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Gurpreet having gay fun 2

That night was restful and I planned to leave for Chennai to take a flight at about 10 o’clock to take a late evening flight after visiting the ashram. But fate had other plans. At about 9.30am I got a phone call from Venkat, ” Hi how are you placed now? Is it possible to get together some place?

If you are free than we can decide on the place as he is sharing his room with a office colleague” “No problem.I am alone at my place. I can pick you up -just tell me where” He gave me his address and I quickly tied a lungi around me ( I was nude at home)and put on a shirt and went to pick him up. He was waiting for me also dressed in a lungi and a shirt.


He quickly got into the car and we drove back. Enroute he pulled out my prick and was holding it all the 20 minutes drive. As soon as we got home he took out his lungi and shirt. His beautiful marble rod was at it’s peak. I also did the same. Soon we had oue respective cocks playing with each other. We then walked over to the bedroom and lay down.

We were frantically kissing each othe while our pricks were touching each other. Soon we got into 69 position and not only sucked each others tools but also enjoyed putting fingers in the arse hole. Venkat wanted to br fucked first. He lay on his back and placing a pillow below his arse he lifted his spread legs and rested them on my shoulders.

I placed my cock on his orifice and with one push got it inside. I lay still for a while we again tongue kissed and played with each others tits. I then started to pump him and he was moaning and meeting my shots with the same rythm as I was going. His cock was embedded between his stomach and and mine.

This gave his cock also a friction required and soon I started to cum inside his arse hole and my movement increased. I had just about finished when I felt his movenent continue and my stomach getting wet.I then continued my movement till he climaxed. I quickly got of him and he reached my dripping cock while I took his cock in my mouth. It was a satisfying fun.

He seemed to have enjoyed it. We pulled out cigrettes and while lying next to each other and between kissing and sucking each others tits we smoked. I was very keen to have Venkat inside me and told him so. I took precautions and took out the Johnson’s Baby oil and gave a lavish smear to Venkat’s cock who in turn put the oil in my arsehole and lubricated it.

His cock was back again at it’s best. I bent over on the bed, tucked my knees under my chest and spread my legs, and raised my arse high. With my Hands I spread my arse cheeks wide so that my cock comforter would have free access. Venkat holding his cock got straight to my arse hole and with little push got his beautiful knob in.

After a slight amount of fleeting pain it was pure ecstacy. For support he held on to my now semierect cock and started to pump it keeping the timing with his own in and out movement. After about five minutes he started to cum. I could feel the liquid gushing into my guts and his pendulam jerking deep inside me.

He remained inside me for another five to seven minutes as his cock on exhaustion still remained longer than mine and thicker. When he got off me I sat on my haunches and watched his cum flow out of my hole. The whole experience was greater than what I had ever felt before. I could not thank him enough as we sat for a glass of beer and some saugages and smoke.

He had brought two CDs of himself in a blue film he had done with an Foreign Woman. He also told me that a prominent film actress of the South whose photographs in the nude with him use to get him as a “bodyguard” whenever she went out of town for a shoot and she paid well for ‘services rendered’ We both again got randy while watching the CDs.

He asked me if there was any one else we could get to have a threesome. I remembered Billy and rang him up. He was free and would be available. I heard a mobike outside my place and looked out to see it was Billy. I went and opened the door -still nude and took him where Venkat was sitting, playing with his cock.

Introductions made, Billy kissed us both while he held on to our cocks. We then undressed him and found that he had breast of a 14 years old girl. He told us that he had breast implant done. with his cock standing and and with beautiful tits he looked ravishing. Venkat and I started to suck his tits I then took his cock in my mouth.

When it was wet enough I got him to put his cock in my beautiful arse hole just for a short while, Billy desired that Venkat fuck him ( who would not want a nice king size cock in his arse?)Billy wanted a dry fuck -no oil no spit. Venkat lay on the edge of the bed and held his cock up as Billy lowered himself on it.

I got between their legs and started to suck his cock and balls as also Venkat’s balls. Their movements got faster and I was having a problem keeping his cock in my mouth. Finally I let go of the cock and Venkat caught his cock and the movement continued while I played with myself as also waited to get Billy’s cum in my mouth.

Soon both erupted; Venkat in Billy’s Arse and Billy in the air. His com spurted out forming a arc. I quickly reacted and managed to get a large amount in my mouth. The whole experience was out of this world. Till about 4o’clock we continued to play with each others cock and arsehole when I had to leave for the airport to fly back to my wife. I knew she would be waiting for a fuck that night.