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Father’s second wife

I am Nithin, when I was 20 unfortunately my mother expired, after that my father married a girl who is just 4 to 5 years elder to me, I have not accepted my fathers second marriage and was anger with my aunt (second wife of my father ), then my father convinced saying me that he married her not to enjoy but to look after our family, later on she started speaking with me and she was taking good care of me.

I came to know she was educated and due to poor condition of their family she accepted marriage with my father though she is more than 25 years younger to him. And her father knew businesses and assets and complete wealth condition of our family so with out any hesitation he made an arrangements of marriage.

Then I went away from family to continue my further studies, my father is very affectionate to me because I am only son to him, and used to come three to four times a week to see me. After my education I came back to my home, and my father did not agreed me to send to a job, because we have plenty of businesses and assets, he told me to enjoy my self for an other 10 years, so I was happily spending the time with my friends having full fun. But ultimate joy of life came by means of my aunt.

One day I was oil massaged by our male servant and I asked him to wait for an hour to rub down my body while taking bath, after an hour I shouted for him but my aunt replied me that she sent him somewhere it’ll take other 3 hours to come, I shouted again how to take bath without him because entire my body was coated with oil and I need somebody’s help to remove. Then she told me to not worry that she is coming to help me, she came and I sat on the small bench in bathroom while she was washing my head with shampoo after cleaning my head she came to my body with the help of soap she was removing oil on my body then she slowly caressed my hairy chest I felt nice pleasure she rubbed all over my stomach and belly region I became completely horny to her strokes then she gone to my back side rubbing and caressing she slowly inserted her hands into my knickers and squeezed my butts it made me to moan slowly she asked me stand on then I stood up I could see the bulge on my underwear she too noticed that then she applied soap on my hands and legs rubbing them then deliberately she touched my hard dick over my underwear I moaned, hearing my moans she removed my underwear I was astonished and saw her, she smiled and took my 7” cock in her hand already my penises head came outside from the foreskin she then applied the soap and washed it, she asked me to come outside.

I followed her instructions she asked me to sit on the chair and came close to me and took my rock hard cock in her mouth and started sucking it while rubbing my balls she continued it for more than 10 minutes now I came close to climax I told her that I came close cum she asked me to cum inside her mouth so that she could taste the semen I exploded in her mouth she sucked every bit of my semen making my cock dry, then she told me to wait here and will come again, leaving 10 minutes came inside with a juice we both had it then she started caressing me talking some erotic words my dick again erected, now she asked me remove her gown I removed her gown nothing is their inside expect her panty I placed my hands on her breasts squeezing and sucking them I did it for 10 minutes she was moaning with high pinch of voice then I gone down to her vagina