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First time sex in office with Amber

Hello AISS fans, today I am going to tell you the story of my first office sex. Here it is:

“Oh, my god! What are you doing here?”


“Well if I am bothering you, I can go.” She turned back to my door as quickly as she had appeared.


“No,” I said perhaps too loudly as I rose from my chair. “I didn’t mean for it to sound like that.”


She turned back smiling and I just as quickly realized she was simply playing me. I came around my desk and she let me pull her against me. “Surprise me like this and then pretend you are just going to turn around and walk right out. Very funny. You are going to have to pay for that.”


“Good,” she said quietly with her head against my shoulder, “You know how much I need to be punished.”


I wanted so much to kiss her right there but I broke away to close my door instead. I knew she would appreciate that our privacy was assured as much as I did.


“It is a nice view out my window. With the shades drawn, as they are, you can still just see the Mall but no one can actually see in.”


She turned away from me and looked out the window. I locked the door with an audible click. She did not react but I knew she heard the sound and understood its meaning.


She did not turn back and so I had some time to admire the view from behind her. When she started to turn but I simply said, “No, stay right there for a moment.” She obeyed immediately. She wore a professional knee length black skirt that was tailored just tightly enough across her butt. Black pumps with thick enough high heels to be acceptable for work for a proper middle-aged woman but high enough to still elevate her ass and slim her calves. Her outfit was finished with a simple white long-sleeved blouse. Her brown hair hung just below the collar line.


“Good, now turn to face me.”


I leaned back against the door. I wanted to enjoy every second of this. She obediently turned in place. Her gaze was now averted to a spot on the floor between us. I could see immediately that her whole demeanor had changed. She had been quite confident and smiling as she strode into my office but she now had already begun the process of transforming herself into my property.


The top few buttons on the blouse were undone to show a little bit of cleavage. She knew her breasts were her best assets and she liked to keep men’s attention on them rather than the rest of her figure that I knew she was less confident about.


“Now unbutton your blouse.” She hesitated and I sought to reassure her. “It is alright. You know the door is locked. No one can see in and I seldom have any visitors anyway.” I knew I had not completely satisfied her concern but she obeyed me and her fingers went to the buttons.


“That is a very nice lacey white bra but you know you should never hide your nipples from me.”


“I am sorry sir but I did not expect we would be doing this right here.” She kept her gaze properly averted. She had been so easy to train.


“You should have thought of that contingency and worn a half cup bra. Yet another infraction.”


She knew not to pursue the idea of any further excuses.


“Fold the top of the cups down so your nipples are bare.”


I actually enjoyed watching her adjust the bra and pull on the soft pale globes of flesh until her beautiful pink nipples were prominently bare. Her hands went nervously to her sides.


“Clasp your hands behind your back and then you won’t feel like you do not know what to do with them.”


Doing so automatically caused her to slightly arch her back and display her now bare breasts even more prominently. Although I loved the view I could not stop myself from closing the gap between us. I lifted her chin with my hand and began to devour her mouth with my own. Her mouth was completely relaxed and open allowing my tongue to explore her own. I drank from her soft wet mouth. She dutifully kept her hands clasped behind her even as I moved both of my hands to her breasts. I squeezed the soft globes. Then I began to alternate with gently then more roughly pinching her nipples. Finally began to pull and stretch her nipples away from her chest as if they were on rubber bands rather than attached to be beautiful breasts. She never cried out but she did moan into my mouth. She had told me early on she had a high pain threshold and sometimes needed to be roughly handled.


I broke from our long kiss and looking down at her into her now upraised eyes, I said, “Good girl. We do have to be quiet, and I know you do not like to be gagged, so some self-control is going to be required.” I emphasized the word required with a particularly vicious pinch to one of her nipples. My hands had never stopped alternately squeezing her breasts and working her nipples. The last pinch only elicited another moan and I watched her eyes further soften deeper into submission.


To say that the look in her eyes excited me does not even approach the intensity of my feelings. My core was now completely filled with pure lust for her. Every cell in my being wanted to possess her. I wanted to fill all three of her holes at once. I did not want to just fill her vagina and her ass and her mouth, I wanted to put my entire body and soul inside her. I wanted to take her to a climax so complete that she would literally faint and lose herself in unconsciousness.


But thus far we had really only kissed. I had intended to just fuck her cunt on my desk but I realized I needed to let her straighten her clothing and we needed to immediately go to her hotel room. This was going to take complete privacy and a very long time.