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Fatima enjoys a great romp session with her husband’s boss in the mean time also helping her husband with his promotion

Finally I got promotion
Thanks to my lovely wife
She will explain the story to you now:

” “Fatima? I am home”, my husband shouted. It was probably 4:30 in the
evening and I was in my shower, relaxing, letting the water flow over my
body. He knocked on the bathroom door. “Ya, one second, I will be out.”
I replied. I shut off the shower and wiped my body and wrapped the towel
around my body and walked out. “Wow, you look like a godess” said my
hubby. I smiled and walked into my room and he walked behind me, all
smitten. I couldnt help but laugh. He held me around my waist and looked
at me. “I have the most beautiful wife in the world” he whispered into
my ears. “Ahrite, so what do you want? Its not always that you are so
love lorn!” I said, smiling and looking into his eyes. He gently
squeezed my left breast and kissed me on my lips and then let the towel
fall down on the floor. “Its…just, you are…” he spoke in between his
kisses ” the most beautiful thing in the world” “Ok, now really, what is
it?” He laughed.. “Going to get a promotion baby.. big time, increased
salary and a new house, completely furnished” He said and started
nibbling on my nipples.. “Really?? Oh thats wonderful” I said, all
excited.. “Wow.. thats really great, oh baby” I said and hugged him. We
both laughed.. “Ok, but I need a little help from ya, my boss is coming
home for dinner..” I raised an eyebrow “Well.. you know, I had to invite
him, kinda please him.. you know.. its important to me baby, I have
worked so hard for it and I got to do this right?” He was now pleading..
“Well, what time did you invite him?” “7:30”

“Not much time to cook something special.. lets order something from
outside. Will that be fine?” I asked.. “Oh, that will do just fine.. but
its not just that” He said, with a little guilty look on his face. I
could sense something was wrong.. “what else??” I asked “You see, he is
a loner, not married, no kids, no relatives, lives alone and also
happens to be a big time flirt” He paused, trying to figure out my
reaction.. “yesss… go on” I said.. “Ok.. see, he just cant resist
pretty women.. not that he wants to have sex or anything.. if only.. you
know, just for the evening, you could dress up.. you know a little
revealing..” “Oh come on Aakash, you want to waltz in front of some man, I
dont even know, in a skimpy dress? Just so that you can get a promotion?
I mean, wont he promote you if I dont do this?” I said, not shocked, but
little taken aback. “Ofcourse he will.. well its like.. you know he has
other guys also in mind and they all will try to score on him.. and I am
sure the promotion will be mine, if he likes you.. you know, likes us?”

I sat on the bed, unsure.. what will it be like? He sat down next to me
and put his arms around my neck and kissed me.. “Please baby.. for us?
for me?? Just this once?” He pleaded. “Ahrite.. What do you want me to
wear?” I said, giving up. “Oh you are such a sweetheart. Wear that black
Dinner dress” “That one? No.. that one would look too short and the neck
is too low” “Oh you have worn it before and we have gone out in it. You
have a great figure, it look amazing on you.. say yes.. say yes”
“hmmmm… ok” I said and smiled at him… ” But right now, what will you
give me to make me do it?” I asked a naughtiness in my tone and I moved
my hands over his dick. He laughed.. “How about that in the evening??
Double payment? With interest?? hmmm??” He said.

Aakash ordered food from a restaurant and it arrived well in time. He wore
is usual white shirt and black pants and I wore the lovely black dress
he had gifted me on our anniversary last year. The dress was very short
and was probably about 5 inches below my waist and the neckline just
plunged revealing a quarter of my breasts and was a sleeveless one. I
walked into the living room and saw Aakash giving the final touches to the
living room. At about 7:30 the door bell rang..

“I will get it honey” said Aakash and rushed to the door. Mr Dhariwal was
about 6′ 3″ tall and a very handsome man. He had a very athletic body
and wore a very beautiful suit. He had the charm that could really melt
a thousand hearts at once. There was no doubt that he was very important
among the ladies. Really, I could see why no women could ever be his
wife, no one could really win over him and he probably didnt want to be
with one woman. He smiled and walked in and Aakash introduced me to him,
he shook my hands briefly and placed a kiss on my cheeks. My legs gave
way, he smelled like freshness redifined and as his cheeks brushed mine,
I could feel the smoothness.. I was lost for words, that was his charm.
“How do you do Ms. Agrawal” He said in a very rich voice. “Fine Thank
you Mr. Dhariwal, how do you do?” “Very fine indeed and it would would
be Raj Ms. Agrawal” He said with a smile. “Ofcourse Raj and it would be
Fatima, very pleased to meet you” I said and he laughed. My heart was
racing and I just wanted to be in his arms right that moment. I blinked
a few times, felt a little stupid and then just took my eyes away from
him. “You look marvellous.” He said, looking at me from top to bottom, I
blushed, I looked at Aakash and he was smiling, probably enjoying what was
going on. “Uh.. well, thank you” I finished and rushed to the kitchen.

After a few drinks, we had dinner and all that while, I could see his
eyes taking in my body. His eyes were every now and then fixed at my
cleavage and he never missed an opportunity to comment on my looks. My
34 size would have become 36 just by his stares. I wasnt uncomfortable,
but in a mixed feeling. I was thinking of Aakash and what would be going
on his mind. I was thinking about Raj and my feelings towards him. Was I
wrong? I shouldnt be thinking like this. After dinner Aakash sat on the
small sofa and Raj sat on the big one. I had no choice but to sit next
to Raj. “You have beautiful legs” Said Raj, I blushed again. My
heartbeat increased. We talked about everything under the sun, from
sports to current affairs, from family to partying and then ofcourse,
work and Raj was telling me how important Aakash is to the company and how
he will do a good job in his new role. Later Raj and Aakash stepped out
for a smoke and I went inside to clean the table. A few minutes later
Aakash walked in followed by Raj and walked straight to me.

“Listen honey.. uh.. I got to go. Its urgent. I got a call from office..
ummm.. some trouble, I will be late..” Said Aakash. I was puzzled. He has
done this before, but I wondered if Raj was staying or if he was
leaving. “Is he leaving too?” I whispered. “No no.. he will be here for
sometime..” “You are gonne leave me alone with him? I dont think that is
a good idea” I said, in a whispered tone. “Oh come on, its ok, he wont
eat you up and this is really important..” He kissed my cheeks and
turned, stopped and then said.. “Listen honey, not matter what, you are
always mine and I love you, I really really do and … dont hesitate to
do anything that is.. you know… required.. I… really dont mind” he
said with a meek smile and I just stared at him.. trying to figure out
what on earth was he talking about? He kissed me again, picked up his
keys and left.

“Here, let me help you” Said Raj and walked over to the table and
started taking away some of the dishes. “Where did he go?” I asked.
“Office work. He is a senior Manager, there are stuff he got to do, he
has to be there when something goes wrong” said Raj. I was in the
kitchen and was putting the dishes in the dish washer. Raj was standing
behind me. “You have maintained yourself very well. Had I met someone
like you, I would have probably been married by now.” I said nothing,
but I knew what he was talking about. Probably said this to a 100 girls.
“Uh shall we sit in the living room?” I asked. “Sure” We walked over and
sat on the Sofa. “Did you pick that dress?” He asked. “No, it was Aakash.
He gifted it to me for our anniversary” “Ah, I see.. he sure has a good
eye for beauty. You look very sexy in that dress.. ” He said, looking at
me from top to bottom once again. “Are you uncomfortable being with me?”
He asked. “Oh, ofcourse not, what gave you that idea?” I said, flushed..
perhaps the look of uncertainity was evident. “Some music perhaps?” He
asked, I noded and put the music on. “Ah, just the music. Would you
dance with me please?” Said Raj. The music was slow, violin by Bach and
I love that music. Aakash and me dance often

“Uh… I .. well, I am not sure” I stammered, but Raj had got up and had
walked over to me, with his hand out. I hesitantly took it. “one second”
he said and switched off some of the lights and just kept a couple of
table lamps on and walked over to me. He took my hands and put it over
his shoulder and put his hands on my waist. I was losing it. He still
smelled so good. We danced, slowly and then I put my head on his chest.
I wanted to smell him more and his chest just felt like the strongest I
have ever known. I suddenly felt so secure and so helpless at the same
time. “You are very pretty Fatima” He whispered into my ears. I said
nothing.. “very pretty, very attractive” he whispered. I just knew I
wanted to hear more. He slowly slid his hands down to my back and
started squeezing them. I turned and looked at him, unsure, helpless..
he rubbed his lips on my forehead and I closed my eyes, he rubbed his
lips on my cheeks, I pressed myself closer, he lifted my chin.. “Can I
kiss you?” He whispered.. “Yes” I replied.

He brushed his lips to mine and forced his tongue between my lips, I
opened my mouth, he pushed his tongue inside and tangled it with my
tongue, his lips closed over my mouth and pressed it and then gently
sucked it. I have never been kissed like that before and he tasted a bit
of cigarette and bit of mint. I responded. I moved my hands through his
hair, feeling it and pressing his head to mine. His hands were still
exploring my back and then slowly we stopped. It felt so good, his dick
was rock hard and pressed to my thighs. I moved away from his arms and
turned and stood away from him. He walked close to me and put his arms
around my waist and kissed my neck, then my shoulder. I shuddered,
gasped with closed eyes, feeling his lips suck gently on my skin. Felt
his warm breath on my neck. He moved his hands pushed my breasts up and
held them ever so gently in his hands. I put my hand behind me and held
his dick and gave it a squeeze. He moved his hands through my neck line
and I felt his hands on my bare breasts. It was warm. His fingers were
playing with my nipples. I turned and hugged him. He hugged me back. He
moved away from me, I looked at him, I wanted more, I did not want him
to stop. He stood there, with a smile on his face. I felt shy, I was
blushing, I had my hands clasped together and then he just motioned with
his finger to remove my dress. I slid the straps from my sholder and let
the dress fall down. He said down on the chair. “Remove that too” He
said, pointing a finger at my panty. I slid it down and I stood naked in
front of him. The music was still playing. “Come here” he commanded and
I obliged and went close to him.. He took my hand and placed it over his
dick. I got on to my knees and unzipped his pants and took his dick out.

It was massive, thick and long. He rubbed my back and said “Come on,
give it to me” I smiled and then still looking at him, I took my tongue
and tasted the head of his dick. The licked it from top to bottom and
then opened my mouth wide. I pushed my mouth over his dick and started
moving it up and down. Raj put his hands behind his head and sat
comfortably. I licked and I sucked and he didnt even move. I felt the
urge to please him more, felt as if he just doesnt see me exist. just
then he stopped me and stood up and removed his shirt. I helped him, he
unbuttoned his pants and removed it and removed his underwear and socks.
He pulled me towards him with a jerk and started kissing me and pressed
my breasts. He pushed me on to the sofa and started kissing my neck and
cheeks. I was moaning. He moved his hands down to my vagina and rubbed
it and then slowly pushed his two fingers inside. I gave a shudder of
pleasure, I wanted it, I wanted him, he was now licking my nipples with
the tip of his tongue. “You have beautiful breasts and you are tight
little whore” He said and I laughed in between my moanings, my eyes
closed, hands rubbing his hair, he opened his mouth and started sucking
my left breast and continued pushing his fingers in and out. He rubbed
his lips in between my breats and moved down, gently.. I was writhing in
ecstasy, it had never felt this good. He spread my legs apart and rubbed
his lips between my legs. “You are wet and ready” He said and licked my
cunt, I moaned, “aaaahh”, the only words that came through my lips, in
whispered tone.

He got up and went to his dress and took out a pack of condoms and
removed one from it. He came over to me and placed the condom on his
tip. “Put it in place for me” He said, I moved my hands

“Ever been fucked in your arse?” He asked.. “No..” I replied, my eyes
closed. “Then enjoy this” with that he turned my on my back and slowly
inserted his dick into my arsehole. There was an initial pain and then
it was a very different sensation. “Rub your cunt, you will enjoy this”
He said and I did. I was rubbing my cunt and enjoying the pleasure. It
was my first time. He rolled me over after some time and pushed again
and then slowly and steadily the rythm was growing faster and faster, I
was cumming. At the last moment I screamed in joy “Ahhh.. I am.. I
am … cumming…” He pulled his dick out and removed the condom and
started shaking it, I came at that moment and I felt his sperm splash on
my body and my face. He brought his dick to my lips and forced it in and
I lapped up the cum. He fell on me and we both lay there panting and out
of breath. That was after a long time that I had an orgasm during sex
and it felt so wonderful. “Did you like it honey?” He whispered. “Ya.. I
loved it” I replied.

We lay there, naked, his limp dick now trying to grow stronger in
between my hands, my head resting on his arms and his hand slowly
carassing my breast. He looked at me and we kissed. “No, with your
mouth” He said. “I.. I dont know how” I said.. “Seems like I got to
teach you a few things..” and made me put on the condom for him with my
mouth, rolling the condom slowly over his dick. I had to use my hands in
the end to make it through the length. He picked me up in his arms and
walked towards the bedroom and put me on the bed. He spread my legs wide
and pushed his dick in and started moving in and out and at the same
time kissing me wildly, passionately. My bare breasts pressing on to his
chest. I was breathing heavily and moaning loud. his hands were
squeezing my breasts in between our body. He rolled over and I sat on
him and guided his dick back and I moved slowly, feeling the length go
in, rubbing internally and enjoying the sensation. He was playing with
my breasts, rolling it in between his palms, squeezing it, pinching my
nipples. He got up and sat in a sitting position, still fucking me and
started sucking my breasts and pulling it with his lips.
“ummm..uhhhh…oh Raj” I said.

Just then the door opened and Aakash walked in. A chill ran down my spine
and I sat bolt upright and covered my breasts with my hands in a relfex
action. Raj sat up and put his arms around my waist. Aakash smiled. “Is
the job mine then boss?” He asked. “All yours man.. all yours” said Raj.
I had a surprised look on my face.. was this all staged? “Did you enjoy
the fuck sweetheart?” Aakash asked and walked over to me. I got up and
stood.. “Aakash.. I .. I am..” “Oh dont be sorry. I knew you wanted him
and I just let you have him.. its ok sweetheart.. as I said, I just love
you.. simply love you..” “So.. you didnt really have to go?” “Hell no..
I just wanted you to be on your own, knew you would hesitate if I was
there..” He laughed, Raj laughed and I .. seeing the joke, laughed..
Aakash pushed me on the bed, jumped on me and sucked my breasts. Raj lay
next to me and sucked my other breast.. “Its not over as yet baby” said
Aakash and kissed me..and we fucked, the best fuck of my life!

She enjoyed the best fuck

I got promotion too

Thanks to my wife……