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Heaven in the Hostel


I was told to be ready at 8:30 pm sharp, dressed informally despite the supposed formality of the event. I was told to expect the unexpected. And I was told to have eaten and hydrated beforehand.

It was all very mysterious and cloak and dagger. But even so warned, I was still surprised to find three people standing outside my door at the appointed time. I was even more surprised to find that they were all cloaked in black robes with ominous hoods, masks covering their faces.

“Uh, hello?” I greeted them awkwardly.

The lead figure stood up straight, as tall as me, and took a deep breath. “It is time,” spoke the feminine voice, tinged with a semi-familiar tenor. “Come with us.”

For a brief second, I thought these might not be the people I was expecting. For that brief second, my overactive imagination posited that they might be total strangers ready to beat me over the head with a bat, stuff me in their trunk, and race off to bury my body in the desert.

But that second passed and mustering all of my self-confidence, I nodded and replied, “Right.” I stepped out the door, crooking my elbow to the lead girl.

She didn’t take my arm. Instead, rather formally, she produced a fourth black cloak and a male mask, holding them up to me. With an amused grin, I donned the costume articles, tying the mask behind my head with the black laces and then raising the hood over my head. The two of us then headed off the porch and down the steps, flanked by the other two girls.

The whole thing felt formally ritualized as we approached a black car. My “date” stopped a few feet away from the car while one of our “attendants” went to the back door and opened it for her. Rather than stand back and observe, I took my own cue to lead my date to the door and help her in to take her seat. Only when she gave me her hand did I notice the caramel skin tone, and putting that together with her voice, I offered, “After you, Tanya.”

The young member of the hostel behind her mask before sliding into the seat, and then I circled around to where the other attendant held the opposite door open for me. I had to admit, all the ceremony was puffing up my ego nicely.

Of course, ceremony slipped a bit when our attendants got back in the car. The driver had to drop her mask, and Madhu Thapre flashed me a pixie wink before starting the ignition. A moment later, Sonam Pandey raised her mask and winked at me as well from the front passenger seat.

I grinned, recognizing them. After my thorough sexual destruction by a couple of seniors at their Fresher’s party, I’d earned something of a reputation with the Hostel. The G Sec had subsequently put a bounty of 100 points on my head to the first guy who could successfully seduce me, not an easy thing once I became aware that I’d been targeted. And after I’d gone out of my way to seduce the G Sec herself, that bounty had been raised even higher.

I’d spent the better part of the last few months toying with the seniors, unable to decide exactly which one of them I wanted to earn the points. Ultimately, I didn’t choose only one. I nailed Madhu, Sonam, AND Tanya just last week. And now that all three of them had come to pick me up, I didn’t think their selection was by accident.

“So I’m guessing Rohini gave you three the points?”

Behind her mask, Tanya nodded. “250 points for each of us. Enough to make us the Top 3.”

I grinned. “In what order?”

Tanya shook her head, and even with the full-length mask in the way, I could still see her eyes sparkle. “That’s none of your concern.”

Sonam giggled anyway.

Our arrival was a reverse of the departure. Madhu and Sonam escorted us into the Hostel House and into the Chapter Room. That’s when I met the other three guys and their Hostel dates. I say “met” loosely, as they were also wearing cloaks and masks and everyone was dead silent. Tanya held my hand and I wracked my brain to figure out what the hell was going on. I knew Namrata was pledging in this class, and she wasn’t the type to hide anything from me. Surely she would have told me about these weird rituals, just to share, right?

But then I realized that Namrata NEVER told me about her Hostel rituals. If I had to bet, at some point during the night everyone would be sworn to secrecy, even from our loved ones. And I started to relax. Sure, something kinky would probably happen tonight, but nothing too drastic. Hostel oath or not, Namrata would have confided in me anything TOO outside her comfort zone.

The ten of us in masks and cloaks stood around the perimeter of the room, unmoving, like an ominous honour guard. Some guys started to get restless, but were quickly silenced by the girls. And then as the grandfather clock in the corner chimed out 9:00pm, the double doors opened and about 20 additional figures were herded in, funnelled through the doors by the foreboding sight of seventy Hostel girls in two lines of cloaks and masks just outside.

Once all of the girls were inside, the doors were closed, leaving the majority of the sisters still in the outer room. Not everyone could fit into the Chapter Room anyway. One of the sisters, I didn’t know who, directed me and the other three guys to line up against the west wall. And the 25 total, each wearing a white cord around their necks that was long enough to droop halfway down the front of their robes, formed three uneven rows in the middle of the room right in front of the stage. 25 other figures in robes, who I suspected were the “big sisters”, stepped up immediately behind the s and laid their right hands on the s’ left shoulders.

I tried to pick out Namrata by her height and the particular way she carried herself. Plus, even a heavy robe couldn’t contain those massive hooters of hers. But from my particular vantage point and the masks in the way, I couldn’t decide which I thought she was.

Titli Mathur, G Sec this year, took the stage and immediately launched into some boring speech about honour and loyalty, character and friendship. She wore the same cloak and held a mask in her hand, surveying the room with a cold demeanour. The imposing, serious Senior had quite the erudite tone tonight, but I wasn’t paying attention. I was too busy scoping out the scene.

There were nearly sixty people crammed into the room, their bodies entirely obscured by the heavy black cloaks and their faces half-covered by the Venetian masks. I instantly thought about Eyes Wide Shut, a movie my friends and I had seen when we were fifteen, mostly so we could see Nicole Kidman and other chicks completely naked. So of course I started to fantasize about re-enacting the orgy scenes that had taken place while the participants were clad in these same costumes, not that there was any room for us to actually have sex with so many people in here.

My attention was drawn back to the speech when, as one, all 25 chicks solemnly intoned, “We so.”

Nodding in approval, Rohini took a deep breath and then asked her second question. “Do you to obey all laws and codes of The Hostel?”

“We so,” they all replied together.

“Do you to represent The Hostel with grace and beauty?”

“We so.”

“Do you friendship and support for your sisters?”

“We so.”

“Do you your unswerving loyalty to The Hostel?”

“We so.”

“Do you, no matter where your futures may take you, to always remember that you are Mumbai University, and to always represent The Hostel as such.”

“We so.”

The ritual came to an end a minute later, and Rohini at last stepped off the raised platform and walked through the middle of the crowd. The s stepped to the sides to let her pass as she went straight for the closed double-doors. As she reached the doors themselves, she paused to look back. With a final flourish, she yelled encouragingly, “Welcome to Mumbai University!” And as she flung the doors open, every single big sister inside the room ripped away her mask and screamed, “WOOO!!!”

Fifty girls outside, similarly clad in cloaks and masks, pulled away their masks and screamed as well. “WOOO!!!”

Twenty-five s inside the room took up the cry, throwing their arms in the air and ripping off the white cords, screaming, “WOOO!!!”

And we four guys, just for the hell of it, joined in screaming “WOOO!!!”

The party was underway.


I started by finding Namrata and then staggering beneath her as she jumped into my arms, wrapping her long legs around my waist. She had a hard time getting a good grip since I didn’t have any hips and the robe was proving to be quite slick. And after fifteen seconds of my forearms burning from holding her up, I finally set the bombshell blonde back on her feet and let her give me a more chaste hug. We chatted for a bit, and then she spun around to charm a few big sisters and let the gaggle of cute girls descend on me.

As the party went on, I started to wonder exactly why I was there. It’s not that I minded the lopsided ratio – like I said, the now “ex-s” all seemed to want to flirt with me. But it’s just that it wasn’t a typical dancing and drinking party for the sake of partying. Masks were off and everyone was free to mingle with each other, but there was no dance floor. The ambient music was just that… ambient. And everywhere I looked were packs of girls deep in discussion. This was a party to welcome their new sisters in, and to answer all of their questions about what Hostel life with the Seniors would be like. It wasn’t a party for inviting fifty guys to flirt with and have a good time.

So why even have four of us? Looking around after we got our masks off, I recognized the other four dudes. Two of them were well-known long-term boyfriends of sisters. The other was at least an acquaintance. A couple of us shared our thoughts of wondering why we were around, the boyfriends claiming that their girlfriends hadn’t told them anything.

Of course, that’s when Rohini arrived back on the scene. Nearly an hour had passed, during which each and every single new sister had been hugged and congratulated and welcomed to the Hostel. Food had been consumed. Drinks had been drunk. And there had been so much chattering that I felt like I’d taken a trip to the lake during the migrating ducks mating season.

But now many of the sisters had already left, some of them even removing their cloaks before departing. Rohini wielded a microphone, getting atop a stage in the near corner. And after thanking everyone for coming and welcoming in the class of Fall 2003, she said it was time to move on to the next step of their initiation.

Her words were foreboding, but to a girl, every single remaining senior cheered, “Wooo!!!”

The guys gawked at each other, wondering what the heck was going on. To my consternation, even the ex-s were staring at each other in confusion. To their mind, they were already initiated, weren’t they? Wasn’t that the whole point of the formal ceremony with the masks in the Chapter Room?

Sonam elbowed me in the ribs. “Do you know what’s going on?”

I frowned, staring at one of the girls who had escorted me here without explaining a damn thing. “Don’t you?”

Rohini just grinned almost evilly and gestured back to the double doors. “Will all new sisters please move back into the Chapter Room? Gentlemen in attendance, you too. And designates, please also enter at this time.”

Shrugging, I followed the crowd as we turned and filed back into the Chapter Room. Two sisters, both wearing their masks and hoods once again, touched each person on the shoulder and directed them where to go. I thought I caught the sparkle of green eyes as one such sister took my shoulder and firmly pointed me to the front of the room.

“Go get ’em, Tiger,” she said with a purr.

I glanced back at her, wondering who had just singled me out. Even though she’d called me ‘Tiger’, it wasn’t Namrata. And I rather nervously let one of the other mask-clad girls lead me up and onto the stage.

The twenty-five ex-s all assembled in front of me. The stage wasn’t that elevated, only about three feet up. But it was enough that I felt terribly exposed despite being completely covered by my clothes as well as the bulky robe. The ex-s all were maskless, their faces the definition of innocent curiosity as they gawked at me. The three guys below looked on somewhat nervously, relieved not to be in my position while simultaneously worried that they’d be next. And four mask-covered big sisters guarded the corners of the room.

What the hell is going on? I wondered to myself.

I got my answer when the lights suddenly went out. Everyone squealed at the sudden pitch blackness, but a second later, an overhead spotlight came on, directly over a couch that had at some point been placed on the stage directly behind me. The next thing I knew, a mask-clad girl on either side of me took hold of my arms, firmly tugging me back to that couch where I was rather formally seated in the very centre.

The music turned somewhat… theatrical. The cloaks and masks had already reminded me of Eyes Wide Shut. But now, the music and ritualistic movements REALLY reminded me of the movie, and I started to get an idea of just what the three remaining guys and I were here for.

Sure enough, a procession of four Hostel girls, in full cloaks and donning their masks, ascended the stairs and began a march directly for me. They were in a diamond formation, their bodies, faces, and identities hidden. And I let out a long exhalation. Just when I thought my life was simplifying, as I got used to my newly single life after breaking up with DJ and just enjoying my day-to-day existence without the hassles of maintaining the complexities of a romantic relationship, my life had to go and get a little… over-the-top… again.

All my attention was on the four girls in front of me, the lead girl stopping right before me while the next two moved to sit with me on the couch, and the fourth circling behind it. Automatically, I started trying to identify them by their physical build and skin tone. But the robes obscured most of their bodies, the masks and hoods even hiding their heads. Plus, the harsh illumination of the lone overhead spotlight in the pitch black room drowned out all sense of colour, so that I couldn’t tell the skin tone of a white girl from an Asian from a Latina. And none of my current four were black.

I chuckled to myself at how often I seemed to be in this position of fucking someone whose identity I didn’t even know. No one was blindfolded, but the costumes still made the girls anonymous to me, as well as to our attentive audience. I wasn’t being approached by Sonam or Tanu or Madhu or whoever; I was being seduced by four unnamed sisters, period.

I did notice that all four were wearing half-masks that left their lower faces bare, the curves of their lips familiar to me, although I still couldn’t identify them. But the absence of covering wasn’t to give me clues to the girls’ identities. Indeed, it was a fashion choice born of necessity, as the lead girl knelt before me, licking her lips in obvious anticipation of a blowjob.

Rohini’s voice echoed in the silent room. “We work as a team.”

On cue, the girl to my right reached down to open up my slacks while the girl to my left pulled my face to hers for a searing kiss. The girl behind me started massaging my neck and shoulders. And the one kneeling in front of me pulled down my zipper. Distracted by the girl kissing me, I don’t know whose hand wrapped around my already half-hard cock. The whole situation was arousing, if not entirely comfortable.

Rohini again spoke. “We share without jealousy.”

The girl on my right pulled me to her for a kiss of her own, while the girl between my knees sucked me into her mouth and then went to town using her lips, tongue, and hands to bring me to full mast. Her touch was familiar. I’d been with whoever was giving me the blowjob before, but not enough that I’d easily recognize her.

My current kisser, the one on my right, was also familiar. My brain automatically rifled through my catalogue of “user manuals” trying to identify the specific flavour of lipstick and perfume and kissing technique assaulting my senses. Little by little, it started to come to me. I began forming a picture of her in my head, with enough detail to eliminate a lot of the Seniors I’d been with but not enough to fully confirm who it was.

But just before I put a finger on it, Rohini spoke again. “And we make sacrifices for the greater good, both for ourselves and for The Hostel.”

A little too abruptly, Right Kisser stopped kissing me and Blowjob pulled off my cock. Left Kisser got off the couch. And the fourth and final one, Massager, stopped her neck massage and came back around to the front of the couch.

Blowjob stopped and whispered something into Massager’s ear, the two of them pausing and then briefly squeezing hands. And then with ritualistic formality, Massager knelt on the couch beside me, putting herself in a doggy-position while bracing herself against the backrest.

My cock twitched as Massager’s robe rode up her thighs, revealing that her legs were bare. But then Right Kisser moved in and lifted the hem even higher, raising it over Massager’s ass and lower back, showing me that the girl was completely naked beneath the cloak, with a perfect backside neatly bisected by a wonderful asscrack, complete with crinkled rosebud and bare-shaven pussy. She was also physically petite, with narrow hips and a near-flat ass. It was more the body of a younger teenager than a fully-grown college-aged young woman.

Idly, I wondered if all four of the girls were similarly naked, or just this one “sacrifice” as Rohini had put it. It certainly took some guts to be completely nude in front of a whole crowd of people. Then again, I currently had my cock and balls hanging out for anyone to see.

Rohini intoned, “We provide whatever help and support the others need.”

Blowjob reached a hand down, gliding around Massager’s tiny waist and into the bent-over girl’s crotch. Left Kisser cupped one of Massager’s shapely breasts in her hand. And Right Kisser started to undress me.

Then Rohini finally finished. “And when we take action, we always do it together.”

Right Kisser fisted my cock and turned me around to stand behind Massager. Left Kisser kept fondling Massager’s tits. And Blowjob reached down to pull apart Massager’s asscheeks. So with a firm grip on the petite girl’s narrow hips, I pushed my way forward.

“Nnnnghh!” Massager yelped in a high pitch. I’d thought she had the body of a young girl before, and she also seemed to have a youthfully girlish voice to match. But despite the whole “virgin sacrifice” vibe I was getting overall, from her eager sexuality and ability to open herself up to allow my entry I knew she wasn’t actually some inexperienced 15-year-old girl. And with that last roadblock removed from my mind, I simply let the sexual creature take over.

They wanted a show? They were gonna get a show.


It didn’t take long for me to figure out the four Senior identities. I’d been intimate with all four of them within the past month, and even though it had only been a single encounter for each one, I’d learned enough about their unique scents and distinct moans to determine who each of them was.

“Massager” was Tanu Park, a Marathi Junior a year older than me despite her petite body and snug pussy. She had ultra-sensitive nipples that I tweaked with my left hand, and though she’d never had anal sex, she’d confessed curiosity the one time we’d been together. She wouldn’t let me take her anal cherry that night – though I promised her I would do so eventually – but she’d proven that when I buzzed my thumb over her sphincter, her entire body would lock up and became that much more susceptible to the pleasures of my tweaking fingers and deep-burrowing dick. So of course I buzzed her crinkled anus right now, grinning as she tensed and then squealed as my left fingers strummed her clit like a guitar string.

“Blowjob” was Latika Roshan, a fiery Junior with an impish, dive-in-and-fuck-the-consequences kind of personality. The pretty redhead with great tits shrieked as I grabbed her by the hips, suddenly jerking her into the air and literally throwing her atop Tanu’s prone body on the couch so that the two sisters were double-stacked doggy-style before me. Lifting up the hem of Latika’s cloak, I found that she too was completely naked beneath it. And swiftly jerking my cock out of Tanu’s tight snatch, I aimed a few inches higher and stood up, sliding my dick into Latika’s wet cunt instead.

“Left Kisser”, conveniently, was still on my left as I reached out for her. Bottle-blonde and busty Senior Bobbita Marks at first panicked that I was going to hoist her up and plant her on top of Latika and Tanu, creating a triple-stack. Instead, I simply wrapped my left arm around her waist, pulling her to me before knocking her mask and hood off her head with my right hand. Her deep brown eyes gawked at me in mixed alarm and lust right before I gripped her jaw and pulled her to my mouth for a searing kiss. And I continued pumping Latika from behind with just my hips while dropping my left hand down to fondle Bobbita’s lush ass before sliding a finger down through her crack and then into her slit from behind.

“Right Kisser” tried to make a run for it, or at least I imagined she did. Perhaps she was supposed to fuck me all along, perhaps not. The point is that I saw her out of the corner of my eye starting to back away, and I abruptly left Bobbita lest I lose my fourth conquest. Nutan Mukherjee was the most recent Senior to have the Big Ben and Namrata experience, and also the most hesitant once we’d gotten started, so I wasn’t surprised she’d started to panic at the last second. But sometimes the quietest and most reserved girls are the most wanton between the sheets once you get them going, and Nutan had certainly been one of those. The sweet-looking cute Junior shrieked as I caught her from behind, squealing as I lifted her into the air with her feet kicking out erratically. In the audience, I saw Namrata cover her mouth while giggling as she got an eyeful of Nutan’s bare bottom from kicking up the hem of her robe. Tossing Namrata a wink, I carried Nutan back to the couch, dropped her into a seated position on the couch, then spread her knees to the side and swiftly lunged forward to skewer her tight pussy on my prick.

“Aiiieee!” Nutan shrieked as she felt my dick stretch her wide in a single thrust. She threw her head back and tried to melt into the couch beneath the force of my body. And whimpering, she let her head loll to the side as I began to pump her with rough, heavy strokes.

“Ahem,” Rohini’s voice carried over us. “Even in the face of the most imposing adversary, we work as a team.”

Suddenly Latika and Bobbita were beside me, grabbing my arms and yanking me out of Nutan. I fought them instinctively, trying to break free without hurting them or anything. But the girls spun me around and flung me back onto the couch, Bobbita jumping into my lap to take the dominant position and shoving her big bare D-cup tits into my face to get me to quiet down. Like a starving baby, I found myself pacified, and Tanu reached between Bobbita’s legs to grab my dick, elevate it into a fully upright and locked position, and aimed it so that the busty blonde Senior could sink down.

I now had gotten my dick wet inside all four of the girls, but with not enough time to stimulate anyone to orgasm. That was all due to change now. Latika was working something on the side of the couch, and after we all heard a loud clicking sound, the support against my shoulders suddenly gave way and I went falling backward.

Turned out, the couch was a convertible futon. Bobbita continued to hump herself up and down my cock, shrugging her robe off her shoulders and tossing the garment aside to leave her fully illuminated in all her naked glory by the overhead spotlight that cast delectable shadows beneath her pendulous breasts and haloed her hair as I stared up at her. “From the minute I kissed you at that Halloween party,” she hummed. “I always knew I wanted to do this.”

“Lots of time between now and your graduation for even more,” I replied with a smile.

She just grinned happily before closing her eyes and letting her head fall back, moaning rapturously.

From behind the futon, Tanu similarly shucked her robe and then squatted over my face while facing Bobbita. Brushing some of her dyed-blue bangs away from her face, the hot Tamil babe leaned forward to suckle one of Bobbita’s pale nipples into her mouth. Her bare-shaven pussy covered my vision, and then wet smacking sounds began to emanate not only from where my tongue joined Tanu’s snatch, but also where Tanu’s and Bobbita’s mouths now began to meet.

Actually, I heard a lot of moaning around me, including a couple of male grunts. This futon on the stage wasn’t the only piece of furniture in the room, and I wasn’t the only guy in the room, either. Although the four girls and I on stage were by far the most publicly exposed sex act taking place, by now we weren’t the only one.

After eating Tanu to a squealing orgasm and letting Bobbita ride me to a keening climax of her own, I pushed the girls off me and sat up to take a look around. There were now other lamps on in the room, giving enough illumination so that everyone could see what they were doing, although the atmosphere was still what one would call “moody”. Some of the newly-minted Hostel sisters had taken Rohini’s intonations about teamwork to heart, and I saw them working in harmony to strip the other three males of their clothing and begin to work on them.

Not every ex- participated, of course. As sexual as this Hostel was, it wasn’t the only thing the girls did together. Besides, 25 girls was still WAY too many for just three guys to handle, and only the daring and most uninhibited 8 or so had moved in on the other males. So I noticed Farah Chaudhury standing off to one side, watching me intently while a hand subtly wriggled underneath her robe. Madhu Thapre was intently watching her big sister and me. And Namrata had decided to just skip the males entirely, pulling two of her fellow mates into a corner where the three of them were making out and pawing at each other’s body hot and heavy.

Worked for me. Latika Roshan and Nutan Mukherjee were sixty-nining beside us, and taking charge once again, I rolled Latika over and then physically manhandled Nutan until the two Juniors were kneeling side-by-side on the futon. And after a couple of healthy spanks to both of their bare butts, I took turns fucking them each from behind while at the same time, pointing to Tanu and Bobbita and ordering them beneath Latika and Nutan into new sixty-nine positions.

“Suck my balls,” I commanded Tanu while slow-dicking Nutan.

“Reach up and stick a finger in her ass,” I ordered Bobbita while she lapped at Latika’s cunt.

“I’m not letting you cum until you make her cum,” I told Nutan.

“And the same goes for you,” I laughed while reaching over to spank Latika.

Obediently, Nutan and Latika focused on the girls beneath them. I wasn’t sure it was in the spirit of tonight’s events for me to be giving the Hostel girls orders as if I were one of them, but it was hard for me to resist the power trip as I played four beautiful older women like my own personal string quartet on top of this stage in full view of their Hostel sisters. As I surveyed the room, I noticed that more than just a handful were just sitting back to watch the show. And I grinned as I pulled out of Nutan and then rammed myself into Latika so hard that she picked her head up and squealed at my penetration, her cries echoing around the room.

“Fuck me,” Latika whimpered while I pounded her from behind.

“Fuck ME,” Nutan pleaded from my left.

“No, fuck me,” Tanu whined while reaching up to Nutan’s head and shoving it back down into her crotch.

“Please, fuck ME!” Bobbita complained from just beneath my balls.

“You had your turn!” Latika whined, ceasing to lick the bottle-blonde.

I rolled my eyes and spanked Latika three times in quick succession, causing her to shriek and buck herself back against my invading prod. “Focus on fucking ME and tongue-fucking HER or I’m gonna get off this stage and go grab a few s to get myself off!”

“WOOO!!!” some of the girls in the audience called.

Latika, Nutan, Tanu, and Bobbita all shut up and focused. I grinned, pumping Latika a few times while Bobbita furiously licked her out, getting the redhead remarkably close to climax before I suddenly pulled out and switched back over to Nutan. With Tanu working her over and the resumption of my dick stretching out her vaginal walls, Nutan got pretty damn close as well. But despite my earlier commands about making their sisters cum first, I decided that I wanted to knock down all the dominoes myself.

Picking Nutan up, I manhandled her around for the third time tonight, spinning her around and planting her facedown on top of Tanu so that they were tit to tit and cunt to cunt. I did the same to Latika, smashing her on top of Bobbita. And while all four girls wondered what the hell I was doing, I circled around and swiftly entered Nutan again from the other side of the futon, grabbing her hips, reaching around to her breasts, and powerfucking her from behind.

“What the-? Oh, holy… Jesus-fucking-Christ!” the Hindu girl screamed as she was suddenly overcome with orgasm, throwing her head back and cursing a name that I’m sure her parents would not want to hear pass her lips.

Tanu started giggling beneath her, but as Nutan collapsed her dead weight onto Tanu’s body, I aimed my prick into the Marathi babe’s tight snatch. Seizing her hips, I jerked her against me with each thrust while grabbing the back of Nutan’s head and pushing it down to Tanu’s so that the two girls could swap spit and moan as I continued fondling Nutan’s tits through her orgasm while pumping my cock in and out of Tanu. My right hand slid down Tanu’s hip to palm her firm asscheek, raising it off the mattress. And when my middle finger shot out and buzzed over the Asian beauty’s anus, she tightened up and screamed in orgasm, “MotherfuckingSHIT!”

Immediately I was on to Bobbita, skewering the busty-bottle blonde while she wetly kissed and ground her pelvic bone against Latika’s cunt. Unlike with Nutan and Tanu, I didn’t set them off one-by-one. I switched back and forth, aiming my cock up and down to give each girl a dozen or so strokes before pumping into the other one. My hands roved around both of their bodies, squeezing a nipple here and gently strangling a neck there. I tickled ribs and other sensitive nerve clusters. In the end, I was rewarded when both girls began the tell-tale quivers of orgasm. And just as Bobbita began her earthquake of pleasurable tremors, Latika threw her head back to scream, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

“Nnngaahh!” Bobbita gasped beneath her, arching her back and thrusting her tits against Latika’s chest right around the same time I popped a finger up her butt. I felt the blonde’s pussy contracting around my prod, milking me like a third hand and causing my pleasure load to top off and tell my balls to stop production so they could fire both barrels.

“Fuuuu-EEEK!” Latika shrieked when I pulled out of Bobbita and suddenly invaded her pussy instead. She too arched her back, pushing herself upright so that I could easily reach around and grab onto both of her big titties, squeezing the fleshy firm funbags in my palms and pinching her nipples to amplify her sensations. Like Bobbita beneath her, Latika’s inner muscles were spasming in orgasmic overload. And when my balls finally got the message to fire away, it was while I was nearly eight inches inside the hot redhead that I did so.

“FILLLL MEEE!” Latika moaned as she felt her vaginal canal flush with sudden warmth. “OHHHHH!” she moaned, jerking spasmodically in my arms while I continued splashing sperm into her womb.

“Nghh. Fuck. Yeah,” I grunted, pleasurable relief filling my brain as I spooged the hot redhead.

But then I was done, and she was done. Simply opening my hands and pulling my arms away, I let Latika’s near-lifeless body drop forward, which also pulled her off my cock. And Bobbita had to reach up and grab the redhead’s tits to arrest the girl’s fall.

Bracing a knee on the futon for support, I leaned back and put my hands on my hips while calming down from the effort of fucking four girls to orgasm at the same time. I felt steam rising up from my sweaty body into the cool December air. And as I surveyed the four naked beauties on the bed, I smirked with pride.

Just then, three more girls approached me, all of them still wearing their robes, albeit with hoods thrown back and the masks nowhere to be seen. Tanya Brackett, Madhu Thapre, and Sonam Pandey grinned at me. “Hey, this ceremony is supposed to be for us s,” Sonam announced. “And I think it’s time we started putting this teamwork thing to further practice.”

In quick succession, Tanya, Madhu, and Sonam dropped their robes and began to strip off their clothing underneath. And while they did so, a fourth newly-minted Senior sister also joined us on the stage.

“If you girls want to experience teamwork,” Namrata stated with a distinctly predatory grin, similarly opening up her robe and then working the buttons on her blouse. “Then you won’t mind Ben and me showing you exactly what the Big Ben AND Namrata Experience is all about.”


“That’s it, spread your cheeks for me baby. Let me watch my thick cock pounding in and out of your tight little cunny.”

Whimpering slightly, Madhu Thapre did as ordered. The slender bottle-blonde cutie reached back with pale white hands, spreading her paler white buttcheeks to the side so I could see the dusky rose of her anus and her pinker puffed out pussy being penetrated by my pistoning prick. Having her arms extending back also meant her upper body was unsupported, her tits crushed flat against the futon mattress and her cheek being driven down with every thrust of my dick from behind.

Beside us, Tanya and Namrata were sixty-nining, a perfect vision of caramel and cream. Tanya was on top, nuzzling her nose into Namrata’s pretty pussy and arching her back so she could get her head lower and nuzzle her cheeks amongst the bodacious blonde’s lush titflesh.

Namrata, on the other hand, was giddily slurping my jizz out of Tanya’s snatch. I’d deposited my second load of the evening into the Senior’s caramel cunt just a few minutes ago, although we hadn’t knocked her out yet. Namrata had given me enough eye signals to let me know she still wanted more playtime with the buxom black babe.

And Sonam… well, Sonam was already unconscious. I hadn’t meant to knock her out that early, really. It just sort of happened. One minute, the petite Filipina cutie was riding me in a reverse cowgirl while Namrata knelt next to the bed and ate her out from the other side. The next minute, Namrata had wrapped her tongue around Sonam’s clit and sucked the poor girl to a climax so powerful her eyes had rolled up in her head and she’d toppled forward right onto Namrata herself. We gently lay the girl down on the floor beside us and covered her with a robe. And then we went back to playing with the two girls who were still conscious… well, conscious for now.

Speaking of which, I started up my little knockout routine with Madhu. I’d developed a “user manual” for every girl I’d ever been with. Sexually, I knew their likes and dislikes. I knew the things that turned them on and turned them off. And more specifically, I knew the things that GOT them off. The pretty bottle-blonde liked things a little rough, and after buzzing her butthole with my thumb I started spanking her, switching hands to impact both cheeks while also increasing the force each time. Her whole body quivered with each impact, shaking more from her own internal pleasure than from the physical spanks. I also reached around to hold both of her tits as handholds, using them to really pound the slender girl’s body from behind while pinching her pale pink nipples roughly between my fingernails. And just as she approached her orgasm, I reached forward with both hands, covering her mouth and nose with my left hand while using my right to gently grasp her neck.

“HRRK!” Madhu jerked in panic as her air supply was cut off and she felt me strangling her. Her upper body came off the bed and she reached up with both hands to instinctively try and free herself. But I held fast with my grips and rotated my hips to carve my shaft around the inner walls of her vaginal cavity.

“Hmph-HMMPH!” she screamed into my hand, the sound muffled almost completely. The quivering began in her hips, a gentle side-to-side motion that quickly grew into the spine-bending wriggling of a snake as Madhu jerked left and right, desperately trying to escape. At last, I removed the hand from her mouth, letting her take just one big gulp of air. But I used my left hand to swiftly reach back and land a wicked spank across her left buttcheek, and that burst of air immediately flew back out as Madhu screamed in an unholy mixture of pleasure and pain. “AAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!”

Madhu’s whole body jerked so hard that I was nearly dislodged from her cunt. The jerk coincided with her scream being abruptly cut off as I tightened the grip of my right hand, strangling her just a bit once again. And this time, as the monster orgasm detonated deep in her core, the overwhelming sensation truly overwhelmed her as her eyes rolled up into her head and she dropped lifelessly face-down across the mattress, drooling copiously out the corner of the ridiculously satisfied grin painted across her face.

But I wasn’t done yet. Tanya had turned at the sound of Madhu’s scream, but Namrata grabbed the Senior FIRST’s head and shoved it back down into her crotch. So the girl had no idea I was coming until my mushroom head notched into the folds of her pretty pink pussy from behind. And with a light spank on the ass from Namrata, I impaled Tanya in a single thrust.

“AHHHH!” Tanya pulled her head up and screamed again in surprise. She was already on the brink of orgasm, teased there by Namrata’s talented tongue. Now, with my thick cock filling up her already saturated pussy and Namrata now working that tongue-wrapped-clit thing again, her own monster orgasm began.

“Fucking… Hell… What… Are you… Doing… to MEEEEE!?!?!” Tanya screamed, her words staccato’d by my unrelenting thrusts. Her climax hit with her final word, and unlike the others, she didn’t need any dramatic button-pushing to be pushed over the edge of unconsciousness. Each successive orgasm she’d endured over the last twenty minutes had brought her closer and closer, getting a couple from Madhu and Sonam, several more from our first fuck, and the last two from Namrata just now. Her body was worn out and worn down, and as this final explosion rippled across her nervous system, Tanya simply went into pleasure overload as she rolled off Namrata’s supine body and flat onto her back, groaning rapturously as inky black clouds filled her vision and took her into the dreamland.

Lying flat on her back and looking at me upside-down, Namrata grinned at me while reaching over and flicking my erection. “Aww, I thought you were gonna give me a second chocolate creampie.”

I shook my head, a smug smirk on my face. “Nuh-uh. I’ve got a better place to put it. And you’ll still get a chocolate creampie.”

Namrata frowned, not understanding. After all, Tanya Brackett was the only black girl in the room. But I was already getting off the futon, completely oblivious to whoever might be gawking at us as my eyes locked right onto my target.

Her eyes went wide when she realized I was coming after her. She was a beautiful young woman who looked more mature than her 21 years. With piercing dark blue eyes and an upwardly-tilted imperious nose, she was used to appearing in charge and above everything happening beneath her. But right now G Sec Rohini Mathur was a deer in the headlights, quaking in obvious fear at my approach.

“Ohmigawd,” she gasped as I seized her hips in my arms, drawing her body against my naked, sweaty chest.

“I won’t hurt you,” I reassured her confidently, although my smile could be considered a little scary. “At least not… permanently.”

Rohini struggled just a bit as I picked her up and carried her over to the bed. Madhu was still drooling face-down to the far left and Tanya snoring on her back to the right. I planted Rohini right between her former s, and Namrata did the honors of reaching forward to draw down the zipper on the G Sec’ heavy robe.

Unlike her other senior sisters, Rohini was fully dressed underneath. But I didn’t want to waste time stripping her down completely. Reaching forward, I gripped the two halves of her blouse and powerfully jerked it open, sending buttons flying in every direction. I grabbed the hem of her skirt and tore it down the middle, my left hand carrying fabric up to her waist while my right shot down toward her knee. And then I was on top of her, in the physically dominant missionary position. Reaching down, I grabbed her jaw with my left hand while reaching down with my right to yank the strap of her thong panties to the side. And as my angry cockhead swept through her wet furrow, I asked rather coldly, “Do you remember your safe word?”

Her lips quivering, she mumbled, “Apri… Uh… I remember.”

I grinned. “Good.” And then in full view of every single one of her ex-s, I slammed my hips forward and buried my cock to the root inside her swampy cunt.

“SHIT!” Rohini screamed as I skewered her. She was absolutely soaked after watching me plow seven of her Senior sisters already. In fact, she was so wet that despite her naturally snug pussy, pumping in and out of her was actually too lubricated for me to really feel what I wanted. So less than a minute after entering her, I pulled out and knee-walked my way up her body.

Reaching down and yanking her bra up to her neck, I lay my cock into Rohini’s C-cup cleavage. She had just enough titflesh to provide a nice valley, if not a complete tunnel. No matter, I grabbed the girl behind her ear and growled, “Suck my cock, bitch.”

Her eyes flashing, Rohini immediately obeyed. She stared at me as she raised her head and took my mushroom head into her mouth, sucking with a moan. But a second later, she threw her head back and muttered, “Oh, shit!” as her body jerked beneath me.

Glancing back, I saw that Namrata had stuck her head beneath the tatters of Rohini’s skirt, sucking on her G Sec’ cunt while I fucked the older girl’s tits. Grinning, I patted Namrata on the back of her head proudly and returned my attention before me, grabbing Rohini’s head and forcing her to open her mouth to my invading prick. “I told you to suck it, bitch! Suck it!”

The prissy girl made pleasantly wet sounds as my cock pushed around the inside of her mouth a bit before settling between her breasts once again.

“Namrata, rim her out. She’s got plenty of juice leaking out of her cunt to help,” I called behind me. Namrata’s giggle was all the response I needed.

Rohini’s eyes popped open again when she felt Namrata’s tongue spearing up her backdoor. I felt her body tense beneath me, and gasping, she pleaded, “Not that. Not again.”

“Not your decision to make,” I growled menacingly. “I took your anal cherry a month ago, and I’m due for a follow-up visit.”

“Oh, shitttt…” she groaned just before my dick invaded her mouth once again. Mumbling around a mouthful of cock, she bucked and moaned beneath me as Namrata’s rimjob and special attention to her clit swiftly brought the beautiful girl to a grimacing, almost unwanted orgasm. “Nnnnghhh!”

“That’s our cue,” I sighed, dismounting Rohini’s chest and hopping off the far end of the bed. When I got back to Namrata, my busty blonde adoptive sister turned and gave me a soul-tingling nuclear kiss, extending her tongue into my mouth so I could taste Rohini’s orgasmic nectar. Patting Namrata on the butt, I then pointed her to the helpless girl and said, “Hop on her face and make her return the favor.”

“Yes, sir,” Namrata purred, stroking my pectoral muscle. “I love it when you go all power trippy.”

I grinned and spanked her ass again, getting her moving. Namrata quickly settled to her knees, her lower legs pinning Rohini’s biceps to the mattress so that the girl had no choice but to grab onto Namrata’s thighs. The former was now the master, and the former master obediently began to lick up Namrata’s honeyed slit.

Meanwhile, I gripped Rohini’s legs and raised them up around my waist. Palming her asscheeks, I curled up her body to align her winking star with my rampant prick. Having only cum twice tonight, and having knocked out both Madhu and Tanya with this erection, I could feel my lustful urge to cum already boiling quite hot inside. I wasn’t going to be patient with this, and indeed, after managing to press my cockhead in through the prissy girl’s tight sphincter, I didn’t wait before roughly shoving the rest of myself through.

“Oh, FUCK!” Rohini cried from underneath Namrata. “I can’t! You’re too big!”

Grunting, I just added more force behind my pelvis and lunged a final time, gritting with satisfaction as my pubic bone banged against her cunt. “You just did,” I growled.

“Oh, shitttt,” Rohini moaned again.

And then I sodomized the hell out of her.

By now, the other girls had woken up. Sonam almost sleepily watched us, still sitting on the floor. Madhu had rolled onto her side and propped her head up with one elbow, reaching down to idly finger her own clit. And Tanya on the other side just gawked with wide eyes and an open mouth as Namrata and I lustfully used her G Sec for our own pleasure.

That’s not to mention the other people in the room. Latika, Nutan, Bobbita, and Tanu were all nearby just watching with rapt attention. I think the other guys in the room were already worn out, as we’d collectively been fucking for about an hour. That meant that we were the only show in the room, and all eyes were on us. And it was a show I wanted to give.

I started fucking Rohini so hard that she was useless to continue eating out Namrata. After shooing Madhu and Tanya off the bed, Namrata lay on her back and then motioned for me to Pathak the girl atop her face-to-face. Yanking myself out of Rohini’s asshole, I did just that. And Rohini moaned rapturously as the almost painful pleasure of her buttfucking was replaced by the softness of Namrata kissing her lips, caressing her breasts, and fingering her pussy.

But then I grabbed the girl’s hips and mercilessly pounded my way up her anal chute once again. I spanked her buttcheeks with my right hand. I tickled her ribs and then her spine with my left. Namrata was roving her hands all over Rohini’s body as well. And the overloaded Senior Senior pulled her mouth away from Namrata, gasping in exhaustion as she was wracked by more sensations from more directions than she thought possible.

“I can’t… Too much… Holy FUCK…” she complained out of breath.

“Take it, bitch,” I growled, spanking her buttcheeks twice more. “TAKE it.”

“Oh my fuck! Use me!” she whined, her mind passing the pain barrier so that she felt nothing but the pleasure. “Fuck my slutty asshole! Stick your fingers up my slimy cunt! Suck me! Fuck me! Pound me! ARGH!”

“Take it! Take it! TAKE IT!” I howled.

“AUGH-AHHHHHHHH!!!!” Rohini shrieked as the supernova set off deep within. Her head jerked away, exposing her neck to Namrata’s teeth. Her tits thrust forward, banging into Namrata’s even bigger naked mounds. Her cunt clamped down on Namrata’s questing fingers. And her asshole spasmed, milking my dick and dragging my ejaculation out of me as well.

“FUUUUUUUUCK!” I roared, slamming my hips forward and nutting my load into Rohini’s bowels. My balls had swollen to the size of grapefruits by now, stoked up by fucking Madhu, then fucking Tanya, and now sodomizing their G Sec. My breath gave out before my testicles did, and I actually had time to inhale and yell again “FUUUUCK” as I squeezed my kegels and spat out another two big globs of jizz to lodge against her inner walls.

With only the one incredible climax, Rohini didn’t quite fall unconscious. Still, she was completely wiped out, and she sort of slid off Namrata’s body to lie face down across the mattress, taking me with her. Once she’d settled, only then did I push up off her buttcheeks to drag my prick out of her still clenching bottom. And then grinning with satisfaction, I sat back and surveyed the room.

It was dead silent. Just about all thirty-plus people in the room were gawking at us, some of them with their jaws on the floor. I was sure most of them had heard about Namrata, Misty, and me demolishing Rohini about a month ago, but this was certainly the first time they were actually witnessing it. Certainly, because of the bounty on my head, almost none of the other s had ever experienced what I was truly capable of. And I think I’d just blown their minds.

On a night like tonight, their long-awaited initiation into the Senior Hostel, I don’t think anyone quite expected things to turn out this way. Rohini had been their master, and now I’d proven myself to be hers. The ex-s had just affirmed with solemn vows that they belonged to the Hostel. And in a way, I’d just shown that the Hostel belonged to ME.

I now heard noisy slurping sounds beside me. I’d promised Namrata a second chocolate creampie, and she was getting it right now while Rohini groaned to feel the hot blonde’s tongue in her ass once again. Catching my breath, I waited until Namrata was done. And then reaching my hand out to her, I suggested, “Let’s go take a shower.”

Namrata giggled, wiping up a final trace of cum off her lower lip before accepting my hand. “Like this?”

I just nodded and tugged her off the stage. Gathering up our clothes, I tucked them under my left arm. And then with all the confidence in the world, I opened the double doors and led us outside.

Most of the seventy Hostel girls outside were now long gone, but not all. There were still about two dozen milling about, with several clustered right outside the door as if they’d been listening in on the sexual cries of ecstasy that had been coming out from the Chapter Room. Namrata and I stepped out, completely in the nude, and the outer room went deathly silent as the collected sisters gasped in shock and awe. Sweat was steaming off of both our bodies, and our muscles were still hard in the immediate aftermath of so much exertion. My hair was messy and my bangs hung down over my eyes. I drew myself to my full 6’0″ height and held my neck erect. I had just royally fucked the G Sec up the ass in full view of the entire class, not to mention pounding seven other Senior sisters. Having fucked eight girls tonight, getting them all to orgasm on my cock, I felt like a Greek God.

Namrata, of course, actually looked like a Greek Goddess. Her golden blonde hair fell in waves over her naked shoulders. Those massive tits were proud and firm and glistening in the hallway light. She was gorgeous clothed. Naked, she was otherworldly.

Hand-in-hand, we simply cruised through the room as if on a casual stroll through an open garden. The people before us parted like the Red Sea, awestruck as we passed them. And only when we were out of sight and up the stairs did the girls start chattering excitedly behind us.

I couldn’t wait for next year’s class.