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Hard sex with Bhabhi in Train-3

Me: Did he is your husband?
Amudha: Nodded her head saying yes.
Me: Why are you crying?
Amudha: No reply(Continued her crying, wiped her eyes and inhaled the
air in running nose)
Me: Why? Are you not interested what he did?
Amudha: Silent, no answer
Me: Sorry to ask this, Is your husband Psycho?
Amudha: What do you think?
Me: I don’t know whether i watched the romantic show or Psycho show.
Amudha: Hmmm… (Giggling sound)
I started putting back my cock inside my pant. She noticed me and
asking question by lying on her back, same time she noticed that and
started covering her pussy
and naked thighs with her saree
Amudha: Are you watching from starting?
Me: What do you think?
Amudha: You both men are enjoying and watching me crying, all men are
Me: All men are same, when if your husband is not a man.
Me: Thought of hitting him and took over you from him.
Amudha: Hmmmmm……giggling (Saw my face). Are you married?
Me: No.
Amudha: Age?
Me: 29
Amudha: Why you still not married?
Me: Only after 32.
Amudha: Lucky…
Me: What? Are you staying in bangalore?
Amudha: No, Going to Sister in laws house function in bangalore.
Me: where are they living?
Amudha: Don’t know the place, once we got down they will pick us from
the station.
Me: When you got married, How many kids?
Amudha: 3 Years, No kids, He is under treatment.

We saw some shadow reaching us, we stopped talking and we both remains
in their place, her husband reached the seat and sitting under my
berth. I saw from the mirror,
he took his bag and searched some thing at last he took coke bottle
out of it. Took lays chips from the bag, opened the bottle and started
drinking the coke along
with that he started eating the chips. I realised he was consuming
liquor by having it in coke bottle. Saw the time it was around 12.20
AM. Don’t know when i slept,
when i tried to change my sleeping position, came to my sense and
watched the time, its 1.30 AM, thought of her and turned towards her.
she was sleeping by her back
by covering her face with her right hand elbow. I got down from the
seat, saw her, she was sleeping in the same position. I glanced her
body, stopped my eye at her
belly button which was uncovered, by seeing that sexiest area dick
started rising, pressed my dick above the pant and moved to toilet,
stroked for a minute by
imagining the session, it makes too hard, i decided to try my luck
with aumdha, by having my cock out moved out from the toilet and moved
to her seat and i am
aware that her husband was in deep sleep because of alcohol and
started snoring little, saw she was sleeping in the same position in
her seat, there was gap in seat next to foot,
sat there below near legs. When i sat it touched her foot slightly,
thought she will woke up shocked by my activities, but as she was
aware knowingly removed her hand
from her face slowly and smiled, i too smiled back, she bent her leg
further to give me more space for sitting.

Me: Are you not sleeping?
Amudha: No, i saw you are sleeping…Not getting sleep…..(Answer
made me more happy)
Me: If you thought thinking about something then you won’t get sleep
Amudha: ..hmmmm…

I stood up with my dick out and didn’t tried to hide from her, stood
up from the seat and took water bottle from my bag and drank some, she
saw dick hanging out of my pant,
i noticed that and asked do you want in double meaning and stretched
the water bottle towards her. she lifted her body on sitting position
and got water bottle from me
and drank some water and returned to me. I kept the bottle back and
sat in her seat little closer by that her legs touched my hip. She
tried to bend her legs more and
watching my cock which was hard and showing direction of the fan, she
was noticing my hardness. I caught her foot to stop bending her legs
and said, no problem
if you wish you can keep you legs on mines. Without waiting for her
reply took her legs and kept it on my laps, my cock was touching her
right side leg on above her saree.
she said ok and tried to take her legs from me, i pressed her legs on
thighs he stopped protesting and relaxed on my thighs, while taking
slowly my right hand started pressing her
foot slowly and softly. she relaxed herself and liked the way i
pressed her foot, stretched her foot finger slowly, she got little
pain and sounded in low aahhh..paining.
Both smiled and at the same time rolled my tip of my fingers under her
foot palm, she tries to took her leg but i got her hold of it and kept
it on my thigh, now pressed
my dick on her leg, she felt my dick and smiled.

Me: Why you are smiling?
Amudha: Simply
By pressing her foot on my right hand, started pressing her left leg
softly on above her saree
Me: How do you feel?(in double meaning with smile)
Amudha: Never seen any man like this doing to me (even she too in
double meaning)
Both are aware that her husband wont wake up until train reaches
bangalore, we started talking in low voice
Me: Can i treat you with more special things?
Amudha: How? Like my husband?
Me: Do you had any boy friend before or after marriage(Without
answering her question)
Amudha: No. Only him (showing her finger towards him)
Me: Are you working?
Amudha: No…
Me: Do you like shopping?
Amudha: Yes, Very much…
Me: How often you will go to shopping?
I was pressing softly with both of my hands until her knees, on
pressing from knees to bottom leg, lifting her saree little on each
cycle of press and making more contact to her legs.
She was feeling relaxed by my press and answering the question.
Pressed more on my dick with her leg.
Amudha: Hmmm…not particularly..but will be 2 or 3 months
once…(Slowly, because she might felt my dick pressing)
Me: What’s your favourite perfume?
Amudha: Hmmm…?
Me: favourite perfume?
Amudha: Hmmm…Lavender
Me: Yes right, me too feel the same smell from your body.
Now i moved her saree until her knees in the name of pressing
regularly and making direct contact with the skin on and below the
knees, continued pressing towards her thighs on
above her saree on each press she was inhaling the air and answering
slowly. I bent to her legs and smelled, due to bending the head to leg
and smelled for about half a minute, my
hot breath touched her legs for, saw her face and she was watching me
Me: Haaaaa…i am getting very good different smell from your legs
Amudha: Hmmmm…Soap
Me: Good, where and all you apply the soap by smiling
Now pressing was happening from thigh to foot. Increased the pressure
of pressing her thighs, even she was excited with the touching
Amudha: …..Every where….
Me: Did i get the same smell on you thighs?
Amudha: Smilingly nodded her head as yes…
Me: Can i smell your thighs?
Without waiting for her reply bend my head until her thighs and
started pressing on her naked thighs on right hand. Hot breath was
touching her thighs and too my dick was swinging
with pre cum, even the pre cum flowed and touched her left leg skin
and she also feeling it.
Amudha: Hmmm…No…(but didn’t abject my move)
Till now, my left hand pressing top of her right thigh and right hand
pressing bottom of same thigh.
Me: (Without lifting my head near her thigh)Yes, i feel the same smell
here too.