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Got full marks in my assignment Part 1

So I am 21 year old. I am fair in color & height is 5.2 inch & figure is 34D-28-34 just trying too losing some weight & the story which I am sharing now is when I was 18th it mean 4 year back from now & at that time I was sexually average So enough chit chat let’s begin. I was in polytechnic final year in electronic & telecommunication branch .Submission was going on at that time & enough day were remaining to complete it. I had almost completed all of my submission except Microprocessor and Interfacing because the sir had given a lot of assignment to complete & even I didn’t completed my project So I thought after completing my project then I will complete his work Meantime I had plan during submission to visit on hill station near town with my boyfriend coz he was forcing me from last year & I was ignoring him due to some reason .

So it was Saturday probably last day for submission & I know that there are many guy who didn’t complete their submission So I will also submitted with them .So I went with my boyfriend to hill station we was enjoying a lot like kissing he press my boob’s & I suck his dick around 4 o’clock I got call from unknown no. I pick it up Me-hello who is this? Him-Is this Sayali I am speaking from your collage & I am your M & I sir (my voice became scary & about sir he is 28-29 year old unmarried. Fair in color a good looking according to me height 5.7 & leave in front of collage). Me- yes sir. Him-You did not submitted your assignment I think you didn’t want marks for this subject? Me-No sir I was completing my project. Him-but you are not in the collage I had send a boy to call you he said that you are not in the collage. Me-no sir I am in girl’s hostel I will be there in a min. Him-came soon I am waiting for you. As soon as we went to college it take half & hour to reach collage. I ran into his office he said.

Him-come madam did you need water or coffee or anything to eat. Me-sorry sir I was about to complete my project & today was the last day to submitted it. Him-It’s ok give me the assignment. Me-Sir just naming to diagram & few question is remaining I will complete it in no time. Him-ok but complete it before 6 o’clock. Me-ok Thank you sir. I went on desk in front of him & my shirt two button was open & my cleavage my exposing but I don’t notice it & I was completing my assignment (While complete my assignment I was noticing that the sir was looking at my cleavage but instead of closing them I thought if continues to stray them I will get some more time to complete) .Last two assignment remaining & it was about 6 o’clock Sir said. Him-Madam it 6 o’clock came on give it to me. Me-just 5 min last two assignment is remaining I will complete it in no time.

Him-you said the same at 4 o’clock. Me-Sir please Sir just few min? Him-No madam No I am calling your parents let them know what are you doing in college? I became scarce because he know everything about me even one my friends say that he strays at me whenever he is around & he had seen me couple of time hangout with boys, bunking college & going for movie So I went near him. Me-Sir please No sir just one day I promise you I will submitted it in morning. Him-no I am calling your parents. I hold his hand & request him not to call my parents after sometime he said. Him-if you show me your breast then I will give you as much time you want. Me-what? No way. He-the answer is No then I don’t have any choice instead of calling your parents .he pick up the phone and dial my dad no. I said. Me-Ok ok please cut the called. He-good otherwise your life was about to became hell. Me-promise me… after seen my breast you will never ask me to show them again. He-Definitely Never. So I went to lock his office door from inside & went near him.

I undress myself & show him my breast after sometime he came closer to me .I cover my boobs with my hand .he force me to remove them & then started pressing them . I was saying “No sir please” in a scary voice but he not listening to me after sometime put his hand inside my pants & started fingering them .he was fingering them so roughly like a drill machine making whole in a wall I started crying I was trying to remove his hand but he was not removing it after some time we hear that someone was coming throw lobby. I put my shirt on and put my bra inside my bag & went inside bathroom .all teacher & college staff was gone & the noise we heard of was watchman of college he was checking that everyone gone out to lock the collage I was crossing him he said “Madam what are you doing here? The college is over at 5 o’clock” “I was submitting my assignment to sir” while he was talking the was straying at my breast coz I was wear white shirt & my nipple was bumping out “Ok ok “ I went in parking where my scooter was park .

I got a text message from Sir saying “Wait in café outside of college” I reply him “No sir I have a class to attend” I was lying to him because if anyone seen together definitely it will not good for me. “I said Wait outside of the café .I am not going to rape you there?” So I was waiting outside of the café wearing a scarf he came & said. He-“I am hungry lets go & eat something”. Me-“Sorry sir but I need to go .My friends are waiting for me to go to class”. He- “I know what kind of class you are going let’s go”. & he took keys of my scooter .So I also went inside .he order two masala Maggi & omelet & after then .he order coffee for us. He-“So thanks you Madam for giving me my best life experience which I am never going to forgot”. I was embrace. He-“Ok if this topic is making you uncomfortable then I will change the topic bye the ways you have an amazing body you’re just 18 but your body is growing like your 20+”. Again I didn’t say anything. He-“It was a compliment”.

We got your order .we finish them & came outside I said. Me-“Thank you sir I will submitted the assignment tomorrow”. He-“Relax I already given marks to them .it just the process that we all have to fallow”. Me-“Ok sir bye”. I took keys from him & went away in evening I text message from him. “Hey sweetheart” “Yes sir” “Tomorrow we are going for a movie you’re in”. “Sorry sir I can’t I have a project to submitted & in evening I am not allowed to go outside”. “I know you already submitted the project what do you think who I am?”. I didn’t reply to him.