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Fucked Saalis Virgin Ass

My name is Anil and I am 35 years old and I am married to a beautiful women and her name is madhu and really we are enjoying our sexual life very much. But my wife is having a beautiful younger sister and her name is vanita and she is approx. 30 years old and married, having one kid.

I would like to explain her figure, she is extremely fair coloured with big pair of tits and specially her ass is the sexiest part in her body, big butt really rounded in shape, any body will like to fuck her from rear and since my marriage I was also had a desire to fuck her ass badly and I also noticed that she always shown interest in me. But approx. 7-8 years had been gone since our marriage and I have not got any chance to try for the same.But last month we went to our in-laws at Mathura on the occasion of my brother in law’s marriage and I have decided that I will must try to fulfil my desire.

When we reached my in law’s home, my sali already was there and on our reaching, she came and hugged me and said “aap aa gaye jijaji hum to kab se aap ka intezar kar rahe the” really when she hugged me her big tits touched my chest and I also touched her beautiful ass with my hands and my tool got hard. Then she got busy in meeting her sister and my kids, her husband still not reached for the marriage.

So, I planned for the nice fuck before the arrival of her husband.So, in the evening everybody were busy in the arrangements and I started looking her with lustful eyes and I seen some positive response. In the evening itself I was sitting alone and she came to me and asked about tea I told her to sit down and asked about her husband. She told me that he will come next day, then I gathered my all courage and asked her “to ab raat kaise gujre gi, she smiled shyly and told jab aap ho to kya gam” and with this encouraged me and I hold her hand and she told “pls. chod do koi dekh lega main raat ko sab ke sone ke baad chat par aa jaoungi” and she ran away. My heart was jumping like anything and I started taking dream of her big ass.

At night everybody after dinner gathered in the room and sangeet started and I told my wife that I have over eaten and I am going outside for walk and while going outside I signaled my sali Vanita to come on terrace. I reached on terrace and it was pitch dark there and started waiting for her but nearly one hour has been gone she has not arrived but the sound of sangeet was coming, I thought that she has ditched me and not coming.

I thought that I should go down stair and try to sleep. When I started down I seen her coming and sat down under the roof wall, the moment she arrived on the terrace I caught her and dragged near me.She fall on my laap and her beautiful Gaand was Touching my huge Tool. She started smiling shyly and I never wasted the time and putted my lips on her lips and started smooching, she started crying in pleasure. Then I putted my hand on her right Boob from outside and started fondling it.

She was enjoying and then I removed her night gown and she was now in her bra and panty. I never seen such a sexy women in my life but as per my perceptions about her gaand it was so…oooo sexy. I could not control myself and removed her panty first than bra to see her nude Gaand. After removing the same I putted my hands on her ass and started sqeezing it hardly, she cried “pls. aram se jija ji, aaj ki raat yeh aap hi ki hai.” then I opened her ass crack and started licking her tiny wrinkled brown ass hole. And I have also started rubbing her pussy. She start moaning aah aah aah oh.

I inserted my tounge in her ass hole and started fucking with tongue. Then I stood up and removed my pijama and underwear and took out my 10 inch huge tool, she surprised to see my huge tool and smiled. I have also removed her bra and started sucking her nipples. Then I told her to take my tool in her mouth and she refused, but I wanted my tool in her mouth, I convinced her for the same and then she took my tool in her hand and started stroking and she was still not taking in mouth.

I requested her again then she touched her tounge on the tip of the tool and then took tip of the tool in her mouth and the moment my little tip gone in side her mouth I jerked my tool and fiiled her mouth till her throat with my tool. And I started fucking her mouth, but my goal for that day to fuck her ass.I stoped mouth fucking and told her to be in doggy style. She laid down and raised her sexy Gaand in air, I started licking her pussy and she started moning and told me “mere raja pls. mujhe chodo.” I sat behind her and kept my tool tip on her choot and inserted little, she start crying in pain like a virgin then with a jerk I inserted my full 10 inch tool in her, she start crying, “pls. chod do mujhe jaane do aap ka to bahut bara hai mere husband ka to mujhe pata bhi nahin chalta.” I told her “ek bar is ka maja le lo gi to kabhi nahin bhulogi.”

I increased the speed and she was crying but later on that changed and she started enjoying the fucking session, hot juice started coming out from her choot and I took some lubrication in my hand and started rubbing her tiny ass hole, by that time she has not understood what I am going to do, suddenly I cheated her, I took out my tool and with jerk I inserted in her my dream Gaand, She cried in pain “Pls. Pls. ise bahar nikalo main mar jaoungi,” but I never listened her and increased the speed. She was begging “Pls.

mujhe chod do, aaj tak mere husband ne bhi kabhi yahan nahin dala.” But I was enjoying her sexy gaand and told her “Ek baar is ka maja le le gi to saari zindagi mere pass aayegi,.aaj main teri gaand ke tukde kar doonga, kab se meri nazar teri gaand pe thi” and with these words I increased my speed and started stroking her gaand badly and I was also hitting her ass cheeks with my hand and they became red. She was now enjoying the ass fucking and sudenly I was about to cum and I told her “Mera chutne wala hai.” She smiled and said “jis cheej pe aap ki kaab se nazar thi yeh maal wahin chudwa do.”

I gone wild with her words and exploded my whole cum in her gaand and I kept my tool in her gaand till it squeezed back to its shape. Then I told her to lick my tool and clean the cum, which she happily did. Then I asked her “Kaisa laga”. She replied “Bahut maza aaya, aaj se yeh gaand aap hi ki hai, jab bhi chance milega aap ise enjoy kar sakte hain, yeh main apne husband ko nahin doongi.” She weared her cloth and gone down and I was really happy with, what was happened and even when she left I masturbated thinking about her sexy gaand I fucked.