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Girl with her Servant

This internet is very nice medium to share our secret experiences with others without revealing our identity.
After reading the stories I was emboldened to share my own experiences with all others.
The story written below is a true experience and occurred when I was 18 years of age. I would like to
have this story listed on your popular site so that others can read it.

I was eighteen then , fresh and innocent, ours is a conservative Nair family and my dad is a businessman who is away most of the time, my mom is a housewife. We had employed a male servant
Harish who used to cook food, he was very attractive and I was fond of him ,my mom trusted him and did not hesitate to leave me alone in the house when he used to be in the house, He had a strong physique and used to exercise everyday, and I used to peep thru the window to gaze at his wonderful body.
One Day When he was exercising , I as usual peeped in thru the window ,but I slipped and there was a sound he realized and called me in the room, I was shy but I still went in the room, he asked me ‘Aswathi so whats the problem?
I was shy and I said “nothing I was just searching for my books’, he immediately recognized that I was lying and said ‘c’mon Aswathi if u need something from me tell me ‘, after some hesitation I asked,” how come u have such a strong body?”, he said ‘ohh that’s bcos I exercise, even u can have a nice body” ,I was puzzled ‘how “I asked well lie down on the bed he told me, I did as he told, what r u doing ,I asked him, he said that he was going to massage me so that the skin would shine and would make me more beautiful, I readily agreed.
He had a oil bottle with him and he asked me to remove my clothes ,I was shocked, then he reassured me saying that ,it was necessary since he was going to apply oil and otherwise the clothes would get spoit. I was innocent so I started removing my clothes and then lay on the bed, Harish then sat besides me and started applying oil to my neck and shoulders I felt good ,then he moved slowly downwards ,I cried out ,but then he asked me not to worry and close my eyes ,I did so then he poured warm oil over my breasts ,the feeling was wonderful, I gave out a sharp cry, then he slowly started massaging my breasts first at the nipples then from the sides, I could feel the breasts swelling and now I had got excited, he was stimulating the nipples to become erect and now bend over to use his tongue on them ,I squirmed in delight as he nibbled at the nipples even then he had started exploring my thighs with his other hand, I was feeling glorious, then he made me part my thighs and poured warm oil on my belly and it dripped down between my thighs ,and I gave out a moan of delight, then he started massaging my thighs and I had started to squirm and moan, he had now concentrated on my cunt and with his fingers had started probe my depth ,I sizzled like a snake ,he held me tightly in his grip by my waist and discovered my clitoris, he started unhooding the thich flesh on the clitoris with the thumb ,it was painful but ecstatic and when he pulled the hood down with pressure, I groaned with delight, then he started manipulating the clitoris wit slow circular motions around its base the moving up and jabbing it like a button, I couldn’t take it any longer ‘nooo nooo pleeeese dont Harish pleeese unhhnnn ahhhh’ cool down Aswathi cool down he said and he bend down and wrapped his tongue on the clitoris ,I had swelled into a pink bud now and he started to suck at it, the stimulation was now getting too much ,I felt a huge pleasure wave exploding inside me and with a bang I exploded on his tongue with a series og loud groans that was my first orgasm in my life, he immediately licked my cunt and started flickering his tongue in and out of the cunt rapidly he did this for 3 minutes and made me cum again with a thud
‘pleeeese Harish stop torturing me like that pleeeees ‘I said ‘yeah baby hold on..’ he said then the stood up made lie at the edge of the bed then he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me closer to his huge dick,ahh at last now I would be deflowered I thought ,but he was in no hurry ,he started teasing my clitoris and vulva with his huge dick I was moaning and trying to break away from his grip but he held me tight then he said finally ‘ ok Aswathi now its time ,here comes Harish, he bend over and grabbed both my breasts and vigorously started massaging them and then with a slow powerful motion of his hips he thrust his dick in my cunt ‘ahhhhhhhh unnnnnnn oooooo ‘ I cried out as his dick ruptured my membrane and deflowered me ,then encouraged by my moaning and groaning he thrust deeper and deeper into me until he had penetrated completely ,I could feel him growing in me, then he grabbed my thighs lifted them slightly in the air and started shoving in and out vigorously and at the same time massing my breasts ,I was in total ecstasy and was riding a wave of orgasms one after another and my each orgasm would encourage him to thrust deeper and deeper. ‘ahhhh arrgghh aaasahh’ he was groaning in his hoarse male voice and that was turning me on ,finally as he made me cum five times he reached his limit and holding my waist he exploded deep into my cunt releasing a hot spray of his cum …that forced me into a huge orgasm… we lay on the bed like that for 2 hours ,,then we
repeated the act……