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Friendship – Sex – Breakup-2

Every southern guy knows after of winter December we have pongal
holidays coming. So my plan was to somehow feel her during pongal
travel back to home. But getting tickets is very difficult and it will
be totally rush. And government bus, my plan won’t work. So I just
pushed my friend hard to get private travels ticket. 2 days we dint
get but atlast wind favoured our side, we got 2 tickets, last seats in
A/C Volvo Semi sleeper, 22:30 hours. I was excited very much and my
imagination was overwhelming. But I dint say her. I said I have booked

Finally after long 12 days, the day came. We boarded and got settled.
Bus started, lights went off. Since A/C bus we were given blankets.
Covered us entirely. Asusual play started with holding hand, pressing
it often and looking each other’s face and having a smile. After 20min
I broke this silence, took my hand out of her hand, held her face,
direct eye contact, I said I LOVE HER MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS
WORLD, and hugged her very tightly. She said the same and I will
always be with you in my ears. I Started to feel the heat of our body,
her boobs on my chest, she moved her hand and held my hair and pressed
my head to tightly. I was playing with her back, and was following her
bra strips.


After 5 mins I took her out and planted kiss on her forehead. She said
she wanted more, I kissed on her checks. Her breathe became bit heavy
and her body was hot. So I started to kiss all over her face madly and
finally ended in lips. That’s was the 1st time girls lip, so soft,
eventually I chewed it up. Passionate kids, she too responded well.
Put my tongue inside her mouth exchanged saliva. I was really in
cloud9 and my hand was around her wrist, pressing it. She jerks when I
poke her hip. Then we seperated and I said I want tour lips.

She : do what ever you like, im all yours today.

Final green signal. I just planted kiss again. But even then I dint
believe the words, I asked her again.

Me : can I feel ur boobs in hand?
She : silence

Silence is a kind of green signal, I put my hand on her boobs over her
salwar tops. She just looked into my eyes. The feel of her boobs was,
so soft so sensitive and started to squeeze it. She started to moan –
huh! Slowly you have time. I love the feeling. Come on squeeze it. Her
hand was in my hair. From lips, came down to neck, upper portion of
boobs, then the tops was disturbing. I asked her can u remove the

She : how, we are in bus if someone sees.?
Me : ok let it be I will see to that.

I dint force her, but started to lift from the bottom and lifted it
above her boobs. Bare body was very hot, I just put my mouth on her
boobs over the bra. Nipple was erect, my hand was squeezing the other.
Rolled my hand back and removed her bra, in darkness I couldn’t see
the beauty but I was able to feel. The firmness of boobs, the
sharpness of nipple, the small ruff and tuff skin and goosebumps in
areola. That’s was really awesome feel.

I started to suck it like a small kid chew it and her breath went
really heavy, I can feel her heat, her moans ‘ah us ahhhhh huh’. I
tried to get breast milk(I know it won’t, but just a try).

Me : I need milk
She : aye, Love you my sweet heart, I will give you milk in future not
now. For sure.

This made me go even more crazier, sucked it for half an hour and I
moved to bottom. Put my hand straight on the love triangle over her
chudi pant. She just held my hand and said nope it’s enough with upper
alone, we are in bus. And I dono what she felt, she said it’s wrong
what we are doing. Sorry. I just couldn’t resist, I again tried she
stopped. I was bit depressed. And dint ask her a word, I left all the
things, put her bra, brought down her tops. Then I just relaxed in my

She too was silent and thinking I guess, by the time, I dozed off. I
dono how much did I sleep. Suddenly I felt my hand touching something
hairy, sliding up and down. Even then I couldn’t realize it, when I
opened my eyes, she was about to kiss me. And saw my hand was inside
her panty on her hairy pussy.

She : I’m sorry for that, I know you were depressed, and it’s wrong
thing to do. But above all your happiness is important to me and I
want to feel you inside me.
Me : dint say a word, just kissed her.

Trying to find the hole I was sliding all over her pussy. It’s like
heated metal, so hot and she was little wet. Took my hand out and
licked it, wow the smell and taste was pity awesome. It’s 1st time for
both of us. I took her hand and put it on my dick, she opened pant
zip, started to stoke it. Mean while I put my hand back to the pussy
and was searching for the heaven hole and succeeded, started to finger
it. Now the problem started, her moans went bit heavy, others might
hear it, I said her to control it. She tried her level best. I started
to stoke till faster and she controlled her moans by hugging me
kissing me biting me so strong. I still have her nails scratch and
tooth bite marks. Then put 2 fingers, which made it tighter. I tried
to lick her pussy but in bus I can’t do it. But finger fucked her hard
and it’s climax for her, her thighs closed all of sudden and my finger
was still inside her pussy, my hand got compressed, she hugged me very
tightly and bite me little hard to control her moan. She was having a
very strong orgasm. Vaginal fluid started to flow out, took in hand
and licked.

She : I love the feeling, it’s different from normal, I want more and
please take it to next level. Please. I want to feel you.

Really guys, when a girl deserves sex or at the peak it’s really hard
to control them.

Me : hey, I too wanted the same, but I don’t want to do it in hurry
because we have only 1 hour of travel left. I just want to enjoy you,
even you want to. So let’s hope we will have another chance like this
if not I will plan, don’t worry.

By saying this, I just kissed her. Put both hands on her boobs, and
moved to pussy. And finally lifted her bit and put it on my favorite
ass, ah! It’s massive, my hands couldn’t reach asshole. Squeezed it
and gave 2 slaps, she said it’s paining but she likes. Then put finger
into the hole, but dint nothing big. Was moving hand all over the
body. And time came, dressed her up. Squeezed her boobs, pussy and
kissed her deeply. Got down. Done with traveling.

For next 10 to 20 days it’s really hard for both of to get out of it.
But somehow we got out. Days ran just like that. It’s 3th year summer
holidays, both have to prepare for GRE. By that time I left my hostel
and I decided to stay in my friends home. She needed my help for her
GRE. So plans worked out I got permission from my friends home to call
her home for studies. So it started and we started our studies. Both
of know we need each other so badly. But it’s life so we have to
concentrate on studies too.