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Hard sex with Bhabhi in Train-1

Hi Readers,

I am kumar, staying in bangalore for around 7 years, working as
software professional and doing business as well in native, 29, fair,
6.1 ft tall, average
weight, living alone in 1BHK rented house. Here I am going to tell
true story with Amudha(name changed), 33, house wife, married to a
shop keeper for 3 years,
living with her husband Biju in kerala along with her MIL in house, no
kids. Story happened on 29th July 2015 in train.

I use to travel every Friday week end for my business, will be
returning to bangalore on every Sunday night train at 10 PM from my
station and it will be
reaching bangalore at 5.30 AM morning. One day, due to business work
was returning on week day from native, usually train will be vacant on
mid week,
so got a seat reserved on middle berth in train. Boarded the train in
to S4 coach, reached my seat, compartment was dark, but still path
light near the door
dropping inside the compartment, which made little visible to identify
the things, seen lot many seats were vacant on the coach, i switched
on the light, saw compartment
was not fully occupied, only couples were sitting opposite to my seat
on lower berth, the couples were sitting in the dark watching me and
giving way to
keep my bags below lower berth on my side. Noticed the couples, her
husband very slim, had big moustache, was in T Shirt with formal Pant
underneath, her wife
she was good looking, average weight, every parts are perfect, boobs
little small and in her saree. Couples were sitting very close to each
other by holding their
thighs with their hands, they stopped chatting and watching me.
Minutes later guy asked me whether he can switch off the light. My
self too arranged
my seat ready to sleep, asked him to go ahead, same time i suspected
some thing was going on between them in the dark, i got into my middle
opposite side of them and pretended like sleeping by facing against
them. Train started moving, after 10 to 15 minutes, the man came near
and checking the
mirror, and checked me closely my sleeping, once he was sure that i
was sleeping, he moved towards her and hugged her head with his
tightly, she lifted her hands and encircled his hips on above his hip,
started kissing all over his bulge on above the pant (can’t able to
see her face,
but able to judge based on the movement), he pressed her head down
towards his bulge, she moved her head below the bulge and smooched her
face on above the pant.
He unbuttoned his pant and took out his cock out(think he was not
wearing his briefs inside), she kissed his cock, rubbed her face with
his cock and inserted inside
her mouth and she started sucking, the sound of sucking and their
intimacy made me irresistible, watching all these, my cock was paining
inside the pant,
opened my zip of my pant and took cock out, it was shining with the
pre cum on top with full length (about 6.1 inches height & 3.1 inches
dia., measurement
was taken while writing this incident), started stroking my cock
slowly in the air. Guy standing and getting his cock sucking started
moaning in low sound
by keeping his cock inside her mouth started lying himself slowly on
his berth, once after he settled on the seat, she stroked his cock by
keeping head of
the cock in her mouth, she adjusted herself to him without taking the
cock from her mouth, she lye between his legs, he encircled her waist
by his legs. She was
sucking and stroking his cock vigorously, almost after 2 to 3 minutes,
he started raising his hip by making hmmmmmmmmm…..hmmmmmmmm… with
big moan, as thought
he reached his climax, she predicts and tries to take his cock out
from her mouth, but he pressed her head and inserted his cock forcibly
deep inside
her mouth, and cummed inside her mouth, she tried her best to release
from him but she couldn’t, he ejaculated all his cum inside her mouth,
once done
he loosened his grip from her hand, she forcedly released from him
started coughing heavily, cum was dripping out from her mouth and
spitting the cum every
where on the floor when she was coughing heavily few dropped on my
elbow. He was in no mood of looking her spitting and coughing. Until
that time i was
having my cock in my hand stroking by seeing her and also with
consciously stroking slowly not to ejaculate.