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Soon she was saying, “Harder sanjay, fuck me harder,” Which caused him
to pump faster until she began to shake ,orgasm, and he began to pump
up and down in and out strongly mom began to shake her two legs her
milky white thigh began to jurck like a sexey girl.suddenly sanjay
gave her great jurck to mom and fell down upon mom flat body.
scream ,”Oh my God… It feels so good… My pussy… Fuck me
sanjay…Fuck meee.”
“Oh yes, Fuck your ku.ku.ku.nad………… Harder… Faster… make
me cum on your cock sanjay Make mommy cum all over your cock. Yes..
Yes… Oh… Oh… yes ..I am cumming … Oh… OOH….
Oh…yes….”mom said.
“Ohhhhhhh…ughhhhhhh…..yessss, baby. Damn that feels
good!”OHHHHHHGODDDDDDDD…..easy baby!”
“Yes, yes….I love fucking sanjay! I….would have…..fucked you
from …Ohhh…years ago….if….Ohhhh…. I had
known…..ughhhhh…that your dick …..ughhh….was so good!”
“Ohhhhhhhhhh god! I love your fat long cock!” she screamed!
he started pumping hard and fast as she kept moaning.
“Yes I love your pussy! It’s so fucking tight and wet!”
“That’s it baby….ohh …keep calling me darling!”
“I love your pussydaring. Do you feel nasty getting your cunt fucked
by other person,darling?”
“Yesssssss….I want to fuck… .ohh…your… .fucking cock…
.ohh….all night!”
The she started shaking. “Oh baby!…..I’m cumming!” she said
He started pounding her pussy harder so that he could shoot his wad at
the same time!
“Me too!” I grunted
“Oh yeah baby. That’s it….cum in darling pussy baby …….cum with
darling baby!”
they both exploded at the same time. It was earth shattering and
seemed to last for several minutes. He never pumped so much cum out of
my cock. It felt like gallons.
They laid there for a few minutes with his cock still in her pussy,
both of us breathing hard. Finally,he rolled over and lay on my back
next to her. She looked over and smiled at him very tenderly.Her face
and chut get red after having a great fucking session.
Whole action is non-stop and breath taking for me. I am wondering that
how MOM gets sanjay’s full erected 9 inch long and 4 inch thick
monster into her tight small chut without a scream.
Then she got up on her knees and said,”That was the best fucking
anyone has ever given me, I’ve never cum so hard in my life!”
“Same here!”he said smiling.
“But….” She said as she grabbed my now limp cock, “I need to fuck it
again, and again!”She started stroking him and lowered her mouth to
his cock.She deep throated his in one quick movement and began sucking
me for all she was worth(she FELLATIO)his cock again
He had many blowjobs in my life, but this topped them all. It was like
a vacuum cleaner on his cock! In no time at all I was rock hard again.

She lifted her head and smiled”I really want to taste your cum…..but
not yet. First I want you to fuck me with this fat dick again!’
MOM still hold SANJAY’S big monster in his hands. The monster became
live again in few minutes. MOM gets up from bed and says naughtily
smailey to SANJAY sambhalo apne lode ko ghar ja ke biwi ko nahin
chodna kya……
Sanjay replies biwi ko to bahut chod liya ab mera ye land sirf tumhe
Mom enjoys sanajy”s monster wildly and feel the full pleasure of she is pleading sanjay
is land par ab sirf tumhara haq hai…….. and with a smile sanjay
asked MOM to fuck her ass-hole (gaand).
But MOM refuses and says gaand kal marna abhi ghar jaao, mujhe bhi
ghar ke kaam niptaane hai…..
She lifted her own thongs and hang it on his live monster and smiles
MOM put on the undergarments and gown and enters in the bathroom for
refreshing. And come out from bathroom with har micro mini skirt and
order me to make three cup of coffee i make it and brought to dinning
room where sanjay and mom is sitting on dinning i brought three cup of
cofee and biscut and put it to table after then we have a cup of tea
together and then sanjaytold us be ready i am comming soon from
bittale shop when he went mom told him to bring one packet ladies
ciggarate then sanjay went outside in home only mom and i sit near mom
then mom tell me that i have settle your marrage but only thing i have
to talk with your dad .
Whom did you make me marries ?
Our sanjay roy.
He is a bengoli boy you know he is an automobile engg.he will stay
with us in this bunglow and we will enjoy.
What enjoy ?
I will tell you later but don’t tell anyone to your friend.
Then after an hour sanjay came from bittle shop he bring two packet of
ladies ciggarate five pawn etc.
He give something to mom she keep it in her skirt pocket then she went
to kitchen for cooking food sanjay
Told mom that he order dinner in resturent ,
mom told me will you go to resturent ?
No mom i will go with you
Now we three are ready for going to resturent mom is wearing micro
mini skirt it is too small it is mine mom wear it,Wet Look Plunge
Halter Top And Micro Mini Skirt mom wear it she is having so thin
waist was holding thin lace of her g-string just below her navel. The
front part of her g-string hardly covered her pussy and most part was
hidden inside her pussy. She had shaven her pussy nicely today so I
could not see her pubic hair outside the g-string Only small change
was that I could even see her lower lips eating her g-string
completely. Mom is wearing a g string its stripe is so tin that it
was not enough to cover her shit hole in upper she wore crop halter
top is so small and tight which revalling from crop halter top every
one could see that her breasts were hanging nicely, they were very
firm and very big in size.
Her breasts and asswere large and full and the jiggled and swayed when
she walked.
“sanjay”, she said. “Shall we go out for dinner?” she asked me
lighting one cigarette and throwing the smoke through her nostrils.
“It sounds great mom,” I said.
“Go and get ready then. I will finish this cigarette by then.” She
said and lied on the bed.
I went to my room and changed myself. Since it was hot summer day, I
wore a loose t-shirt and shorts. After then I went to mom’s room. She
was still on the bed puffing her cigarette. One of her hands was
inside her g-string, maybe she was fingering.
“Let’s go mom.” I said pretending not seeing anything
“Two minutes, baby.” She took last puff and threw the remainder of
cigarette into the ashtray.
She got up and She took her purse and car key. We went to the garage;
she sat on the driving seat and drove us to the market
Mom parked the car in front of a nice restaurant and entered. We had
reserved one table and ordered some meal and told them that we would
be back in an hour as it was too early for us to take dinner after
that we went to night club. We walked around the club. People were
staring at us as we (especially mom) were in western outfits. Many
people glazed their eyes on my mom when she lit one cigarette and
puffed it up. But she did not care. We walked around, she had some
cold drink
After around one hour we returned back to the counter and we occupied
our table. Mom asked for some wine and I was happy with beer.
“Have you smoked nisha?” she asked lighting one more. This was third
cigarette that I saw my mom smoking in one day. I had tried smoking
many times but was not addicted to this like my mom. In our family
only she is a regular smoker, others are not.
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