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Fantasy about my daughter-in-law -3

She opened her mouth and my tongue went inside. First I cleaned her
inner lips. Then I moved my tongue to her tongue. Like a calf sucking
its mother’s milk, I licked her tongue excitedly. She too mourned in
excitement. A lot of saliva was there in her tongue and I drank all of
them. Then I moved to her teeth. Slowly I started cleaning her teeth
one by one. Fruit particles she ate were deposited there in her teeth.
I eagerly took out each particle by my tongue and I chewed them. Hmmm.
It was very much tasty. She asked what you are eating. I replied it
was the left over fruit particles in my madam’s teeth. She asked you
enjoy it? I said: Not only have I enjoyed it. I need it daily. She
then laughed and said: So henceforth, my mouth is your dinner plate
and whatever leftover in my teeth is your food. I agreed, yes madam, I
need not be served separate dish in a plate. The food particles
available in your teeth are my feast. Not only that madam. You need
not rinse your mouth after eating. I will clean, sorry I will take my
food from your teeth. She said: I appreciate you my slave boy. This
should be the spirit in serving your madam. She continued: Should I
brush my teeth in the morning? I obediently replied not necessary
madam. Your slave is here to do that cleaning. Every morning, I will
clean your teeth by my tongue and whatever there in your teeth I will
eat. If necessary I will use by finger and after cleaning your teeth
by my finger, I will suck my finger as it contains my feast from your
teeth. She complemented me: I am proud to have such a sincere slave.
Then I asked Madam Can I make one request please? She asked what
request. I said: Shall I get some reward from my madam for the work I
have done to the fullest satisfaction of my Madam? She asked what
reward. I said feebly: Can can I get some some some….. She got angry
at my way of reply and shouted: Idiot. . You think the words are like
food particles in my teeth and swallowing them. This is not the way an
obedient slave replying his madam. Tell me clearly what you want. I
said then: Can I kiss my madam? She immediately said: No. I got upset
then and asked: Why madam? Am I not eligible for any reward? Have I
not done my duty to your satisfaction? Tell me madam I will correct
myself. Hearing my reply, my daughter in law laughed and said: Don’t
worry my boy. You will get double reward. Exclaimed with joy: Double
rewards? What are they madam? She gave a sexy smile at me and spread
her arms in the air and said: You are a blessed slave. Your madam
wants to cuddle you and kiss you. Come inside me. Come on my dear boy.
Come into your madam’s arms. I immediately ran and fell into my
daughter in law’s i.e. my madam’s arms. She pulled me inside her
and spread her arms around me so tightly. My arms were rested on her
chest. Without waiting for my action, she pulled my head towards her
and lip locked me. Oh I was again taken to heaven. She forcibly and
vehemently kissed me for few minutes. Then without taking her lips
away, she searched my tongue with her tongue. Our tongues also cuddle
like snakes. What a pleasure my daughter in law gave me. I was in her
full control physically also. As she cuddled me with my arms on her
chest, I got excitement and pressed her boobs lightly. Noticing this,
she asked, you want to play with that? I asked will you allow me
madam. She smilingly replied Why not? Play with it as long as you
want. But don’t take your lips away from mine. She again started
kissing me and inserted her tongue inside my mouth. I pressed and
massaged her boobs curiously due to which she started mourning. She
pulled me still closer to her and hugged and kissed me very tightly. I
thought this is the time to proceed to next level. I moved my hips
closer to her and pressed my dick in between her thighs. I afraid she
may scold me and move away because of this but still I could not
control myself from doing it. But contrary to my expectation, she also
moved her hips towards me. Got excited, I pressed her vagina tightly.
She mourned louder but still kissing me. I was waiting for her next
reaction. To my surprise, she put one of her legs around my ass and
kissed and pressed me sssooo tightly that no one hugged me that much.
I then said, madam you can use your slave as your chariot. She
understood what I meant and put her another leg also around my ass.
Now I have taken my hands from her boobs and placed them beneath her
ass as a support. Her hands are above my shoulder around my neck. Her
boobs were tightly pressed against my chest. Still our lips were
locked tightly. We exchanged sorry sexchanged our saliva. Since we
both were nude still, my dick almost touched her pussy. Feeling my
dick, she told me your little boy is troubling me. I asked: Tell me
madam, what I have to do with him? My daughter in law replied: He
should be imprisoned. Push him in the appropriate cell. That scoundrel
should not come out of that room. I will give him severe punishment so
that he vomits again and again inside the prison room.
Saying that my daughter in law, still in my waist, caught hold of my
tool and inserted it into her pussy and started french-kissing me
again. Once went inside, my dick has bulged and was dashing against
her clit. Feeling this, my daughter in law told: Your boy has not
stopped pranking even after putting into jail. I asked: What he is
doing now madam? She said: He is fighting with my clit. I asked: What
you are going to do my madam? Now I have surrendered him and lodged
with you. You give him a suitable punishment. She replied: I am going
to give him severe punishment. I am going to beat him inside the cell.
And she started moving her hips front and forth. Yes. She is fucking
me in standing position she being on my hip. Aaahh. This is the day I
was expecting to happen in my life.

My daughter in law in my hip started fucking me still vigorously while
kissing me also. She has taken not her lips away from me. Her hands
are cuddling my neck around and she was sitting on my palms. She
hugged my waist tightly with her sexy legs. She mourned hmmhmmhmm. I
knew she fully lost control and in her full mood to fuck me to the
core. I asked Madam, shall we go to bed? There we can give him more
severe punishment. For saying this I slightly lifted my lips away but
she unable to bear the distance between our lips immediately pulled my
lips and almost pasted with her lips and said: yeshhh hmmmmm without
taking her lips. I carried my daughter in law to the bed. I laid her
on the mattress. Before I prepare myself to lay on her, she forcibly
pulled me over her and lip locked again. Her hand searched my dick and
inserted into her pussy, crossed her legs over me and said: You son of
a cunt, fuck me fuck me. Tear my pussy. Or I will bend your rod. She
cuddled me tightly over her.
I started kicking my daughter in law up and down with my rod. But she
is not satisfied with my speed said: You lazy dog. Are you dressing my
cunt? You useless donkey. You did like this with your wife also? If it
is so, your wife would have turned a bitch already. Don’t make me
also a bitch. Dig my hole. Then I started fucking her vehemently. I
thought for all the dirty words she used against me I should take
revenge in fucking her like anything. I suddenly increased speed and
vigour. Now she started crying. Oh no no. Stop stop I said I will not
stop and fucked more vigorously. She again cried: oh it is paining.
Stop stop no no you bastard stop. I said: This is the way a slave will
fuck his lady boss my dear madam. She again cried to stop. She cried
loudly. Tears came from her eyes. I then started licking her tears
which soothed her to some extent. For more than 30 minutes I fucked
her this way. Then we both exploded. I continue lay on my daughter in
law. She also never took her hands and legs cuddling me. We were in
the same position for more than 15 minutes speechless. Due to hard
fucking, we both sweat even in ac room. I slowly started licking her
sweating neck and cleaned it. Since she was also in full mood, she too
cleaned my sweating body with her tongue and also with her hands. Then
I raised her armpits one by one and licked the sweat there. She licked
mine. Totally our tongues got wet with each other’s sweat. Yet we
both enjoyed tasting it. She then placed her hands on my cheek and
stirred at me for few minutes. Slowly her lips started curving and she
smiled at me. Her smile contained satisfaction as well as some
cunningness too. I also stirred and smiled at her. Suddenly her eyes
turned sharp and penetrated me. I understood she is getting ready for
another round. As her eyes spitting out lust upon me, her lips stopped
smiling. All of a sudden she pulled my head towards her and pressed my
lips against hers in such a way that my lips hereafter will either
stick on to her lips or glued to my gum. Her hands and legs made me
imprisoned inside her body and I was unable to move a bit. I was
totally arrested by her arms and legs. She kissed me for more than 10
minutes and on those minutes I completely forgot me and the world
except my daughter in law. After a long and deep kiss, she released my
lips from hers and continue smiling.

Then I broke the silence: How is it madam? My daughter in law said:
You freaky fucker. You two legged donkey. You made me to tears? I
asked: Is it paining madam? Shall I soothe it with my tongue madam?
She said: Oh. You slave dog torn apart my cunt and now coming for
soothing it? My cunt will not get soothed by your tongue. I asked
again: Then what to do madam? Order me. I am at your service madam.
She replied: You need not do anything hereafter. Enough is enough. You
my slave, you piggy bastard, you try to dominate your madam? No I
can’t allow you dominate me in any way. I said: Sorry madam. I just
want to try to please you, satisfy you and while trying to do the job
of fucking you as instructed by you I got excitement due to my lust
all these days on you. She asked; oh you showed your lust on me? You
are a slave after all. If a slave’s lust is this much, I will show
you how much lust your madam will have. Now I will show my lust on
you. A slave must be slave always. I will show that I am your madam in
fucking also. I will dominate you in bed. I will take revenge on you
now. Saying that, she ordered me: You slavery dog, come under me. I
laid on bed on my back. My daughter in law actually jumped and fell on
me. Keeping that force, she pressed me hard with her body and said: I
will start from your mouth you slave. She opened my mouth with her
hand and took my tongue out by holding it between her fingers. She
then stretched out her tongue and licked my tongue for some time. Then
she held my tongue with her fingers at bottom and placed it between
her lips. Her lips moved from bottom of my tongue to its edge
repeatedly as if she gave blow job to my tongue. While doing it, she
pressed hard my tongue with her lips. In the name taking revenge, she
actually gave pleasure to me. Even her bad words with which she is
abusing me gave me much more excitement and induced me to the core
than any cooing language generally lovers and fuckers are using.
After eating my tongue, my daughter in law moved on to my face. She
said: It is this face which emitted lust on my body? I will take out
all the lust from this face with my tongue. You rascal, give me your
face. I will clean the lust from it. I moved my face towards hers.
With her left hand she held my face just below her neck. Actually with
her left arm she raised her boobs and placed my head on them. Oh what
a sexy pillow my daughter in law gave me. Is this her revenge? Yes. I
need more of such revenge. She then moved her fingers along my face
lightly and I said that is nice madam. For that my daughter in law
said: You stupid slave. I am not here for cooing you. I am examining
which are to attack first. I said: All area of my body I have given to
you. It is all yours now. She then told: You need not give. I have
forcibly taken you as my slave. Every part of your body should be
under my control only. Understood you lusty scoundrel? I replied: Yes
madam yes madam. She went on saying: Hmmm be careful you idiot mama.
Then she pinched my cheek and squeezed it. Though it gave me little
pain, I enjoyed it. After all, my daughter in law’s hand is touching
my body. With that excitement, I can withstand any pain. She asked: Is
it not paining? I said: It is a pleasant pain madam you are giving. I
am enjoying it. It is giving excitement madam. She said: Oh. If that
is so, I am going to bite you and with her teeth she pulled my cheek
and asked: Now tell me. Is not it more paining now? I said: But madam,
more pain means more excitement. Actually I am being heated up now.
Those pains make me horny. She said: Oh. Still enjoying? It’s all
due the lust in your face. I will take it out now. She then spread out
her tongue and licked first my forehead along with eyebrows. Oh. Nice
it is. And she asked me to close my eyes. I did. With the tip of her
tongue she lightly licked my eyelids and between eyebrow and eyelid.
Sshhaa. What a sexual arousal my daughter in law is giving. Has she
mastered Vatsayana’s Kamasutra? I suppose so. Hereafter she is not
only my madam but my sex guru also. Yes I have to learn a lot from her
about sex. Then she moved her tongue to midpoint in between my
eyebrows and licked there. After that she slowly lowered her tongue to
my nose and licked vigorously like a cow sucking its bull. She is
still above me pressing her body against me due to which my dick
raised again. Then she moved her tongue to upper part of my cheek just
below my eyes. She sucked there with her tongue for few minutes. Then
she kept on kissing in both the places repeatedly. I told: Madam, your
punishment is excellent and so sweet. Your slave likes such a type of
punishments often.