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Friendship – Sex – Breakup-3

But even then, I used to squeeze her boobs, touch pussy, ass over her
dress whenever I wanted to relax. 4 days passed as this. It’s
Saturday, my friend’s dad goes to office, mom went to relatives home,
my friend goes to some class. So it all me and her left home. This was
the perfect time to make love. She was supposed to come from hostel by
10:00, before that I managed to get a condom, close all the doors
windows, screens, and put on A/C. The moment she came into the home, i
shut the main door and walked back and pressed her ass and hugged her
from behind pressed her boobs. She was damn shocked fearing that
someone in home might see. Then I said her. She too was excited and
bit nervous. New chapter in our life started.

Gonna to see everything for the 1st time and feel her. Was really
excited. She was bit heavy, but managed to carry her to bedroom, made
her to lie. She was wearing blue black tops and blue jeans. Which
revealed her curves. Went over her, put my entire body pressure on
her, kissed her hard. She uses TOUCH ME deo the smell arouse me.
Looked into her eyes, kissed all over her face. Licked it. She just
chewed my ear lobe and


Said – Today i want to see the heaven and I’m all yours. I just wanna
to feel u inside me.

Then moved down to her upper portion of boobs, lifted her tops, put my
head in played with her tummy, then for the 1st time I saw her in bra.
Damn gorgeous cuves, touched her hips in love, she just raised her
tummy towords me, put my mouth on the boobs over bra, then removed the
bra. The magnificent view if her boobs, so soft, so perfect, firm,
areola was cute and was perfectly at the center, cuteness of her mole
on right boob, thanked god for making this structure that perfect.
Buried my face into cleavage, and she pushed my head to suck it.
Sucked her nipple like a mad dog. Her moans filled the room. Ah huh!!
Huh huh huh!!!! Meanwhile I was squeezing her pussy over her jean.

Dragged her to the corner of bed, unbuttoned her jean, white flower
netted panty. Used my mouth to suck it and took the panty out. What
did I see? It’s a bush pussy with hairs deep inside that jungle my
crack hides. Sucked it. Her hairs were disturbing got a razor and
shaved immediately, now it’s like a deep cut in the skin. Seeing it
for 1st time, I put my two fingers spread open pussy lips. Pink color
colitis was calling me to suck it, dint waste my time directly licked
it with my tongue, inserted it inside her pussy. The deo smell from
pussy was awesome too. Touched the colitis she was forcing my head
inside her pussy with her moans. Sucking it hard, rolled my hand under
her ass. After enjoying her pussy, made her to lie upside down, her
massive butt was straight to my face. I buried my face into her ass
crack. Spread her cheeks, licked her ass hole. Pressing the cheek hard
in one hand and other on boobs.

Time for the main course. I rolled her back, took out condom,

She : Darling! Why are you using that, I want you to cum inside me,
come fuck me hard, I have pills will have it.

I was shocked, and wondered how the fuck did she get pills and she is
ahead of me.

(Since it’s 1st time she doesn’t know blow job.)
Put my dick straight away I’m her pussy, shook it hard there to make
her feel my hardness, then slid over her entire lenght of her crack.

She : I can’t wait anymore, please don’t tease me, come on fuck me.
I’m your butch fuck me. She started to shout.

I know she is virgin either I, I can’t put it in one blow. Slowly put
my head in, she started to bite her lips. It’s tight, like big snake
entering into tiny hole. Bit thrusted in, 1/4th was in, she started to
feel the pain and said it’s bearable, pushed in further, and further,

She : it’s paining ahhh huh hahhhh but I want more. Give me fucker

Pushed further in and took out all of sudden and thrusted it. Her
hymen broke and started to bleed. She shouted out loud in pain
ahaaaahhhhh…. Fuckkkkk And raised from bed and hugged me. It’s
paining. Stop plz. I dint leave her, I started to do to and fro moment
slowly. Tightness of her pussy it’s compressing my dick. Increased
phase and finally put my entire dick into her. Naveeeeeeennnnnnnn
ahhhhhh…… Hufffffff…. Haaahhhhhhh….ssssss shahaha…
Haaaaaahaaaaa Then I increased the phase she was moaning loudly, and
room was filled with pat pat pat sound. Come fuck me more, I’m ur
bitch my pussy has to be torn today… Ahhhh fuckkkkkk haaaaaa….

In another 5 mins she had a huge orgasm, she locked me between her
legs, my dick was inside her, she hugged me tightly and I got crushed
me between her. Then I climaxed and cum Inside her. After that she
came over me in riding position. Where I got good grip of her ass.
Waited for my dick to grow back. Then she started to ride, I just
sucked her boobs, and squeezing and slapped her ass. Which turned into
red color. Then boob fucked her. Then I put her in doggy style. Fucked
her ass, ass was bit tight too. Her scream stated as if I’m raping
her. Made her ass dark red and cummed on her boobs, sheapplied all
over her boobs. Sucked her entire asshole and pussy again. And both of
us lie naked playing with each other. And we had 2 sessions and went
bathroom had one there that day before my friend has to come. From
then for next 1 week, she had her pain in pussy, and I had my pain in
my dick. But it’s all love pain.

After that our love and care to each other was too much. Then, our
final year college started, I was to go onto a project to Gujarat for
20 days. It’s all fine, But could not talk to her properly. When I
returned, everything was over. Got a call from her.

She : Im leaving you. Break up our relation. It’s all over.

Like past 8 years of our relation, even now I dint ask her a

Me : ok Priya, take care. If you decide, it will be for good cause.

It’s hell those 6 months(7th semester), no one to share, no one to
care. It’s all me, the memories killed me from inside. Because of this
I lost my team’s fortune and dream. But one thing realized was that we
dint fuck each other because of lust, it’s pure love. I felt in her
eyes. Sex is the purest form of love. We proved it. It can’t be, she
left me because of the sex.

I’m trying to forget things to my level best. But certain things can’t
be given up, so waiting for someone to come into my life or to my bed
to make me forget it.

Last update on her was that she is in Banglore got placed in IT MNC,
happy for her. And it’s been 18 months since I talked to and met her.
But I hope I will meet her one day and I wanna to say three things…

1. Why did she leave me?
2. I’m sorry for everything.
3. Thank you for all the things.

My sister knows this incident, she supported me. And now u guys know
it. Just felt like sharing. Thank you all for being this patient. Tc.

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