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Group Project

My senior year of high school and I am lucky enough to have a lot of classes I like. My favorite is definitely Literature, not so much because of what we go over, but because I had a lot of friends in it with me. On one particular day our teacher announced that we had to make a video project for a book we had just gone over, and she split us up into assigned groups and told us we had to work on it outside of class.

I felt like the luckiest guy in the world when I saw that Brittany and Ashley were both in my group. They were the two classroom hotties; Brittany a softball player with a hot athletic body and Ashley with her sexy black hair and well defined body. After a quick meeting, Ashley informed us that she wouldn’t be able to come to my place after school today, but she would tomorrow and that Brittany was the opposite; she could come today but not tomorrow. (It had been decided to go to my house since both my parents were away on business trips)

So the solution was simple- Brittany and I would work on it today, and then Ashley and I would work on it tomorrow.

Although we are all 18, I was the only one that could drive and had a car. I gave Brittany a lift to my house at the end of the day, noticing the fact that she had very short shorts on and a rather thin button-up shirt. That started the first of what I knew would be many erections over the next two days.

When we arrived at my house and got inside, Brittany almost immediately took her shirt off, complaining about the heat. To my surprise (and dismay) she had a small white tank top on underneath.

We found all the video equipment and discussed what scene we would do, eventually deciding on one that took place in a bedroom. So we went upstairs to my parents bed and began setting up the camera so it was pointed at the bed. We talked about random things while we set everything up. The topic of our conversation drifted around until eventually I commented on the fact that she looked really hot today.

“Thanks!” she said. “Unfortunately every time I wear these shorts I end up realllyyy horny because they just grind against me all day long.”

I received my second hard on for the day.

“Ok, now just sit on the front of the bed and then I’ll start the camera and join you” she said. I did as told, though I knew my hard dick was clearly obvious. She pressed the record button, then walked over to me and sat right on top of my dick, letting it press into her shorts right in the middle of her ass. I knew that was no accident.

As she started her dialogue, I reached my hands around her, feeling her stomach and legs. I threw all caution to the wind and slipped a hand down into her short and underwear, sticking a finger into her.

“Oh GOD” she said, arching back at the sudden intrusion into her.

I pulled my hands out of her pants and asked her, “Sorry about that, I couldn’t help it.”

She didn’t say anything, just stood up in front of me and stayed there for a minute. After an awkward silence, she turned around with a devilish look. She took off my shirt, pants and underwear, then took off the few clothes she had on, leaving us both there staring at each other’s body.

I stood up, reached under ass and lifted her up on top of my penis. Then practically dropped her down onto it, making Brittany scream out in pleasure. I back up and slid onto the bed, laying on my back. Brittany started riding me like fire, leaning her head back to give me access to her wonderful breasts.

I took full advantage, sucking, kissing, even playfully biting almost everywhere. I heard Brittany start to moan at an even higher and more frequent pace, and knew she was about to cum. I rolled us over so that I was on top of her, pulled my dick out almost all the way, then in one swift move filled her with everything I had.

Brittany screamed out again as I filled her with my juices while she came. Neither of us had payed any attention to the fact that the camera had been recording this whole time…