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First lesbian sight of Preeja and Shreeja

Dear friends. Lot of people have fantastic sex experiance. But few are having the luck to see a lesbian action. Many people are explaining it from their imagination and sights. I am one gifted to see a perfect lesbian action for few days at the age of 12. The opportunity I got because of ny age. Ours is a big family and only on few occassions every body will assemble.

Normally it will be in the midsummer vacation and at that time it will be a real thrill in house. Always there will be full noice and men and women will be moving around. Lot of things used to happen and being I boy I was not clear about such things.Some of my elder brothers used to give some tips and I was unable to use it fully.


But I got enough opprtunity to mingle with elder ladies and hear some talks.The most attracted out of them were Preeja and Shreeja. Both of them studying in college and one is my aunt’s daughter and other my mom’s sister’s daughter. They were very thick friends and always moved together. They will be always tit catting and I didn’t understand their language.

Both liked me and used to give plesentries. So I too liked to be in their company. In that particular vacation both of them remained in my house even after all others left. their results were yet to come and they had to search new admission. My school started after vacation and I started going to class regularly.

Evening they used to ask me the topics I studied and kidded me for my answers. I felt ashamed but liked their presence. They used to sleep in the upstairs and I slept in a small room on the downstairs.One day unexpectedly a relative couple arrived and wanted to stay overnight. My mother asked the girls to spare the room for them for a day and they readily agreed.

That night they were adjusted in my room which is small. they agreed ti lie down and I was asked to occupy the coat as usual. My room had no attached toilet and I have to go out of the room for any need. My dad and mom were sleeping inthe main room. The guesta were talking for hours and the two sisters also engaged in the talk. By around 9pm I went to sleep and slept quickly.

At what time the girls came inside I don’t know. Some time in the night I heard some sound and woke up from sleep. The two were lieing together in the bed on the floor and they were talking in mild tone. Through the window glass panes light was coming inside and I was able to se them clearly. They had embraised and one was keeping her leg over the other.

Her pelvis was rubbing against other’s thigh. They were telling some thing and laughing. They were commenting about the couple and laughing. That lady was a well built one and had enough booty and boob. She had dressed well and many parts were seen out. her cleavage was very prominent through the wide neck blouse. on the back it was still horrible.

The width of the blouse wasjust sufficient to cover the bra strap. She had tucked her saree so low and the navel and surroundings were very clearly seen. When she walks the booty danced and it was nice to watch. One girl asked other whether it is too much for the age. Other said really. How he is managig her. He is so frill and lean. She will handle him now.

Poor man, what can he do on her. Why are you worried about him. We don’t know how capable he is. Some skeleton fellows are dangerous I heard. Fellows with thin waist will have long dong. Have you seen. l have not seen. But I have heard. You like big or small. My god I can’t accept long. It will pierce my cunt.If you get one like that what you will do. Some how to bear with that.

What they will be doing now. Go and see. Have you seen fucking. Don’t ask such questions. Don’t be so innocent.You are are going to have it soon. I will see then. Let me see now. What these girls are doing and talking I could not digest fully. They were laughing at the guest, then talking about the dick and cunt.

They weredoubting about the action of the couples and they were laughing and hugging. Any way I decided to keep awake and note their actions.One was rubbibg her thigh over other and by that her pelvis also rubbing on thigh. Slowly the hugging got tightening and one was complining about the tight. Both of them were in night gown and it started to move from legs.

Shall we go up and see what she is doing now. Please come. Don’t make a seen. Lie here. They might have locked the door. You can only hear the sound. It will be puck,pluck. It is so wide from the look.l wanted to see what is he doing now. he will be doing this, she kissed her friend on the lip and released with a sound. She said nice once more.

She showed her mouth and other kissed still forcefully. This time the sound was more and other said take care, uncle and aunt will wake up. They will be in full form nothing to worry. they will not know if a bomb is bursted. You mean they still do. Why not. They are strong. What these girls are talking about my father and mother. What doing they are meaning.

I don’t know. One slowly got over the other and started kissing her from top and other from bottom pressed the booty of the top.She slowly started to lift the gown of the top one. Top opened the gown neck buttons of the bottom and inserted her hand inside and pressed others boobs.

She was continuing it on both the boobs and the bottom lifted the gown of the top to the booty. Now I could see the lingerie of her.Now the pressing was directly on the booty. Kissing was going on at times and the sound of release reduced now. Top one now moved from the bottom and removed her gown.Now she is having only one ligerie and bra.

She removed her friend’s gown also and both became ready for a show. their structure, size, colour and other aspects were more or less similar.My heart beat increased and wanted to know what is going to happen.Shreeja asked whether I am asleep. Preeja told he has reached midnight.

I smiled and waited for the next action. Both of them sat on the bed and hugged and they engaged in a serpentine hug. Both were pressing other’s booty,boobs,back,belly and pelvis and murmuring.I staireed at them and wanted see the unseen so far.I have seen boobs of mature ladies many times. But this is not like that.

Both are in figting mood and one removed the bra of other and chewed her nipples one after other. She was pressing her breast more to other’s mouth and asked to take it full in mouth. It happened. She took one full breast in mouth and made a funny nasal sound. Now one was sitting on other’s lap with widely spread. by the time she took other breast in mouth her bra was removed.

Now they have only one ligerie on the waist.I wanted to se that clearly. One was rubbing her belly on other’s pelvis and slowly she stood up in that position and brought her hip near other’s mouth. her ligeie was pulled down and unfortunately she was standing with her booty towards me.

I tried my level best to peep but nothing is seen. She was pressing her pelvis on other’s mouth and her action I could see. other one pressed on her booty with two hands and made the same kissing sound in her mouth. She was kissing in her cunt. She asked to bite on it and put the tongue inside. She roared and pressed her head to her pussy and gave hevy jerks and screamed.

I got puzzled and looked at her. she stood like thad and sheaverd for a while and released her grip.Now she turned and I was very close to her pelvis. I saw her bush and the slit. There was a small projection from the slit and I understood it as the clit after so many years. She spend no time and asked other to lie and kept her legs spread.

The feet was resting on the bed and she sat in between her legs. She lowered her head to her pussy and first licked like a dog. Now I could see from top the clear work on the pussy. My dick developed a dick is small and semen was not formed at that time. I have mastrubated hering friends version but it will give only a jerk and stop.

For a few seconds a different sence will be there. After that slight pain will be there and if shaking is given hard burning sensation will start.Now preeja is down and shreeja is licking her cunt. Preeja is a bit fatter than Shreeja and her bush is thicker than other.I was unable to see the projecting thing. Now with two fingers she spread her lips and I saw a small thing inside.

She pressed others to that she licked it several times. At the time of fast licking the sound was exactly similar to dog drinking water. She just pressed her mouth to it and sucked the part and I saw the small piece in her mouth. She kept it between lips and did some thing. Preeja started moaning.She lifted her hips and gave more access to suck.

Shreeja lifted her booty with two hands and pressed her head and inserted her tongue inside the kitty. Her full tongue disappeared and Preeja requeted to keep it like that. She shook her buts and in quick succesion and settled on bed. Shreeja glide over Preeja and lied on her body in hugged position.

My dick jumped several times and I put my hand inside the brief. I gave shake and with in no time the orgasm developed. I was terribly feeling sleepy and slept. I don’t know how far I slept. Mother was calling from outside as it was already morning. All of us hurriedly woke up and proceeded for the jobs. Mother asked me why you are so late to wake up.

They are free and can take rest. You have to go school. I did’t say any thing. I was going on thinking yesterday’s scene. The two are taking tea as if nothing is happened and I was ashamed to look at them. I have seen every thing and they are pretending like pure, perfect girls. I got ready fast to attend school. The whole day I was unable to concentrate any thing in class.

I felt asleep also in the class and my teacher scolded me. The scenes were coming like a film in me. Some how I finished the class and as soon as reached home slept for some time. I told my mother not to distrube me as I am feeling very sleepy. I woke up from sleep and washed to become fresh. The twins were laundering there.

They may be planning for tonight and I didn’t know what will be the action. My mother invited the guests to stay for one more day. they hesitated first due to some reasons but after mother’s compeltion they agreed to extend the stay for one more day. Twins came to know about this and decided to peep inside their room in the night.

They were chit chatting in mild tones and planned some thing. I knew that from there talk and they never suspected me since they were not knowing my hearing their talk on the previous day. That Seeja is very smart and she went inside the top room and made the latch locked and kept the key in safe custody. So the top room door was not fully closable and she came out.

That night also mother father and guests were talking so many things. At my time I went to sleep. After some time the twins returned to my room and lied on the bed. I was waiting for their arrival and pretented in deep sleep. Shreeja told Preeja about her plan to see the show of the guests. She said she is going up and occcupy the room under the coat and come afterwards.

I will explain the things and we will sleep.She went up like a cat and no sound was heard afterwords. The forum dispersed and every body went to their rooms. I was anxiously waiting for the top girl to come down and hear the news. I looked at Preeja and she was rolling on the bed and pressing on her boobs and thighs. She was restless and often lifted her head and looked at me.

I kept quite and pretented sleep. After some time she lifted her gown and put her hand inside the lingerie. Then I opened my eyes half and closely watched her action. She slowly pulled down the undie and threw to one side. Now I was able to see her private part. She rubbed over it and pulled the pubic hair.

This continued for some time and then inserted one finger in the cunt and moved to and fro. According to the action she was jerking her hip and making some sound. The speed slowly increased and finally pressed the hand fully on the pussy and kept like that. She shook her hip in jerks and made a long mourn and lied like that.

Still the pose was like that only and I was able to see her free booty and thighs. My dick got disturbed and hardened. I was afraid to shake since Preeja is awaken. If she happen to look and see me shaking the dick every thing will break. I kept both hands on my dick over the trusers and lied facing the wall. It was slightly throbbing. I lied like that and it was not settling.

I just turned my head in that position and watched what she was doing. She was about wake up and I kept my earlier position. I could hear the noice of her steps and she walked out of the room slowly and went to the stair case side. After two minutes she arrived and came near my bed and sat on the tip. She closely looked at my face and made sure that I am sleeping.

I could feel her deep breath sound and I was puzzled. Still I kept cool and didn’t move at all.She is my aunt’s daughter and I wondered what is she going to do. She gave a nice kiss on my cheak and again watched me for my reation. As she found no reaction she slowly placed her hand on my thighs and moved the hands inside the trusers. It slowly poked inside and reached the brief.

in all these embarassing situation my dick which was in erected condition had shrunk. Her fingers were searching for it and one finger intered the brief and touched the dick. With one finger she was rubbing on the cock and a few strokes made it to move.I didn’t move at all and waited for the rest. She got confidence and decided to go further since I am fast asleep.

My dick was pulled out of the brief and she started shaking it nicely and smoothly. It slowly came to almost full erection. It is not a matured cock and skin retraction was impossible. She was making attempts to withdraw the skin and it gave me irritation. gave a hit on her hand as in sleep and she stopped it. She was checking the hole at tip for any wetness but semen is not formed fully.

She wanted to know whether I attained an orgasm. She wanted to do some thing before that I presumed. Yes, what I presumed is correct. She made me to lie straight on back and kept her pussy over my face by standing on her knees and brought her face to my dick. She spread well and brought her crack to my face and took my dick in her mouth.

She sucked fully from the balls to the tip and that made me alighted.The softnes of her mouth and warmth and the saliva made the dick to throb and she pressed her slit to my mouth. Unknowlingly my mouth opened and the entire bush and lip was in mouth. She pressed and sucked.She was shevering and mourning and her action speeded up.

I develoed my ususal orgasm while mastrubating and much nicely and she was still continuing her action. It took few more minutes and she gave her final press to allow a sticky fluid to pass my mouth.I was feeling restless and uncomfortable and some how she didn’t prolong that position. She went to bed and lied on her front as if nothing is happened.

Shreeja entered the room after some time and lied near friend.First thing was her kissing on friend’s face and telling in mild tone her sight in the aunt’s room. That slim man is not as we think, he has very good stamina and made her to cry. She is only posing and pretends in front of others.

I winessed today the real thing and they had two shots today. first one was on the bed and I could not see it fully. They were talking in sizziling language and I thought she will press him to death. I just kept quite under the coat and when the rhythm got faster and hardened I just peeped up. They were in full form and never suspected any third person there.

That lady was at bottom and he was standing on his knee between her thighs and the legs were on his shoulder. His pumping was super with full force and speed.Every stroke it was making splashing nioce he pressed her boobs throughly. She was screeming for each stroke and requestiong him to reduce the pressure.

He scolded in foul language and incresed the speed like a piston in engine. She lost control and said her mouth is getting dry and the hands fell on the bed. Luckily he attained orgasm and lied on her. My cunt was bursting with lust but what to do. It was like this she said and stood on her knee and rubbed her cunt to preeja’s cunt by keeping her legs on the shoulder.

The kissing and rubbing was going on in full swing and I saw the action fully from my bed.Shreeja asked preeja to press her but hard and rub the pussies.After few minutes they became one by entangling all parts. I don’t know how long they lied like that. After some time again I heard them talking about the same.Preeja was asking friend how was the second shot.

Shw was in a hurry to hear that since she got hot by the fingering of pussy by friend. The second shot was on the floor in a standing pose. That bulky stuff was a bit reluctent to have it but her husband took her by force. She was telling about tiredness but he wanted to have one more. Shreeja took care very much to hide her from them.

Since the light was dim and her presence is not expected they took it casually. She said they had alredy had some action on bed. She heard some funny sound od sucking, kissing, slapping and all. Then both of them came to floor and the man sat on the chair there and she sat on his lap.Shreeja thought his thigh bone will break but nothing happened.

She was sitting spread and she could see her pussy well. It was very bushy and the slit was not clear. In that position he fingered her and his finger went up and down in the slit.Then the length was understood and with two finger he opened up it several times. His other hand was pressing the boobs and it was as big as coconut.

Its black circle and nipple were not seen very clearly, but it is also good in size. He was kissing on her neck and pils by turning her face. She slowly strted gasping and mildly mourning. At that time he asked her to stand and made her to stand with the hands on the chair. From back he pressed her head closed to the chair seat and placed the legs sufficiently spread.

He sat behind her and inserted two fingers in her cunt and pocked. It started to make slushy sound. Then he stood on his foot and She saw his hardened dick.It is not less than six to seven inches in leghth and dark in colour. He inserted the tip first in the slit and gave a swivelling motion. Then she heard sound as if a stone is put in the slushy soil.

She screemed and he ploughed like a dog.He was holding on her pelvis and for every shot his pelvis hit on her buts. with one hand he slapped on her but and asked to push hard. her movement was slow and finally he made some peculiar sounds and pulled out his dick and sprayed his cum on her but.

Preeja fell on her friend and presssed her cunt in her mouth and started sucking Shreejas cunt. Both were sucking partners cunts. I came to know after words about theis pose as 69. They simply forgot every thing. They even forgot that I am sleeping on the nearby coat. It was terrible action like snakes copulating.

Lot of hissing, sucking, pressing,licking,biting,slappig and scolding happened during the process and finally separated and embased. I had one orgasm by smearing on my dick and slept. Next day the guests left to their place and while bidding farewell the two chicks were smiling in a special style.

Sheeja said in a sarcastic style whether aunty enjoyed the stay there. She nodded her head and again Shreeja asked her to take care of her health. I lost the opportunity of being with them afterwords and satisfied with mastrubation.Preeja at least got the sence of an immature dick and she kept it as top secret.

After growing up and understanding things I feel I lost all chances. I had golden opportunity to enjoy but unfortunately the condition was unfavourable. But I am satisfied as many can’t get this opportunity to see and enjoy the teen lesbian show live.