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Hard sex with Bhabhi in Train-2

Now she took her saree and cleaned the cum dripping on the lower jaw.
She was standing near me by facing her back side towards me,
unknowingly she was covering my
cock on the air from her husband, i able to smell her body perfume on
the air, making me more hard on my cock. He got from the seat and
walked towards
the toilet. She adjusted her saree, as she came back to sense,
suddenly turned towards me saw me lying there and checking me, she
can’t able to find in the
dark whether i am sleeping, but noticed my hand having my hard cock
swinging in the air, she noticed me again knows that i am watching
then, she shockingly
turned then moved towards her seat and closed her face with her hand
along with saree, immediately tried to leave the compartment with
shyness, when she
try to leave the compartment, her foot hit the bag kept under the
lower berth and fell down badly and hit her shoulder on the path way
lower seat and make
a sound “maa…”

Without covering my cock sat on the seat and by sitting, i asked are
you all right?
No answer from her. Still she was on the floor and trying to get up, i
jumped out from the seat and helped her to stand back on knees, still
my cock was looking
Me: Are you all right?.
She: Yes
Me: Did anywhere you got hurt?
She: No (By rubbing her knees)
Me: Why are you rubbing your knees, check it.
She: Little pain
Me: Hey, then you go to the toilet room and check anywhere it got
hurt. (Said with out touching her and without taking more advantage on
(When she was rubbing her knees watching my cock directly and
She: Ok(with smile on her face), Are you all right?
Me: (By knowing for what she asked, with smile), have to check…
She stood on her legs and faced me and smiled, then moved towards the
toilet, i thought its a green signal from her, so followed her from
behind by hiding
my cock with my hands, so no one should watch my cock. While going
started noticing her body its perfect, brownish white, long hairs,
little fleshy
but not more, good attractive butts dancing while walking, making more
hornier towards her. She noticed me coming back without saying she
went inside the
toilet, and locked the door from inside. I got disappointed and now i
was waiting with both desire and fear outside the toilet. Smoking
smell coming from the toilet,
may be her husband. I thought her husband would come out any point of
time, so decided to move back to my seat. Still her sucking, body
structure, fleshy butts
cute boobs, eyes on my cock are in mind, unknowingly started stroking
my cock. After few minutes saw some shadow nearing the compartment,
that was her husband. He
reached his seat and found she was not there, he immediately took his
mobile and tried calling. Mobile was ringing in the bag on their seat.
He might be tried
to find her in the train and was waiting in the seat and checking me
whether i was sleeping, i pretended like sleeping again. After few
minutes, she came back
to the seat. He started shouting in anger to her in low voice, where
were you bitch? are you went to fuck someone?, i am not done yet. She
was speech less,
standing front of the compartment. Not able to see her face reaction.
Again he asked in anger. Why are you standing, are you waiting for
anyone to come. By
saying he forcibly pulled her and make her lye on the lower berth.
Again without any word she lye on her back, he lifted her saree until
her waist. WOW….what a
thigh she had, its like banana tree lower stem, even in the dim light
its glowing, on thigh above dark bunch, thanks to door lights are
still on. He started removing
his pant until his knees and took out his cock, its small in height
but the thickness was more around 3.5 inches. He didn’t care of
anything and jumped on her.
Without smooching or any foreplay he started inserting his cock inside
her pussy. He completely lye on her with inserting his cock and
started moving only his hip
in normal speed, she didn’t make any sound or reaction and at the same
time she was seeing me, i too watched her and stroking my cock with
full erection, he pumped
her continuously for around 2 to 3 minutes and make a sound
haaaaaaaaaaaa….i thought he was cumming, he cummed inside her, once
released all his cum and without
waiting he took back his cock from her pussy and stood up from her and
without noticing any thing he left to toilet. Still i am stroking my
cock, seeing her pussy
and thighs, saw her face, she cleaned her both eyes and with running
nose inhaled the air, thought she was crying, with that confusion my
erection went down. She
noticed me watching, even then she didn’t tried to cover her pussy or
thighs which are naked. With both love and sympathy, I lye facing my
body towards her and
asked her are you all right?, no reply from her..