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Gurpreet having gay fun 1

Hi everyone. I am Gurpreet. 26 years old a rather senior executive with an MNC posted in Delhi. I am a graduate from IIT and IIM and have everything a man could wish for – a six figure salary + perks, a beautiful wife two swanky cars, club membership in Delhi Golf Course and Delhi Gymkhana, a lovely house in Vasant Vihar.

I have a very satisfying sex life with my wife. Though it was a arranged wedding, I have no regret about her. We enjoy sex to the hilt. We indulge in all sorts of sexual ashans, enjoy anal sex and sucking each other(69 being the best position)and quite often even indulged in watersport.


My wife having periods has never been an obstacle to enjoying our sucking and fucking. We both love to use vulgur terms during foreplay and during the act. A good collections of Blue films(CDs) from Palika Bazar and abroad and sex toys enhance our sex life. But there is a major problem. I am also a gay which my wife does not know about.

I never indulge in gay activities in Delhi or where my company has business, like Mumbai, Banglore Hyderabad and Kolkata. With everything going my way, I would not like to be seen as gay in our society. To overcome my problem -of being gay- I got me a studio apartment in Pudecherry.

During my official work to the south, I always made it a point to visit Pudecherry for an over night or two nights stay. Through a contact abroad, I came to know of a bar where at around lunch time one could get working, well to do men, for a quick fling before they went back to work after lunch.

I walked into the bar, carrying a pouch belt containing essentials for a gay -(two/three condoms, baby oil, dettol, some perfume and two daipers) and stood at the entrance for a short while sizing up the situation. There were about twenty/twenty-five men sitting around -some at the bar some on the tables. Most were locals and very well dressed.

Typical office wallaha executives. I slowly made my way to the bar and ordered a beer. I looked around at the bar and saw next to me a hulk of a man – anything about 6ft 5in in height broad shouldered and dark with thick growth of curly hair, about 25 to 30 years old. It would be nice to have him.

Fantasing about him pumping my arse hole my cock started to give me the signal to try and get this man. With my height at 5ft 6in I looked and felt like a dwarf in front of him. I wondered how big his cock would be. He looked down at me and said, “Hi, you are new here? I am Venkat.” “Yea, just came in on a holiday. I am Gurpreet from Delhi” I replied.

This was followed by a short polite social conversation. We both finished our beer and I offered him another one. “No Thanks, Have to get back to work soon. Going to the toilet in the third enclosure upstairs before going back.” I did not understand what third enclosure meant, but I decided to follow him after a few seconds.

I noticed he had on tight jeans that clearly outlined his massive cock. It must have been about 6 to 7 inches inches and quite thick and it was not even in fully erect. After a while I followed him upstairs and entered the toilet. No one was in, I coughed to let my presence be known. I saw the door of enclosure 3 open and the hulk was standing there.

He motioned for me to come in. I walked in and he locked the door and took my face near his and started to french kiss me. he put his tongue deep into my mouth and I receprocated with the same. While this battle of the tongue was in progress I felt for his crotch and felt the outline of his cock.

I unzipped his pants and tried to put my hand in but could only manage to get two of my fingers in as his pants were too tight. I made out that he had a massive cock and would not be able to just take it out through the trouser flap. He had also reached my cock and playing. I undid his trouser button and knelt down, and pulled his pants down.

He had on a pair of pink silk tongs with roses designs on them. They were about 2 sizes too small for him and the cloth was just starting to strain. I pulled them down and got a stong macho smell. His cock was not fully erect as yet, but was starting to stand. The foreskin was only partially covering his cock and the red knob was just peeking out like a tortoise head.

I immediatly kissed this beautiful monoster. My taking it in the mouth immediatly made the knob stick out. Obviously the foreskin was smaller than the cock. As I moved my mouth from this lovely rod it hit the stomach of Venkat. Venkat was completely shaven, making his cock look bigger. His balls were the size of squash balls and held in a smooth bag.

I bent low to take his balls in my mouth and suck them. Then I moved my head back to appreciate this God’s art. It was black marble rod hard as iron topped with a beautiful red knob with a drop of percum pearl sitting on the tip. I licked it off. I then found myself being lifted by Venkat. ” My lover, let our chaps also kiss each other”

I opened up and pulled down my underwear and trouser. My chap must have got a inferiority complex in front of this special art of Venkat. Venkat kissed my cock and then after a suck took hold of his cock and mine and made them touch. I asked Venkat if he give me the previlege of having his piece of beautiful designer cock in my arsehole.

He refused as he had to get to office soon but would like to meet at a later date. Though disappointed, I got his cock in my mouth and enjoy a suck while he pumped with all his force. I was begining to also climax as I had been playing with my little chap while sucking. Venkat got my hand and stopped me as he continued to fuck my mouth.

Soon his hips started to move faster and I realised that the end was near. The cum first started with short spurts then it started to flood my mouth. I did not want to waste any of it but swollowing it so fast and in that quantity was not possible so a little did dribble out. Venkat lifted me and sat down to do me tha final honours. I soon reached it in his mouth.

After a longish kissing session he pulled up his tongs and pants and dressed to go. I gave him my moblile phone number and asked him to fit me into his schedule. He left hurriedly and I came out after about 2 to 3 minutes. As I came out I noticed a foreigner(white) standing pretending to comb his hair.

He must have been about 35 years, of medium height and build, but goodlooking with red wavy hair. He smiled at me. I walked to the basin to wash my hands. ” Are you free?” I like you. Want to come. I will pay you for it” he said. “Not for money but for fun I will come. However you must put your pecker into my little cosy comforter.”

I replied and took him into the same enclouser. I did not want to waste any time and took of my pants and he did the same. He wore no underpants. He had a longish cock about 7 inches but thin as a weed and the foreskin was covering the knob. The balls were also small and he had reddish hair all over. I fondled his cock for a while.

He bent to suck my cock which was not standing as I had just climaxed with venkat. He did a preety good job with my cock to get it to a semi erection. I then bent down and sucke his prick nicely. He was obviously a smoker as a taste of nicotine was there in his pre-cum, never the less it tasted nice.

I then bent over holding the wall while he spread my arse cheeks and first licked my arse hole and finger fucked me. When he felt my arse hole suffecently lubricated he put the tip of it on the opening and after a short time prodding to get easy excess. The thrill I was getting was wonderful. It was after a break of almost a month when I was getting a live throbbing cock in the arse.

My wife had used a strapon didildo to screw me but the fun of a throbbing, alive cock was quite different. He started to pump me while at the same time he was pumping my cock. After a while he started to climax. His speed got faster till I could feel my arse getting filled up with his juice. He just clutched me and relaxed on me till I felt his prick slowly shrink and come out.

I bent a took some of the cum into my mouth and then he started to lick my arse hole first and then my cock. Soon he was on his feet and told me that he would like to keep in touch with me.

He gave me his telephone number andasked me call him up when I was again available. His name was Billy. As luck would have it I required him the next day only and we fetched up with Venkat also being present. That is in Part two.