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Group lesbian sex

i am vidhya.. it is my first day in college hostel.. my room mate priya is a batchmate.. its her first day in hostel also… she is a 18 year old sexy looking girl with fairly nice piece of pointy tits… On our first day in the hostel we introduced ourself to each other.. this introduction session continued till evening.. at about 6 pm there was an electricity failure… soon we started to feel very hot… both of us were sweating profoundly.. priya’s top and lower became quite wet and stick to her body showing her great figure.. i could also see the outline of her bra and panty.. already i was feeling so hot and seeing priya made me feel hotter… It was Friday …So all the girls setteld there luggage.And the girls who lived nearby went there homes, because next two days were holidays.So they will be coming back monday morning only.In my room only me and Priya were there.It was getting very hotter.nd the look of priya..ohh god.. Suddenly power was back..Immediately we switched on fans and got relaxed.But what about Priya made me feel horney? We relaxed for some time.It was 8:30 PM.Me and Pria went for dinner.We finished our dinner nd went to TV room. At that time, one senior girl or 3rd year came to us and informed us to come to her room in 3rd floor.

First I hesitated, but I was told by some other girls that those girls are arrogant yo! u must obey and go to their room otherwise it will be very difficult for us to stay in hostel. They may pose problems in future, the girls told us. So my self and Priya decided to go to their room.
We went to their room, which is in the 3rd floor. As we entered the room one girl locked the door. Totally three senior girls were there. 2 girls (Shagufta & Nisha) were from 3rd year and one girl (Mahima) was of 2nd year. They all were in casual dresses. Shagufta in nightie, Nisha in skirt and T-shirt and Mahima in short & shirt. They were all sitting in chair and cot. We were asked to stand at the middle. Actually that was the 1st time I met these girls. I knew their name after that event only. First they started asking some general questions like our name, native place, parents and about our family.

Suddenly they started asking about sex. Nisha asked me whether I have seen any one nude and whether I have any sexual experience. I was shocked by this question and said no. Then they asked as whether we masturbate frequently. We both said that we do masturbate when we are at home. Suddenly Shagufta stood up and told as in loud voice that we should obey us whatever we they say otherwise we will have problems in college. We said that we obey them.
Then Nisha told us to remove our dresses and asked to stand nude. My self was wearing skirt and T-shirt and Priya was in sex Top. We refused to remove dress. Mahima came near to me a tried to remove my T-shirt, but I resisted and moved away. At the same time Priya was also moved away to the corner of the room and she also objected to be nude. After that the 3 senior girls got angry and Nisha told us that they are going to punish us for not obeying them. Nisha came near to me and pushed me against wall in such a way that my face side is facing the wall and she pushed me against it. By pushing me with one hand she lifted my skirt up to hip as butt is exposed with black panty. Now Shagufta came near and took the skipping rope, which was lying on the table. She hold the skipping rope in such a way that the rope in the hand of bullock cart driver. She came near to me and dropped my panty down to my knee. Then she started to beat me with rope on butt. I could not move as I was pushed against wall by Nisha. Shagufta told while beating that she continue beating till I accept to obey them. Every beating was very painful. After 10-15 slaps on butt, my butt become red and I could not bear pain and started shouting and crying. I told them that I obey whatever they tell. After that they asked Priya whether she need the same treatment and priya accepted to obey.

Then all the three senior girls returned and sat on the chairs and asked priya and me to stand in front of them. Nisha then told us that as we have been disobedient we will have to do more than they had earlier planned. She asked us to take of our clothes this time while performing a strip tease. To add spice to the situation nisha added that the person who perform sexier strip tease would be allowed to leave while the other one will have to suffer further punishment.