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Gurpreet having gay fun 1

Hi readers, this is a gay sex story of Gurpreet. The music pounded through Gurpreet’s ears as he swayed with the crowd. The sweat mingling in the air of the dark club as girls gyrated in short skirts whilst the boys watched hungrily. He held his drink in his hand as he moved his body in time with the music, a small smile on his lips as he enjoyed the haziness that came with drinking, the mind numbing elixir that made it feel like anything was possible.

It didn’t matter that he was failing his 2nd year university degree, nor that at nineteen years old he still had very little plans about his future. Here he could forget it all, amongst the crowds of lost souls and party animals.

A girl caught his eye across the dance floor, a glint of a smile caught the light as she beckoned him teasingly, her low cut top causing her chest to glisten slightly with sweat. He glanced over his shoulder, unsure if she was actually looking at him. He was attractive sure, light brown hair and blue eyes, well built and on the first rugby team, but he was shorter than many of the girls, and was often accused of having a baby face. He regularly got the nicknames ‘cute’ and ‘sweet’, which always made his face flame red resulting in only more cooing and giggling.

He was about to approach her when someone stepped in front of him. It was his rugby captain Rohit, a huge guy who was similar to a bear in stature, his face slightly squished as though he had had a few too many accidents on the pitch. He gave his crooked grin and slapped him hard on the shoulder.

‘Dude! We been looking for ya” he said gleefully, his alcohol soaked brain slurring his words slightly, ‘it’s your round. Get your titchy ass to the bar now.’

Gurpreet sighed, what Rohit said was rule, if he didn’t want to be subject to more initiations like the poor first year students then he had to do what he said. With one last defeated glance at the dancing girl, he headed to the bar.

It was packed, and he resigned himself to a long wait as he slumped over the bar. God, maybe he was too drunk for this, or just exhausted. A long day, and a long practice had ended in this club, and the pounding music was starting to make his head throb. Perhaps he would buy the boys their round and then make up some excuse to head home.

‘You ok there buddy?’ A voice came from beside me, I looked up to see an older man, perhaps mid thirties with ashy blonde hair and dark eyes looking down at me with a raised eyebrow.

I nodded quickly turning away but the man was insistent.

‘You sure? You don’t look so good.’

‘I’m fine man, leave off,’ Gurpreet said, slightly annoyed at his pestering.

‘Hey,’ he said raising his hands, ‘no need to get antsy. Just concerned why a kid who looks about sixteen is taking a nap on a bar.’

‘I’m nineteen, who are you my Dad? Old enough to be,’ he snapped back.

‘Yeah I am, got a problem with that?’ the stranger said, and I just shook my head. This was not worth it, perhaps going home was the best idea, he’d face Rohit and his team mates in the morning.

At that moment the barman came to their corner, looking at them both with an expectant glance.

‘Look man, let me make it up to you, I didn’t mean to offend. What are you buying?’

‘I was getting a round, 8 beers,’ Gurpreet said curiously, unsure whether he would agree to get the whole round.

‘9 beers please mate,’ he said without hesitation and the barman nodded, producing the beers which the stranger quickly paid for.

‘Lalit,’ the stranger said, holding out his hand with a small smile.

‘Gurpreet,’ Gurpreet said, shaking it awkwardly. ‘Look man, thanks for the drinks and all, I should probably take them to my mates.’

‘You’ll need a hand surely, you can’t carry all eight drinks yourself?’

‘Oh,’ Gurpreet said, eyeing up the drinks but accepting that he would be right. ‘Ok, thanks.’

We soon reached the team, Lalit following behind me with a handful of drinks. I passed them around the group, taking them from Lalit two at a time until there were only two left in his hands. He handed one to me with a smile.

‘Cheers,’ he said.

‘Yeah, cheers,’ Gurpreet said, taking a huge swig from his glass. Before long he had finished his drink and he said his goodbyes to the team and Lalit and left the club.

The fresh air of the quiet night was a blessing for his throbbing head. He breathed it in deeply, checking his phone as he walked down the street away from the club. He swore under his breath as he saw it was flat, he’d have to walk home. Burying his hands in his pockets he began the walk, the bustling city giving away to quiet dimly lit streets. His head was still spinning, which surprised him, he thought he would feel better by now but if anything the further he walked the dizzier he became.

‘Wow,’ he muttered, as he staggered to a stop, holding his head as the street and trees blurred into one. He found himself falling before he could stop himself, laying like a rag doll half in the gutter. He vomited and groaned, rolling away from the puddle, attempting to pull himself up, but his arms shook violently and his nausea grew dangerously in his throat again.

How had he gotten this drunk? Nothing makes sense. He had only had a few pints, and yet he was unable to stand? Light blinded his eyes and stopped his thoughts as he raised his hand to shield his face. The foggy sound of a car engine filled his ears and the noise of a car door opening and closing.

He felt someone helping him to his feet, but the darkness hid their face. Whoever it was was strong enough to lift him easily to his feet and to the car, loading him into the back of the seats, laying across them with his eyes closed, his body weak and unresponsive. He had a pang of dread that perhaps this was a police car, before he slipped into unconsciousness.