fucked housewife Sneha and shared with Reshma

the_cool_dude111: hello
the_cool_dude111: how r u?
Sweet Girl: s
Sweet Girl: fine
the_cool_dude111: do u remember me
the_cool_dude111: we had chat before also
Sweet Girl: s monster cock
the_cool_dude111: yeah
the_cool_dude111: u got gud memory
Sweet Girl: thnaks

Sweet Girl: can u share me ur cock now in cam
the_cool_dude111: sorry i dont hav cam now i m in cafe
the_cool_dude111: but tonight i will come online from my room
Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: there i can share my cam
Sweet Girl: k
Sweet Girl: ur pic u can share me na
Sweet Girl: now
the_cool_dude111: yaaa
Sweet Girl: pls
the_cool_dude111: ok u also show ur pics ok
the_cool_dude111: ok u also show ur pics plz
Sweet Girl: ur name dear
the_cool_dude111: Srikant
Sweet Girl: fine
Sweet Girl: wait
Sweet Girl: i will share mine
the_cool_dude111: ur gud name
the_cool_dude111: plz
Sweet Girl: reshma
the_cool_dude111: u know some thing ..?
the_cool_dude111: ur so hot and sexy
Sweet Girl: thnks
Sweet Girl: for compliments
Sweet Girl: u look handsome
the_cool_dude111: thanx
Sweet Girl: can i get ur pic in shorts
the_cool_dude111: i dont hav lyk that pic here
the_cool_dude111: those pics there in my laptop
the_cool_dude111: i will show u at night
Sweet Girl: oh no other pic now
the_cool_dude111: ok
Sweet Girl: normal pic
Sweet Girl: share me wat u have now
Sweet Girl: other than tis
the_cool_dude111: ok
Sweet Girl: next
the_cool_dude111: show some more of urs
the_cool_dude111: this is not ur pic
Sweet Girl: its mine dear
Sweet Girl: u want my fucking pic
the_cool_dude111: some more
the_cool_dude111: plz send na
the_cool_dude111: baby
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: ur from?
the_cool_dude111: reply me na dear?
Sweet Girl: am chennai i said na
Sweet Girl: then he massaged my things
Sweet Girl: and he pressed his cock with pant on my pussy
the_cool_dude111: ohh
Sweet Girl: and made me to shout
Sweet Girl: ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
the_cool_dude111: can we talk in phone
Sweet Girl: no dear parents in home
Sweet Girl: the phone in hall
the_cool_dude111: giv me a mis cal to my num
the_cool_dude111: 08984343564
Sweet Girl: hw many u fucked
the_cool_dude111: note my num when ever u get the chance give me a
the_cool_dude111: 2
the_cool_dude111: married womans
Sweet Girl: wat age
the_cool_dude111: and still contunuing
the_cool_dude111: one is of 29 and another one is of 33
Sweet Girl: how u got them da
Sweet Girl: u r small boy
the_cool_dude111: from this messanger only
the_cool_dude111: am i looking to u small
Sweet Girl: ya
the_cool_dude111: age 24
Sweet Girl: like a 21 yrs
the_cool_dude111: ha ha ha
Sweet Girl: hw u got that ladies
the_cool_dude111: from mesange only in chatting
the_cool_dude111: i show my cock and they got highly impressed and

for meet
Sweet Girl: then
Sweet Girl: wher u met
the_cool_dude111: i will tell u the first meet with sneha who is of
the_cool_dude111: ok
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: we had chat for nearly 2-3months
Sweet Girl: mmm
the_cool_dude111: started with normal decent chat but after that she

believe in me
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: and used to share everything abt her
Sweet Girl: ok she is married ah
the_cool_dude111: yaa
Sweet Girl: hws she beautiful ah
the_cool_dude111: superb
Sweet Girl: mm u got her pic ah
the_cool_dude111: but her husbend was much elder to her
the_cool_dude111: nearly 11yrs
Sweet Girl: ok did she share her pic to u
the_cool_dude111: yaa i got her pics
Sweet Girl: can i see her dear
the_cool_dude111: but sorry i cant share its highly confidential
Sweet Girl: am eager to see whom u fuked first
Sweet Girl: so she was the first lady u fuked
Sweet Girl: ah
the_cool_dude111: yaa
Sweet Girl: ok tell the rest
the_cool_dude111: some times we had sex chat
Sweet Girl: in phone??
the_cool_dude111: she saw me naked on cam
the_cool_dude111: she lyks me lot
Sweet Girl: ok u shwed face also
the_cool_dude111: yes
Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: once she called me to her home
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: in the absence of her husbend
the_cool_dude111: and she gave her number also
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: from then we started talk lot of things
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: she told that she dont lyk her husbend
Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: he so dark in color
the_cool_dude111: not agud looking guy
Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: then once i went her home
the_cool_dude111: but nothing happened anything on that day
Sweet Girl: k
Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: just we tlked casually
Sweet Girl: wat
the_cool_dude111: i played with her daughter
Sweet Girl: oh
the_cool_dude111: i stayed there for 1 hr
Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: then we chatted in phone
the_cool_dude111: she told that she lyks me a lot
Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: and told me that she want have in the bed with her
Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: but that is first time i m so scared what will be
going to

Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: but i made courage and went to her home
Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: she is in pink saree too gud looking and so hot
Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: she talked to for some time
the_cool_dude111: we had lunch together
Sweet Girl: ssssssssssss
the_cool_dude111: and she made her baby to sleep in another room
the_cool_dude111: and came to the sofa where i slept
the_cool_dude111: sory
the_cool_dude111: where i sit
the_cool_dude111: she sit closure to me
the_cool_dude111: i m so scared and complty sweeting at that time
the_cool_dude111: but she made the move and hugged me tightly
Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: i also responded to her
Sweet Girl: oooooooooooo
the_cool_dude111: and kissed her on her lips
the_cool_dude111: we played with each others tounge
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: she is so horny lyk she didnt had sex for so many
Sweet Girl: k
Sweet Girl: wat dress u were
the_cool_dude111: but her tounge tastes very sweetly
the_cool_dude111: i m in normal t-shirt and jeans
Sweet Girl: ok
Sweet Girl: next
the_cool_dude111: wow thats superb feeling
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: and started to press her breasts from over her
the_cool_dude111: only she remove her saree
Sweet Girl: aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
the_cool_dude111: wow wat a firmed boobs
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: looks like mangos
Sweet Girl: ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh
the_cool_dude111: i love it
Sweet Girl: then
the_cool_dude111: at that time my cock got rised and poking in her

her legs
Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: she started removing my dress
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: and banyan
Sweet Girl: m
the_cool_dude111: she kissed whole ovr my body
Sweet Girl: in sofa itself ah
the_cool_dude111: and bite on my nipples
the_cool_dude111: yes
Sweet Girl: ok
Sweet Girl: so now both r nude ah
the_cool_dude111: not till no
the_cool_dude111: w
Sweet Girl: then
the_cool_dude111: i m in my pant
Sweet Girl: then
the_cool_dude111: she is in her blouse and patticoat
Sweet Girl: m
the_cool_dude111: then i told her to go to the bedroom
the_cool_dude111: she take me to her bedroom
the_cool_dude111: she told me to remove my pants
the_cool_dude111: i m now only in underware
the_cool_dude111: in front of her
Sweet Girl: ok
Sweet Girl: she wat dress
the_cool_dude111: a huge bulge come out of that
the_cool_dude111: wait
Sweet Girl: oh
Sweet Girl: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
the_cool_dude111: i told her to remove her blouse but she told me to
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: wow wat a soft boobs
Sweet Girl: mmmmmmmm
the_cool_dude111: it made me more crazy and sucks those mangos wow
wat a feel
her nipples r got so hard and and sucked those lyk hungry man
Sweet Girl: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
the_cool_dude111: she didnt wear any under garments
Sweet Girl: aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sweet Girl: then
the_cool_dude111: its too gud to taste but it made me more crazy
Sweet Girl: so u sucked her pussy ah
the_cool_dude111: at the same time she is pressing my cock over the
Sweet Girl: oooohhhhhhhhhhhh
Sweet Girl: then
the_cool_dude111: why ur getting hurry i m telling u na
Sweet Girl: am going crazy
the_cool_dude111: hmm
Sweet Girl: could not control
Sweet Girl: seeing ur pic and fingerin mine with a banana
Sweet Girl: as if u r banging me
the_cool_dude111: then i show cock to her
Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: she got crazy to see it
Sweet Girl: k
the_cool_dude111: she told she didnt suck before and she want to suck
the_cool_dude111: and took it in to her mouth
the_cool_dude111: started with kiss and took in to her mouth
Sweet Girl: ur name dear
the_cool_dude111: srikant i told u before na
Sweet Girl: ok
Sweet Girl: continue
the_cool_dude111: and sucked lyk ice-cream
the_cool_dude111: and i cummed on her mouth completely
the_cool_dude111: first she took her mouth while i m cumming
the_cool_dude111: but after that she lyk the taste and swallow it
the_cool_dude111: licked it cleaned completely
Sweet Girl: oh
the_cool_dude111: and she told me to suck her pussy
Sweet Girl: sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
the_cool_dude111: and she show her pussy
Sweet Girl: ah
the_cool_dude111: pinkish one sorroundign with hair
the_cool_dude111: wow
the_cool_dude111: first time i saw the pussy
the_cool_dude111: she told me do fastly and put my head on to her

between her legs
Sweet Girl: sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh
the_cool_dude111: its smells too gud and too hot
the_cool_dude111: thats already wet
the_cool_dude111: she pressed my head between my legs
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: and i swallow her liquid
the_cool_dude111: i started fucking her with my tounge
the_cool_dude111: and got more and more crazy
the_cool_dude111: and spilt out the liquid on my mouth
Sweet Girl: oh
Sweet Girl: now hws ur cock dear
the_cool_dude111: i made her crazy and she so eager put my cock on
her pussy
Sweet Girl: in or out
Sweet Girl: oh
Sweet Girl: wrs ur cock now
the_cool_dude111: and went over her
the_cool_dude111: and put my cock in to her
Sweet Girl: oh
the_cool_dude111: but its too painful for me
Sweet Girl: oh
the_cool_dude111: she guided my cock in to he
the_cool_dude111: r
the_cool_dude111: pussy
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: but i cried
Sweet Girl: oh
the_cool_dude111: she told that nthing will happen keep on inserting

Sweet Girl: oh
the_cool_dude111: slowly i inserted in to her
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: and started move up and down
Sweet Girl: ok
Sweet Girl: wonderful
the_cool_dude111: at the same time we are in lips lock
Sweet Girl: oh
the_cool_dude111: continuesly fucked for nearly 15 mins
Sweet Girl: banging and sucking
Sweet Girl: oh
the_cool_dude111: then i cummed her inside her
Sweet Girl: oh
the_cool_dude111: but i felt so painful
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: and slept there only
Sweet Girl: night ah
the_cool_dude111: we both slept naked there only
the_cool_dude111: no in the afternoon
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: after sometime i felt something on my cock
Sweet Girl: wat
the_cool_dude111: i got up
the_cool_dude111: and saw that again she is started sucking my cock
the_cool_dude111: she tol that she want once again
Sweet Girl: oh
Sweet Girl: gudness
the_cool_dude111: she sucked my cock
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: lyk lollypop
the_cool_dude111: then she told me to insert once again in to her
Sweet Girl has signed out. (8/5/2011 4:09 PM)

Sweet Girl: oh dammid
the_cool_dude111: and i fucked her and again i cummed
Sweet Girl: oh bitch
the_cool_dude111: but this time i also enjoyes
Sweet Girl: oh u fucker
the_cool_dude111: i didnt find much pain
the_cool_dude111: she loves it lot
Sweet Girl: ok
Sweet Girl: hw often u meet her
Sweet Girl: \now
Sweet Girl: so hws ur cock now da
the_cool_dude111: after that i took the bath
the_cool_dude111: and went away from there at 7.30
Sweet Girl: ok
Sweet Girl: hws ur cock now da
the_cool_dude111: from then we used to meet when evr we get the
the_cool_dude111: its gud
Sweet Girl: oh hw many times till now u fuked her
the_cool_dude111: may be 20-30 times
Sweet Girl: voh
the_cool_dude111: but i love her compny
Sweet Girl: ok da
Sweet Girl: then hows ur cock now
Sweet Girl: erected ah
the_cool_dude111: now aah yes
Sweet Girl: is it inside r outside
Sweet Girl: wat r u doing with it now
the_cool_dude111: its ready to fuck ur pussy
the_cool_dude111: nothing to da
the_cool_dude111: i m in cafe
Sweet Girl: its closed doors na
the_cool_dude111: its in only
the_cool_dude111: yaa
the_cool_dude111: but i dont lyk to keep out
Sweet Girl: then u can take it out and shake na
the_cool_dude111: lyk that place
Sweet Girl: which place
the_cool_dude111: not required today i m going to meet her again she
told me

to meet at 10
the_cool_dude111: at her home
Sweet Girl: ok wat time
the_cool_dude111: her husbend going to mumbai for 3 days
the_cool_dude111: 10 o clock ni8
Sweet Girl: ok night fucking ah
Sweet Girl: so when can u shw me ur cam then
Sweet Girl: so no one will ask at ur home ah
the_cool_dude111: till that time i will beat home only naa
Sweet Girl: wher u r going
Sweet Girl: night if u stay out wnt they ask u
the_cool_dude111: i m here with my cousin bro
Sweet Girl: ok he wnt ask u if u stay out night
the_cool_dude111: i will tell him today i m staying at my frnds place

the_cool_dude111: no problem
Sweet Girl: ok
Sweet Girl: so when can i see ur cam dear
Sweet Girl: tomorrow??
the_cool_dude111: today after 8
Sweet Girl: ok dear
the_cool_dude111: i will be at home between at 8-10
Sweet Girl: meet u then, am moving now, thanks for ur sex storty
the_cool_dude111: wait
Sweet Girl: tc
Sweet Girl: meet u later da
the_cool_dude111: do u want to see her pic
Sweet Girl: y
Sweet Girl: ys
the_cool_dude111: ok
Sweet Girl: pls if u like to share
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You have sent 1 photo to Sweet Girl.
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the_cool_dude111: how is she
the_cool_dude111: ..?
Sweet Girl: wonder ful bitch
Sweet Girl: like an actress
Sweet Girl: cute boobs
Sweet Girl: only this u have
the_cool_dude111: then tell me how can i leave her
Sweet Girl: no u should not leave her hungry
the_cool_dude111: yes
Sweet Girl: dear shall i give u some tips for fucking
the_cool_dude111: sure
Sweet Girl: night i will tel u when u cme on cam
Sweet Girl: ok
the_cool_dude111: no tell me now
Sweet Girl: now am moving out for some work
Sweet Girl: ok da
the_cool_dude111: plz
the_cool_dude111: wait
Sweet Girl: no my mom is calling
the_cool_dude111: give me the tips
Sweet Girl: sure night i wil now mom is shouting
the_cool_dude111: atleast give me ur number
Sweet Girl: i have to go
the_cool_dude111: else note down my number
the_cool_dude111: we can hav lot of chat
the_cool_dude111: regarding other meets
the_cool_dude111: plz
the_cool_dude111: 08984343281
Sweet Girl: no number da, they will kill me
Sweet Girl: dnt worry
Sweet Girl: \meet at 8
Sweet Girl: bye
Sweet Girl: now
Sweet Girl: tc
Sweet Girl is typing…
Sweet Girl: uuummmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaa
the_cool_dude111: bye
the_cool_dude111: sweat heart
hello ladies i hope this chat if u really lyks it plz give ur
valuable comments and mail me:triky143@rediff.com.

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