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From Neighbour to Master

I stood in the open balcony in our small 8th floor flat; my silky brown hair cascaded around face. I was dressed in loose fitting gown which provided a perfect silhouette of my curvaceous figure to whoever looked up.

I watched the movers & packers unloading expensive looking furniture from 2 big trucks. I recalled the earlier night when my husband told me about the new arrivals. “They have bought the entire 17th floor & have booked four parking slots!” my husband Abhishek had said. I had felt a pang of envy when I had heard that but looking at all the expensive stuff being moved I felt downright jealous. I had always craved for such an opulent lifestyle. My eyes widened a bit when the new owners cars were driven in. The owners themselves came in the last car. All the cars were big & expensive looking & so were the occupants.

The man was around 45 to 50 while the woman was around 35. Both were dressed smartly & from my judgment they were dressed in the most expensive of brands. The man was called DK & his wife Urvashi.

For almost three months I tried hard to catch the attention of my new neighbours but to no avail.

They would leave home in the morning separately but both would arrive together early in the evening. Almost daily at around 8 pm they would leave to party. I observed that they were usually joined by other couples as they left.

I also observed that DK & his wife & the visiting couple would split up, swap partners & then they would go on their way. It was easy for me to put two & two together. They lived an exciting life.

Since then I was dying to get close to DK. As my own husband worked till late I had ample time to think & try out my plans. I also reasoned that it was much better becoming a mistress to one such rich man rather than getting fucked by many young brats who were able to pay me hardly a few bucks for me to enjoy my lavish lifestyle.

Finally I put my plan into action. I would go for a walk in the evening & return when the rich couple usually returned. I made sure I dressed up & looked so titillating that many on the road had tried to get close to me. I might have responded in the normal case but now my mind was set on a single goal.

For 2 consecutive days I was unable to get close to the couple & I had just missed the lift which they had taken. But on the third day I hit jackpot. I managed to get into the lift & stood directly in front of DK. There were a few other people & along with DK, Urvashi & myself. It was the rickety old lift which we had entered. The doors were the old sliding metal doors through which one could see the floors slip by. I was dressed in full red. My sleeveless blouse was of such a low cut in the front that most of my ample cleavage was visible. My red satin sari only managed to give my glowing cleavage a red hue without obstructing the view of my boobs. I had placed my pallu right at the edge of my shoulder. My sari too was tied as low as possible revealing my flat tummy & deep round navel. My silky brown hair was tied up in a French knot leaving my smooth silken back almost bare except for the small band of red fabric of my blouse.

I stood rigid in front of DK racking my brains for a way to get rid of Urvashi who was standing on the other side of the lift.

Suddenly I felt something brush against my bums. I drew in my breath, surprised that my plan was drawing such quick results. But my hopes were dashed as I sensed DK move papers from one hand to another & realized it had been an accidental contact.

Just as I relaxed I felt a hand slide along the side of my thigh & rested gently on the side of my bum. I stiffened involuntarily & quickly glanced around the lift. Urvashi was looking at me without any expression on her face. I blushed & looked away.

The lift kept stopping at almost every floor & people kept getting off in.

At every stop the hand squeezed my bum harder & harder.

Suddenly as the lift slowed at the 7th floor Urvashi said to her husband “Darling, I will get off here & get our key from Mr. Shah; you carry on & I will see you on our floor, bye!” then she stopped & said “Give me the papers” & took everything from DK’s hand. As she was speaking I felt a slight tugging on my pallu & I gasped as my pallu tumbled down from my shoulder & fell at my feet. My half exposed heaving boobs which were already flushed pink turned red. I tried to pull my pallu up but found that DK had stomped on it with his foot & I couldn’t lift it even an inch. I looked towards Urvashi & was surprised as she continued to chat with her husband as if nothing had occurred. As Urvashi slid the iron gates shut, I felt DK’s hand slide forward onto the top of my thigh & push me backwards towards him. I was forced to take a step backward & stopped abruptly as I felt a hard bump grinding into the small of my back. I gasped again & as I turned I realized that we were still not alone in the lift. An old man stood in the other corner glaring at me. I realized that from his angle, the old man wouldn’t have been able to see what DK had been up to. He would have only seen my pallu slipping down & he must have felt that I had not even tied to pull it back as my own body obstructed his view of DK’s foot stamping on my pallu. I also realized with horror that the old man would have thought that I myself had moved back onto DK’s body as soon his wife left the lift as he couldn’t see DK’s hand pushing me backwards. I knew word of my sluttish behavior would soon go around the area. I tried to move away from DK’s body but his grip was too strong & by then he was already kneading my thigh with his palm.

I realized that my plan to get close to DK had succeeded but I was not in control of it at all.

By the time the old man got off the lift at the tenth floor muttering about characterless whores, I was feeling wet in between my thighs.

As soon as the lift moved upwards DK placed his palms on my naked stomach. He gently fingered my navel & then moved upwards. I was aroused & was standing on tip toe & could feel his erection push against my butt.

“Ummm!” I moaned as his palms groped my breasts. He was nuzzling my neck & I was arching backwards in pleasure with my eyes closed.

Then DK slowly slid my blouse & bra strap off my shoulder with one hand while his other hand dropped to my waist & tugged at my tucked in sari.

I was too wrapped up in the throes of my passion to notice anything. DK unhooked my blouse & bra & clasped my naked boobs in his palms. Startled at feeling the warmth of naked flesh on my own boobs, I opened my eyes. “Hey! What…?” I began to say but was cut off as DK grabbed me by my hair, swiftly turned me around & planted his thick lips onto my quivering red lips. We kissed each other lustily. I was left with spittle dripping down my chin as DK probed deep inside my mouth with his slimy tongue. I gasped for air as we broke off our lip lock. Meanwhile, DK slipped my hand from my blouse & bra. “Stop it!” I almost shouted as I tried to hold onto the other end of my bra & blouse. DK only grinned & pulled off my upper garments completely. I covered my bouncing boobs with my hands & glanced nervously at the passing floors. If anybody had been waiting for the lift, they would have got a great view of my topless body. Suddenly DK lunged & pulled at my dangling pallu. He caught it & yanked so hard that I pirouetted like a top as my sari was stripped away from me in a second. I was close to tears as I pleaded with him “please don’t strip me here. What if somebody sees us?” DK sneered at me as he said “Why not? You want to get fucked, don’t you? You also want to get money out of it, right?” I could only stare at him as he crouched, untied my petticoat & pulled down my red panties. My shaven pussy gleamed with my juice & I moved one hand down to cover my crotch. But DK held both my wrists & pulled my hands down by my side. DK looked at my naked body from top to bottom & gave a low whistle. He wiped my smeared lipstick & smooched me again as his fingers probed my cunt & squeezed my tits.

As the lift reached the top floor he said “Manisha, slide open the door!” I did as I was told. The lift halted half way to the top floor. The floor was at least three feet above the floor of the lift. DK slid open the floor door also & turned me towards the door & pushed my face towards the floor. He kicked my feet apart & rubbed his cock on my wet pussy.

I was horrified at my situation. “You can’t fuck me here! Please lets go to my house; I will be your bitch, I will suck your cock dry, you can breed me if you want!” again I almost screamed the words.

DK laughed & spanked my bums. He said “You already are a bitch! But from now you will be my slave!” I almost choked when I heard it, but his cock rubbing my pussy was driving me insane with the desire to be fucked. “Manisha, there should also be some excitement in fucking you. I can get better whores whenever I want but with you I want to get a different kind of a thrill!”

Face down on the floor with his cock making me cream, I could only mumble “what thrill? What are you talking about?”

“Listen to me” DK said “from today, I will make you do things where there will always be a chance of being caught. It doesn’t make any difference to me but your life can be ruined! I will fuck you or send you to others.” I tried to turn around & protest but DK slapped me on my bum & said “Don’t worry whore! I will pay you for it. But there will be some rules!” he stopped & let me turn so that I was lying on my back. He lifted my legs & pushed them towards my heaving boobs. He placed his erect cock on my pulsating twat. “What rules?” I asked him.

DK laughed & said “the whore is desperate for money or is the bitch horny for a fuck?” I moved my hips in sync with his cock which he was rubbing on my naked wet pussy.

“The rules are that I will pay you 500 bucks for a day. For you it will be a task in which you have to complete the sex act & avoid getting caught. If you do not complete the whole act then you loose that day’s money & you have to pay a penalty where you will service me or somebody else without payment on the next day. I can call you or order you to do things anytime I want. If you are late or don’t do it you will be penalized. You will only fuck with my permission. Even fingering is not allowed. You will install a hidden camera in every room in your house so I can track you. I will give you a mobile phone on which I can reach you anytime, anywhere. You have to inform me whenever you leave your house. Most important I can make new rules as & when I want! Do you understand Manisha slave?”

I was cumming just by listening to his instructions. I love role play & being used & humiliated like this was such a turn on. Lusting for a fuck I said in a slurred voice “yes master I agree! Now please fuck me!”

DK spread my thighs apart & pushed his cock slightly into my soaking wet twat.

“Yeah! Fuck me!” I moaned as he pushed his cock slowly in my pussy. He pushed it in just a bit.

“Fuck me!” I screamed.

DK pulled his cock out from my pussy & rammed it in with all his strength into my anus.

“AAAAaaaaaaaahhh…..aaaaoooohhhh!” I screamed in agony as DK pounded in & out of my tight & dry anus.

“Manisha, Bitch! Don’t ever order me! You are the slave & behave like one!” he ordered sternly.

Sweat poured from my naked body as DK fucked my ass for a long time. My hair had loosened & it was sticking to my sweaty body which seemed to turn him on even more.

DK pushed me into a kneeling position & ran his fingers into my matted silky brown hair.

“How & when does your husband use you bitch?” he asked me.

“Usually he screws me on Sundays as all other days he works late” I replied looking at his erect cock.

“So on other days you roam around & get laid by which ever cock you see?” he spoke in such a tone that I felt completely humiliated. I was about to reply when he slapped me on my cheek.

“Where does your husband work?” he asked.

“AmCor.” I replied as he hit my face with his hard cock. I looked up & saw he had a sly smile on his face.

He pulled my hair & said “lick your crap off my cock, bitch! Suck it clean. Clean my balls too!”

I nodded & took his cock in my hand & placed my lips on it. It smelled of my own crap but I swallowed the hard shaft. He pushed my head down & forced his cock deep in to my throat.

I gagged & choked on it. Spittle flowed down my lips but he made me lick that up too.

He closed the doors of the lift & it moved up & stopped on the 17th floor. I felt relieved that now we would be out of a public area. Once inside I didn’t mind how he used me, but I was shit scared outside.

I picked up my clothes & followed him. I was totally naked as I walked behind him.

He went past his door & again I felt scared. He led me up the stairs half way towards the terrace. I was terrified as elders used the terrace to take walks in the evening.

“Please, stop! There might be people on the terrace.” I pleaded with him. He looked at me & grinned. “Go check & come!” he said.

I placed my pile of clothes on the steps & almost picked up my bra when he grabbed my hair & kicked the pile of clothes down the stairs. He took my bra & dropped it down too. “Manisha, you dumb bitch! Did I tell you to wear clothes?” he asked as he pushed me towards the terrace.

I was in tears as I tiptoed naked up the last few stairs. I peeked & saw 3 old men walking towards the other side. Thankfully their backs were towards me. I turned back & saw that DK held a cell phone to his ear. He pointed to his cock & ordered “suck bitch!”

Fearfully I kneeled on the stairs & began sucking his cock. I had one eye on the door at the top of the stairs. DK held my head & fucked my mouth as his call connected.

“Hi buddy! Just hold on” he said in to the phone. He switched his phone to loudspeaker mode so I could hear both sides of the conversation.

“Hello DK.” A vaguely familiar voice said.

“What’s your husband’s name?” he asked me. “Abhishek” I said mumbling through his shaft.

“Do you have a Abhishek in your office?” DK asked. “Yes. Why?” The voice asked.

“His wife Manisha is here with me, it seems he works very hard?” DK asked. I realized why the voice on the other end had sounded familiar. It was Abhishek’s boss. I had spoken to him a few times on the phone.

“That dim wit works for long but not necessarily hard!” he laughed & then asked “you fucking his bitch? How is she?”

“Good!” DK answered & continued “I want you to promote Abhishek so he reaches home on time daily starting today. Understand? You will get the benefits don’t worry!” DK winked at me as Abhishek’s boss guffawed at the other end.

“How long does he take to reach home?” DK asked me.

“Maybe an hour or less!” I said as I licked his balls.

“Send your car to drop him today & tell your driver to give me a call when Abhishek reaches home! Okay?”DK said into the phone.

“Come on Manisha! Let’s go!” he said. He waited till I collected all my clothes. Then he held me by my boobs & half pushed half dragged me down the stairs. As I ran naked down the stairs I realized what he meant by there being a thrill in not getting caught while doing something so shameful & outrageous.

He took me to the middle of 8th & 9th floor & I felt a bit safer here as hardly anybody used the stairs this high up in the building.

I was completely naked while he was fully dressed. He dropped his trousers & forced me to lick his cock & his asshole. When he was erect once more, he pushed me on the steps & squeezed my boobs. It was a very uncomfortable position. He sucked on my erect nipples & smothered my lips. He nibbled on my tits & then bit them harder. I moaned shamelessly.

Gradually he moved to my pussy. He parted my lower lips & flicked his tongue inside. I wanted to scream but controlled my voice with great difficulty. He fingered my asshole with his thumb as he licked my twat.

He pulled my boobs close to each other by holding my erect nipples & then shoved his cock in between my soft but firm mounds. As he tit fucked me he ordered me to lick his dick head every time he thrust upwards.

I was cumming hard but he did not fuck my pussy. I begged him to screw me but he only laughed.

Then his phone rang. He only held it to his ears for a few seconds & said “Okay!” but his eyes were glinting with sickening pleasure.

He pulled me down a few steps so that we could see the passage & door of the lift on the 8th floor below.

He lifted my legs & pushed my knees towards my boobs & made me hold them. He bent & kissed me passionately on my lips, then on my nipples & finally he began munching on my pussy.

I knew he was trying to make me reach orgasm when Abhishek would be in the passage below. The slightest sound would reach him & everything would be over.

“Ohhhh! Please fuck me master!” “I beg you to fuck me hard!” I pleaded in whispers.

He mounted me his hard cock pushing easily into my soggy wet pussy.

I gasped loudly “Aaaaaa…hhhhh! Yesssss” just as the lift door opened & Abhishek stepped out.

I bit on my lip trying to control my passion. He enjoyed it even more & began to pound my pussy harder & faster & deeper. I was amazed at how silently he fucked me.

I was sure my heartbeats & my gasps were loud enough to be heard in the entire building.

I held onto the back of my knees as DK kept fucking my pussy.

We heard Abhishek ring the doorbell. He rang once then waited. He rang it again & waited.

Slowly with his patience running out he was ringing the bell continuously.

As Abhishek lost his patience, I heard him muttering & swearing. At the same time DK pulled out his cock & rammed my asshole with it. “Aa…!” I controlled my scream of pain & stuffed my bra into my mouth.

DK seemed to get even hornier by the sight & he plucked his cock out & fucked my pussy again.

As he fucked we heard Abhishek say “where the fuck is this whore?”

DK smiled as he fucked me & whispered in my ear “he knows your habits very well, Manisha!”

Suddenly we heard Abhishek walking.

DK stiffened at almost the same time & I was afraid he was going to dump his load into my pussy. But he controlled & pulled out his wet shaft & hurried to my mouth. He tossed away the bra I had gagged myself with & pointed his cock at my lips. But as I tried to open my mouth to swallow he slapped me once & whispered “Manisha, I will give you a sperm bath!” I shook my head vigorously indicating no. I couldn’t walk into my waiting husband with a face glistening with sperm.

But DK only grinned & took a clump of my hair & wrapped it around his cock. Then he brought his cock close to my face & let go. The first load of sperm hit me on my forehead & dripped down my eyes. The second load exploded in my hair. He removed his cock from my hair & rubbed it on my cheek leaving wet slimy streaks behind.

I quickly took his shaft into my mouth & tired to swallow what he was about to ejaculate. But he pulled his cock out again & sprayed more sperm on my lips & on my breasts.

Suddenly he shoved his still erect cock into my pussy & dumped a last few drops of his cum inside my vagina. He had managed to breed me.

Then he slowly stood up, leaned against the wall & picked up my sari & wiped his cock on it. He wiped his own sweat & some of my pussy juice with it. He made sure soggy wet patches would be seen on my clothes.

I had been pounded really hard & I got up slowly. I looked down to see if Abhishek was around. I ducked as he moved across the passage & went towards our neighbour’s house. I realized he was going to ask for a spare key. As the neighbour’s house was down a long passage I would have a few minutes in which to rush & open the door & get inside.

DK was watching coolly as I hurriedly wore my bra but did not hook it. I wrapped my sari around my waist like towel picked up the rest of clothes & ran down the stairs.

DK smiled & said “Manisha, be here tomorrow at the same time but without clothes!” I nodded as he blew me kiss. I smiled as I felt the thrill he had spoken off.

I peeked around after reaching the bottom of the stairs; I could hear Abhishek speaking, he said in an exasperated voice “She didn’t leave the key with you? Are you sure?”

I had less than a minute to get in. I ran to the door, the key was entangled in my blouse which thankfully I was not wearing, I fumbled with the key but managed to open the door & get in. Just as I closed the door I saw Abhishek turn around the corner & stride towards the door.

I ran to the bathroom & dumped my clothes there & turned on the shower.

The door bell rang. Once, twice.

I pulled small towel &around me & went to the door.

“Where is the fucking bitch…!” said Abhishek as I opened the door.

“Sorry, I was in the shower; I didn’t hear you ring the bell! You are home so early. I didn’t expect you so early!” I said a bit scared.

He stared at me for a few seconds & then touched my matted hair & asked “what’s wrong with your hair?”

I would have loved to say “Oh! It’s nothing darling, just a load of cum DK left behind! Actually there is some in my pussy too!” but I just mumbled something about shampooing my hair & retreated to the bathroom.

The next evening, I stripped naked & waited for DK in between floors. He had already reached so I was spanked & slapped a lot. I begged forgiveness & was forgiven only after sucking his cock & cleaning his asshole with my tongue. He made me dance naked for almost an hour before fucking me. I was fatigued almost to the point of falling down the stairs when Abhishek returned. This time I had left the key with the neighbour & I managed to slip back inside the house before Abhishek returned with the key.

This carried on for another 2 days & Abhishek was becoming suspicious as how I would always walk out of the bathroom without completing my bath.

On the fifth day I was unable to complete the task of getting myself fucked as we heard people coming down the stairs. I left all my clothes behind & ran home naked & managed to close the door before being seen. I did go later to get my clothes & found my bra & panty missing & the rest of the clothes had been pissed upon.

In the first two weeks I had many such close calls but I also had some of the best sex ever. Although I had hardly earned 1000 bucks from DK. To add to the agony, Abhishek gave me news. He said “Manisha, my boss has called us for a party at the office tomorrow night. During the party he will announce my promotion which would mean that I would be coming home early every day.”

I groaned to myself. I was enjoying being DK’s slave. The only problem was Abhishek’s new timings.

I knew I had to do something about it, maybe I could have a nice private chat with Abhishek’s boss. For that this slave would need her master’s permission!