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Getting Sex Lessons from Bhaiya and Bhabhi

“So Rahul you want to know how to make love to your girlfriend.”

“Please Rohan, my friends have told me how much they hurt their girlfriends when it was their first time and I’ve seen you and Jasmine making love and it looks so good.”

“Does Sakshi know you are asking me about this?”

“Oh yes, she’s heard the stories too and she’s a bit frightened, that’s why I’ve come along to your room.”

“Okay, before we start, have you any condoms?”

“No I haven’t.”

“Okay, here’s some I got from the advisors. Now let’s go along to your room.” We got up from my bed and walked along the corridor to Rahul’s room. I followed him in and saw his girlfriend sitting on the bed blushing madly.

“Hello Sakshi, you know what my brother has just asked me, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, he has asked you to show him how to have sex with me so we both enjoy it.”

“Well strictly speaking I hope he’ll make love to you. Sex is just the act; making love is when you are sharing more than just your bodies. Now what I want you to do is to undress each other, it is much more sensual if you do that rather than strip yourselves. The only stripping your self is real fun is if you are playing strip poker or a similar game.”

Both of them were blushing furiously as they slowly took off each other’s clothes, my cock was a solid bar in my trousers as I saw more of Sakshi’s body uncovered. Finally they were both nude.

“Now both of you lay on the bed and kiss and cuddle as you normally would.” Oh boy, their hands were soon roving over each other’s chests, Rahul was tweaking Sakshi’s nipples and they were soon rigid little nubs. “Now Rahul slowly kiss your way down to her breast and suck on the nipple.” He accomplished that, I could see Sakshi’s breathing rate increase and could see the glitter of lubrication on her pussy. “Now Rahul, kiss your way down her body, tickle her tummy button with your tongue, then move your hand and slide it along her pussy, on those bits that are sticking out a bit, that’s the labia. Now slide your fingers up and down the middle.” I watched as his finger suddenly dropped through the join of the labia. “Now continue to slide your finger up and down the crack, can you feel that little lump at the top?” his finger just touched her clitoris and Sakshi jumped with surprise at the sensation. “Ah I see you have found it. That is her clitoris, it is as sensitive as the top of your cock, always be gentle as you touch it, now slide your finger back down the crack slowly.

“Rohan, it’s getting all wet.”

“Good, it’s supposed to. That shows that Sakshi’s body is getting ready for sex, it makes it easier for you to slide in. now as you move down you’ll pass over the entry to her piss tube, that’s like the slit in your cock and then a bit further down you’ll find the entry to her vagina, don’t push to hard there, just let your finger slide in gently. You should find a blockage unless Sakshi has been a bit vigorous with her tampons or something.” I heard Sakshi giggle.

“Sakshi if you want to explore Rahul’s cock and balls, they are all surface mounted so you can see them. Just be very gentle with them as you could easily hurt him. Now both of you listen up as you play. Another time you might like to kiss and suck each other off. You just have to be careful how you go, especially you Sakshi, as if you take him into your mouth, you must ensure that you cover your teeth with your lips. That can be great fun; if he cums in your mouth you can either spit it out or swallow it. The taste is not nasty and it can’t harm either of you. It is a form of sex play that cannot result in a pregnancy.” Rahul quickly moved his face forward and kissed Sakshi’s pussy. I passed Sakshi the condom and showed her how to tear the foil.

“Now pinch the teat on the end and roll it down Rahul’s cock.” She held the teat of the condom and before rolling it on she kissed Rahul’s cock, ” now move back around the bed, Rahul keep playing with Sakshi’s pussy,” I watched Sakshi get more aroused as Rahul’s finger brought her to full arousal, “Now Sakshi lift your legs up, Rahul help her with your shoulder and move around so your cock is by your finger. Now guide your cock into her vagina with your hand there, Move in slowly, can you feel her hymen,” Rahul nodded. “Okay now move in and out gently and keep your finger playing with her clit. Sakshi’s cries got louder and louder as she panted in her pleasure, now push all the way in and then stop pushing, keep your cock still inside her until she starts to move. There was a slight cry of pain and Rahul was still, deep inside his girlfriend. “Keep kissing her and playing with her clit.” Then Sakshi started moving against her boyfriend. “Okay Rahul, start thrusting in and out.” I sat back and watched as nature took over and very quickly I could see Rahul rear up and his eyes squeezed shut as his first orgasm inside a girl’s body took place. Sakshi cried out in joy as she experienced an orgasm of her own. I waited until their movement ceased.

“Rahul, you need to put your hand in between you to grab the condom on your cock and hold it in place as you pull out of Sakshi’s pussy. Now gently pull it off and tie a knot in the end, both of you come through to the bathroom to clean up. Sakshi, you can either use your mouth or a wash cloth, the problem if you use your mouth is you will get the taste of the condom and its lubricant, not very nice, but you do need to clean him up thoroughly as those drips contain sperm and could give you a baby. I picked up the washcloth and rinsed it in hot water before giving it to Sakshi. She cleaned the barrel of his cock and I showed her how to clear the tube by gently squeezing her hand and moving it up the shaft, a bobble of cum appeared at the top. I smiled as she licked it off. I picked up a second wash cloth and rinsed that and gave it to Rahul, you do the honours with Sakshi, be gentle as she will be a bit sore inside.” I watched as he washed off the blood and her lubrication. “Okay, that’s fine, now why did you use separate wash cloths?”

“So that Rahul’s semen didn’t get into my pussy.”

“That’s right, it only takes one wriggler to meet with your egg and our parents will be rather cross. If ever you are silly and have unprotected sex, either you speak to the school nurse, or the doctor or the chemist and get the morning after pill. Don’t think you wont get pregnant. You might and I’ll tell you this Sakshi, the time you are your most fertile is also one of the times you will be horniest.” We walked back into Rahul’s bedroom and they sat down together on the bed. Sakshi looked to me and said.

“Thanks Rohan, I was worried about my first time, I’ve heard so many horror stories but that was brilliant. I came harder than I have ever done with my fingers.”

“That’s okay. I would suggest you go on the pill but still use the condoms as well, especially around the time you are most fertile as if you take the pill at the wrong time, or if you have an upset tummy or similar then you can lose protection, for that reason implants can be better, but you need to talk with your doctor and possibly your mum, if you can, about that. Just remember though, one condom equals one fuck.” I smiled as I stood up to leave them; I put the box of condoms on Rahul’s bedside table. Sakshi stood up and gave me a huge hug and a kiss.

“Thanks again Rohan,” “yes thanks big brother.”