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Fuck My Seravant Wife

It was the hot and humid month of June in Mumbai in 2002. My wife Malavika and I were on a short holiday as we had never been to the Bollywood city before. We flew from Bangalore on a Friday evening and checked into a hotel close to the airport for the night. The plan was to stay at a friend’s house in the city centre from the next day.

We had a good night’s sleep and woke up late at 10 am to the door knock from the room boy. In 20 minutes he got us breakfast and newspaper and we decided to relax until evening when we would shift to our friend’s house. Just as I sat browsing the newspaper I was drawn to an advertisement in the classifieds area asking for a smart lady servant in 20s or 30s for a rich Marwari family in the Jhaveri area. I sat bemused at what smart meant and asked my wife to look at it. After seeing it she asked what bothered me about the advertisement.

I smiled at her and said, “ I just imagined you as a servant and at 32 you look really smart and pretty”.

“Whaaat?” my wife squealed.

“OK don’t panic it was just a weird thought” I told her and laughed it away.

Later that afternoon we had lunch at the hotel restaurant and returned to the room when Malavika said, “ Vish did you really imagine me in a servant’s role? Don’t you think I have worked hard to be a lawyer?”

“Ah don’t get emotional darling, it was just a silly thought, that’s all” ,I said

“But Vish, how will you feel if I suddenly change into a servant, that is dressing and looking like one”

“You will still look delicious as you are now babes”, I remarked

“I fancy being a servant for sometime Vish, even the thought is stimulating”, my wife said

In this way our conversation ended up with us discussing the newspaper advertisement again. Strangely Malavika and I got stimulated at the very thought of he being a servant and started planning to chase up on the Marwari family. At the end of our discussion we got so horny that we ended up having sex even without removing our clothes fully. Our next plan was to change the rest of our plans for the next week in Mumbai. I called my friend’s house and said we were held up in Bangalore for a few more days and will let him know of the plans soon. We extended our stay at the hotel for 1 more night and I called the Marwari’s number. The meeting was arranged for 6 pm and we reached there a bit early. We both dressed as simple as possible to make it look real. Malavika was wearing a Salwar Kameez still looked very pretty. It was a big house with a guard at the front and was surrounded by lush gardens. We were asked to wait at the verrandah of the house for about 10 minutes before an elderly man and woman appeared to talk to us. We introduced ourselves as a jobless couple from the south and that we were desperately looking for work. The family was a large joint family of about 20 people, most of them doing textile business. There were 4 main families belonging to the old couple’s 3 sons and 1 daughter. There were atleast 2 children in each family and the place looked full of people all the time, but the house was so massive that it made things easy. The couple employed both of us although we could not talk good hindi. I was meant to do lots of things while my wife had her main work in the kitchen.

We vacated our hotel the next day but left some baggage in the locker room saying we will pick it up in a weeks time. We moved into the servant’s quarters at the back of the house and learnt that there were 2 more male servants who lived there and worked for the family. The night before we had discussed a lot about the high possibility of sexual encounters with so many men around in the presence of a beautiful servant woman.

On the first day I was asked to do some garden work and Malavika had to assist the women of the house in cooking and other chores. I finished my work by noon and went to see my wife in the kitchen. Malavika was sitting on the kitchen floor , her saree at her knees and cutting some vegetables. She was alone when I went there. I asked how things were and she said she needed to talk in private. We went to servant’s quarters which was just behind the kitchen. My wife said that she was very nervous and uneasy. I asked her to relax and tell me what the problem was. She told me that the old man of the house was hanging around the kitchen all the time and once sat on a chair opposite to where Malavika was sitting on the floor. My wife said she felt uneasy about the old man watching her. Malavika was not new to interacting with strangers although all her sexual encounters have been only with young or middle aged men. I asked her what she feared. She said that she has never fancied an old man and that she strangely got excited that morning. I was thrilled to know that my wife was eventually stimulated by the brief encounter. I put her against the wall and ran my hands up her thighs. Gawd! Her panty crotch was soggy wet.“So you liked it did you not babes?” I asked

“Yeah”, she moaned as I slid my fingers under her panty and massaged her familiar flesh amidst her furry jungle. It was oozing with her fluid and she orgasmed in no time. I wanted to fuck her so badly but she had to rush back to the kitchen.

Later that afternoon I was asked to help in the kitchen and Malavika was again sitting on the floor making dough for some sweets as per instructions. I was soon shocked to see the old man loitering in the kitchen. He opened the back door of the kitchen and settled in a chair in front of it saying it was cool and breezy there. The bastard was in fact sitting exactly opposite to my wife whose saree was drawn up to her kness as she sat doing her work. Her creamy legs were looking delicious and given her experience my wife needed no prodding and knew exactly what to do. From where I stood washing up utensils I could see that Malavika had pulled up her saree further and spread her legs for the old man. I had a big hard on which I was rubbing against the cupboard near where I stood. The old man was sitting in such a way that his face was hidden to me but I could see what he saw between my wife’s legs. With no one else around she was rather bold in what she was doing. She appeared to do it accidently but her thighs and panty crotch were completely exposed to the man. It was difficult to see but I was sure he had a hard cock by then. Malavika’s yellow striped panty was looking very wet and soggy. A lot of her pubic hair was projecting from the sides of her knickers. She was shaking her thighs gently and in the process let her left labia slip to the side. It was unbearably horny to see this and I was leaking my semen into my underwear already. The old man had his hands on this crotch area and was obviously rubbing himself.

The man suddenly stood up and said he needed to show my wife something in the servant quarters. I nodded and she followed him. I too went after them.

After we went to our quarters, the old man said he will offer us any amount of cash if we could help him out. He started to cook up a story saying he had some bad patch in his life and his astrologer had advised courting younger women to improve his star signs. He almost looked tearful at one point. I asked him what he wanted. He said all he wanted was to just touch my wife a little bit. I took Malavika aside to act discussing something. Then I took her near where he was sitting on the cot and made her sit beside him. “ Saitji you can touch her now”, I said.

He tried to kiss he lips but my wife pushed his face to her chest and let her saree slide. I was so impatient that I almost leapt between them and ripped my wife’s blouse and bra to reveal her round fat hanging mammaries. Her nipples were large and erect. She fed one after the other into the old man’s mouth. Even at 70 he was very energetic. The old bastard was very lusty and noisy as my wife’s nipple repeatedly slipped out of his wet salivating mouth. She had to hold the areola and feed it into his mouth and hold his head with the other hand. Before long she was lying on the cot, her saree and skirt crumpled at her hips and her wet panty crotch exposed. Saitji was sniffing between my wife’s legs and hooked his fingers on to her panty . Without warning he dragged it down as my wife hissed, “No sahib, No sahib”. It was too late her cunt and surrounding hair was fully exposed. In spite of her dense hair, my wife’s thick dark vulval folds spilled out shining with her wetness. I got a little closer and noticed that it looked very dirty with lots of sticky white stuff in her slit and her clitoris was shamelessly hard and throbbing. He dipped his nose into it and started to lap at her pussy aimlessly. My wife was at her height of sexual emotion and started to moan loudly, “ Sahib, please Sahib…ah..ah..ah……Vishy tell him please please ….”

I knew what she meant and kneeled beside the cot. I put my fingers to her cunt and lifted her dark clitoris between my index finger and thumb, it was slippery, but I held it firmly and said,” Saitji, yeh leejiye, please… aapke muh mey…(please take it in your mouth”. He enclosed his mouth over my wife’s clitoris as things started going wild. Malavika was almost screaming wildly with lust and pleasure as she exploded in his mouth. It looked like she had a spring in her cunt oozing so much fluid. That made it easy for the old bastard to enter her cunt . His cock was big enough to make my wife feel stuffed and satisfied. She allowed him to shed his semen inside her vagina and orgasmed with him again.

Saitji seemed too good for his age. He rolled my tired wife on to her belly and gave attention to her big buttocks. He put two pillows under her hips so that her bum was projecting up. He separated her buttocks to examine her deep cleft. He was a bit surprised to see so much hair between my wife ass cheeks. I watched closely as he inspected my wife’s anus before sniffing it and licking it. He vigourosly lapped at Malavika’s smelly asshole and made her orgasm again. I erupted for the fourth time seeing my wife being ravaged. After he got a bit tired I lustily inserted my penis into my wife’s messy cunt and ejaculated painfully . The bitch still seemed to go on and on. The next 4 days at the house were mind boggling.