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first sex experience in ISLAMABAD

Hi, I shan(name changed) am from Pakistan islamabad and would like to share some personal experience. I am little crazy about sex, if I get chance so I can sex on daily basis. I have lot of sex experiences. Let me tell you about myself before further proceedings, I am smart,6 feet height with fair color 26 years old.

Well let start my story. I am an working in a Private firm. From the age of 18 I was very fond of sex, when I started to masturbate. Daily I used fantasize about the hot girls around my house.

Her name is sana(name changed). she met me on internet. I found that sana is showing extra interest towards me. I have taken the advantage of that.

We exchanged our numbers and very soon became very close to each other. Later I started to speak some sexual talks with sana. She was completely unaware of sexual knowledge. She started to ask me lot of questions about sex and I was explaining little bit. But one day she forced me to tell about reproduction, fucking and all. I told her I have to explain it practically, I can’t explain it orally. But she was having too much urged that she told; now tell me please, later well do it practically.

I have explained everything about the masturbation of boys and girls, and fucking and fucking styles everything. I told her to do finger fuck daily, she will get full happiness with that. Earlier she was bit hesitated but later she started. Whole night we were talking in phone about the sex and masturbating each other. One day she told that she want to experience the real cock in her pussy.

She called me at her home when her parents were away till late night. As we entered her bedroom I closed the door and hugged her from behind. She is not ready to do it now, and started to run away from me. I hold her very tight and she was begging me to release her. I started to kiss her on neck. She still continued to escape away from me. But from neck I turned towards her chins and starts biting them.

She was crying in pain and begging to release her. As already my king (Penis) has waked up to maximum level, there is no chance to convince him without penetration. My Penis started hit her buttocks from behind and she was moaning slight now. I started to squeeze her boobs over the shirt itself. She was crying in pain. I slowly opened my pant zip and let my 8 inch rod to feel her buttock. I hoot her hand towards my penis and told her to hold it..

She obeyed like a child and she was simply holding. Again I told to move it to and fro, she started to do it. Now she came to 1st level. Then I have removed her shirt, wow what a site it was really superb. I was looking real only few inches away from me, and started lick her boobs over her black bra. Taken right boobs in my mouth and started to fondle left from the hand. Mean while another hand went towards her belly.

She got shivering for a moment, and became normal. I slowly started to rub my hand over her pant. Went to Pussy region and I can sense some hot air is blowing out. Massive experience guys. I became totally mad and bite one of her nipple, she screamed in pain. Again I started slowly towards the left boob, and started to fondle right one. All this time she was holding my hairs tightly and pressing my face towards her boobs tightly.

Half an hour over likes this and we became so much horny. I told her to remove the bra, and she told me to do it with myself. I have removed her bra, for the first time I was looking in to real sexy boobs in my life. I got very much excitement and hugged her tightly. Her boobs pressed with my chest and I can’t feel direct contact of her boobs. I removed my shirt and again hugged her tightly.

Wow it was the great sense in my life. That time I came to know why all those men will go to prostitutes before marriage itself. Now my shaft started to touch her pant zip. It becomes so much uncomfortable to hang outside. I asked her to take my tool in to her mouth. She refused a bit; I told her nothing will happen please take. Otherwise ill not get any feelings to fuck you.

She slowly taken in to hand and hesitatingly put in her mouth. She was not doing anything. I only started to move in and out. Again I told her to cooperate. She started to move to and fro slowly. Now am fucking her mouth. After some 15 minutes I asked her to open the pant. She refused for that. I forcibly opened the button and started to zip out. But couldn’t able to open. Then again I requested her to open the pant. She opened slowly. Now she is in only her back panty.

Now I have opened all my clothes and became nude in front of her. She closed her eyes by both hands in shy. She was not looking at me. I slowly went towards her and I was touching her by my penis. She was moving by keeping her hands on eyes only and I am fallowing her to touch my tool. Then she fell down on the cot. This is the chance, and I also fell on her. She was begging to go, but am totally covering her.

Again we hugged tightly. I started to lick her boobs again. She holds me tightly to her breasts. I slowly slid my hands in to her panty over the buttocks. I started to press them hard. She was moaning. Slowly I moved my fingers towards her pussy. I sensed some hairs in that portion. Now she started to lip lock. It’s my first lip kiss in my life with a girl. Wow I am feeling like that I am in heaven.

We taste our saliva each other. And she was telling that she is feeling something in her pussy. I asked her what is that like a innocent. She told I don’t know. Then I told her to remove the panty. She told to me only to remove. I slowly open the upper side, wow I got some black forest and a heavenly smell in that. I kissed her belly first. And again I kissed her on her pussy. I slowly started to kiss. Then I removed my tongue to lick it. She was moaning. I started heavily to do that.

I was feeling my tool is alone all the time. I made her to lay on me, and moved up to I can get her pussy in my mouth. I asked her to eat my tool and started to lick her pussy. Guys we were in 69 positions now. As we have done that for so much long time we don’t know exactly the time, I loaded my cum in her mouth, and she also together . We exhausted little bit. Stopped for some time. But in 5 minutes my tool again ready for the shootout. I put a pillow below her belly and opened her legs.

She was telling no. but I went in between her. Slowly rubbed my penis against her pussy. She started slowly moaning again. As she started to dance her hip against me, I came to know that she is ready. Then I slowly put my penis inside. But It was not going at all. I was forcing but she is crying in pain. She is telling to remove and begging please remove it. I became very angry and in one shot I forcibly pushed.

She got up in pain and started screaming. I put my hand on her mouth and told to shut up. She was crying to leave. My penis in half inside only. Waiting for the right time. As she stopped crying somewhat and feeling somewhat relax, again I pushed with full force. Oh god I thought my penis was locked inside. She screamed like anything. I know that I tear her membrane. It’s my first adventure in my life to fuck a virgin girl.

I covered her mouth with my hands as if any one heard outside may become problem. She was crying heavily. I stopped for some time , gave time her to relax. Started slowly moving after some time. She still is in some pain. And crying to stop. I told her nothing will happen just hold , ill do slowly. After some time she started to feel the heat. She was responding heavily. Then I started with full force. I was doing in missionary style as she was moaning loudly.

She holds me tight once and I came to know that she is coming. I can feel her hot cum to my penis. Again she released me I started with full force. After some ten minutes again she cum inside. This time little more I think. After that it started to sound thap thap inside. After twenty minutes of my passionate fucking I came inside her. And she hugged me tightly we slept like that only by hugging.