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Getting Lucky with Laxmi

After having so much sex with all the glamorous girls in my studio I decided to have a change trying out with my rustic horny looking maid Laxmibai. Laxmi was a 25-year-old typical village type sex bomb but she wasted it all in shyness. She had a dark oily body massively loaded with ample fat and flesh but not compromising with a shapely figure.

All the fat was perfectly in the right places leaving truly sleek curvaceous waist, legs, arms and neck. Every evening she came to clean the studio. In my spare time I ogled at her massive ass swinging from side to side as she did the sweeping and wiping on floor. In such situations her old torn saree was usually pulled up to the thighs showing her beautiful legs. Her blouse was also old and torn along the sides and corners exposing her palatable flesh underneath. It was quite evident that she never wore a bra so there would be less hassle of undressing her. When she used to clean inside the bedroom or bathroom kept for wannabe models, she would close the doors thinking I could not see her.
She didn’t know about my spy cameras capturing every detail of her body and actions. While washing bathrooms she took longer time inside looking at herself in mirror and trying some lipsticks or perfumes. Sometimes I saw her sitting on toilet with saree raised over the waist. And sometimes washing herself properly during which she even opened blouse to clean armpits or raised saree to wash legs and cunt. She had a thick jungle of hair on the cunt. Seeing her interest in using the bathroom and all the cosmetics in it, I allowed her to have a bath everyday with the imported soaps and shampoos after the work. She was extremely thrilled and grateful for my kindness. This way she became more obliged to do more for me and tried to please me in every possible way. That was a quick win over Laxmibai. The next few days she was desperately trying to make me happy by preparing coffee and snacks for me etc. Each time she came close to me to serve the coffee or snacks, my eyes scanned her whole body especially the open parts in intricate detail. Her body had started looking and smelling much better with use of the cosmetics. She had turned into a magnificent damsel in just a few weeks. In between sometimes we used to chat a bit when I discovered that her husband was always rude to her and didn’t want her in the house because he himself had affairs with other girls. That gave me a better chance to offer her to stay in the studio.
Her husband, she, and I were all happy with the decision. And each of us had our own benefits too. The room reserved for models was vacant since there were no candidates at that time. For one week since she started living in the studio I restlessly recorded her every intimate moment which she thought she spent in full privacy. That included her masturbating and fantasizing herself in the mirrors etc. I wanted to also gift her some new clothes to wear, but thought of using that as a bribe for satisfying my needs.
I didn’t hurry into bribing her with new clothes immediately. In the meanwhile, during daytime she used to watch all the other glamorous news reporter girls who came in their sexy dresses and the way I set them more provocatively before the camera. She had also seen some of the portfolio pictures of the wannabe models in their erotic outfits. She had started getting a bit jealous of those girls and turning possessive towards me. She wanted all my attention only towards her and not any other girl. So she tried to seduce me in various ways by leaving the blouse hooks carelessly left open, dropping the saree off the shoulder and not putting it back, etc. In the evenings Laxmi and I were alone. In such times she sometimes walked freely in the studio either wearing only blouse and petticoat with no saree. Or sometimes with saree with no blouse underneath but keeping her mighty boobs covered only by the saree. I was very proud of my quick achievement in turning this horny-but-shy maid into becoming my sex slave completely at my disposal. Even though I was enjoying her seduction, I frankly asked her why she didn’t wear full clothes.
She said they were all torn and old. I scolded her that is she going to go around like this in front of everyone. She stood there scared and quiet. Next day Laxmi was wearing another of her old frayed cream color blouse and a dark green saree. That day even in the evening after everybody had left the studio, she didn’t dare to be careless with her clothes. She was too scared after my scolding the previous day. Eventually I went and got the set of clothes I had kept specially for her. The set consisted of a white blouse and a light blue saree (both of extremely thin material for full exposure of her sexy body) and a white petticoat. All were simple clothes for daily use. She was very happy to see them and was eager to wear them immediately. But before giving them to her I put my proposal that she must wear them in front of me. She looked a little shy but she was also desperately waiting for this moment. With all the usual feminine fuss she slowly got ready to change right there in front of me. Very shyly she first pulled the saree away from shoulder gradually unwinding it from the waist and dropping it to the floor. The blouse was already so old and torn that it hardly covered much of her, except the main massive 40 sized balls. There were only two hooks holding the blouse which she opened but quickly turned around to hide the boobs before removing blouse.
Her dark skinned smooth back looked great as she picked the new white blouse wearing it proudly. I was already disappointed that she changed the blouse without letting me see her boobs. And she made a second mistake by pulling up and tying the new petticoat before dropping the old one. I was damn angry about her resistant behavior. But waited patiently until she finished wearing the whole saree. The disappointment gave me an excuse to punish her brutally. I was surely going to enjoy that more than having boring sweet romantic sex. After she had worn all the garments and finished adjusting them all properly she turned again facing me with a big smile waiting for me to admire her in the new clothes. I was least interested in what she was wearing. With a strict face I asked her to come closer. She came close enough for me to touch her. I was sitting at my desk. I took a scissor and neatly cut the saree from between the boobs and stomach so the upper part of it fell down. The remaining lower bit I simply pulled off the waist. She wondered I was destroying the new saree which I myself had gifted her a while ago. Without bothering to even look up at her I continued slitting the blouse cutting it into fine pieces till it fell apart totally. I took the first view of her huge bulging breasts hanging like two large melons. They looked fantastic with those large dark brown rough nipples on them. She tried to cover them with her hands. I looked at her furiously indicating not to obstruct my desires or she will have to go thru a very bad torture. She quietly put her hands down again but she looked dead scared of what I was planning to do with her later. Then I placed the scissor at the bottom of the petticoat (near her toes) and started cutting it upwards. As soon as the scissor passed the waist string the whole petticoat just fell down. Laxmi was feeling terribly embarrassed standing totally nude. My eyes couldn’t stop admiring how every part of her figure had such unbelievable sexy dips and curves.
I ran my fingers all over the smooth figure nurturing each curve. The light touch of my fingers on her skin turned her on. I did the same caressing along her back. As my fingers reached down to her ass I slid my fingers into the wide gap between her giant buttocks feeling my way thru to the bushy cunt. Actually there was just too much jungle on her cunt which I found disgusting. I told her I don’t like so much hair on pussies. I told her to get a razor blade from the bathroom. Then I made her lie down on floor and shaved her cunt personally making it completely clean and lickable. Then I ordered her to quickly clean up the shaved mess. She ran to the bathroom and brought a cloth swiftly cleaning all the mess on the floor. While she did that I enjoyed the sight of her naked ass shaking from side to side. In between I stroked her asshole with my toes. She was giggling away. But I didn’t want her to enjoy. I wanted to punish her so badly that she will remember to never disappoint me again.
She went to put the cleaning cloth back. When she returned I made her lie down and blindfolded her. Then also tied up her hands and legs stretched wide apart to disable her from making any movement. She was obviously scared and trembling in nervousness. I took lots of shots on camera of her huge dark naked body lying paralyzed as memento. Then gradually got set to screw her up totally. First of all I spread the cunt wide enough with both my hands inserting fingers of one hand deep inside. Her cunt was bloody wide since she was already married. Her sex freak husband must have screwed her thoroughly in the past. I could easily push my whole fist into the smoothly shaven cunt. I dug the hand deep in and pinched and twisted whatever muscles or organs I could catch hold of. Laxmi was screaming in pain. But the more she cried, the more I strangled her inner parts. My dick was overflowing with cum.
I poured it all into her mouth to keep her mouth busy instead of shouting and screaming. Her mouth was so full that even if she cried no sound came out then. Eventually she learned to shut up and bear it quietly. Then I took many pins and pierced them all over her mighty boobs. In some parts they were bleeding. Once again I put my whole hand in the cunt and with other hand I spread the cunt wider and wider till my full forearm was inside the cunt. I pushed the hand to and fro digging persistently in the cunt till it tore an inch or two above the existing length of clit. My whole arm was wet with all her juices. Then I repeated the same with the asshole, tearing it with all my strength. Her body had become bloody hot by now. She was begging me to actually fuck her finally. I asked her if she will ever act smart or conservative with me again. She swore that she will not wear a single thread of cloth on body when she and I are alone after office hours and that she will do exactly whatever I want of her. For that night I released her and waited to test her the next day.
Next day for daytime I gave her another set of clothes, a red saree with black blouse and black petticoat. I waited till rest of the staff was out of studio. As soon as the last person left, Laxmi quickly locked the door from inside standing with face to me and hurriedly removed all her clothes hoping to see me happy. I called her nearer starting to lick the body that was tortured last night. She was relieved with the soothing sensation of my gentle wet tongue on her bruises. The thick parts of her body were so juicy I couldn’t help biting and chewing on it like a beast. But I didn’t want to torture her much tonight. So I tried to be as gentle as possible apart from the little loss of control caused by the delicious fat in her body. Later I fucked her endlessly till morning digging the same depth as last night but this time with dick, not the hand. She was damn impressed with the huge size of my dick, a full 10 incher. We continued having furious sex for couple of months after which I got tired of her sagging breasts and rotting cunt. To get rid of her I passed her onto some clients for their personal entertainment. She satisfied them all very well, eventually earning a great reputation as a sex bomb as well as lifetime’s fortune too.