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Govinda’s game of cards with aunty leads to some steamy sex session and more

Hi this is Govinda and would like to share my experience with you. It’s
such an experience that I can’t forget still I am alive. Coming to the
story it has happened in the year 2005 when I was in the first year of
my graduation (BCom). Me and Amit are very close in my class and do
together what ever we want. We used to go college daily together and go
to movies, parties together and nothing to mention. I am very close to
his parents as well he too was treated as a member of our family. I
still remember this has happened on a Saturday. As usual I went to his
house in the morning to pick him up to college and knocked the door. But
no response and after 10 minutes when I wanted to leave, the door opened
with a sound of who is that? And it’s Aunty. She told, Amit went to our
hometown with his father to collect some dues. They have some properties
in their hometown and Amit’s father visits once in every 2/3 months to
collect the dues from there. And she told that they will return back by
Monday morning.

During the time I found a very good fragrance filled the surroundings
and I noticed Aunt had just finished her bath. To my surprise, Aunt’s
wearing a white blouse and it was fully wet as she had not dried her
hair thoroughly and her beautiful boobs & honey colored nipples are
clearly visible through her Blouse. I was looking scared and couldn’t
turn my looks as I was watching them first time in my life very close.
She was pretty beautiful with Golden white color and sexy shapes. She
was looking like an Angel to me and seeing this I lost my Trans for a
little while. Came into present when she was asking loudly” Aman, what
happened?” I felt little shy then. I think she might have catches my
looks but didn’t express any thing. I wanted to leave but she invited
into the house and offered me a cup of coffee. I said, no thanks Aunt, I
have to go. But she hadn’t accepted. “You are not going to college
today”, her reply, “please stay here as it is very boring today as our
neighbors also not there.” I couldn’t resist and accepted to stay back
to accompany her that day.

She brought a coffee for me, but I observed, she changed her blouse now
and covered her top fully with the sari. We discussed a lot of things,
she enquired about our studies, habits, family, etc. We shared very good
jokes too. Then she proposed to play caroms but after a game it was
boring and we decided to play cards. I bought 2 new sets of cards and
settled on their bedroom cot to play the cards. Then the bet came into
discussion what it should be. I proposed 20/- a show, but it was not
looked good for both of us. After so many options then she proposed,
that who ever loose the game they have to take out any one pc of
clothing we wore. It sounded fresh & interesting, and I accepted. The
game started and I lost to her in the first game. As per the agreement,
I opened my shirt and kept aside. The second game started and I observed
she was looking obsessively at my bear body and started touching while
talking some thing. I won the second game. First she was confused but my
goodness she has to accept the commitment as there is no other way. Then
she taken out her blouse but covered her top fully with her sari. The
third game started. While picking and changing the cards, I found
whether she is doing it purposefully or unexpectedly but her boobs are
moving in such a manner that it was very difficult for me to sit
helpless seeing such a wonderful moment. But I never lost my control
over the game as I already decided to see her naked today. Yes, I won
the 3rd Game too.

But she didn’t agree, “you cheat, show your cards” and suddenly she rose
to pull the cards from my hand to crosscheck. But I kept my hands up
without giving her a chance to catch the cards. She wanted to take the
cards forcibly but lost her control and fell on me such that my face was
stuck in between her lovely boobs. I can’t control myself. Thrown off
the cards and hold her tightly with my hands and started moving my hands
on her entire body. “Aunty, Aunty, aah aahhhh”. Leave me, Can you
understand what are you doing??? She shouted. But I haven’t freed my
hold and keep on touching over all the parts of her body. Hey, what you
are doing? Why do you encourage me? Do you know I am 20years older to
you. Leave me. I found she had lowered struggling but do not want to go
away from me. While struggling or (may be wontedly) she put her hands on
my erected dick and lightly pressed it. Then I pressed her tits firmly
and pressing wildly so she completely surrendered. I started sucking her
boobs giving round strokes on one nipple tilting the other one with
hand. She started moaning, Ohhhhh you stupid, pagal banare mujhe, itna
bade ho go ya kya tu??? Kya jante ho to auratho ke baro me? Ohhh pura
lelo, peoo jitna kar sakte, aah.

It was my first time and I am becoming crazy. She suddenly pushed me and
made me to stand in front of her. She opened my belt, unzipped my
trouser and pulled out my erected dick. Wow what a size? Itna bada?
Aadmi ho kya or Gadha? Agar ye mera ander jayegi to sas lena bhi mushkil
ho jayegi. She had taken it into her mouth and sucking like an ice
fruit, giving mild strokes, upward, downward direction and I feared that
I may cum at anytime. Pulled out my dick from her mouth and pushed on to
her back. I Lifted her sari pallu fully and reached the Golden Triangle.
I didn’t know what to do, but decided to eat her pussy anyway. Put my
mouth and pushed my tongue deeply into her pussy touching the G-spot. (I
don’t know what the G-spot was at that time. Later she explained me.)
Her body was completely shaking and pushing my head with her hands
towards the pussy, and it was very difficult for me even to take my
breathe also. Me too so crazy and sucking it like a mango and I found a
gummy kind of liquid with a salt taste is coming from the pussy and I
completely swallowed it. Then she said, oooh, Upar ajao beta, I followed
and she settled on top of her. She has given the way holding my dick and
put her into the Hole.

I never imagined that it was such a great experience, especially while
entering, and I was enjoying every moment of it. Come on, move on…
Aahh, Jorse, pura, pura, vuy ma, pura, mera ball pakadke karo, jorse
karona, marjaongi me, Gadhe, ooooohhhhhh, her moaning makes me an animal
and moving my dick on a jet speed like a dog do it while entering a
female dog. She is out. Me too sprinkled the white milk in her pussy
after another 10 deep shots inside her and collapsed on her. I felt very
weak that time and fell asleep on her. After half an hour suddenly I
woke up when I felt some body is touching my dick. I couldn’t realize
what happened. I opened my eyes and saw Aunt is playing with my cock. I
felt too shy to sit naked in front of her. Immediately I pulled the bed
sheet and covered on me. Hey, why do you feel shy, see I am also naked
and half an hour back you fucked me like a dog and why you feel shy? She
seems to be in a mood to have another round of fucking. My dick started
rising and she catches that. “See, how it is becoming big, ye kuch mang
raha hai, mujhe patha, mai dungi usko kya chahiye”. She reached to my
cock and taken into her mouth and started sucking. I too asked, “Aunty,
mera ko be dena kheer ka katore.”

She settled on me in 69 position and sucking each other wildly. She
found her mouth is not enough to take all my dick inside. She sits on me
settling my dick inside her pussy and pressing downwards slowly so that
my dick entered her. Ooh, itna re, heart tak agaya, gadhe. She first
started her moves slowly and increased speed constantly. Pachak, Pachak,
sound is coming, I am playing with her boobs, tits, giving upperward
strokes so that my dick has fully, fully into her pussy. Aah, Behenchut,
Aunti ka lega tu, Dekho, tera lund tutjayegi aaj, Rakhlungi andar hamesh
keliya, aaaaaahhhhhhh, ooooooooohh, yaaaaaaaaa. She felt on me giving a
kiss. “Aunty, kya hua, is you alright?” Turned her down without pulling
out the dick from her Pussy. Started giving deep strokes and she said,
“you are great, marvayega kya? Where you learnt all these feats? You
make me crazy. Oooooooh yaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaahh” another 5 strokes, I
too cummed out. We finished total 8 rounds before I leave her at 6 P.M.
The next day also we take 6 rounds. From then onwards, when ever we get
a chance will never loose it.