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Hard sex with Bhabhi in Train-4

Even when i spoke the hot air from my mouth touches her thigh again.
She was aroused now and wetting her lips frequently by her tongue. I
lifted my head and moved further by that cock was touching her bare
thighs with pre cum.
I shifted the right hand to her left thigh and started pressing above
thigh hardly and continuing my right hand pressing until the hip joint
under the saree.
Moved my left hand towards her right hand which was resting on her
stomach. i touched her hand and pressed her fingers, continued
pressing her thighs.
she saw her husband sleeping without knowing that her wife was
enjoying by other man. she noticed i am watching her.
Me: soft hands….
Amudha: (Smiled)
Pressed her right hand until elbow and back to her fingers.
Me: i like pressing your soft hands, is it hurting you?
Amudha: No…
Me: i like your soft fingers (by saying this i crossed her all fingers
with mines)
Same time on pressing the thigh making a contact with her pussy hairs
and started caressing those hairs above pussy softly.
She realised that and parted her leg little to give more access to her
Me: Can i feel your hands (before she replies, took her hand near my
Amudha: hmmm…
Me: …you are smelling good…
Same time, gently pulled few pussy hairs
Amudha: (closed her eyes)..Haaaaaa….
Me: Can i relax your fingers?
Amudha: (without opening her eyes she nodded her head..Yes)
On my right hand started caressing her pussy hairs on above her pussy
more deeply and concious not to touch her pussy crack while
Placed a soft kiss on back of her right hand, no abjection from her
and still closing her eyes and enjoying the moment.
Continued kissing her back hand slowly softly and on each kiss
increasing pressure of the kiss. she didn’t abject my move.
Same time moved my right hand little below and start caressing the
hairs near the pussy, felt less hairs on each side of her pussy, a
soft touch
to the pussy lips and sensed some wetness on the hairs.
slowly kissed tip of her fingers and make some wetness on it
By mouth chosen the middle finger and started inserting into my mouth,
she feels the hotness of my mouth in the finger and opened her mouth
and enjoying the way i started sucking her fingers.
moved her finger in and out like finger was fucking the mouth. Put my
left hand on her stomach and slide my finger on her naked area.
All these time my cock pre cumming and rock hard touching her thigh
tightly and making wet of her thigh, continued sucking her finger for
more than a minutes, simultaneously
rubbing her pussy side crack along with teasing pussy lips, she was
oozing her juice and its flowing on my thigh, made the moment more
hornier for both of them.
She bit her lips. Continued my finger in my mouth touched her lips and
caressed her softly, by the left hand caressing belly and its button,
she closed her eyes and feeling my touch.
Moved my left hand on above her boobs and searched for the nipples,
got the left boob and circled on the fingers and played with her
nipples. Same time increase the pressure on rubbing
her pussy, she was oozing loads and loads of juice, made my hand fully
wet, she was enjoying a lot, i can die for that. she bend a little
touched my tip of the cock on her right hand fingers
and caressing the cock head, all the pre cum sicked to the fingers ,
both are feeling extreme, We enjoyed with heavy warm breath and
continued for 2 to 3 mins, i screwed her nipples on my left,
she hold my cock and started stroking, all pre cum from cock stick
entire hand. She watched the cock, same time she inserted all her
finger inside my mouth, i chewed all. Her warm touch on my
cock, all the blood from my body was flowing only to the dick and
making more rock hard. In pussy increased the finger fucking with 3
fingers, she was moaning loudly now and shaking her body in
pleasure, i slowed fucking her pussy to tease her and to make her beg
for more, removed right hand from the pussy and started licking my
fingers, it taste good, and aroma of her juice with
urine was smelled good and ignite more on me, this was the first time
i am feeling so great on foreplay, she took her wet hand with my pre
cum and moved towards her mouth, she licked all my pre
cum from her fingers hungrily. Same time changed left hand to other
breast and start playing the same like screwing the nipples, again she
kept her right hand on my cock and started stroking my
cock heavily, i was in heaven, not caring of any persons near by and
making sound haa…haaa….haaa for each stroke. I don’t want to cum
early even i don’t want her too reach orgasm, she hold
my right hand and guided back inside pussy, as she guided i placed my
hand on her pussy and started fondling the pussy lips, so that i can
take fore play to more extend, i stopped sucking her
fingers and hold her hand to stop stroking with my left. She too stop
stroking, i smiled and took my right hand under her thighs and left
hand around her hip and lifted to my lap and placed
between my thighs. she smiled back and still holding my cock. Both are
very close now, can able to smell her body perfume. Even in the dark
she seen my face and slowly buried her right cheek
with my face, left the cock and encircled my neck with both her hands
and hugged tightly. i too hugged her with both hands, started kissing
her ears slowly and moved all around the ears stayed some time.
Without releasing our hug, she turned her head towards me i started
kissing her fore head slowly, she responded, then moved to her eyes,
closed her eyes and enjoying the kissing without releasing
the hug, kissed both of her eyes, nose, left cheeks, right cheek and
licked both cheeks, then slowly kissed below her lips. She lifter her
head slightly to get the full lip kiss, by knowing and to
make her more wanted, i moved the kiss to her neck, licked and side
bent her head and started kissing her ear lobes, then side neck and
head all over, all those kisses are very slow, kissed all
over her face and ear lobes, but not the lips and i took back the head
and smiled to her, she too smiled and hardly she placed her lips on my
lips and moved her both hands and pressed my head
towards her, i too started holding her head started kissing hungrily,
oh god what a lip lock we had for sure more than 20 minutes,
exchanging the saliva, playing inside her mouth, fucking her
mouth with my tongue, chewing and sucking lips, fucking my mouth with
her tongue. during middle of kissing session i parted her legs and
reached her pussy with my right head and started teasing
by rolling my finger on her pussy and hold the g spot, on doing this
she was pressing my heads towards her tightly and giving deep kiss
without breathing. i insert my tip of one finger slowly
inside her pussy, she parted her legs to give more access, slowly
inserted my whole middle finger inside her pussy, its burning inside
like an oven, kept my finger motion less, she can’t resist
and started moving her hip in and out, now without teasing her, more
inserted my fingers and started moving in and out, added 2 more
fingers and with few stroke, she was about to reach her climax,
without breaking kiss she screamed, hmm,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,hmmmmmmmmmmm,
with that scream she reached her orgasm heavily like urinating,
stroked pussy very fast even though she was cumming, hers pussy
was not stopped flowing the juice, enter right hand was drenched in
her juice and like the way she flowed and i took in my hand, during
orgasm she bite my lips hardly and my eyes dripping with tears
and still enjoyed the pain of he bite and stroking her inside pussy.
After her orgasm ends, she withdraw my lip, started kissing all my
face happily, holding her in my left hand on doing this, she
continued kissing me saying i love you, for more than 2 minutes she
kissed and saying i love you, then slowly stopped kissing and looked
my face, i smiled and took my right hand licked entire hand,
she too smiled and buried her face in my chest with shyness. I hugged
her all along, for about a minute she took the face and tried
releasing her self from me and searched for my cock, already mines
was oozing lot, she hold and smiled, then she went on her legs and
knee in the compartment, started kissing the cock head and licking the
pre cum, tried to kiss the balls, found difficultly in kissing
my balls, without saying any took both legs to the seat to lye on the
seat, by holding the cock she was watching me lying on her seat, she
opened my pant and moved along with briefs towards knees. now
she got a full access to my cock, saw me smiled and buried her face
and took the ball in her mouth by holding the cock in her hand , her
sucking sound make me more hard, she was stroking the cock slowly
while sucking the balls and moved her mouth and licked all my pre cum
again, she opened the skin closing the cock head and took the cock
head and sucked, and she moved further to take cock fully and she
succeeded swallowing 4 inches, placed my right hand on her head and my
left hand playing with her breast nipples, i pinched her nipples, with
my cock inside her mouth, she sounded haa.. and again tried
to swallow more inside her, i can feel her throat pressing the tip,
suddenly she made a cough and took cock out, after coughing again she
started sucking the cock, her warmness of the mouth and the stroke
and sucking made to jerk my body, hold her head and moved my hip up
and down, she realised i am reaching climax, she increased the speed
of sucking and stroking and moved her mouth to tip of cock, with in
sec cummed in her mouth like passing urine, she took all the cum
threading in her mouth and swallowing all the cum, waiting for the
complete climax to be stopped, swallow entire cum without a single
once i stopped jumping, she stroked again and sucking the balls for a
less than a minute, put the entire cock inside her mouth and squeezed
my cock to take even single drop of cum. She started licking all
over the cock, and full shaft once again and kissed every where. We
were in heaven without caring any one. Can’t forget the moment i had
with her even now..