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Garima Singh: hey darling
heart_virus_here: u just dont talk…huh
heart_virus_here: tumhe ab tak main yad hun,kaise garima…
Garima Singh: i m in gurgaon….abhi waise ghar jaa rahi hooo…..will u bi online?
heart_virus_here: gurgaon kahan se aa gayi bangalore?
Garima Singh: ha ha ha

heart_virus_here: ya i will b online…kitni der mein u will b online?>
heart_virus_here: u lied me na
Garima Singh: aare no’when did i lied u
heart_virus_here: to gurgaon kab aayi
heart_virus_here: u wre in bangalore na
heart_virus_here: u shifted to gurgaon…..
Garima Singh: kaal
Garima Singh: naa
heart_virus_here: thn
Garima Singh: ristedaaro se milne aayee
heart_virus_here: ohhhhhh
heart_virus_here: n gayab kahan thi
heart_virus_here: mujhe bahutr gussa aya tha tumhare upar
Garima Singh: hyderabad gayee thi ek project ke silsile me
heart_virus_here: ohhhhhhh…..
heart_virus_here: accha ji
Garima Singh: it is such a borin place yaar…..dilli is thebest
heart_virus_here: sirf project hi kiya na..kuch aur to nhi
Garima Singh: ha ha ha ha
heart_virus_here: accha…dilli mein main jo hun
Garima Singh: aaah haa
Garima Singh: aachaa suno…main abhi jaa rahi hoo
Garima Singh: saayad ek ghante baad online hoongo
Garima Singh: tum raho ge kya?
heart_virus_here: han rahunga
heart_virus_here: bt aaj tumhe aise nhi jane doonga
Garima Singh: ha ha ha
heart_virus_here: aaj main sab kucch karunga…tabhi tum control mein aaogi
Garima Singh: aah ha
Garima Singh: aacha suno mujhe abhi jaana hai…
heart_virus_here: ok…will wait babt
heart_virus_here: bt ana zaroor
Garima Singh: sayaad ek ghante baad ghar pohoch laar net me aaongo
Garima Singh: haa zaroor mere dilbaar
heart_virus_here: shayd nhi,ana hoga tumhe,sare hisab barabar karne hain jo
Garima Singh: ooh hooo
Garima Singh: gussa ho kya mujse?
heart_virus_here: han
heart_virus_here: aao to tum
heart_virus_here: punishmne to milegi hi na
Garima Singh: janooo mei aaj tumhari hoo…
Garima Singh: lekin mujhe abhi jaana hai….
heart_virus_here: hunnnnn…aao to
heart_virus_here: han jaldi aao online…i’ll b waiting baby
Garima Singh: ya sure …chalo bye for now….ghar pohoch ke i’ll IM you
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: tab tak main bhi maaliish karke sakth kar leta hun
Garima Singh: jaaanu tum online ho?
heart_virus_here: yaaaaaaaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: u thr
Garima Singh: yep
Garima Singh: baas abhi reachd home
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: susu karna hai to kar lo
Garima Singh: ha ha ha
Garima Singh: give me few minutes…mei channge kaar ke aati hoo
heart_virus_here: ok……susu bhi kar lena ,i’ll watch
Garima Singh: na…mei batroom ka datwaza baandh rakhoongi
heart_virus_here: na……..main to dekhunga
Garima Singh: tum bade naughty ho
heart_virus_here: han hu
Garima Singh: lol
Garima Singh: aacha ruko mei chanfe kaarke aati hoo
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: kuch jyada hi susu nhi kar rhi ho aaj…..
Garima Singh: ha ha ha ha
Garima Singh: am back
heart_virus_here: dnt laugh…i’ll make u cry baby
Garima Singh: aah haa
heart_virus_here: am back…i’ll tear ur back…
Garima Singh: ooh hooo
heart_virus_here: yaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: so gayab hi ho gyi thi
heart_virus_here: huh
Garima Singh: i went to hyd for a project
heart_virus_here: wt all u did thre
Garima Singh: to bohot busy thi
heart_virus_here: unofficial thngs
Garima Singh: he he he he
heart_virus_here: kiya y nhi…
heart_virus_here: batao
Garima Singh: haa baba kiya
heart_virus_here: kiske sath bolo
heart_virus_here: huh.tum bas yhi karti raho…mujhe bhool jati ho
Garima Singh: aare tumhe kaise bhool sakti hoo…..aagar bhool jaatiu to IM kyu kaarti
Garima Singh: aacha aab batao…aabhi bhi kisi ke saat soye ke nehi?
heart_virus_here: mujhe tabhi yad karti ho jab sab kucch kar leti ho…huh
heart_virus_here: naaaaaaaaaa
Garima Singh: oh poor boy
Garima Singh: but u know…
heart_virus_here: wat?
Garima Singh: jaab tum kisi ke saat sex karoge to use to tum kha jaooge
heart_virus_here: i’m poor…ofcorse
heart_virus_here: kyon?
Garima Singh: aacha….so tell me…hows everything going wth u
heart_virus_here: fine
heart_virus_here: padhai ho rhi hai…accha batao kyon kha jaunga
Garima Singh: kyo ki…u never slept with a a woman…to u;ll just love her like anything whn u get a chance
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: wish u wre tht
Garima Singh: i once slept with an army major… usne mujhe 3 days tak baas fucked me like anything
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: u told me,it was ur best
Garima Singh: ya
heart_virus_here: gt ne new pic…wana see u now baby
heart_virus_here: army wale ke sath 3 days tak kahan rahi?
Garima Singh: baas usi ke ghar me….in dehradun…mere jijaji ke dost hai
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: got voice chat now…plzz koi pic dikhao na
heart_virus_here: to madam kiske sath n kitna kiya hyd mein?
Garima Singh: aare na …no new pic
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: hydbd mein kitno ko aabad kiya
Garima Singh: ha ha ha ah
Garima Singh: sirf mere client ke saat ek baar
heart_virus_here: tum na….ajeez ho yar….bt tell mw how u cn do this so easily,dar nhi lagta image ke bare mein,kisis ko pata lag gaya n all this
Garima Singh: aare ….why to fear…i slept with the client who was maaryd….to even he is in the loop u know
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: ya..wat ws his age….how ws it?
Garima Singh: he was around 40 – 45
heart_virus_here: ohhhh ho…uncle ke to maze aa gaye…garima jaisi mil gayi
Garima Singh: ha ha ha
heart_virus_here: how was his…uncle bhi mota hoga n…
Garima Singh: and u know….south indian sex ke bhooke hote hai
heart_virus_here: how was ur exprnce wth tht age guy
Garima Singh: to he fucked me like crazy
heart_virus_here: how was his tool…mota tha kya uncle khud bhi….
heart_virus_here: wat he said to u while fucking
Garima Singh: ha mota to tha…lekin zaada nehi…he was ok…
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: n uska tool
Garima Singh: upar se divorcee tha…to he did not sleep with anyone since the last two years
heart_virus_here: tab to tumhare upar bhooke bhediye ki tarah kood gaya hoga…accha how it happned…kaise shuru huwa,,,how u knew n he knew tht u wanted
Garima Singh: ha ha hah a
Garima Singh: ya he was looking at me like crazy….andwhen we had meeting, i was wearing a semi mini skirt with sleeveless shiirt
heart_virus_here: did tht mota bastard licked ur vagina
heart_virus_here: wat was he most interested in
Garima Singh: ya he licked my cunt like crazy….
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: mota fat bastard.,..salle ka penis toot jaye
Garima Singh: lol
Garima Singh: aab kon sa photo share kaar rahe ho
heart_virus_here: ye bahut miss kar raha tha tumhe
heart_virus_here: bt tum to uss salle mote ke pas thi na
Garima Singh: oh my god
Garima Singh: ye tumhara hai
heart_virus_here: aur kiska hai
Garima Singh: ha ha ha
Garima Singh: aacha to u masturbated too
heart_virus_here: ya
heart_virus_here: aur kya karin…khada rakhein usse zindgi bhar
Garima Singh: oof foo
heart_virus_here: mana hamare pass garima nhi hai,lekin kucch to karna hoga na dear
Garima Singh: ha ha ha ha
heart_virus_here: wana hear ur voice yar
heart_virus_here: kabhi awaz to atleast suna do na
Garima Singh: hmmm zaroor
heart_virus_here: ye kaun hai?
Garima Singh: waise did i show u this pic of mine
heart_virus_here: darkness doll
heart_virus_here: noooooo
heart_virus_here: u nvr
heart_virus_here: u bad gal..pic bhi nhi dikhayi…thodi badi hai kya iss se
Garima Singh: ok
Garima Singh: to kaisi laag rahi hoo mai
heart_virus_here: yar ismein bholi bhali decent pyari si bacchi lag rhi ho jo ki tum ho nhi bilkul
Garima Singh: ha ha hah ah ha
heart_virus_here: tum bas…jo tumse mil le,kismatwala hai
heart_virus_here: tumne bataya nhi kaisa hai mera…
heart_virus_here: tumhare intezar mein sukh gaya hai bechara
Garima Singh: ha ha aha ha
Garima Singh: hey urs is good…lekin it will grow more and will get harder if any girl gives u a blowjob
heart_virus_here: batao to kaisa lag,honestly bata do
heart_virus_here: really?
Garima Singh: its not that big but enough to make a girl satisfied
heart_virus_here: any girl=garima?????…solve trhis question…
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
heart_virus_here: is it fat?
Garima Singh: well ya…but i have seen dicks which are fatter than yours
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
heart_virus_here: accha jaise dicks alag alag hote hain,waise kya vagina shape bhi dfrnt hota hai?
Garima Singh: ha
heart_virus_here: kaise
heart_virus_here: hey i missed u yar
heart_virus_here: really…
heart_virus_here: tumhari yad aati thi
heart_virus_here: mujhe laga tum chali gyi n dltd me frm list
heart_virus_here: so maine bhi jyada msgs nhi kiye phir
Garima Singh: no yaar i did nt delete u
heart_virus_here: accha ye pic kahan ki hai…koi badi n clear nhi hai,u looking really pretty in this,mch more thn tht previous pic
Garima Singh: filhaal to nehi because this is my office laptop to we cant hace our personal stuffs in here
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: plzz try for another pic…accha ye pic hai kahan ki
heart_virus_here: bolo kahan ki pic hai?…..
Garima Singh: ye pic is 6 months older when i was in my hometown
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: meerut
heart_virus_here: wahan to bilkul sedhi sadi..han
Garima Singh: ha ha ha
heart_virus_here: bt in this pic u looking pretty n i wish i cud meet u whn u dressed like this
Garima Singh: thank yaar
heart_virus_here: mujhe awaz kab sunaogi
Garima Singh: hmmmm…i will
heart_virus_here: whn n how?
Garima Singh: hmmm thats a secret
heart_virus_here: i guess ur vagina lips r thin n long?am i rght?
Garima Singh: ha ha hah …ya right
heart_virus_here: dont gv it secret name…say u nt sure…u dnt need to b diplomatic wth me dear,u cn b clear…plz i wud like tht
heart_virus_here: n very cute vagina
Garima Singh: aacha how do i luk here
heart_virus_here: mmmmm…ok ok….bt best in tht meerut pic
heart_virus_here: thr u looking vry pretty
Garima Singh: ok
Garima Singh: thnks
heart_virus_here: u know u r made for sex
Garima Singh: oye
heart_virus_here: hahaha
heart_virus_here: i mean u sex goddess
heart_virus_here: ur body is perfect
Garima Singh: evry human being has sex
heart_virus_here: thin…sexy…fair…nice long lips….i guess jis ladki ke face lips jaise hote hain waise hi uske choot lips hote hain
Garima Singh: aah haa
heart_virus_here: koi aur pic..jab tum ye aah haa kahti ho na to man karta hai lip kiss kar loon zor se tumhe
heart_virus_here: accha sacchi batao,kabhi mujhe awas sunaogi apni…just asking…no diplomacy…say wt u cn do…u n b honest wth me baby…
Garima Singh: ya i will
heart_virus_here: will b meet neday?hahaha
heart_virus_here: who is this another gal wth u?is she same who was wth u tht day during sex?
Garima Singh: u never know….sayaad more than just meeting
heart_virus_here: mating?
Garima Singh:
heart_virus_here: bt i will fuck u very hard
heart_virus_here: tht i know
Garima Singh: aah
heart_virus_here: kahan gayi?
heart_virus_here: who is this gal wth u?
Garima Singh: yehi to hooo
Garima Singh: in the pic?
heart_virus_here: ya….
heart_virus_here: has she been fucked?
Garima Singh: shes my rummie
heart_virus_here: m p wali?
Garima Singh: nehi UP waali
heart_virus_here: oh
heart_virus_here: m p wali kaun thi?
heart_virus_here: whr frm u p she is?
Garima Singh: Allahabad
heart_virus_here: oooooooooooooo
heart_virus_here: has she been fucked too?
heart_virus_here: accha did ne guy in pic ever fucked u?
Garima Singh: ya shes been fucked too….ya theres one guy in the pic who had fucked me
heart_virus_here: who?
heart_virus_here: accha iss aapki uttar pradesh wali roomie ka”madhya pradesh”kaisa hai?
Garima Singh: matlaab?
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: madhya pradesh…centre area?
Garima Singh: ha ha ha ha
Garima Singh: i hv never seen hers
heart_virus_here: accha wch guy u did wth
heart_virus_here: u busy wth smone na?
Garima Singh: the guy just to the left of me
heart_virus_here: dont tell…iska to mota hoga yar
Garima Singh: ya…we were living togethher once
heart_virus_here: aapki roomie ki choot upar hai aapki choot se na
Garima Singh: ya
heart_virus_here: jahan aapki kamar hai,wahan uski choot hai na
Garima Singh: mujse lambi jo hai woh
heart_virus_here: bt me sure aapki choot lips lambe hain usse..uski choot lil fat n dark brwon…small lips
Garima Singh: ha ha ha
heart_virus_here: accha…wt u wearing now
heart_virus_here: wsh u had cam yar
Garima Singh: i m wearin a low cut nightie
heart_virus_here: accha ek bat batao,jab penis andar jata hai to how it feels
Garima Singh: oh it feels like heaven
heart_virus_here: really…is sex worth or is just d hype?
heart_virus_here: accha u know u llok far prettier wth open hairs thn tied hairs…as u hv thin n round small face
Garima Singh: its worth it….it gives so much pleasure to a female that u cant imagine
heart_virus_here: u hv nice lips to bite…n thn ofcourse nice sweet boobs wth lil nipples to b sucked n thn ur smooth skin ride till ur long thin vagina lips
heart_virus_here: will i gt a chance to provide u tht pleasure
Garima Singh:
Garima Singh: well….u never know
Garima Singh: may be
heart_virus_here: hv i described u correectly?
heart_virus_here: bt ya,if i get u,i’ll love u like mad
Garima Singh:
heart_virus_here: n gaand to mar ke hi rahunga…choottttttttttttttttttt mile na mile
Garima Singh: ha ha ha
heart_virus_here: really
heart_virus_here: i cn very well imagine ur choot yar
Garima Singh:
heart_virus_here: gaand choti hai…bahut maza aayega peeche se katne n ghusane mein
Garima Singh: he he he
Garima Singh: aacha u knw sumthin
heart_virus_here: kya
Garima Singh: i can tell for sure that the first thing u luk in a grl is her ass
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: yaaaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: u rght
heart_virus_here: i just love ass
Garima Singh: aah ha
heart_virus_here: it shud b round…juicy,fleshy…n if possible fair complexion
Garima Singh: hmmmm
heart_virus_here: ur ass must really b cute yar….relly cute……
Garima Singh: tell me one thing…which bollywood actress’s meri baat chodou ass u like the most
heart_virus_here: accha choot hairy hai abhi ya kya?
heart_virus_here: yar frankly bataun…i hv nvr been atrcted to ne bolly wood actress…i really like normal indian ladies….wth no proper figur…bt huge ass…
Garima Singh: haa abhi hairy….i’ll probably clean it tomorrow while bathin
heart_virus_here: waise agar bolna hi hai to…..i wud say…..preity zinta n lara dutta
Garima Singh: ok
heart_virus_here: aur batao….cn u chat more…plzz
heart_virus_here: i wana a proper cyber sex wth u
Garima Singh: ya sure
heart_virus_here: cn v do it nicely n widly
Garima Singh: hmmm ok
heart_virus_here: waise uss mote ke sath wch position was comfortble for u n wch he liked most
heart_virus_here: n y u got atrcted towardsa tht motu bastard
Garima Singh: naa i did not get attracted to him…but he fucked me so well thats what i likd the most
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
heart_virus_here: did u feel pain whn he entrd?
Garima Singh: well ya initially…but he was really good
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: bt tell me,y aftr doing so much u still feel pain
Garima Singh: well initially it alwyz pains fora girl no matter how much she had se
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
heart_virus_here: did he did anal?
Garima Singh: ya he did
heart_virus_here: oh hoooooooo
heart_virus_here: y it hapsn tht everyone does wth u goes ur anus too
heart_virus_here: n kitna gaya anus mein…poora to jata nhi hoga nb?
Garima Singh: i love anal too …
heart_virus_here: painful hotab hai bahut?
Garima Singh: leki pehele the guy shud fuck me in my cunt to turn me on
heart_virus_here: okkkkkk
heart_virus_here: i knw this secret of urs to enter ur anus
Garima Singh: ha ha ha
heart_virus_here: n while fucking ur anus i shud kp rubng ur cunt
Garima Singh: ya…. ha ha ha
Garima Singh: thts wht i lov the most
heart_virus_here: dont take test of my penis now
Garima Singh: lol
heart_virus_here: kash tum mere room mein hoti abhi
Garima Singh: aacha
heart_virus_here: agar koi pic hai tumhari wth open hairs to plzz mujhe dikhana as soon as posble
Garima Singh: hmmm ok
Garima Singh: lekin laptop me nehi hai
heart_virus_here: to usmein dalo…jaise bhi ho i need to c u wth open hairs…….
heart_virus_here: hey garima…come near me
Garima Singh: aah ha
heart_virus_here: n b fast n cooperative now wth me….
Garima Singh: ok…..
heart_virus_here: i’m slolwy looking deep into ur eyes n slowly i hug u soflty n kiss ur lips slowly…..
heart_virus_here: ahhhhhhh…mmmmm,,,,,,,
Garima Singh: hmmmmm
heart_virus_here: this me,imagine me doing……
heart_virus_here: my lips slolwy playing wth ur sexy thin lips
heart_virus_here: biting ur lips………n u moaning…..
heart_virus_here: licking ur lips slowly n wildy now…mmmm

Garima Singh: hey babay
Garima Singh: how r u
Garima Singh has signed back in.

Garima Singh: aah ha ha
Garima Singh: baas abhi ghar aayi hoo
Garima Singh: kaise ho
Garima Singh: gussa ho kya
heart_virus_here: huh
heart_virus_here: kal poore din gayab rahi
Garima Singh: hmmm
heart_virus_here: mail nahi offlines kucch nahi
Garima Singh:
heart_virus_here: baby ko bhool gayi
Garima Singh: aagar bhool gayi hoti to wapas IM nehi kaarti
heart_virus_here: mail kab milegi
Garima Singh: bohot utable ho yaar tum
heart_virus_here: tum ho hi aisi
Garima Singh: aare sorry yaar
heart_virus_here: u wont believe ,i was watchng ur pic
Garima Singh: now
heart_virus_here: yaaaaaa
Garima Singh: and what else u r doing watching my pic
heart_virus_here: abhi to imagine karke nangi hi karne ja raha tha
heart_virus_here: accha wt wearing now
heart_virus_here: detail mein
Garima Singh: abhi to kapde nehi baadli
Garima Singh: jo pehenke gayee thi wohi hai
Garima Singh: thodi der me change karoongi
Garima Singh: kya hua
Garima Singh: busy ho kya
heart_virus_here: nahi
heart_virus_here: kaun se pahan ke gay i thi wo batao
Garima Singh: grey color saalwaar kameez
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: neeche?
Garima Singh: aah haa
Garima Singh: kyu bolu
heart_virus_here: bolo nahi to khud dekh loongha
heart_virus_here: bolooooooo
heart_virus_here: helloooooooooo
heart_virus_here: u thre garima
Garima Singh: aare kya hua
Garima Singh: got a call to answer
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: nature;s call?
Garima Singh: ek mint…on a call
heart_virus_here: k
Garima Singh: ok am back
Garima Singh: office se call tha
Garima Singh: to bolo kya bolu
Garima Singh: bola to hai ki salwaa pehen ke gayee thi
heart_virus_here: mmmmm……i thot nature;s call
heart_virus_here: salwar ke neeche
Garima Singh: aah haa
Garima Singh: panty pehena hai
heart_virus_here: colo
heart_virus_here: color panty ka garima ji…luckiest cloth in d world
Garima Singh: lol
Garima Singh: why lucky
heart_virus_here: hug ur ass n kisses ur choot
Garima Singh: ha ha ha ha ha
heart_virus_here: bt unlucky too
Garima Singh: how?
heart_virus_here: jab tum chudti ho to door nikal ke phenk dete hain isse n ye chupchap dekhti rahti hai ki jiss cheez ko protect karti thi wahi chud rahi hai
Garima Singh: oh my god
Garima Singh: lol
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: liked
heart_virus_here: ok(bt gand se neeche ho gayi)
heart_virus_here: is it below gand now?
heart_virus_here: or still covering full
heart_virus_here: kahan gayi ab
heart_virus_here: ab kya nature;s call aa gayi
Garima Singh: ya
Garima Singh:
Garima Singh: full
Garima Singh: thodi der me kapde badloongi
heart_virus_here: panty color to batao
heart_virus_here: susu aa raha hai kar ke online aayi
heart_virus_here: panty color garimaaaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: u busy kya?
Garima Singh: aacha…uko fo few minutes
Garima Singh: ruko
Garima Singh: let me change
Garima Singh: aapni aakhen baand kaar lo
Garima Singh: panty color offwhite hai
heart_virus_here: aankhen badn kar lun,aise mauke pe…….
heart_virus_here: hey……..salwar ka nada main kholunga plzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: ye liya n khol diyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: ab susu bhi karne lagi kya
Garima Singh: am back
Garima Singh: oh my god
Garima Singh: kitna kuch likh diya tumne
heart_virus_here: susu karne lagi thi?
Garima Singh: ha
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmm………
heart_virus_here: salwar ka nada maine khola tha
heart_virus_here: panty to change nhi ki hogi na
Garima Singh: kitna aaram laag raha hai aab
Garima Singh: ha panty bra, dono utar di
heart_virus_here: accha susu kab kiya,clothes change se pahle ya bad mein ya beech mein whn u wre only in bra n kachhi
Garima Singh: ladkiya sote waqt ye saab nehi pehenti
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmmm…………
Garima Singh: saab chnage kaarne ke baad susu ki
heart_virus_here: western or indian toilet
Garima Singh: have both actually in my house
heart_virus_here: ok……….
heart_virus_here: wch one u like
Garima Singh: western actually
heart_virus_here: haha i knew
heart_virus_here: bt i like indian for u
Garima Singh: wht is tht
heart_virus_here: jab indian mein baithogi to sab dikhega,kucch chupa nahi paogi na
Garima Singh: lol
Garima Singh: he he he he
heart_virus_here: sachhi
Garima Singh: haa woh to hai
heart_virus_here: kabhi kahde ho ke susu kiya hai
Garima Singh: nehi
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: u know its gross bt i feel like tasting ur susu
Garima Singh:
Garima Singh: kya bol rahe ho
heart_virus_here: nana aise nhi
heart_virus_here: hoga ye ki u will doign susu,main aaunga n tumhe waise hi utha ke bed pe rakh ke choot chatunga to thoda sa taste aayega
Garima Singh: aaiyaa
heart_virus_here: wud u mind if i lick ur anus hole
Garima Singh: nope…i like when guys do that to me…but first they suck my cunt to turn me on
heart_virus_here: i’ll do tht,dont worry…..
heart_virus_here: so ab kya pahna hai,shorts n t shirts
Garima Singh: aah haa
Garima Singh: naa…sirf a kneelength sleeveless tshit
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm………..
heart_virus_here: aaj to poora mauka hai mere pass
heart_virus_here: sirf t shirt upar karni hogi bas
Garima Singh: aacha
Garima Singh: waise tell me abt your favoite sex experience
heart_virus_here: virginnnnnnnnnnnnn
Garima Singh: what?
heart_virus_here: yaaaaaaaaa garima jiiiiiiii
Garima Singh: u still havent slept with a gl
heart_virus_here: hey i sent u my pic,did u see tht
heart_virus_here: naaaaaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: all virginnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Garima Singh: ooops
heart_virus_here: tabhi to utawala hun na
Garima Singh: aah haa
Garima Singh: to kabhi mei tumhare saamne aagayee ….to u’ll just keep fuckin me
heart_virus_here: last line ko hindi mein bolo plzz,jyada accha lagega
heart_virus_here: garimaaaaaaaa………
heart_virus_here: helloooooooooooooooooooo
heart_virus_here: u thre
heart_virus_here: hellooooooooooooo
heart_virus_here: cn u get my repl
Garima Singh: what happened
heart_virus_here: sory got dc
Garima Singh: kaha chale gaye the
Garima Singh: k
heart_virus_here: i was aying ki write tht in hindi plzz
Garima Singh: kys
Garima Singh: kya
heart_virus_here: tht 2nd line
heart_virus_here: to kabhi mei tumhare saamne aagayee ….to u’ll just keep fuckin me
Garima Singh: hmm
Garima Singh: tum mujhe chodte hi rehete
heart_virus_here: hahaha
heart_virus_here: u naughty
heart_virus_here: may b till u njoy
heart_virus_here: bt me still full virgin
heart_virus_here: wish tum meri virginity todo
heart_virus_here: did u see my pic
heart_virus_here: face pic
Garima Singh: he he he he he
Garima Singh: aah haa
heart_virus_here: dekhi?
Garima Singh: yep
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: am i ok?
Garima Singh: yes u are honey
heart_virus_here: am i worth feleing u garima
Garima Singh: aah haa
heart_virus_here: mmmmm.thnkx
Garima Singh: well only time will tell
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: mujhe awaz kab sunaogi apni
Garima Singh: hmmm….i will yaar
heart_virus_here: ok…thnx
heart_virus_here: whn u feel so.i’ll wait for tht day
heart_virus_here: kal din bhar kahan gayb thi
Garima Singh: kaal ek dost ki birthday party thi
Garima Singh: to uske waha pe thi
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm……chudai hui wahan kya?
Garima Singh: nehi not totally…i mean no intercourse
Garima Singh: but ya had some fun
heart_virus_here: uuuuuuuuuuuu………..kitni enegry hai tumhare andar…kiske sath kiya ab…wt all fun
heart_virus_here: batao zara
Garima Singh: baas waha pe we had drinks aur fir disco
Garima Singh: to one guy i was dancing with smooched me and then he pressed my boobs and butt
Garima Singh: lekin no full to sex
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm……..
heart_virus_here: andar se touch ya bahar se hi
Garima Singh: bahar se hi
Garima Singh: but its fun you know
Garima Singh: i was teasing him all the while we were dancing
Garima Singh: and finally he just got hold of my but pressed them hard aur uske baad we smooched and while smooching we was fondling my breasts
heart_virus_here: bastard
Garima Singh: lol
heart_virus_here: so tell me tht day story,kaise plan hua n kya kya hua
Garima Singh: friday ko
heart_virus_here: yaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: how 4 guys pland it
Garima Singh: oh it was awesome and i had the greatest pleasure
Garima Singh: we were actually two guys and two girls
Garima Singh: to ekdaam se plan hua ki ek ke ghar jaa kaar thoda relax kaarenge and we’ll have some drinks
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: so it was implicit…
heart_virus_here: so uss waqt mind mein tah sex ya nahi tha
Garima Singh: naa mere mind pe to nehi
Garima Singh: lekin saayad the guys had
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: thn
Garima Singh: to ghar pohoche …. fir we started to watch tv and then beer thodi se peena start kiya
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: yar i nvr drihnk
Garima Singh: thts fine
heart_virus_here: thn
Garima Singh: fir kya…aab ladke to ladke of them got a pon cd
Garima Singh: porn
heart_virus_here: haha
heart_virus_here: ok
Garima Singh: to then what…to he played the cd and we started
Garima Singh: i felt horny because i was a lil drunk
Garima Singh: and wanted to hv sex
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmmmm
heart_virus_here: n other lady
Garima Singh: to porn dekhte dekhte, one started to squeeze my boobs
Garima Singh: and the other started to smooch the other grl
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm…okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: both guys wre good frnds of u gals?
Garima Singh: to fir hum oom me gaye
Garima Singh: ya
Garima Singh: we are all collegues
heart_virus_here: thn
Garima Singh: the guy started to smooch me crazily
Garima Singh: and squeezing my but
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
Garima Singh: it felt so good yaa
Garima Singh: cant tell u how much i lovd
heart_virus_here: accha u had no choice…agar doosra wala smooch karta o uske sath karti sex
Garima Singh: well we did change partners also a
heart_virus_here: wth both u had
Garima Singh: yep
Garima Singh: my friend also she did
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm……tum kya ho yar
heart_virus_here: main to sex ki bhookh se hi mar jaunga
Garima Singh: yaar nothing is as wonderful as sex
heart_virus_here: it worth or its hyped
Garima Singh: you do once thn u’ll understand
heart_virus_here: thats on u
heart_virus_here: hahaha
heart_virus_here: i wana do once b4 marriage yar
Garima Singh: ya do it
Garima Singh: u shud actually once b4 marriage
heart_virus_here: ya bt kiske sath yar
heart_virus_here: i dont hv mch frnds
heart_virus_here: all studies na
heart_virus_here: whn u work u gt chance
Garima Singh: dont woory….dilli me koi mil hi jayegi
heart_virus_here: haha,na mili to?
heart_virus_here: bangalore se koi milegi kya meerut mein

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