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Gift for Couple for life time

Hi Friends I am sanjay From bangalore I would like to share my experance with you all This happened when I was in Bangalore I use to chat in couples looking for Couples around 1 yr back. I was 26yrs at that time I got to know few couple online as I was very much comfortable with 3som & we use to enjoy with my couple friends in our friends they was a couple they name has been changed hubby’s name was Vish & wife was komal she was around 29yrs Hubby was 35yrs they where married for 11yrs when she was at the age of 18yrs she whe was married to vish they where the best couple whole I like a lot they use to care for me & love me as a close relitive they had every thing in life but some thing was not they was a kid komal use to always take me to tample & hospital as vish use to be bussy with his work and we offen use to enjoy alone too.

It was month of june me & komal where chating on net Komal asked me why don’t you marry I told I want to enjoy then komal said how much will u enjoy I said I want every thing without marrage & want to be experanced before marring then she told for that u have to have a kid before marrage I told her yaa I am ready but they should be some one with whome I can have it for kid & they should alow me to become a father. She was salint & loged off.

Next day I called her on her cell she picked up & said she was bussy she will call me back & after that we met few time but never enjoyed vish was very friendly with me he use to share every thing with me all about his life vish & me where having party at his home vish asked me sanjay when u like kids so much dear why don’t you help others by giving a gift. After this Qus I was confused I asked what do I have vish told u can give a very good thing if your willing to gift some one who really need . I then asked tell me openly & then komal also joined us Vish told me that he can’t get a baby for some reson not to be said and asked if I can help them I was a bit shoked but also happy that I will be a father but I was unmarried I ,vish & komal had long talk abouth this then we finaly agread that we can have kids but vish will be his father & nobody will come to know abouth this as usely I use to have sex with condoms. Komal was very happy and she started smileing at me vish was also on sky then I asked vish how will this plan workout then we 3 planed that I will stay at they home for few days till every thing goes on fine & she becomes pergent.

Next day I shifted myself to they home for few days Komal & me & vish we 3 use to sleep in a single room it was my first Night in they home we 3 watched T.V & had Dinner komal sarved us & at around 10 me & vish entryed bedroom vish start to chat on net & komal enterd the room & she was wareing Nighty pink colore with sexy Bra & panty she huged me & said atlast today u can have me as your own wife said told that she want kid to me like me she was whitesh long black hairs brown eyes sexy figure & I have hezel eyes Whitesh black hairs she use to like my eyes, I have lots of hairs on my chest she use to always play with them & move her hands now she was kissing me on my lipes & moveing her hands on my back I slowly removed her pink nighty & started moveing my hands on her body vish was watching us & doing hand job then she layed on the bed I started to suck her nippiles which where pinck & pointed lovely pair & very big I like to suck them for long time & she was moveing her hands on my hairs on my chest & head .

I was kissing all over her body she was enjoying it but todays sex was very different which we use to have early today we where enjoying as hubby & wife I was now sucking her cunt (Pussy) she has a shaved pussy. She was sucking my cock in was giving her tounge fuck my tounge was inside her pussy & giving her plusure she was enjoying it & sucking my cock hard which I was enjoying after some time I shifted to her ass I was now fucking her ass she was telling honey jaan please slowly it will trear u always become whild in bed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh & leter shifted to her pussy I use to have intercorce for 45min to 1hr now she was diely to take it inside I fucked her slowly as I knew & expreaced with her before too I have a big & thick one & her pussy was tight so when I use to ware condoms it was eacy but today I was without condoms so we applied cream & entryed slowly she was shouting dearling sweet heart slow dear she was enjoying it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I souted inside the cum & sleptd on her body kissing her lips she said me I love u & huged me after that she sucked my cock & we where ready for second one and enjoyed like this for few days its almost 1yr now & I am Happy to say I have a son

I feel so happy when I take him in my hand but I am uncle for him vish is also happy
Some things if we share we can be more happy then ever my friends son looks like me he is so cute
Komal is also happy now