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Hard sex with Bhabhi in Train-5

She moved on above me with her breast without pallu, lye on her
stomach and came near my face started licking my lips and sucked my
lips, i can able to smell the cum, i enjoyed the way she sucked and
licked my face.
i circled both my hand on her neck and hugged, after few minutes of
licking, she put her head on my face and lyed together for more than
10 minutes without any speech. We rested for a while, later she turned
her face
and asked shall we go and clean, i nodded yes, then we both got down
from the seat and adjusted our dresses and moved towards the toilet.

Both entered inside the toilet separately, i cleaned, came and waited
outside, time showed it 2.05 AM, standing near the door looking
outside in slow moving train. She stepped out, looking very fresh,
her saree like before seeing me with smile & shyness on her face, i
stretched my hand towards her she came near hold the hands of mine and
without seeing my eyes she hugged and buried her face in the chest,
love and fullness, i too felt the same when she buried her face on me.
I kissed her head and feeling the lovely hug, remains silent for 5
minutes, train reached some out skirt sub station, saw a tea person
tea came near us, we separated and got down to the platform, both sat
on the wooden table closely like husband and wife, she took my left
arm with her and keeping head on my shoulder, brought tea. Asked “How
do you do now?”,
she kept the tea on the table and stood up and came near me pressed my
face with stomach and kissed my upper head, i took my face from her
and looked into her she replied “First Night”, i made her sit near me,
she took
my hand again and sit closely along with me, we started chatting all
about her and asking all about me, we became very close now, she was
having her head on my shoulder and asking questions about me and
telling about her,
we shared our life, family, friends, sex and every thing, Heard a
sound of train horn, “Dear can i carry you inside” i asked, she
pinched me said “Every one will watch us”, by saying i caressed her
hair and continued
“Thank you for your love to me” she said.
Me: (Smile on my face) Want to love you more?
Amudha: When it will reach bangalore? (Smile on her face)
Me: After 5.30 AM.
Due to continuous stroke of my dick from starting of the train, it was
paining little. When she replied, i hugged her by sitting and buried
my face inside her belly above the saree.
Parted my face and adjusted the saree and kissed her belly button, she
pressed my head along with her stomach. Same time i put my hand on her
butts and pressed her towards me.
Train started moving little, stopped kissing and saw her, i took her
hand and pulled new me and lifted her from the ground, she didn’t
oppose, i stepped inside the train, without caring of anyone watching
us, I dropped her,
since there was no gap to carry more inside the compartment, once
after dropping her she hugged me near the door step, i encircled my
hand and pressed tightly with me, she put her hands on my neck and
looking in to my eyes.
She was glowing in light and love in her eyes, I kissed her eyes,
nose, cheeks, then lip locked less than a min and broke the kiss, saw
her face and told “will move inside or else some one will watch us”.
She didn’t agree,
buried her face in my chest saying “I Love You”, i kissed her head and
said “Me too”, no lifted her head asked, “shall we go now”, she
agreed. Due to some short of fore play my dick already started rising
and asking for release from my pant.
I hold her hand took her by crossing our seats, she stop me saying “We
crossed our seats”, without stopping pulled her with me then stopped
near next door and smiled.
Amudha: What?
Me: Searching dark place where no one is available (I saw lot many
seats were vacant, one or two passengers are in each compartment,
searched for the compartment without passengers)
Searched 3 compartments and at last found 2 continuous compartment was
fully vacant at the end of sleeper coach, to my luck the next
compartment was AC. So the doors has been closed between AC and
Sleeper couch.
Shown her the compartment by rolling my eyes towards the compartment,
she smiled with shyness and sat on the seat. I switched off all the
lights near by, it was dark completely.
Came back to the seat and sat near her (able to see the seats since
the train was slowly moved out of the station).
Amudha: Shall we sleep now? we have lot of seats.
Me: Yeah sure.
Amudha: I will sleep on this seat. where you like to sleep?
Me: Hmmm..on above you…
Amudha: Chiiiiii……
she lye down put her head on my lap
I sat near the window on same seat and stretched my leg on the seat.
Me: I am feeling cold now can i get some thing hot.
She parting my legs and lye on her back on between my legs and kept
her head on my bulge. She took my legs below her hands and put my foot
on her crotch above her saree.
I pinched her cheeks on both my hands, i reached her boobs and kissed
her both boobs on above the saree, on doing that my abdomen pressed
her head more and stomach touched her lips on above my shirt. she
hugged my hip in that position
i bent back to normal, slowly i inserted my fingers between the boobs
and smooched between the breast and on the other hand searched for the
nipples above the blouse and circled the nipples started growing hard,
i can feel
from the touch, hold left boob nipples and did the same on other boob
nipple with right hand, started to rolling the nipple, she sound
‘iiiissssssss…..’ due to pain fondled the nipples and bent, took one
of the nipple and
sucked and bite the nipples. She inserted her both hands and searched
and found my nipples inside my shirt and started playing and pinching

For few minutes sucked, fondled and rolled only the nipples and
concious not to press the boobs. She moaned continuously on each move
and pressed her boob along with my head, but without allowing her to
touch the boob played
only with the nipples, it made her more hornier, “Take me full” she
requested, without listening to her, sucked and bite the nipple and
circled the boob on fingers, did the same on other boob with other
she begged to suck the boob again, at last after long waiting pressed
the boob softly once and again continued on nipples again, she pressed
my head, but i hold her hand, she cried to take full boob, by seeing
without any
wait started taking full boob in my mouth and sucked, on the right
pressed right boob hardly, continued for some time with brig the

Released her hand and moved my left hand towards pussy and caressed
slightly, the started putting pressure by pressing on above her saree.
she parted her legs gave more space to access and crushed
her pussy and sucking the boob hardly, she was in heaven and moaned.
She continued pinching my nipples until i changed my position by
standing on my knees and now my cock was above her, bulging inside my
pant with full hard, she got access
to my cock which was rock hard now, as she was waiting for the moment
she crushed my cock on above pant, started unbuttoning my pant with
other hand, she continued pressing the dick on above the pant, once
unbuttoned she pulled the pant below
to knees and now my dick was hanging above her inside the briefs. She
pulled the dick above the briefs, due to its hardness difficult to
take out and I was in pain due to her force of pulling, I made a sound
due to pain, she pulled by briefs
to my knees, it started swinging in the air, she lifted her head and
gulped the cock in to her mouth and started sucking, same time she
stroked the cock with one hand and on the other hold my hip for her
and started rolling her fingers on my butt cheeks, and inserted her
finger on my butt hole. This made me more hornier, i pulled her saree
above her knee and buried my face between her thighs, started licking
the thighs near her pussy, then
slowly moved towards the pussy, it smells so erotic, chewed the pussy
hairs and pulled, due to small pain she moaned, I liked and started
licking and sucking all the pre cum on above hairs, slide my tongue
towards her pussy, now took the
hands on the pussy, started parting and inserted my tongue and fucked
slowly for few minutes, her moan increased with my cock inside her
mouth, she enjoyed the way i was doing and lifting her pussy to gave
more access, got g spot and gave
soft bite, she gave long moan and stopped stroking my cock, pressed my
head towards her pussy, continued with tongue fucking for more than 5
minutes, she pressed my head more inside her pussy, now her legs
started moving above my head to
press more inside her, still i am shaking my head, at last with loud
moan and shivering on her legs she reached orgasm inside my mouth, i
gulped all her cum without wasting a drop and continued eating her
pussy without a gap.
I liked and with more eager started eating her pussy, i want to eat
more of her pussy, so I thought to change the position, l took my cock
out from her mouth and jumped from the seat, reached the floor, knelt
down on it. She saw me confused
and waiting for my movement, I pulled and turned her legs towards me
from the seat, by my knees moved closer inside and between her legs,
she got my movement and moved her hip towards me, until her pussy
reaches edge of the seat, bent my head
forward to reach her pussy, rolled her saree to her thighs, she guided
my head towards her pussy and started caressing my hairs and rested
her back to the seat, due to her Saree not able to get the pussy in my
mouth, knowing that lifted her
hip and rolled her saree again until her waist, parted her legs, now I
am in full mood, started kissing and licking by her both thighs on the
side of her pussy, she liked more on playing with pussy , can’t able
to wait for my foreplay,
she pressed my head towards her pussy, I moved my mouth towards her
pussy, hungrily eating the pussy, licking, biting her pussy lips,
sucking, playing with her spot, continued for more than 5 minutes, it
made her more hornier and oozing the
pre cum, she pressed my head inside her, i started eating the pussy
licking, biting the pussy lips, parted her lip using my hand and
licked, then inserted 2 finger and started finger fucking her pussy
for few more minutes, slowly i lifted her
thighs on my shoulder and moved my licking towards her ass hole,
inserted my tongue and licked, she became more hornier and pressed my
head along with her ass hole and moved her ass towards me and pressing
my mouth, continued my licking on the ass,
inserted my all fingers inside her pussy and fucked, she cried with
pain and pleasure, and on the other hand inserted 1 finger inside her
ass, fucking the pussy and ass, licking ass on same time, this was
continued for more than a minute,
she jumped and forced me inside her ass and jumped, one more
ejaculation, all her cum poured on my forehead, few drops of her cum
flowed on by nose and moved my mouth tasted the juice, I liked the
situation by drenching in juice, situation
made me more horny, released my head from her hand and ass, moved my
mouth towards her pussy, licked and sucked all the juices from her
pussy. Again she pressed my head with her pussy and jumped for minute,
she pulled me from down and kissed
all over my and circled her legs on my hip and hugged me by her hands
and kissed, licked all over my face, we lip locked for more than 2
minutes, and started playing with her boobs, she was tired, but still
i was crazy and moved towards her
pussy continued to eat the pussy, she sat on my face and enjoying even
though she was tired, after a minute i put her back to seat, she lye
on the seat. Cock was full hard and oozing the pre cum, now i was more
hornier and lie on her side
and started kissing all over her face, she hugged and enjoying the
kiss. Kissing and licking her face, neck and moved to the boob slowly
and pressed right and sucked the left for about 5 minutes and changed
sucking the left and pressed the right
and moved my hand and fondled the pussy again she liked the way i did,
she started caressing my head and my face with love.

With her low voice she asked “i want you”.
Me: (Hugging her more tightly), me too.
Amudha: I want to be with you (Pulled by head), please take me
I lifted her head and reached near her face and kissed, she kissed on
my fore head, cheeks, nose and lips
Amudha: Take me fully, I die for you.
she hugged and unbuttoned and opened the shirt kissed all over chest,
by the hot breath made even more exotic i carried her on above me, she
put down her head on my bare chest and lye,
hugging her one hand, removed her blouse button from her back side and
started caressing her back and massaging her, took cock on my hand and
traced her pussy, removed her saree which was making more disturbance
while tracking the pussy, i lifted
her and removed her saree and blouse slowly on top and she started
removing my shirt, i removed my pant & briefs which was half cover
until my knees. now started removing her bra, we didn’t bother of
removing the clothes, at last lifted her hip
to find the petticoat string and at last removed that, now we both
were completely naked in public train, in the darkness. she lyed on me
with her stomach, i hold her butts and hardly pressing her pussy with
cock, she guided me put cock inside the pussy.
she lifted her hip and guided my cock near the pussy, i lifted, tip of
the cock smoothly went inside, she pressed her hip down, able to feel
the tight pussy while entering half of rod, due to pre cum and oozing,
it went half inside pussy, on moving
further inside her, she started feeling the pain and saying
‘no….slowly slowly’, took back the cock and re entered with less
force, she hugged me tightly and shouting more with pain i did the
same for multiple times by re entering the cock in and out,
at last with more force entered full cock inside, she was in pain and
shouting loudly ‘haaaaaaa slowly’, without any movement waited for a
minute inside her pussy, parted her legs and make her sit on cock
fully, and moved my hip, she too started jumping
with more emotion, got hold of her dancing boobs and pressing hard,
each stroke I was in heaven, She hold my hands for support and jumping
more and myself moving my hip up and down, few minutes later she slow
down her movement, i got her hip and lifted
her for support with my hip movement, she collapsed on me and kissing
on lips passionately, I am hungry, rolled over her and parted her legs
and started pumping in and out slowly, she moaned, increased the
pumping step by step, she was and me are in
heaven for each stroke and moaning loud, she was nearing her orgasm,
even me too, after few minutes of stroke in and out, she orgasmed
heavily and mines continued to flow inside her, keeping inside her
collapsed on her and moved the hip after ejaculation
for a minute, she liked and pressed my butts towards her pussy, cock
loosing it temper, by keeping inside and lye on her, both hugged and
licked, chewed and bite the nose and lip locked for 2 to 3 minutes and
lye next to her by hugging.
Due to tired we both were in same position for more than 15 minutes,
slowly we started feeling the cold on our naked body. Keeping near her

Me: Did you liked?
Amudha: (Holding my head near her) I Love you (Turned her head and
kissed on my cheek)
Me: When can we meet again?
Amudha: (She started sleeping) Hmmm…
Me: When can we meet again?
Amudha: Please come to my place and search job over there, will meet
Me: Can’t, no companies over there, but I can come to your place.
Amudha: Ok, we can meet in my home or outside, will tell you earlier
when no one is there in home.
Me: How your husband, in laws will be there?
Amudha: He drinks daily, so he won’t know even if you are there as
like today, MIL can’t hear the sound.
Me: When can i come
Amudha: I will tell you, will meet again
Me: Can you come to my place or will meet some where else?
Amudha: Yes, but its difficult for me to travel, so will meet near
Me: Ok, I will pick you any where near by home.
Amudha: (hugging me) Ok
After some times being silent for about 5 minutes,
Amudha: i am feeling cold, will put the dress.
Me: (Looked the time its almost 3.45AM and train started slow down),
oh i think we reached some station, yes we will put.
we took our cloths and both went moved in to same toilet, i cleaned
her body and she did to me, we both dressed and kissed.
We went back to our old seat, still her husband snoring loudly, we
She said she was getting sleep, even myself too, I took my bed sheet
from my bag and sat on her seat near window
asked to lye on the seat, she lye and kept her head on my lap, she
never bothered of her husband, i covered her with bed sheet, we were
nearing the station.
She kissed on my bulge and blinked her eyes and closed her eyes and
went for sleep.
Due to tired i too slept, didn’t know when the train stopped the
bangalore station
In a deep sleep, i heard a sound, when i opened my eyes, every one
from the compartment started moving towards the door
Saw still her husband snoring loudly and she also sleeping on my lap.
I bent and kissed her lips, still she was in sleep, i started to suck
her lips, she shocked and pushed my head from her, she came back to
sense, saw me and immediately saw her husband still snoring.
Amudha: Did train reached bangalore?
Me: Yes
She got up from the seat and tried wake her husband. I hugged her and
gave a kiss, she too hugged for short time and both kissed
passionately. We both separated and got ready to get down.
When i getting ready she was waking her husband, at last moment i came
to know her that I didn’t got her number, we exchanged the numbers,
same time her husband stretching his hands and opening his eyes and
asking where we are?
She replied, I waited for her husband to go for toilet, mean time I
acting as like getting ready, once he moved inside the toilet, moved
towards her and lifted, kissed each others face and lip locked and
saying bye silently to her i got down from the train.

Frequently we will be in call, either of us will be calling when we
are free and we didn’t got any suitable place and time to meet again
and waiting for it
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