and her other foot moved through my face. Since her cunt was
clearly visible I tried to touch it. Noticing that she angrily said:
You scoundrel. You try to touch my cunt? Not allowed. It is still very
far away from you my slutty slave. Do what I say. And she put her toes
inside my mouth. I started licking and sucking her toes, foot very
eagerly. It gave me much pleasure that I am doing it under the order
of my Sex Rani Sex Queen my Sex Angel, i.e. my daughter in law. Had
she given this under normal circumstances, it would not be this much
pleasurable. I did it with her other foot also for 15 minutes. Then
she stood up and said: I want to pee. Open your mouth. You have to
drink my urine fully. Don’t spit it out. This is your madam’s order.
I eagerly opened my mouth. She moved her cunt close to my mouth and
started peeing. While peeing I requested her to pee in my face also.
She laughed and said: So you like my pee? From now on, I will urinate
in your mouth only and not in toilet. Your mouth is my urinal.

I said: I also like it. Like to drink your pee and take bath in it. I
am at your disposal. You have full rights to treat and use your slave
in whichever way you like. She replied: Yes. But that is not enough. I
want your wife also to be my slave. I said how to do that? She said:
That is my botheration. You just obey what I am ordering you. Not only
that I will not allow you to have sex with your wife. I will tease
you, ill-treat you, and sometimes scold you in front of her. You have
to simply oblige with a smile. I said my wife will get angry. My
daughter in law replied: Yes… She has to. Then only I can achieve my
purpose. Both you husband and wife will be my slaves. Okay. Don’t
speak about that now. You will be simply a witness at that time. Now
come out. Saying this, she put on a towel around her body. She sat on
the dining chair and ordered me to bring some fruit pieces from the
fridge for her. I took out fruit pieces and placed them in the dining
table. She ordered me to stand nude in front of her. She put one piece
into her mouth and purposively lowered the towel from her boobs to
make her cleavage visible to me. Then she asked me to come near her
and placed one foot on my face. She showed her cunt to me and pointing
towards it said, you need this? I stretched my tongue out and said yes
yes. She commandingly said: You old fucker! You have to pay still a
heavy price for this. Then she put another piece into her mouth but
this time she did not eat it fully. After chewing halfway, she ordered
me to open my mouth and came near to her. I don’t know what she will
do but opened my mouth and went near her. She spitted the half chewed
fruit piece into my mouth and ordered me to swallow that. I enjoyed
her act as the fruit piece which came to my mouth with my daughter in
law’s saliva was more sweet and tastier. She ate all the pieces in
this way and gave directly to my mouth
She then ordered me to prepare juice and did so and gave it to her.
She drank half of it, stood up and brought the juice glass near her
cunt. I was seeing her acts lustfully and wondering what she is going
to do. She urinated in the glass. Her pee got mixed with juice. She
then gave it to me and ordered me to drink in front of her. I got
tempted and drank it fully. Then I asked her your cunt is still with
your urine drops. Shall I clean it? She stirred at me for a few moment
and said you blackguard. You always think that only. Okay clean it my
sexy brute. I immediately knelt down and started licking outer part of
her pussy. My hands are now holding her ass which she objected. I
pleaded please madam. Allow me to hold. It is for support only. She
then agreed and said: You beast. Do it but be within your limit. As I
was licking her outer cunt, she got excited and started screaming. I
did that still and she got heated up. I got wilder and wilder. Then I
slowly massaged her ass. As she enjoyed that without objecting, I then
inserted my fingers inside her asshole. She asked in a screaming
voice, what you are doing my lusty dog? I replied without taking my
tongue from her pussy, I am doing service to my Madam Boss. I will
please my queen. It is this servant’s duty Madam. Since she started
enjoying that, she said okay do it.
Now slowly I inserted my tongue into her vagina. She got induced and
was heated up. She pressed my shoulder with her hands tightly due to
pleasure and said: You in the name of cleaning, you are ass fucking me
with your fingers and tongue fucking my cunt? Do it my sleazy jackass.
Do it deeply and faster. This is your madam’s order. Don’t stop until
I ordered you to stop my flunkey bastard. She mourned hhmmm hhmmm
hmmm. I was vigourously doing both her cunt and ass. She got extreme
pleasure and shouted: You blasty blackguard, Take me to bed. I am
unable to stand. Oh. This is what I am waiting for all these days. I
lifted my daughter in law and moved to bed room. While going there, I
chewed her nipples. She got nervous again. When I laid her in the bed,
she pulled me with her hand and asked where is your prankish dick? He
needs your daughter in law’s cunt? Give him to me. I will teach a
lifelong lesson to him.
She took my rod and squeezed with her hands vigorously. I was in
pleasure and felt very hard to control ejaculation. She asked me: Have
you sucked all the milk from my breasts? I said yes madam. Your
containers are empty now. She said: Oh You have emptied them? Give
back my milk now. I wondered how I can. She said: Either you give or I
will take back. I replied: Okay you take it back madam. Then she
pulled me nearer to her and put my dick in her mouth and started
sucking it excitedly with her lips and tongue. Her tongue encircled my
dick like a snake encircling its prey. She moved her tongue up and
down along my dick. Wow. What a pleasure. My dick is in my daughter in
law’s mouth. Even my wife never gave blow job like this. Really I
enjoy to be under bondage to my daughter in law. As I have not
received such a blow job in my life time, I was unable to control and
my cum automatically came out to fill the mouth of my daughter in law.
My cum is also very naughty towards my daughter in law. Even after
releasing, she kept on sucking my dick. Yes she drank all my cum. I
was standing idle no no floating in sky. Seen me just standing, she
shouted at me: You my male bitch, I am doing service to you and you
are just idle. Do you think you are the boss? I prayed to her
immediately: No Madam. Sorry Madam. Forgive me Madam. I am just
waiting for your orders. Command me Madam. What I have to do? She
shouted again: Don’t you know you fucking bastard? What I told you?
Tell me you old slack? I was confused what I omitted to do. I prayed
her Madam, please Madam, and please tell me once again. I will
complete the task now itself. She shouted: You want me to remind again
and again. Is this the way you are serving me? Are not you interested
in working under me? I was shivering due to excitement and her angry
words also. Please madam forgive me madam. I will always work under
you. Tell me madam. What I have to do? She angrily shouted again: You
don’t know what is working under me? Idiot. Had I not directed you
to clean my cunt? Why you stopped that without my instructions? Oh.
Then I understood. Even Her anger is also another way of giving me
excitement and she is just teasing me more and sexually exploiting me.
Really my daughter in law is Sex Goddess. She can conquer any man in
the world and brought him under her control and make him her slave. I
am really proud of her and proud to be her slave. Every dirty word she
is abusing me with makes me horny.
I immediately put my tongue inside her vagina and started licking and
cleaning it. She was continuing sucking my dick. We were in 69
position. She laid on the bed and I was on top of her. We both started
screaming in pleasure. hhmmm hhmmm sshhhhaaaa ohhhh. She then yelled
in sexy voice: You old bitch. Fuck me in my mouth. Fuck me. Then I
started to move my hip up and down and fucking her. She screamed
again: Fuck me faster Fuck me deeper my slutty mama. I started mouth
fucking my daughter in law vigorously. My dick went up to her throat.
My tongue took care of her entire pussy. She was making sexy cries.
Ahh ahh ahh ahh .it is paining me ahh ahh ahhh you rascal do it
faster. Eat my pussy. sshhhaaa sshhaa umm ummmm mmmm like that. That
gives me more excitement and I increased my speed and thrust. She
cried again. Oh no no umm ummm that is the way my sexy slave. Don’t
leave your madam. Give her the pleasure she has not received so far.
Yes yes that’s right. Kick my mouth. Stir my pussy with your tongue
you nasty mama. Your madam has a fountain in between her thighs. You
draw juice from that fountain you sexy brat.

I folded my tongue and inserted deeper into her pussy and resorbed
everything that came out into my tongue from my daughter in law’s
pussy and tasted all of them. But whatever I took out from her vagina
she revoked and retook into her mouth through my dick. After sometime
I sucked again all her juices only to pour them back into her mouth.
This went on for four or five times. Then she said: You fucking freak
stop that. That is enough. Now turn around and clean your madam’s
mouth with your tongue. I said Yes Madam. I will do as per your
command and turned around. We were now in missionary position. I
started kissing my daughter in law’s lips. She shouted at me: You
dirty donkey. You are kissing me? I am your madam. Mind it. I only
told you to clean my mouth. Insert your tongue into my mouth and start