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Friendship – Sex – Breakup-1

this is Naveen(name changed, [email protected])
from Banglore. This play which started from class mate, friendship,
sex and then break up. This is a part of my life history, so this
can’t be said as story. Play moves slowly and it’s not ment for those
who expect quick sex.

I’m 21, employed in a reputed MNC as an Engineer in Motorsport
division. 6.3 is my height. Her name is Priya(name changed). We were
school mates from 4th, class mates by 8th. There our friendship
started, by 10th we were close friends. After 10th we were put into
different schools. 11th and 12th not much contact. So, college life
started. We were put in same city(chennai) but different college. She
got a new phone so we had numbers exchanged. Used to talk usually.
Then our friendship started to grow at rocket rate and best
understanding friends.


Both gave much importance to friendship. So no intentions in taking up
life partners. So along with our friendship growth, her curves
espicially her ass became busty. She became little chubby. It’s
32-28-32, now 34-30-38.

Since we were from same home town, we used to travel up and down
together. In chennai, we used to roam a lot, meet every week, go out
for shopping, help her in lot of issues, etc etc. She thought me many
things about girls and showed the the girls world. In fact she is the
1st girl in my life to say me “I LOVE YOU” from friendship point of
view. I felt I’m really belessed with such a friend. This continued
untill a day came, which brought a revolution in me.

One fine day, when we went out of shopping. She was wearing black jean
and transparent big round neck white top which revealed her bra. She
was supposed to get slippers. While selecting, she took a slipper in
right hand, put left hand on my shoulder and bend to check the size.
Accidently when I saw her I saw her clean cleavage with back and green
bra. Wow!! Electrified, a chill passed through my spine and all of
sudden,my body and brain developed certain kin of feel, I can’t
explain it in words. My dick started to grow. Actually, in lot of
stories I have read many written this thing a single view, a single
point that changed entire view on girl friends, friends, etc etc. I
dint believe it until it happened to me. I was damn amazed.

Usually whenever we return I used to drop her in hostel and head back
to mine. That evening it was late so we took auto. She was to my
right. When auto started, since her top had big neck, the air rushed
in and lifted her top portion of tops. Wow! Again her entire cleavage
and half portion of her boobs was visible. She has a mole on the upper
portion of her right boob. My feelings were uncontrollable, my dick
was tearing out of my inner, I was like, I wanted to tear her tops,
touch squeeze and suck her. 30 min of travel, 30 min of full view. She
dint notice me atall.

But finally when we reached and she got down, I noticed her nipple was

After this incident, my brain started to work, I decided to feel her
in hands, not fucking her. So I read lots of stories, websites, how to
seduce a girl, how to arouse a girl, how to allow u to touch her
private parts, etc etc. So I was full with theory. Now practical. From
then when ever we meet out, I used to hold her hand, in return even
when I leave she holds mine, walk very close to each other. Go hostel,
relieve myself. But other than this we can’t do anything. For next
step i need privacy. Started working on it and realized that only
absolute privacy is during our travel.

The 1st time after we travel after that incident, I dono what to do,
simply held her hand and used to just press it tightly. I dint dare to
do anyhting. I got good response. Next time, I just gave her kiss on
her checks and forehead. At 1st, she felt somewhat but after reaching
home she texted me that she liked the way I kissed and she really felt
happy and safe. The 3rd travel, we were sitting just besides each
other. And it’s winter.

She : come close da
Me : hey r u mad we are already close enough, how come?
She : I know, but still come close. I feel cold, I need your heat.
Me : Ok
She : turn towards me. Don’t ask question.

All of sudden, she hugged me very tightly. Oh! Man, I was astonished.
I hugged her back too but not tightly. When she left me, I dono what
to say, I just asked her ONCE MORE. She,”yup ofcourse why not”. She
gave me one. Then I asked for some 20 she gave me and each time it’s
tighter than previous.

After a long time I came out of this shock, and now my theory started
to work. And also our destination(chennai) came. Ah! Fuck dude. My
brain was filled with love and lust. I couldn’t resist myself. Hurried
to my hostel, relieved myself. And that day fully I couldn’t
concentrate on my classes, friends and I masturbated some 10 times
that day.

That evening we talked in such a way that we were desperate and
thriving to see each other and feeling that was really new to both of
us. That time I realized that we need to feel each other inside. But I
dono about her.