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Gurpreet having gay fun 2

He awoke with a groan. His mouth was dry and his body was sore all over. He felt hot, and could feel sweat caking his bare skin. Bare skin? He opened his eyes to see he lay in an unfamiliar dim room on a stained double bed, naked but for his boxers. His wrists were tied together with several zip ties attached to a chain leading to the bedpost, a short chain that left him in an awkward position.

His heart beat rapidly in his chest, as he tried to dreg up any memories of how he got there. He remembered the club, Rohit and the team, a pretty girl smiling at him, and…

‘Morning sleepy head,’ Lalit said from where he leaned against the doorway with a smug grin.

Gurpreet had no words as he looked at the man in horror, Lalit seemed to expect this as he strutted into the room confidently, looking down at his helpless form.

‘I bet you have a lot of questions, but all you need to know is that your life is over. No one will find you, no one will rescue you, you’re mine, and the sooner you realise this the easier it will be for you.’

‘Eat shit,’ Gurpreet spat and in a split second Lalit’s fist connected with his cheek. The pain was excruciating and Gurpreet fought against the tears springing to his eyes.

Lalit chucked darkly, ‘now now Gurpreet, play nice. I know you must be thirsty, and hungry too. Do you want something to eat and drink yes?’

Gurpreet gritted his teeth, ignoring the pain in his throat and rumbling in his sLalitach.

‘Hmm,’ Lalit said, grabbing his chin and looking into his eyes, ‘you’re braver than I expected. An admirable quality, but stupid nevertheless.’

He reached into the bedside table and brought out an unfamiliar device, and before Gurpreet could react he was on him, attaching something to his face, forcing it into his mouth, Gurpreet tried to bite his fingers but was unsuccessful, the metal object forcing his mouth wide as Lalit fastened it tightly around the back of his head.

‘I hope in future I won’t need to use this, but for now I think it would be unwise to trust you. Still thirsty Gurpreet? Have a drink of this.’

Gurpreet watched with sinking horror as Lalit unbuckled his belt and withdrew his large erect penis. Grabbing Gurpreet violently by the head he dragged him towards him, he tried to yell through the fastenings in his mouth but it was hopeless as his open mouth was forced onto the man’s member. Gurpreet felt the penis slide along his tongue and he shuddered violently, fighting the urge to wretch. Lalit forced his head up and down, fucking his mouth like a doll. Gurpreet could feel the dick going deeper and deeper, Lalit pausing, holding his face right in his pubes, the penis sliding down his throat, blocking his windpipe. He struggled, and eventually Lalit let go, allowing him to breathe again, his saliva dripping off his throbbing penis as he grinned down at Gurpreet’s red and tear stained face.

He spoke to Gurpreet now as he continued to fuck his face with renewed vigour, ‘I knew from the moment I saw you you would be perfect. You’re face right now is what dreams are made of. With time you’ll come to respect me, maybe even love me. You put on this defiant attitude, but I know you’re a natural sub. You will do anything to please my cock, my little. Slut. Faggot. Boy.’

He punctuated each of the last words with a hard thrust and on the last he pulled out spraying his cum over Gurpreet’s face and into his mouth, still held open by the metallic device, causing his jaw to smart painfully. The salty taste on his tongue made his queasiness return and he began wretching bile over the side of the bed as Lalit stroked his head.

‘There there baby,’ Lalit whispered, ‘I know the first time is hard, but it’ll get easier.’

He reached down and undid the device, freeing Gurpreet’s mouth from it’s clutches. Gurpreet worked his jaw, the pain making it feel alien to him, like nothing that had just happened was real. As he sat back up, shuddering and trembling Lalit left the room, only to re-enter with a tray holding a large bottle of water and a bread roll.

Lalit handed him the water bottle, which he grabbed in his two fastened together hands and raised to his lips, drinking eagerly, desperate to get rid of the salty flavour of his humiliation, before turning to the bread roll and devouring it. He began to feel light headed again and realised that perhaps he shouldn’t have drunk the water after all.

Lalit smiled a dark smile. ‘Sorry buddy, but it’s best to keep you docile at this stage. But I have a present for you when you wake up,’ he said placing an unfamiliar black object on the bedside table. Through his blurry exhausted vision Gurpreet struggled to make out what the object was as Lalit left the room, shutting him back into the darkness. It was only just as he was drifting into his disturbed drug induced sleep that he realised it was a butt plug.