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First Sexual Encounter

She entered the room, a brief hint of slyness in her smile. We both
knew the reason for it, much to the amusement of our classmates who
were very curious.

As it was our recess and there was no teacher around, we greeted each
other with a light kiss and a quick hug.

This was my girlfriend of one year. The one with whom I had made plans
to hook-up somewhere in the school premises as we had no other choice
as we couldn’t meet up otherwise.

I’d seen her topless through the multiple pictures she kept sending.
We were “in love”, after all.

She was a moderately curvy girl. With just the right amount of flesh
in the right places, enough to make any guy jealous of me for getting
someone like her.

She stood in front of me after our embrace to greet our other friends,
and as she stood there I hugged her tightly from behind. To a regular
person looking at us, it looked like a cute show of affection, but the
two of us knew that it was a way of teasing each other, where I
discreetly pressed my semi-erect dick against her butt, and in return
in return would very teasingly return the favor by doing the same.

We had skipped classes before on multiple occasions to make out but
had never before gone to the next level.

Since it was a half-day, our classes were done and the teachers would
leave and the remainder of the students would leave slowly as their
transportation arrived and so on. We were in luck as we had a
cancelled extra-class which was also cancelled at the last moment much
to our good fortune.

The both of us being the “dirty” people we are, decided to use
this to our advantage. We decided to look out for an empty classroom
and to begin to start another one of our make-out sessions and she
where it went from that.

We were also scared as well, in case we were caught so we decided to
stay away from the floors that we had our classes on and decided to
venture out to the junior classes. Much to our dismay, the classes had
already been locked for the day, before they would be opened again for
the next day.

But, we were not all out of luck as the CCTV cameras that had been
installed were turned off or were under maintenance.

We did not decide to call off our luck as we were too committed to the
plan and we were also very excited.

After around 10 minutes of searching, we decided that the best place
which would be risk-free was the bathroom. As we walked towards the
nearest one, she immediately hopped into the Girl’s Bathroom and
forced me to follow her.

I followed her into the last stall and locked the door behind us.

Just as I had locked the door and turned around, she got wild and
started to kiss me. Even though I was stunned at first, I reciprocated
and we went on at this for around 10-12 minutes. While kissing each
other, our hands went on caressing each other. Neither of us had any
idea what we were doing with our hands, but we enjoyed it.

My hands soon made it’s way over to her supple breasts. Though I was
feeling it over her bra and the uniform T-shirt, I could make out it
was very hard and she was turned out. Soon I slowly went down to her
thighs and made her way to her crotch. Very slowly I got my hand into
her tracks and then into her panties.

She was so wet, my hand was drenched before I even got my hands in. I
kept teasing her by rubbing her slit, relishing the feel of the
slippery swollen lips.

As I did this I could immediately make out that she was getting turned
on by the low moans she was giving out and by the way she was slowly
biting my lip while still continuing to kiss me.

Her moans kept me encouraged that I was doing a good job, and I
decided to put my index finger between those lips, searching for the
source of her wetness. Slowly, I began to insert my finger into her
pussy, feeling the muscles clench at me, hearing her breath kick into
high gear.

“Put another finger in,” she told me. “Do it harder.”

I slid my middle finger in alongside the other finger. I began to push
and pull with more force.

“I love it. I fucking love it” she said, pushing her crotch
against my finger to meet each one of my strokes.

She then reached forward with her right hand and began to squeeze
through my throbbing dick and began to stroke it over the tracks,
driving me into a frenzy of lust.

After a few more minutes of this, I got down onto my knees and in one
swift movement got her tracks to the floor along with her
‘drenched’ panties. The very smell was making me hornier than I
had ever been before. After that I took off her top and she standing
naked in front of me with all removed but her bra.

I then decided to take things one step closer and kissed her wet
pussy, and slowly licked her lips, savoring every drop of her wetness.
Even though I had never done this before, I had seen enough and more
porn videos and with the help of that and a few commands from her, her
moans were soon filling my ears making me growl with excitement.

“Faster, faster!”, she kept urging me on as she kept moaning
louder and louder.

“Make me come,” she told me. “Oh, God, make me come!”

After some more time, she eventually came with such intensity that her
hips began to buckle and her pussy began to throb with pleasure.

“Now it’s my turn, she told me.”

Saying so, she took off her bra and unleashes her perfectly sized
breasts on my face. I went wild and began to grab, suck and nibble her
nipples, which she later told me loved.

Eventually, she get down to her knees and initially began to stroke my
completely erect dick through the clothing. She then took off the
clothing and she began to stroke it in her hand.

Both of us were completely new to such sensations, and just when I
thought it was going good, she took it in her mouth and slowly began
to suck on it also while maintaining eye contact with me.

It drove me crazy and I would’ve almost come there on the spot if
the hadn’t realized that and stopped just before to keep teasing

She then increased her pace, and now it was my time to lightly moan
and growl with the pleasure.

We had decided before that I would not come in her mouth and duly
informed her just before I shot my load onto her luscious breasts.

After we cleaned her up, we resumed our making out and decided that we
would return on another day for another session which could include

She made me keep her bra and panties with me for the memory of that
day. I smelt her panties and it had the same musky smell that drove me

We exited the bathroom and then the school careful that nobody could
see us and left for our own homes.