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Hema – The real Woman

I am Vinod from Adoor. Once my mother got transfer to a distant college in northern Kerala. The only problem was my father and myself. We needed someone to look after us, the house and also to cook our food. The nature of my fathers job was such that he never turned up before 9pm. So someone was needed to take care of me. A frantic search was made in the neighbourhood and long forgotten relatives were given a call.

The need of the hour was an elderly lady but as luck would have it none could be found. Time was running out and my mother had to leave. The only available maid was aged only 20, 2 years older than me.My mother showed by her looks that she was not impressed but had to agree to this compromise candidate. Hema as she was called was an orphan living with her uncle in a nearby city. She was introduced by a distant aunt who brought her over to our house, bag and baggage. To my great surprise she was pretty and before I could steal a few glances my mother packed me off to my room. From behind closed doors I could hear mom explaining to her the nitty gritty, such as her duties and where she would have to sleep.
I didnt get to see her the next morning as I had to go to school and she was busy helping mother to pack. That evening before leaving, mom called me to her room and asked me to treat Hema like a sister. She gave me a long lecture on discipline and how I should conduct myself in her absence. She also gave me some money and asked me to take Hema to the nearby garment market in the evening so that she could buy herself some clothes. I went to see her off at the station and only returned at around 6.30pm. Hema opened the door, she must have been told in advance for she appeared ready to go. We took an auto. An elerly woman was occupying the seat and after Hema took her seat there was precious little space left for me. I squeezed in with great difficulty and we set off. After a while I felt something soft against my elbow and to my great shock discovered that it was Hemas breasts. I dared not look. She went from shop to shop intending to buy nighties and few undergarments. She appeared a bit shy in my presence and quietly asked the shop keeper to provide her with the items. She asked for a bra, the attendent look for a moment at her breast. He made me jealous. Shopping over we returned home.
I went to my room to undress while Hema made for the kitchen saying that she was going to make tea. After changing I went to the kitchen to have my cup as was the normal rule of the house- no room service. I received the shock of my life, the tea was an excuse. Hema was changing, she had just removed her skirt and blouse and was standing in her panties. She had her back to me and I could not get a peek at her exposed breasts. She put on a slip and nighty which we had just purchased but I couldnt risk being seen so went back to my room.
Nothing significant happened that evening. She packed all her old clothes and gave them to me to keep in the loft. Father returned and we had dinner and then went to bed. Hema made herself comfortable on the floor. My mother had given her some bedding and this she laid down on the marble floor of the hall. As was my habit, I used to go to the toilet around midnight, that day was no exception. It was dark all around and I took the torch. I had to pass by the hall to reach the toilet and while doing so I happened to point the torch unintentionally at the girl on the floor. The sleeping beauty was in seventh heaven but her dress had ridden up to her waist making her black panty visible. I had never seen anything so beautiful and innocent but feared that the light would wake her up. Still I couldnt but admire her smooth thighs.
The sight haunted me the whole night. The next day being saturday I returned late after coaching classes. On entering the flat using my duplicate key I found the familiar smell of agarbatti and thought that mom had returned. Rusing into the puja room I found a new goddess, Hema dressed only in my mothers red bordered white saree was offering prayers to the family God. I quickly changed took my bath and rushed to show my devotion. I noticed that she was not wearing a blouse or a petticoat as there were none around that would fit her. One look and it became evident that she was not good at wearing the saree for she had tucked it hear and there to prevent it from slipping off. I took my seat beside her as this was a vantage point. The outline of her breasts were visible and whenever she moved her arms to offer flowers of light the diyas the saree moved a little providing a fleeting glimpse of the rounded mammaries. At the end she got onto her knees and bent down to touch the ground before the image when all of a sudden the sari end which had been tucked into her waist came loose and one of her breasts became exposed. Since she was in deep prayer she didnt notice but I had a view of heaven. But since she was so close I didnt want to let her know that I had seen the beautiful sight so I returned to my room. That night I was too tired to remain awake and went to bed early.
The next morning being Sunday was to prove very busy. I was lying in bed contemplating the engagements of the day when Hema entered my room. She was clad in a slip which reached upto her thighs, it became evident that she had been washing the clothes for she was wet. She asked me for my school uniform and I indicated the wardrobe before me. What I hadent realised was that I was to get a treat. My uniform was normally kept on the lower runk and so when she bent down to pick them up, her panties were revealed. Good morning!they seemed to say to me. I watched at leasure. Later on I repeatedly went to the bathroom on one pretext or the other to only look down her cleavage.
She had washed plenty of clothes but unfortunately it rained heavily and none of them dried, not even hers. She had only one dress on and a closer look at the clothes line showed that she had no undergarments save a panty. That evening I thought of a plan. Papa had earlier in the day left on an inspection trip and would return only next day. While having our evening meal I intentionally dropped tomato sauce on her dress but made it appear an accident. I asked her forgiveness for having spoilt her dress and at the same time made it a point that tomato sauce stains are stingy and need to be dealt with immediately. But she said that she would do it later. I feared that she hadent taken the bait. After I went to bed having switched off the light I couldnt sleep. Suddenly I saw a light flicker in the hall. The narrow opening below the door gave me an indication that she had not slept. The bathroom tap was turned on and my heart began to race. Was this the moment I had been waiting for. Sleep went away- from now on it was an endless wait. I heard her come back, switch off the light and then all that remained was the humming of the fan. After waiting a good two hours, the longest in my life, I moved out of bed. I opened the door and moved with jelly legs towards her.Hema was in deep slumber covered by a thin bedsheet – if my calculation was not wrong, she would be partially naked under it. She was lying on her back.With quivering hands I touched the end of the sheet began to pull it. At first it would not budge but with little patience it began to move . As I slid away from her body my heart skipped a beat. That night I had a mermaid before my eyes. I gently touched her breasts and nipples. Not knowing what to do, I gently began to caress them. Hema uttered moans in her sleep making me afraid. Having uncovered the sheet completely I saw the bulge of the panty and tiny hair around the edge of the pink little thing.This was the glorious night I had been waiting for.
The next day school was closed on account of Foundation Day and I decided to stay at home.Hema was busy with her household chores. At around noon she went to take her bath. I was reading a pornographic novel when all of a sudden there was a metallic clang and a crashing sound followed by a scream of pain. Fearing the worst I rushed to the bathroom which was closed from inside, further enquires were answered with moans. Finally the door opened and I discovered the maiden on the floor writhing in pain. She was clad in my mothers red bordered saree. She had probably wrapped it around her body before opening the door. As I attempted to pick her up from the floor it tended to slip off her wet body. Evidently she had slipped. I brought her out with great effort supporting her by hoisting one of her hands on my shoulder and holding her waist with my right hand. She was heavy and her wet body was making it difficult to maintain a good grip. I half supported, half dragged her. She was in deep pain and tears were flowing out of her eyes. As we neared my room her legs gave way and I had to halt momentarily. It was then that I noticed that the sari had slipped off her buttocks. I grabbed her torso and tried to lift her once again. My hand was in a tight embrace under the breast. From the corner of my eye I notice that it was locked firmly under her breasts.
Finally we reached my bed, I laid her down but she lacked the strength to even pull up her legs. On enquiring about the source of the pain she said that it was the lower back which had struck against an iron bucket. Her sari was in a dishaveled condition and to be in her good books I adjusted it a bit, she didnt protest. I reached for the phone to call the family doctor but she adviced me against doing so saying that it would be all right soon. I offered to apply some pain killing cream to which she agreed after much persuation.
I told her to turn over and parted the saree to expose the waist. Starting from the mid back I progressed downward towards her buttocks along the length of her backbone. The sari clad mounds seemed tempting and as I moved my hands up and down her back, each time I advanced a bit further down pushing the loose sari each time. When it was half down her buttocks she reached out and adjusted it again but at the very next attempt I advanced both my palms deep down, all the way, she tried to move my hand away but it was too late, the rounded buttocks were in full view and she did not want to give the impression that she was feeling shy about it. All the while I had maintained conversation to distract her. Now there was no stopping, the hands
were moving all over and her cries of pain were laced with love. Having massaged her waist I went to the shoulders. Turning to face her I ran my hands over her belly up her breasts towards her shoulder blades, but to do so I had to proceed through a path which went below her saree. Now the saree had little function, the breasts were visible from the side.I gave her a pain killer and a digestive tablet. She got up to take the medicines but had to be helped up to do so, when I lifted her off the bed the saree remained behind. She quickly smiled and gathered it around her. She requested me to fetch the clothes that were hanging on the terrace. As I picked up her clothes I touched them to my face to feel her beautiful smell. She recovered partially by late evening. After having dinner fetched from a nearby hotel I gave her a sedative saying it would coure the remaining pain.
I had given a large size shirt belonging to father as she couldnt raise her hands to put on her nightdress. I advised her to wear it front to back so that she would not have to lift her hands. Moreover I offered to massage her back once again before going to sleep. I would be sleeping on the sofa in the hall, this is what I said but didnt mean.
After shutting all the doors and the lights I returned to my room to find her deep in sleep. The medicine was working wonders. She was lying on her side facing away from me. I undid the buttons of the shirt and set about releaving her of it. Soon she was left in her panties which I slid down her legs. She was now in her first birthday clothes.I stripped down to the skin and lay down
beside her caressing her all over.That night I didnt sleep again. She recovered completely within a day or two but the rains played spoilt sport with my health.I had high fever and as I learnt later temperature shot up to 102. The family doctor paid a visit and prescribed some medicines. Before leaving he advised Hema to give me a sponge bath if my temperature crossed 101.
At around afternoon the fever shot up, I was too weak to understand. Hema took my temperature and went away only to return with a bucket of water and a towel. I asked her for some water and as I was drinking it she undid my pyjamas and vest.
I was too surprised to protest. My penis showed signs of excitement. Hema laughed and set about sponging my entire body with the wet towel. She spent a considerable amount of time on my dick holding it in her soft hands. After the treatment she did not let me put on my clothes, simply covering me with a bedsheet. The fever did not subside. That evening Hema remained close to me. After completing her work she came and sat beside me, taking my head and putting it on her lap. I looked up to see her heaving breasts. I thought of a plan. Behaving that I was out of my mind I started calling her mummy and asked her to feed me her breast milk. She was caught unawares and tried not to hear but I persisted raising my hand to touch her mammaries. She let down her guard perhaps thinking I wouldnt remember it later on. She undid the buttons of her nighty which were at the back and lowered the dress to her waist.
The breasts seemed overjoyed to have found freedom. I raised my head and took one of the nipples in my mouth. She supported my head to lift me. I sucked at the brown nipples at leasure, often drawing circles around them and biting them so hard that she uttered a cried in pain.That night after papa had gone to bed I requested Hema to sleep in my room, she speread the sheets on the floor but I persuaded her to sleep by my side. The fever could not subside with such a damsel by ones side even the most powerful antibiotics failed.
Hema remained with us for a little over 6 months and these were the most memorable of my life. She will always remain in my memory.