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Female teacher and her lesbian student lover

I had been called into college at the weekend by one of my teachers. There was something she needed to talk to me about.

Had to say I was a little worried, surely to be called in at the weekend meant it was big, didn’t it?

Anyways I was in town already so I headed over to campus. I was wearing a nice summer outift thanks to the blazing sunshine. It consisted of a short skirt, tight low cut top, white cotton socks and my trainers. Totally not an outift I would normally have on in college. I usually work jeans or trousers with more sensible tops.

So feeling a little on edge I headed to the office of the teacher I needed to see, Mrs Clements. My knock on the door was quickly answered with permission to enter. Once inside Mrs Clements pointed to the chair in front of her desk, without looking up from the paper she was marking.

Once I was seated and was busy looking around the office, having never been there before, she looked up.

“Ah Ashley, glad you could make it on a Saturday and sorry for the short notice, but this couldn’t wait for Monday.”

Oh god, what was it that couldn’t wait 2 days, I thought.

“No problem, I was in town anyway.” I answered, with butterflies in my stomach.

She must have sensed my nevers as she got up from behind her desk, pulled over a chair to beside me and said, “Nothing to worry about, I need to submit the forms for the class excursion first thing Monday morning and I noticed you hadn’t signed one of the slips.”

As my nerves vanished in a flash I couldn’t help notice that Mrs Clements couldn’t take her eyes from my low cut top revealing a good amount of my cleavage.

Now before I go on I need to point out that Mrs Clements was only 25, had been married a year and this was her first year teaching at the college. She had short dark hair, a nice figure and a lovely voice that I could listen to all day.

So realising she liked my breasts I leaned forward a little to grant a better view, but without being obvious as I replied, “Oh great, is that all, you had me really worried for a moment.”

With a slight delay, she was really liking what she was looking at now, she reached over for the form on her desk glancing down at my legs.

“Here you go, just sign here.”

“I need a pen. oh wait there’s one on your desk.” I said as I quickly stood and bent over to reach for the pen on the opposite side of the desk. As I did I glanced sideways at the mirror on the wall knowing that bending in this skirt slides it up at the back until my panties are almost on show.

Mrs Clements was loving the view, she was looking at my legs with a lustful hunger clear in her eyes.

Staying bent over I signed the form and replaced the pen, bending a little further over knowing that this would be more than enough to slide the skirt up to reveal my pale pink thong I was wearing. A glance in the mirror revealed that my teacher had a full view. Her mouth was slightly open and her chest was heaving gently due to her deep breathing.

Well knowing now that she was obviously aroused and wanted me I couldn’t help but get equally aroused. My bra was a matching pale pink and quite thin, letting my pert breasts sit naturally and bounce pleasingly when I walked. This also meant my new hard nipples were clearly visible. Just like Mrs Clements’.

I straightend up and turned round as she stood. Her gaze ran up my figure, lingered on my breasts and the visible nipples and moved up my neck, over my mouth and to my own eyes. While her gaze travelled, so did mine. I looked at her in a new way, having never considered the married teacher as anything other than just that. Her nipples were really hard now and looked like they were quite large.

Our eyes reached each others at the same time and we stood in silence for a few moments. A silent communication passed between us. She wanted me and I was very willing to be had. She hesitated in reaching out, I was her student afterall, she didn’t want to get into trouble.

I whispered, “Whatever happens in here doesn’t leave the office, I swear.”

Her eyes opened a little wider and the corners of her mouth perked up in a little smile, as she leant in and kissed me. Her lips were warm, soft and eager. I returned the kiss with equal passion and slipped my tongue into her mouth. We flicked out tongues against one anothers as I stepped into her arms.

Out breasts pressed together as we embraced, our mouths still locked together, tongues exploring the others mouths.

We broke off after a few minutes, both of us breathing heavily. Her eyes moved to my heaving chest and she licked her lips. In one quick movement I pulled my top off and dropped it on the chair I had been in a few minutes earlier.

Then I slipped my bra straps off my shoulders and popped my babies out of their support. The nipples were full and eager to be touched. I pushed my chest out towards my teacher, eager for her to do whatever she wanted with me.

With a gasp and a moan of hunger she reached out and cupped my breasts in her hands. She gently massaged them and rubbed them, pushing them together and letting them fall down to their natural position. Then she leaned in and licked my left nipple. God it fealt good.

I moaned with pleasure and she licked it again then again. She was tesing me and I was having none of it. I leaned in, pushing my breast into her mouth. She opened as wide as she could and started to suck hungrily. I reached down and rubbed her breasts through her top. They were firm, her nipples really hard and big. Bigger than anything I had sucked on before and I was eager to taste them.

Before long my playing drove Mrs Clements to the need for more. She pulled her top and bra off quickly, revealing her lovely breasts. Smaller than mine, but not by much, I leaned in and did to her what she had done to me. I rubbed and licked and sucked those lovely hard, big, nipples. They were a joy.

As I did this I unbuttoned her trousers and let them fall to the floor. Her panties followed. Her pussy was shaven, soft, hot and very very wet. My fingers slid across her clit with ease. She arched her head back and moaned out loud as I rubbed it again and again.

I needed to taste her so badly by this point, so I said, “Step out of your clothes and sit on the desk.”

She complied eagerly and soon I was kneeling in front of my teacher, who was now wearing nothing at all, with my face buried between her smooth thighs. Her pussy tasted so sweet. I sucked her clit, buried my tongue into her opening and even made her lean back to allow me to lick her anus a couple of times. I then moved back to her clit and started sucking again.

I slid 2 fingers into her pussy and started to finger fuck her. She was loving this, keeping her legs wide open and up in the air, supporting herself on her elbows on the desk.

As the first climaxes start to hit I slid my fingers all the way out and then back in, but thus time one of them I slid into her anus. It was so tight and hot and the act of penetrating set off another climax. Her pussy and ass tightened around my fingers and for one brief moment I almost wished I had a cock to slide into that tight ass to feel these contractions.

Before long her multiple orgasm died down and she was keen to return the favour. I wasn’t about to say no.

Getting off the desk, she said “Bend over my desk. You’ve been a naughty girl and need punished.”

Well never willing to turn down a spanking I agreed and bent over. She lifted my skirt and spanked my buttocks with her hand twice each, then kneeling down behind me she had me spread my legs.

With a gentle caress over each buttock she then leant in and started to lick me. Starting on my clit then moving upwards into my opening then on to my ass she licked and sucked me eagerly, drinking my juices and murmuring about how good it was.

Before long I was coming hard and she was keen to return the fingering also. I fealt her fingers start to explore my clit, moving up into my opening (2 of them sliding in and out easily thanks to my state of arousal) and then 2 from her other hand sliding into my tight anus.

No stranger to anal stimulation I stil gasped as 2 fingers slid in with nothing more than some of her saliva as lube. She then proceeded to finger fuck me with enthusiasm and unsuprisingly it didn’t take me long to explode with pleasure, again and again and again.

After what felt like hours of climaxing she slid her fingers out and sat back. I spent a couple of minutes recovering, as she let her gaze linger on my soaking pussy and tight ass. I stood up and turned. She was rubbing her nipples slightly and smiling at me.

“We need to do this again sometime.” I said, “At yours, at mine, in here, a motel, in the country. anywhere. that was amazing.”

“Agreed. I thought my desires for pretty young woman were gone when I married my husband but I see now they were gone but not forgotten.” she answered.

Standing up she leant in, her naked breasts rubbing against mine as she whispered “What are you doing tomorrow?”

“Fucking you I hope.”

“My husband is out of town this weekend. I’ll give you my address and you can come round?”

“Of course. I’ll be there all day. I’ll bring my toys.”

“Great!” she replied as she started to get dressed. I dressed also, leaving my thong off. The breeze outside would feel good on my wet pussy and abused anus.

Taking her address I kissed her goodbye and headed back into town.

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come, and me with it.

After the sex session in Mrs Clements office the previous day, I couldn’t wait to get round to her house for some more of her firm body.

As I arrived at her house I couldn’t help be impressed. It was big and looked very expensive. Clearly Mrs Clements Husband was well paid.

I rang the door bell and glanced down to make sure I looked good. I was wearing a tight pair of cycling shorts and a tight low cut top with a pink thong and bra set underneath.

The door opened and Mrs Clements was standing there in a sexy see-through chemise with nothing underneath.

My state of arousal instantly increased by a factor of 10 and I felt breathless. She looked amazing standing there and the fact she wasn’t hiding her state of undress from anybody that might be in the street was a real turn on.

She gestured me into the house.

“Glad you could make it. I got a little impatient and started to play with myself, so I’m nice and wet.”

“That’s not a problem.” I replied, “gets us to the desired state of affairs all the quicker.”

She took my hand and led me through the house to the backyard, where a hot tub was bubbling away.

“Get in.” She ordered.

I quickly pulled off my top and shorts, while Mrs Clements watched. My bra joined them on the floor and as I pulled off my thong, she held her hand out for it.

Taking it from me she lifted it to her nose and breathed in deeply.

“Your pussy smells great, good enough to eat even.”

With a little giggle she gestured me to the tub and spanked my bare buttocks slightly. I quickly hopped into the water, relaxing into the hot bubbles.

Mrs Clements slipped out of her chemise and climbed in after me, quickly positioning herself over me, straddling my lap, her breasts in my face.

I reached round and grabbed her ass, a buttock in each hand, and squeezed. As I did this I rubbed my face on her breasts and started to suck her nipples.

She moaned in pleasure, positioning herself so that her pussy was on the surface of the water, enjoying the bubbles bursting over it.

As I sucked hard, occasionaly stopping to flick my tongue over the hard pink buds, I slid my right hand round, into the crack of her ass and slid down to her anus.

Dipping a finger into the water I then slid it into her tight, hot, anus up to the first knuckle. She gasped and tilted her head back.

“Oh you naughty bitch! I’m going to have to punish you later, but for now, dont you dare stop!”

I started to finger fuck her anus, while my left hand slid round the front to her pussy and started to rub her clit. It didn’t take long for my lovely teacher to start to orgasm.

Away from her office and the risk of discovery, she happily let all her moans and gasps of pleasure out.

After the 3rd orgasm she pulled away from me, pushing my hands off her body.

“Your turn.” she whispered as she repositioned me onto the edge of the tub, my buttocks resting on the cold tiles, my feet on the seat in the tub.

She kneeled in the tub in front of me, and buried her face between my thighs. I couldn’t help gasp as I felt her tongue slip into my pussy, bypassing my clit and straight into my hole.

I’ve heard some girls don’t like their holes being licked and just want clit stimulation. I’m certainly not one of them. The only thing I like better than being tongue fucked is being tongue fucked while my ass is finger fucked.

Before long Mrs Clements was doing just that and I came quickly, again and again.

Pulling away from me again she gestured for me to turn round. Now I was kneeling on the tub’s seat, my breasts squashed against the cold tiles.

She spanked me hard, once, twice, three times.

“That’s for being naughty and fingering my ass!” She exclaimed, before leaning in and licking my own anus, “And that’s so you do it again.”

Giggling she reached into the towel locker and pulled out a foot long double dildo.

“Haven’t used this since college. good thing I kept it.”

“That looks fun.” I added, “Never used one before.”

With a sparkle in her eye, Mrs Clements positioned herself sitting on the tiles. “I’m sure you know how to trib, well get over here and assume the position.”

As I slid over, moving my legs to allow our pussies to be pressed together, she slid one end of the dildo into her wet cunt. The other she slid into mine as I got closer.

As our pussy lips met I gave a little groan. Not only would our lips and clits be mashed together producing some lovely feelings, we were both enjoying 6 inches of rubber inside us.

Leaning in I started to kiss her and play with a breasts as we started to grind together. It felt great. I could feel the pleasure building and knew the orgasm would be big.

Whispering through the kiss, she said “Let it all out, don’t hold back, scream if you want to.”

Well as the pleasure built I ended the kiss and tilted my head back. Our pussies were soaking and slipping and sliding together easily, it was amazing. The 6 inches of dildo inside me were stimulating my insides and Mrs Clements clean shaven pussy was doing my outsides.

I loved it and didn’t want it to end.

I came hard, too many times to keep track of and happily screamed out my pleasure for all to hear.

Mrs Clements came hard also, I was barely aware of it but I could feel her buck against me. She didn’t hold back either and our screams and cries of ecstasy filled the yard and no doubt drew the attention of the neighbours.

Falling back I lay on the tiles exhausted.

“Don’t go giving up on me now!” she said, “I’m not done with you yet.”

I looked up at her as she stood, “What now?”

“Upstairs, the rest of the toys are waiting.”